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2020年01月27日 03:19:59来源:ask健康

Photos of two 16-year-olds in a wedding gown and suit at what seems to be a wedding have triggered heated discussion on Chinese social media.两个身穿结婚礼和西装的孩子似乎在举办婚礼的照片引起了中国社交媒体的热议。The two teens, who were first reported to be a 13-year-old groom and a 16-year-old bride, have made clarification online that they both reached 16 years old, and their marriage has won the blessing and support of their parents, despite the legal marriageable age in China being 22 for males and 20 for females.媒体首次报道这两个青少年时表示,新郎今年13岁,而新娘则是16岁。但是随后他们在网上澄清,双方都已经16岁。尽管中国法定结婚年龄是男方22岁,女方20岁,他们的婚姻得到了双方父母的祝福和持。The couple, from a small town in south China#39;s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, claimed to have known each other for over a year. Both have dropped out of school. Aside from clarifying their ages in the online statement, the two also refuted netizens#39; speculation that the marriage is due to the bride#39;s pregnancy.这对夫妇来自中国南部的广西壮族自治区,声称已相识一年有余,两人都已经辍学。除了在网络声明中澄清了自己的年龄以外,他们还反驳了网友关于新娘怀结婚的推测。;The marriage between us is just inevitable after knowing each other for over a year. So we just held the ceremony and will get a marriage certificate after we reach our legal age,; said the 16-year-old bride.16岁的新娘表示:“相识一年以后结婚是必然的。所以我们举办了婚礼,等到了法定年龄,就领取结婚。”The fact that the groom quit in the second year of junior high school sparked debate. According to Chinese law, a teenager has to receive nine years of compulsory education, namely six years of primary school education and three years in junior high school.新郎在初中二年级辍学这一事件引发了争议。根据中国法律,青少年必须接受九年义务制教育,即六年小学教育和三年初中教育。;My parents are farmers, and since I am not good at schooling, why waste the time and tuition fees? ; said the groom. Since two years ago, after he quit school, he has been working in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi.但是新郎却说:“我的父母都是农民,我书念得不好,干嘛还浪费时间和学费?”自两年前退学以后,他就一直在广西省省会城市南宁工作。Some web users questioned the meaning of this wedding, since it is not legal. ;Is it possible that their families arranged this wedding, invited friends to the wedding banquet so as to collect gift money? The #39;marriage#39; is not protected by law anyway,; Weibo user Ajiaojiao said.因为婚礼不合法,一些网民质疑其举办的意义。微用户Ajiaojiao说:“有没有可能是他们的父母安排了这场婚礼,邀请朋友参加婚宴,借机收钱?无论如何,这场婚姻不会被任何法律保护。” /201602/428335。

  • The Chinese are facing growing cancer risk from dioxin due to changes in their dietary patterns over the past three decades, a research has found.一项研究发现,由于过去30年来饮食模式的改变,中国人正面临日益严重的二恶英致癌风险。Changes in dietary patterns, featured by decreasing consumption of grain and vegetables and increasing intake of animal-derived food (such as meat, eggs and dairy products), raised cancer risk from 0.2% in 1980 to about 1.2% in 2009, according to a research finding published in Scientific Reports, an affiliated magazine of Nature.根据《自然》杂志的附属刊物《科学报道》上发表的一项研究,饮食模式的改变——粗粮和蔬菜摄入的减少,而动物性食品(肉、蛋和奶制品等)摄入的增加——将1980年时0.2%的癌症风险提高到2009年的约1.2%。Varying dietary patterns contributed 17 percent to the cancer risk of Chinese population in 2009, compared with 8 percent in 1980, according to the thesis, authored by Lanzhou University Professor Ma Jianmin and Dr. Huang Tao.据兰州大学马建敏教授和黄涛士合著的这篇论文介绍,2009年,由饮食模式变化引起的中国人口的癌症风险占比17%,而1980年时仅占8%。Meanwhile, residents in urban and eastern China were exposed to considerably higher cancer risk to dioxin than those in rural areas and western China, due to higher emissions, household income and greater intake of animal-derived foodstuff such as meat, eggs and dairy products, the thesis said.同时,这篇文章指出,由于城市区域和中国东部地区污染物排放量更高,居民收入水平更高,以及摄入的动物性食品如肉、蛋和奶制品等更多,这些地方的居民受二恶英影响致癌的风险,比起那些在农村地区和中国西部地区的人们来说要高出很多。;Food ingestion is still the major route for human exposure and body burden to dioxin,; said Prof. Ma.马教授表示:“食物的摄入仍然是人类感染二恶英的主要途径。”While the Chinese government has stepped up efforts to cut dioxin emissions, he said it is increasingly important to raise public awareness of cancer risks in food and convince people to take a healthier diet.在中国政府已加紧努力减少二恶英排放的同时,他表示,提高公众食品致癌风险意识、说人们采取更健康的饮食方式变得越来越重要。 /201603/429096。
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