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How To Look Hot in a Bikini on HowcastAnybody — and we mean Any. Body. — can rock a bikini. You just need to know a few tricks.You Will NeedFlattering bottom Hot top String bikini Wedge espadrilles or gladiator sandals Accessories Sunscreen Step 1: Pick your bottom(根据自己的下半身身型来选择)Pick a flattering bottom. Elongate a short torso with one that sits below your waist; lengthen short legs with a style that’s higher on the hips. Prevent hip and thigh bulges with a bottom that ties at the sides. If you have a belly, skip bikinis made with Lycra; go with a loose-fitting bottom containing elastic instead.Step 2: Choose a top(根据自己的胸部大小来选择)Look hot in the right bikini top. Choose one with boning or underwire if you’re big-breasted; go with ruffles or ruching if you’re small-busted. As for style, the bandeau works well on small busts, while halter tops and criss-cross back straps lend support to heavier bust lines. Go for a string bikini if you have a boyish figure.There should be no more than 3 inches of string between your breasts.Step 3: Ditch the flip-flops(正确地搭配凉鞋)Ditch the flip-flops for sexier beach footwear, like wedge espadrilles. If you’re very tall and slim, go for gladiator sandals.Get your feet sandal-y by soaking them in equals parts warm milk and water; the lactic acid dissolves dead skin.Step 4: Accessorize(一些必要的小配饰)Add some glamour with a straw hat, oversized sunglasses, and a delicate piece of jewelry, like an ankle bracelet. Have a sexy cover-up — a sheer tunic, a crochet top, or a sarong.Step 5: Strike a pose(海滩模特们的经典pose会让你看起来更迷人)Strike this classic model stance to look slimmer: Stand up straight with your shoulders back, stomach in, and chest out; twist your torso a bit at the waist; put one leg slightly in front of the other, bent at the knee; and put our hands on your hips.Flexing your armpits makes your arms look toned.Step 6: Slather on the sunscreen(健康的皮肤无疑是受人喜欢的,因此别忘记涂防晒霜)Slather on the sunscreen — because keeping skin healthy is definitely hot.A third of women polled cited their bust as their best physical asset in a swimsuit.201007/108144Being popular begins by being happy with who you are. Follow these steps, and people will be begging to be a part of your “in” crowd.You Will NeedSmile Listening skills Empathy Positive attitude Enthusiasm (optional) Step 1: Greet with a smile(笑脸迎人)Greet everyone you see with a warm smile. Chances are they will smile back.Step 2: Initiate conversations(主动发起对话)Initiate conversations. Ask people about events in their life.Be enthusiastic when you talk to people to let them know you are excited to talk to them.Step 3: Listen(仔细聆听)Give people your undivided attention when they are talking to you.Step 4: Respond with empathy(产生共鸣)Respond to people with empathy. Be encouraging and supportive.If someone is telling you a story about something that made them angry, get angry with them.Step 5: Be positive(积极)Be positive. Do not talk negatively about other people.Step 6: Help others(乐于助人)Volunteer your time for others in need. It could be to help someone move, to paint a room, or to help raise money for a charity.Step 7: Play a sport or hobby(发展一项共同的爱好)Play a sport or begin a hobby of interest and have fun.Kristin Chenoweth performed the song “Popular” on the original Broadway soundtrack to the musical Wicked.201005/103658

