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Your friends might think you’ve gone totally gonzo for green, but learning to put household items to surprising recycled uses saves you money and helps the environment.你的朋友或许认为你追求环保的理念非常怪诞,但是学习将日常用品重新利用可以为你省钱,同时保护环境。You Will Need你需要A commitment to recycling回收利用的决心An ability to think outside the box打破常规的能力Steps步骤STEP 1 Save newspapers1.保存报纸Don’t automatically discard your morning newspaper. Use it in place of paper towels to clean glass and mirrors (it doesn’t leave streaks!), shred it to make packing material, use it as a fire starter, and wrap gifts with it.不要习惯性地丢掉早上的报纸。代替纸巾来擦拭玻璃和镜子,不会留下痕迹,也可以撕开来作包装材料,用来引火或包装礼物。STEP 2 Save plastic produce bags2.保存塑料袋Save plastic produce bags to pick up dog poop, use them as trash bags in your car, and wrap your clothes in them when you travel to protect against dirty shoes and leaking toiletries. A neat way to store plastic produce bags is to stuff them in an empty cardboard tissue box.保存塑料包装袋,可以用来装粪便,放在汽车中作垃圾袋,旅行的时候用来装衣,防止被肮脏的鞋子和化妆品弄脏。STEP 3 Hold onto greeting cards3.保留贺卡Hold onto greeting cards. Even the craft-challenged can cut up old cards to make gift tags and postcards. Or tear off the cover and use the blank side to write out your to-do list instead of wasting note paper.保留贺卡。即使最没有艺术细胞的人也可以剪切旧卡片来制作礼物标签或明信片。或者撕开封面,用空白的一面写下自己的日程,而不用浪费便签纸。STEP 4 Don’t ditch mousepads4.不要丢弃鼠标垫Don’t throw out old mousepads. Instead, use them as knee pads when you garden or clean the tub, put them under hot dishes, or cut them into pieces and glue under furniture legs to protect wood floors.不要丢弃旧的鼠标垫。相反,清理花园或浴缸的时候用作护膝,用来垫滚烫的盘子,或者剪成小块,粘在家具脚下,保护木地板。Prepare file folders for reuse in advance by putting a piece of clear tape over the tab before you add a label. When it’s time to store something else in the folder, the old label will peel off easily.在添加标签之前先在表格上粘贴一片透明胶,已备文件夹重复使用。在文件夹中存储其他物品时,旧的标签可以轻易撕掉。STEP 5 Reuse junk-mail envelopes5.重复使用垃圾邮件信封Reuse junk-mail envelopes for your own mail. Just slap a label over the see-through window or pre-printed address. If the envelope has a bar code at the bottom, run a black marker through it.重复使用垃圾邮件的信封,用来寄送自己的信件。在提前印刷的地址上贴一张标签就可以了。如果信封底部有条码,用黑色的记号笔涂一下。STEP 6 Don’t dump cooking water6.不要倒掉清汤Don’t dump the water you use to cook vegetables—water your plants with it. Bonus—it’s filled with nutrients!不要倒掉用来煮蔬菜的水,用来浇你的植物,里面富含很多营养。Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans generate an extra five million tons of trash.感恩节和新年期间,美国人额外产生500万吨的垃圾。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/284829

