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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201508/391677。

Local hospital in Nepal built by China remains intact during quake中国援助建造尼泊尔医院经受住地震考验保持完好Nepals Civil Servant Hospital, which China assisted in building, remained intact during the earthquake, and is providing a great number of medical supplies to the injured.中国进行援助建造的尼泊尔公务员医院在地震中完好无损,并且为伤者提供了大量医疗用品。The hospital has been running at full capacity since the earthquake.自地震以来这家医院一直满负荷运转。So far there have been 1,300 patients treated in the hospital.到目前为止已有1300名病人在该院接受治疗。Patients who were seriously injured were taken in, while patients with minor wounds were sent home after receiving treatment.重伤人员被接收,而轻伤者在接受治疗后被送回家。Worried about aftershocks, most doctors treated patients in the open air.由于担心余震发生,大多数医生在露天为病人治疗。According to Chinese counsellor in Nepal, Peng Lei, the hospital was designed and constructed to sustain strong earthquakes.据中国驻尼泊尔顾问彭磊表示,建造这家医院的目的就是为了抵抗强震。201505/374006。



Theres a short stretch of rapids before I reach a calmer water.到达平静的水面之前我要经过一小段急流This would be a good test for my raft.考验筏子的时刻到来了Well, its held up pretty well in that rapid.这筏子在刚刚的急流中 表现得相当不错it actually more stable than I thought.实际上它比我想象中还要稳固Shes good.But things are about to go seriously downhill.Stormy waters are ahead.真不错 但是情况急转直下 等待我的是汹涌急流Im in an Alabama canyon,shooting white-water rapids,on a raft made out of flood debris.我在阿拉巴马峡谷里 坐在洪水残骸制成的筏子上 面对着汹涌的湍流So much rafting is that shes just about trying to anticipate whats ahead.像这样的航行只是为了 预测前面的情况Theres big water just around the bend.前方的转弯处有一个大急流Now to head for the deep channel where the current runs slower.现在我要转向水流比较缓慢的深水区域And fend off any rocks in my path.避开途中的岩石Well, were down...down that of sorts,but theres more rapids out there.我们有点下沉了 但是还有更多的急流在前面But this thing is right low in the water now,筏子正在下沉at least its keeping my backside off all these rocks in the rapids.但是至少还能保持我的后背 浮在急流中的岩石之上If I can just keep hold of it, hang onto this thing,如果我抓牢筏子it should take me downstream.But it was holding up quite well in those first few.它应该能带我顺流而下 它在之前的急流中表现的很好But this is looking less...this is looking less healthy.但是现在看起来 看起来情况不妙My raft is sinking. It is becoming impossible to maneuver,and Im heading for some serious rapids.我的筏子在下沉 变得难以控制 而此时我正面临着汹涌的急流Ive been thrown out of my raft.But Ive managed to cling onto it.我被甩出了筏子 但我尽力抓紧它It will keep me afloat and protect me from smacking into large boulders.这能使我浮在水中 不撞击到大的卵石201602/425080。


Shameless flattery isnt the only way to boost someones self-image.无节操的奉承并不是增加别人自信的唯一方法。You Will Need你需要Time to spend with the person陪伴对方的时间Patience to encourage life changes鼓励对方对生活作出改变的耐心And the wisdom to compliment wisely明智地赞扬对方的智慧optional: A dog一只Steps步骤STEP 1 Encourage exercise1.鼓励对方多运动Lure the person off the couch. Studies show that exercise raises confidence, so you’ll both get a self-esteem boost.引诱对方从沙发上下来。研究表明,运动可以增强自信,所以,通过运动你们两人都可以增强自信。Strength training, in particular, has been shown to make people feel better about themselves.尤其是力量锻炼,可以让人自我感觉更好。STEP 2 Get him a pet2.给他一只宠物Get him a puppy—particularly if the person who needs to feel better about himself is a child or a senior citizen. Research shows that both groups benefit greatly from dogs’ legendary unconditional love.给他一只小作宠物——尤其是如果需要对自己感觉更好的人是孩子或老人。调查表明,老年人和小孩都能从无条件的爱中感觉良好。STEP 3 Encourage him to volunteer3.鼓励对方做志愿者活动Encourage the person to become a volunteer. They’ll feel good for helping, and it’ll remind them of how fortunate they are.鼓励他做一名志愿者。通过帮助他人,他们会感觉更好,会提醒他们自己多么幸运。STEP 4 Encourage writing4.鼓励他写作Urge the person to pen a poem. Writing verse has been shown to raise self-esteem by producing endorphins, the so-called feel good chemicals produced by the brain.鼓励他写一首诗。写诗可以产生内啡肽,大脑产生的让人感觉良好的化学物质,从而增强自信。STEP 5 Compliment him5.赞扬他们Use praise wisely. Research shows it’s better to compliment a person for working hard than being smart, because the latter will cause a major drop in confidence every time the person fails at a task.聪明地赞扬他们。调查表明,赞扬对方工作努力比赞扬他们聪明更有效,因为后者会让他们每次任务失败时自信心下降。Adolescent girls with low self-esteem are more likely to diet and less likely to exercise than confident girls, according to The Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls.根据联邦基金青少年女孩健康状况调查的结果,与自信的女孩相比,缺乏自信心的少女更有可能节食,更少运动。视频听力译文由。201503/364722。