How to prevent someone from kissing you. If you are ever in the position where you don't want to kiss someone, use the techniques within this to refuse! 如何避免被吻。如果你处于不想吻某人的境地,运用以下的技巧拒绝吧! Step 1: Background To Kissing :接吻背景 There seems to be a lot of it in the world. Everywhere you look there are people telling you to kiss. And not just to kiss, but who to kiss, when to kiss, how to kiss and so on. But there are some times when you don't want to kiss. Which is why we, at how-to-kiss.net, bring you How to Avoid Kissing. 世界上似乎有很多。你随处可以看到有人对你说想接吻。不是吻的问题,而是吻谁,什么时候吻,怎么吻等等的问题。但也有一些时候你不想吻。这就是为什么我们要带给你如何避免接吻。 Step 2: Scenario 场景 Here's a common scene. At the end of the day, the boy is dropping the girl off at her house. It is inevitable that he will try to kiss and she does not want to do so. This is the very most awkward part of the night. What can she do? 这有一个共同的场景。在一天结束的时候,那个男孩送女孩回家。这是不可避免的,他将试图吻她,而她不愿意这么做。这是晚上最棘手的部分。她该怎么办? Step 3: Pepper Spray 第三步:胡椒喷雾 Pepper spray is very effective for use on attackers and, in this case, unwanted kissers. A few quick blasts to the eyes, nose, mouth or even ear canal can dispatch someone rather quickly. However, sometimes a can of pepper spray isn't ily available and a smart girl must make do with whatever is around. Now let's say there's no pepper spray alternative around. The boy is looking very eager to kiss the girl. Very eager indeed. What else can she do? 在这种情况下,胡椒喷雾是对不想吻的人的非常有效的攻击手段。一些向眼睛,鼻子,嘴巴甚至耳道都能达到意想不到的效果。 然而,有时一罐胡椒喷雾不是随手就有,聪明的女孩必须利用周围环境。现在让我们假设没有胡椒喷雾。而那个男孩看起来非常渴望亲吻那个女孩。女孩该怎么办? Step 4: Louisville Slugger Bat 第四步:路易斯维尔球棒 Louisville Slugger has been manufacturing bats for some time. I daresay a hundred or so years, give or take. They are made of the finest woods and perfectly shaped for easy gripping and swinging. One swift shot to the man parts with this Slugger will knock an eagerly kissing boy senseless. However, sometimes a Louisville Slugger isn't available but a smart girl will make do with something else. Let's see that again. My, that's smart. 路易斯维尔制造球棒已经很久了。我想大概一百年左右。它们是用最好的木材制作,形状完美,易于挥舞。 一记快速的球棒挥击会把让充满亲吻欲望的男孩不省人事。然而,有时球棒往往就是不在手边,聪明的女孩会使做别的事情。让我们再看一看。我就是那个聪明的女孩。 Step 5: Tampons 第五步:棉塞 We've arrived at the final way to avoid kissing someone. With no pepper spray and no Louisville Slugger ily available a girl must resort to the one thing that every boy is afraid of. Tampons. Mission accomplished. And that is how to avoid kissing. 我们来到最后的避免其他人接吻的方法。既没有胡椒喷雾,也没有现成的球棒,聪明的女孩必须了解每个男孩害怕的事,那就是棉塞。任务完成了。这就是避免接吻的妙招。201111/160826

  How To Deal With HeartbreakIn this , love coach, Cate Mackenzie will teach you how to deal with a heartbreak and show you how to love again.失恋过吗亲?滋味很不好受吧亲?想尽快摆脱失恋带来的沮丧感吗?想开始新的恋情新的生活吗?我们的恋爱专家将为你讲述:失恋后如何恢复信心。StepsI'm going to talk to you about how to deal with heartbreak. Heartbreak is a very relevant and very important thing to deal with and if you're prepared to really heal your heartbreak, you may be at the point of a spiritual evolution, where you're able to surrender to a greater and deeper sense of love and openheartedness. But first of all, you really need to learn how to consider yourself, how to nurture yourself, and how to have compassion for yourself. You need to learn how to be gentle and sensitive with yourself, and build up a network of friends and family who love you, who can hold you in that gentle and sensitive place. In order to build your heart, and help your heart that's been split in two come back together again, you need to take the time to come into the sea of me, the sea of you. It's a journey about coming in, coming inside, and renewing who you are, finding out who you are. Finding out what's true for you, for nobody can love you till you love you. Nobody can see you until you let yourself be seen, till you heal your heart and open it and share who you are, but as you do, you will shine, you will radiate. And then, watch out baby, love is coming in. Let me tell you, no surprise there. .201108/148401