I don#39;t care if HP didn#39;t like it. It matters.Yeah. It#39;s got potential.不管惠普公司喜不喜欢 它意义重大。对 这东西很有潜力No, the Sex Pistols have potential. This is the wheel.It#39;s the Industrial Revolution.不 性手乐队那才叫有潜力 这是历史的车轮,它将推动新的产业革命。No more decks, no more mainframes.That changes everything.不再有平台 不再有大型主机,它将改变一切。It#39;s pretty cool, I guess.Hi, Charlene. Hello. Hey.好吧 挺酷的。嘿 查理 你好 嘿Cool. It#39;s profound. How could you not tell me about this before?太酷了 而且很高深莫测 你怎么不早告诉我?I don#39;t know. I was just working on it for my own.It was a hobby.我不知道 我就是自己玩玩,我自己的个人爱好而已。Exactly. Exactly. For your own. For you.It#39;s what you wanted. It#39;s what your gut, your instinct wanted.没错 你自己的个人爱好 你喜欢。这就是你想要的 你真心会喜欢上的东西Your big evolved brain wanted something that didn#39;t exist,你的充满创意的脑袋想要一个不存在的东西so you just willed it into existence.It#39;s, what do you call the system?你就把它做出来了,你叫它什么来着?The operating system?The operating, and it just shows you...That#39;s what I call it.操作系统?操作系统 刚给你演示过的...我就是这么称呼它的Yeah, it#39;s just a real time display of current operations.是的 就是一个能把用户操作即时显示出来的系统You can see what you#39;re working on while you#39;re working on it.Okay. Look...Don#39;t you get this? This is freedom.你在干什么 你就能看见什么。好 听着...你不明白这点吗? 这是自由。This is freedom to create, and to do, and to build,as artists, as individuals. Look, look, look.But look, you#39;re overreacting.Even if you were developing this for freaks like us,and I doubt you are,nobody wants to buy a computer. Nobody.自由的创作 执行,像艺术家一样 很个性化的 瞧瞧 瞧瞧。但是你看 你想太多了。就算免费把这个操作系统开发出来,我很怀疑你不会免费发放它,没有人会因此想买一台电脑回家的 没有人。How does somebody know what they want if they#39;ve never even seen it?Huh?一个人从没见过某样东西时他怎么知道自己不想要它?呃? /201404/284372

  Olubi is tracking radio-collared lions.奥卢比正在追踪戴无线电颈圈的狮子He#39;s able to warn villages to move their cattle他能在狮群到来时when the pride is in the area.提醒村民赶走牛群And so, they#39;re avoiding conflict.那样就能避免冲突No lions have been killed in the immediate area项目开始之后 这片区域since the project began.再也没有狮子被捕杀By combining the science, both ancient and contemporary,结合古老和现代的科技they#39;re beginning to make a real difference.他们正在创造美好的新世界There#39;s so much to be learned.有太多要学的了I feel I bring in modern technology, modern knowledge.我觉得我带来了现代科技和知识And, in return, they teach us about the environment而他们则教我认知环境and how things have changed in their environment.以及他们所处环境的改变And it#39;s a really neat exchange.那真是一种美妙的交流学习You can#39;t say we#39;re the biologists or the teachers.你不能说我们是生物学家和老师Or the guardians or the teachers.或是守卫者和老师We#39;re both teachers and we#39;re both students我们都是老师 也都是学生And I think that#39;s... that blend is amazing.我觉得这种融合很棒Critically, at the heart of this project重要的是 项目的核心is a huge attitude change by these Maasai warriors.是这些马萨伊人态度的巨大转变An animal that was once their sworn enemy, they now protect.本是他们宿敌的动物 现在却被加以保护 Article/201406/306726




  She uses special tools, one after another,她使用特别的工具 一件接着一件to get all the honey she can,以便能吃到所有蜂蜜and in a few minutes,不到几分钟she destroys what took the bees years to build.她就将无刺蜂数年构建的蜂巢给毁了In the rainforest, nothing is safe.在雨林 没有什么是安全的Here in the Congo,在刚果there can be as many as 500 trees crammed into every acre.每英亩土地都挤着500颗树In the battle for space,为了争夺空间some will rise to over 60 metres high in just a few decades.有些树在几十年里就会窜到60多米高In a valley like this,在这样的山谷地带there could be close on 1,000 different species of tree.可能生长着接近1000种不同的树Up here, the crowns barely touch.上方的树冠间很少接触Each tree seems to respect its neighbour#39;s space.树与树之间互不干扰对方的生存空间When they germinate down on the forest floor,当它们的种子落到森林地面时 young trees and plants are less restrained.小树苗和植物的生长更加无拘无束But every new generation fights it out,但是每一代新植物都要战斗到底in battles we can see by accelerating time.我们可以通过快进看清这场战斗They must get light if they are to survive如果想生存下来 就必须得到光照and they squeeze, crush and even slash one another in order to reach it.它们会挤压 击碎 甚至刺破对方去获取阳光 Article/201312/270727Japan#39;s relations with its neighbors, China and South Korea have been recently strained. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been defending his recent visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine. The ed States has repeatedly called for Japan to improve its relations with its neighbors.日本与邻国中国和韩国的关系近来日益紧张。日本首相安倍晋三一直在竭力维护自己的靖国神社祭拜行为。美国已经多次呼吁并要求日本提升与邻国关系。Joining us now in the studio is Jia Xiudong, a senior research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies. Welcome, Mr. Jia.今天做客我们演播室的是中国国际问题研究所高级研究员贾秀东。欢迎贾先生。There have been calls from the US, and within Japan, for Japan to improve relations with its neighbors. Have there been any signs that Japan is looking to ease regional tensions?美国一直呼吁日本提升与邻国的关系。那么,是否有迹象表明日本想要缓解与邻国的关系呢? Article/201401/274510