Ouagadougou is on alert, as coroners remove a body, a victim of a hotel assault that killed two dozen people. 瓦加杜古已经处于戒备状态,法医移出遇难者尸体。酒店袭击造成二十多人死亡。Security forces retook the hotel Saturday, where just a day earlier, witnesses say gunmen with AK-47 assault rifles burst inside and fired randomly. 周六安全部队夺回酒店,同一天早些时候,目击者称持歹徒携带AK-47突击步闯入并随意开火。Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility. This survivor hid in a room with colleagues and says they were frightened even when French and American forces came to their rescue.基地组织宣称对此次事件负责。这位和同事躲在房间里的幸存者称他们非常害怕,即使当法国和美国军队前来救援。They had to force some of the doors open, so we were a little distrustful at first. We stayed in our rooms and we were very very afraid during that time. We really feared that moment when they came to free us.他们迫使一些门打开,所以我们起初有点怀疑。我们待在房间里,那时候我们非常害怕。当他们来解救我们时,我们真的很害怕。Officials say the victims were from at least 18 different countries. The Splendid Hotel, along with a nearby restaurant, were popular with Westerners and French soldiers. 官员表示,遇难者至少来自18个不同的国家。辉煌大酒店以及附近的一家餐馆深受西方人士和法国士兵的欢迎。The French government announced Saturday that two French citizens were among the dead. Further details of the victims are not yet known. 周六法国政府宣布,死者中包括2名法国公民。遇难者的进一步细节尚不清楚。The brutal attack marks an expansion of operations for Islamist militants in West Africa, echoing the growth of Islamic State in the Middle East.残忍的袭击标志着西非伊斯兰武装组织的扩张,呼应中东伊斯兰国的发展。译文属。 /201601/422406。

A hundred years later, around the year 400, the court was once again beset by the same old problems. One day the Emperor Xiaowudi observed to his favourite consort, ;Now that you are 30 years old, its time I exchanged you for somebody younger;. He meant it as a joke, but she didnt take it well, and she murdered him that evening. The court was scandalised. It was obviously time to remind everybody how to behave by re-publicising Zhang Huas poem in a scroll painted by the greatest artist of the day, Gu Kaizhi. The resulting masterpiece was the Admonitions Scroll. Jan Stuart leads the Department of Asia here at the British Museum, and is very familiar with this painting and its purpose:约百年后,大约400年,宫廷中的悲剧再度上演。一日,孝武帝对爱妃说:“你已三十岁了,我该去找更年轻漂亮的女子了。”皇帝只是玩笑,妃子却信以为真,当晚便杀了孝武帝,宫廷大为震惊。劝导妇女遵从妇德成为当务之急,于是,当时的著名画家顾恺之将张华的诗用画的形式表现出来,由此诞生了绘画杰作《女史箴图》。大英物馆亚洲部总监司美茵对这幅画了如指掌:;The scroll before us fits into a tradition of didactic imagery established in the Han Dynasty and influenced by the great philosopher Confucius. When you the text alongside the images, you realise that theres a deep message being communicated here. Confucius had the idea that everyone in society has a proper role and place, and if they follow that, then a very healthy and effective society is ensured.画卷表现了一种受到儒家思想影响、始于汉代的教诲图传统。读诗赏图之时,便能感受到它所传达的深意。孔子认为,每个人在社会上都有自己的位置,如果能各司其职,社会便能稳定高效地运行。 201502/357497。