  Where the reefs meet deeper waters,在暗礁与深水的交接处upwelling currents carry nutrients to the surface.上涌的水流携带大量营养元素至表层水Reef fish swim out to gorge themselves on the resulting food,珊瑚鱼游出巢穴狼吞虎咽in turn attracting larger predatory fish to the reefs.当有掠食鱼类出现便返回巢穴Trevally prowl in dense packs.他们以密集的队列巡游海底Giant rays sweep in on graceful wings巨鳐挥扫着优美的鳍翅to hoover up the remaining plankton,吸食周围残余的浮游生物which also attracts the king of fish.这些浮游生物同时也吸引了鱼中霸王Growing up to 12 metres long,长达12米the whale shark is a gentle giant.鲸鲨却是个温和的大块头And these days, a rare sighting.这些日子 已难得一见As sharks, small and large,无论大小鲨鱼皆被捕杀掉are plundered to supply the East Asian shark meat trade,以供给东亚鲨鱼肉食贸易the fate of these fabulous creatures hangs in the balance.这一惊人生物命悬一线While healthy coral reefs still survive in the remote islands,虽然偏远岛屿依旧存留有健康的珊瑚礁the situation close to the Chinese coast is quite different.然而近海的中国海岸情况却截然不同The waters along the shores of Hainan, Chinas largest tropical island,中国最大的热带岛屿——海南岛沿岸的水域have been fished for thousands of years.已经历了数千年的捕渔As the reefs become less and less productive,当珊瑚海越来越贫产fishermen from Tanmen harbour来自潭门湾的渔夫need all their resourcefulness to make a living.不得不绞尽脑汁维持生计 /201210/203579

  近年来,低碳经济几乎年年都是两会的热门议题,今年也不例外。海南省可能就当地发展低碳经济提出议案,九三学社中央今年也会递交一份关于低碳发展的建议;而发改委近期一份报告显示,目前我国核电在建规模、水电装机容量、太阳能热水器集热面积和光伏发电容量均居世界第一位。 Proposals on low-carbon economyDeveloping a low-carbon economy is a major focus of many CPPCC members. Some have made their proposals offering different ideas leading to a low-carbon development path. CPPCC Member Dong Hengyu comes from the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The region is currently China's biggest production base of coal, hence a major emitter of carbon dioxide. Dong made a proposal to optimize the abundant natural carbon sink resources, such as grasslands, lakes and wetlands in the western region. He says this is crucial for saving energy and reaching environmentally friendly targets. Dong Hengyu, CPPCC member, said, "On one hand, we need to provide our country with plenty of energy resources like coal. On the other hand, we must protect our grasslands and wetlands and plant more trees. The increment of these natural carbon sink resources will offset the carbon dioxide emitted by coal mines and coal-fire plants. In this way we can achieve carbon neutrality. Another CPPCC member Zhou Jianmin's proposal is to use taxes to push forward the development of a low carbon economy. Zhou Jianmin, CPPCC member, said, "The business sector is crucial for realizing a low-carbon economy. The imposition of carbon taxes will propel enterprises to proactively think about their carbon emission status and improve and upgrade their low-carbon technologies." Zhou Jianmin says low-carbon technologies are the core for developing a low-carbon economy. He suggests carbon taxes first be imposed to major carbon emitters, such as steel makers and coal-fired plants. Besides optimizing carbon sink resources and formulating carbon tax policies, some CPPCC members have put forward proposals to establish a home-grown system of low-carbon technologies, and to map out a national plan to push forward a low-carbon economy. They say the goal of this is not only to tackle climate change, but it will also drive the transformation of China's economic development while realizing sustainable growth. 201003/97775