  But the continuous invasions by foreign imperial colonial powers in the 19th century但是19世纪外国帝国之民列强的连年侵略had dragged the middle kingdom into an abyss of suffering and backwardness.已经让神州大地贫穷落后 满目疮痍which in turn intensified the Chinese people#39;s yearnings for peace and harmony.这更进一步激发了中国人民对和平和谐生活的渴望The resentment against the imperial colonial powers对帝国殖民列强的怨恨and the sense of historic injustice以及历史不公平感continued to fester and inspire the revolutionary forces within China.让中国的革命力量痛定思痛 怒火中烧The weakened Qing Dynasty continued to disintegrate during the Hsinhai Revolution,辛亥革命爆发 懦弱的清政府继续分崩离析finally collapsing after the Wuchang Uprising of 1911.最终垮台于1911年的武昌起义Having ruled China since 1644这个自1644年起统治中国的清政府the Qing Dynasty was replaced by the Republic of China,最终被中华民国取代which was formally established on January 1, 1912.中华民国于1912年1月1日正式成立This ended over 2000 years of imperial rule in China.中国超过2000年的封建统治宣告结束The much revered revolutionary, Doctor Sun Yat-Sen,受人景仰的孙中山先生was the first president and the founding father of the Republic of China.是中华民国的开国者 也是第一任大总统He received his medical degree from the University of Hong Kong,他毕业于香港大学 医学学位and had extensively traveled in the west.游历西方多个国家 见多识广Doctor Sun#39;s political philosophy is known as the Three Principles of the People,孙中山的政治理念被称作“三民主义”Nationalism, Democracy and the People#39;s Livelihood.即民族主义、民权主义和民生主义Doctor Sun passed away in 1925.孙中山先生于1925年逝世His Mausoleum is a testament to a great legacy he left behind.中山陵是他身后留给世界的文化遗产It is situated at the foot of the Purple Mountain in Nanjing,中山陵坐落于江苏省省会the capital of Jiangsu province.南京紫金山山脚下An interesting example of how alliances were short lived一战期间 各国列强opportunistic and constantly shift between the imperial colonial nations,争权夺利 此消彼长occurred during WWI.却个个好景不长Right after WWI had started,一战刚一打响Japan and Great Britain joined forces in 1914,日本和英国便于1914年出兵attacking and occupying the German colony and port city of Tsingtao on the yellow sea.进攻并占据了德国殖民地-黄海边上的港口城市 青岛 Article/201409/329638


  The ocean. The largest habitat on Earth,海洋是世上最大的栖地and an inhospitable place for those of us who live on land.对陆地动物来说 却是无法居住之处Yet, for a billion years,但有十亿年之久this was the only place on the planet where life existed.海洋是地球唯一有生命的所在Today, descendants of those early life forms那些早期生物的后代continue to thrive.活跃至今They share the sea with fish, but outnumber them by ten to one.它们跟鱼类共享大海 但数量超出十倍They have no backbones,它们没有脊椎and have evolved into countless different forms.而且演化出无数型态Some are huge, large-brained and intelligent.有些体型惊人 拥有巨大脑部和高度智慧Others are minuscule,有些极为细小yet build the largest natural structures on the planet.但建造出世上最大的自然结构 Article/201310/259002



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