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Teacher Feels Dizzy晕眩The teacher walked into the classroom. He said, “Good evening, everybody.” The students said, “Good evening, teacher.” He walked over to his desk. He put his briefcase on his desk. He opened his briefcase. He took his notebook out of his briefcase. He took his books out of his briefcase. Suddenly, he felt dizzy. The room was spinning. He sat down. What was wrong with him? He put his hands on the desk. The desk was spinning. He closed his eyes. He opened his eyes. He didn’t know what to do. What was wrong? He was sitting in his chair. But he felt like he was floating in air. How could he be floating in air? He sat in his chair another minute. His students were talking to one another. They did not know how he felt. But he didn’t tell them how he felt. He didn’t say anything.老师走入教室他说:“同学们晚上好”学生说:“老师晚上好”他走向讲台将公文包放在讲台打开公文包将笔记本拿出将书本拿出突然,他感到晕眩教室在旋转他坐下来他怎么了?他将手放在讲台上讲台在旋转他合上眼睛他睁开眼睛他不知道怎么办怎么了?他坐在椅子上但他感到自己在空中飘荡他怎么在空中游荡?他又在椅子上坐了一分钟学生们窃窃私语他们不知道老师怎么了他也没有说他什么都没说译文属原创,,不得转载 7390John McCain, Little League sports, how to pronounce years and hours, using “some” plus a number, to hock, larger than life, to cheat on someone, I might say vs. I can sayWords:navyliberalconservativeterm of officeleagueWorld Series1800smilitary timeto hockpawnbrokerlarger than lifeto cheat on someonerealityhypothetical 95970Pope Has Serious Peace Talk With Kids教皇方济各与孩子们进行和平对话Pope Francis met with a group of children at the Vatican this month to talk about how to build and keep peace. In his serious talk with 7,000 school kids, he explained that many people do not want peace because they make money off war. He called the arms trade the “industry of death”. The Pope also answered a question about prisons. He told the children that people who make mistakes need to be helped with education, love, and human contact. The Pope added that prisons today are just an easy way us to get about people who suffer.教皇方济各这个月在梵蒂冈就如何建造,保持和平问题与孩子们进行了对话参加此次活动的有7000名学校学生,他解释道有些人想发战争财,他们不希望世界和平他将军火交易称之为“死亡产业”教皇还回答了许多关于监狱的问题他告诉孩子们说,犯过过错的人需要通过教育、爱以及人与人的交流来解决他还认为如今的监狱只会更让人们遗忘那些受苦受难的人译文属原创,,不得转载 37755

Part 3. A radio debate.Keywordsmoral, aborted fetal tissue, medical.Vocabularyabort, fetal tissue, Reverend, graft, alleviate, abortion, fetus, grave, flip side, full-fledged, condone, legality, Organization of Physicians Responsible Research.A. Listen to a radio talk show which is on the topic of using human fetal tissue medical experimentation.The debate takes place between a leading scientist and a religious leader. As you listen the first time, try to answer the following questions.Good morning, and welcome to today broadcast of ;Seeing both sides.;Today we have something very interesting you, a very controversial topic.Is it a moral use of technology to take advantage of aborted fetal tissue medical experimentation?Our guests today are Dr. Jasmine Farnazeh, head of the Organization of Physicians Responsible Research, and the Reverend William Cooper.They are here to discuss the moral and medical implications of this new area of research.Good morning, Doctor and Reverend. Good morning.Good morning. Dr Farnazeh, Let begin by hearing the arguments in favor.Well, scientifically speaking, it clear that aborted fetal tissue is quite a gold mine.It is been proven to be extremely successful in grafting new tissue use with burn victims.Research is being done into other potential uses as well.Reverend Cooper, how do you respond to that? What about these benefits?Well, of course I see the doctor point, and it is extremely important to do everything possible in terms of research to alleviate human suffering.however, you cant ignore the fact that fetal tissue is a product of abortion, which many consider to be an act of murder.Just as we hope you would not kill another person to benefit yourself, it is immoral to use the life of a fetus in this way.Yes, Reverend Cooper, I suppose some people could say abortion is an act of murder, but it really important to clearly seperate issues here.You cant ignore the fact that abortion is legal in this country at this time.Certainly while we can recognize that as a grave human tragedy, it is a fact that it happens frequently, thousands of times every day.If this is the case, it makes good medical sense to derive any benefit from it that we can.Isnt the tragedy perhaps minimized if this tissue can be used to further human life?And, indeed, in terms of using this tissue to create new, living healthy skin burn victims, are we not in some small way allowing that life to continue?That one way of looking at it.However, another way of looking at it is to say that the life of that fetus deserves every opporty to grow and develop as an individual, that using these victims is simply adding insult to injury.And really, Dr. Farnazeh, can you seriously mean to imply that the benefit this tissue provides skin grafts burn victims balances the fact that a human life and all its potential has been taken without its consent?Maybe you have a point there, and Im sure many people would agree with you.But the flip side of the tissue is that our greatest moral obligation is to the living.As long as abortion is legal, as long as those fetuses are not developing into full-fledged human life, it seems we must devote our energies to concentrating on and helping in every way possible those who are alive and suffering.What exactly do you mean, Dr. Farnazeh? Are you condoning abortion?It doesnt matter whether or not I condone it.On one hand, we could spend a great deal of time arguing about the moral implications of abortion.On the other hand, this would be a waste of time since our opinions dont change the fact that it legal. We may as well simply accept the legality and go from there.Youve both raised a number of very interesting points.Im sure youve given our listeners a lot of food thought about this complex and controversial issue.Let take a short break now and when we return, well take some calls from our listeners. 5537

Voice 1: Hello. Welcome to Spotlight. Im Rachel Hobson.声音1:大家好,欢迎收听重点报道节目我是蕾切尔·霍布森Voice : And Im Marina Santee. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是玛丽娜·桑蒂本节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 3: ;I was born a slave. I have wounds from where they hit me with a stick. It was my master children who did it.;声音3:我生下来就是奴隶他们用棍子打我,我身上到处都是伤打我的是主人家的孩子们Voice : You may think these words are from the distant past. But they are not. They are from the twenty-first century. Modern slavery is a very real, tragic, truth in today world. Aid group Amnesty International said this:声音:你可能认为这些话来自遥远的过去但其实并不是这些话来自1世纪在当今这个世界,现代奴隶是真实又悲惨的真相救援组织国际特赦这样说道:Voice : ;All countries officially ban slavery. Yet there are still more slaves in the world today than ever bee. The legal slave trade of the past lasted four hundred years. During that time, thirteen million people were shipped from Africa. Estimates say that there are twenty seven million slaves in the world today!;声音:“所有国家都明令禁止奴隶制但是现在世界上的奴隶比以前还要多过去,合法的奴隶贸易持续了四百年之久在那段时间里,有00万人从非洲运往其他地方据估计,现在世界上有700万名奴隶!” 译文属 519

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