  Yahoo! Reveals Search Focus As Revenue Rises Yahoo! plans to overhaul its search engine after reporting strong results, but boss Marissa Mayer warns of a long road ahead.得益于互联网搜索业务的提升和广告价格上涨,雅虎2012年第四财季利润和营业收入双双超出预期,2012年全年营收实现了4年来的首度增长。雅虎财报显示,2012财年全年营收为49.87亿美元,与2011财年的49.84亿美元微幅增长2%,这是雅虎自2008财年以来实现的4年来首个增长;2012全年净利润为39.45亿美元,比2011财年的10.49亿美元大增276%。截至2012年12月31日,雅虎持有的现金、现金等价物及有价债券投资总计60亿美元,较截至2011年12月31日时的25亿美元,增长35亿美元。这是梅耶尔上任来交上的首份年度财报。在此前的4年里,由于业绩下滑,雅虎频频更换CEO。去年7月,雅虎正式任命谷歌原美女副总裁玛丽莎·梅耶尔出任公司新CEO,成为雅虎历史上的第6任CEO。Overthe last ten years, Yahoo pretty much missed every major development in theinternet or slow to it. Lately it got trans by google in searching and searchadvertising. More recently it completely missed the social networking boom andtrans by facebook and twitter. More recently it’s been very slowly to themobile boom. Now these results are arguably the first positive sign for Yahooin a long time, but that’s a positive sign that comes after a long period ofdecline.Whatdoes Yahoo do?Ithink that’s a big problem. I think most people now would be able to say ‘Thisis what Yahoo now?’ It’s not the first place you go for social networking, notthe first place you go for photo sharing, for email, for news and so forth. Itdoes a little bit. It does a little bit for everything without beingoutstanding and the one thing.Nowthe share price though has not collapsed. I mean, CEO, share price up aftertrading by 4.5% over night. There’s still, share’s still changing hands for afair some. And the company says 700 million internet users visit its websiteeach month. I mean it’s a strong pulse there, isn’t there?Yeah,I mean particularly in the ed States, Yahoo is enormously popular in theed States. A large proportion of that traffic is there. They’ve not been assuccessful as getting that same sort of attraction internationally as they doin the US. Yes, there are enormously well-known, you know, they are one of thebrands of the internet age. Their problems have been really turning that intorevenue, into growth and in particularly into innovation.Mstands to become a very wealthy woman if she manages to turn this businessaround. What’s the one thing above all others you think she is going to have toachieve for that actually to happen?I think making a Yahoo mobile it gonna be probably the big thing over the comingyears. The fastest area of growth we are seeing in terms of internet access ismobile access. That’s not just in the west, that’s in particularly emergeeconomy like India and also huge economies like China. If they can really crackmobile, then they’ve still got a great opportunity in the future. /201303/229375Make an Ocean in a Bottle. The science boffins are going to show us how to make a Cartesian diver. It is named after Rene Descartes, a famous French scientist, mathematician, and philosopher. 把大海装进瓶子。科学工作者将会告诉我们如何制作浮沉子计,一种以法国科学家笛卡尔的名字命名的计量工具。笛卡尔还是法国的计量学家和哲学家。Step 1: You will need1.所需材料#8226;A clear plastic bottle - a big soft drinks bottle is best1只透明的塑料瓶——大桶的饮料瓶最佳#8226;A funnel1只漏斗#8226;Some water一些水#8226;A few drops of blue food colouring少许蓝色食物色素#8226;cooking oil - any type will do.食用油——任何种类的都可以Step 2: Aim2.目标The aim of this experiment is to see why oil and water cannot mix together.这个实验的目的是为了弄明白为什么油和水不能混合在一起。Step 3: Method3.方法Fill one third of the bottle with water. Add a few drops of blue food colouring and swish it around a bit until its turned a dark blue colour. Top up the bottle with cooking oil. Use the funnel to make it easier. Put the lid on as tight as it will go. Tilt the bottle from side to side. The water and oil do not mix together, but instead they form layers. The oil floats on the water which makes it move like a wave.注入瓶身容量1/3的水,加入几滴蓝色食物色素。使用漏斗向瓶子中加入油,注满后盖紧瓶盖。然后慢慢转动瓶身,由于水和油并不融合,而是形成两层,所以油在水上滑过,就像是海中的波浪一样。Step 4: Conclusion4.结论Why did this happen? Oil sits on top of water because oil is less dense. but some liquids with different densities can mix together. So why not these two? For liquids to mix together their molecules need to make new bonds with each other. The oil and water cannot mix together because water molecules have strong bonds between them called hydrogen bonds. The oil molecules are also held together by bonds, but these are of a different polarity to the hydrogen bonds, and the oil bonds are not strong enough to break the waters hydrogen bonds. So the water and oil molecules cannot join up with each other, keeping the water and the oil forever separate.为什么会发生这种现象呢。油漂浮在水上面是因为它的密度比水小。但是也有不同密度的液体能很好地融合在一起的例子。对于液体来说,融合在一起是它们的分子需要从新结合,但是为什么水分子不能呢,因为水分子中有氢键的存在,这是一种很稳定的分子式,但是油的分子并不足够强大,不能打断水的氢键,所以油和水不能溶解在一起,因此它们也就永远单独存在。Experiment Complete!实验结束!Thanks for watching How To Make An Ocean In A Bottle 谢谢收看本期“把大海装进瓶子”节目。201208/196533



  Today in History: Wednesday, March 27, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月27日,周三On March 27, 1964, Alaska was rocked by a powerful earthquake that killed 114 people. The magnitude 9.2 quake was the biggest in the U.S. and the second largest worldwide since 1900.1964年3月27日,阿拉斯加发生强烈地震造成114人死亡。9.2级的地震是1900年以来美国最大,全球第二大的地震。1513 Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sighted Florida.1513年,西班牙探险家胡安·庞塞德利昂发现佛罗里达。1625 Charles I ascended the English throne upon the death of James I.1625年,詹姆斯一世去世后查尔斯登上英格兰王位。1794 President George Washington and Congress authorized creation of the U.S. Navy.1794年,乔治·华盛顿总统和国会授权建立美国海军。1836 The first Mormon temple was dedicated, in Kirtland, Ohio.1836年,第一座门教徒寺庙在俄亥俄州科特兰建成。1939 Oregon won the first NCAA mens basketball tournament with a 46-33 victory over Ohio State in Evanston, Ill.1939年,在伊利诺伊州埃文斯顿俄勒冈州立大学以46 - 33击败俄亥俄州立大学,赢得了第一个全国大学生体育协会(NCAA)男子篮球锦标赛冠军。1977 A KLM Boeing 747, attempting to take off, crashed into a Pan Am 747 on the Canary Island of Tenerife, killing 583 people in the deadliest aviation accident in history.1977年,在特内里费加那利群岛,一架正在起飞的荷兰航空波音747撞上泛美航空公司的747飞机,造成583人丧生,这是历史上最致命的航空事故。1996 An Israeli court convicted Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabins confessed assassin of murder, then sentenced former law student Yigal Amir to life in prison.1996年,以色列法庭宣判前总理伊扎克·拉宾犯有承认的谋杀罪,然后判处前法律学生伊戈尔·阿米尔终生监禁。1998 The Food and Drug Administration approved the drug Viagra, made by Pfizer, to fight male impotence.1998年,美国食品和药物批准允许使用辉瑞公司生产的药物伟哥治疗男性阳痿。2002 A suicide bomber killed 30 people during a Passover Seder in Netanya, Israel.2002年,在以色列内坦亚逾越节晚餐上发生一起自杀式炸弹袭击,造成30人死亡。 President Barack Obama launched a fresh effort to defeat al-Qaida terrorists in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, ordering in 4,000 more troops.年,美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马在巴基斯坦和阿富汗展开了新一轮打击基地组织恐怖分子活动,调遣了4,000多名军队。本节目属 /201303/232453



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