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Huangdi Neijing《黄帝内经》The four great classics of the traditional Chinese medicine are Huangdi Neijing , Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases , Jinkui Yaolue and Wenbing Tiaobian, among which Huan,gdi Nerjin,g is the first excellent work having the common ancestor of the Chinese nation Huangdi ( or the Yellow Emperor) as its title, and also the oldest extant medical treatise in the Chinese medical works. It focuses on the study of hu-man beings physiology, pathology, diagnostics, principles of treatment and phar-maceutics .The work is comprised of two parts, i.e.Suwen arid Lingshu , each be-ing divided int0 9 volumes and further 81 chapters respectively. In combination with the achievements made in philosophy and natural sciences at the time, it, taking such aspects as theory of Yinyang and five elements, correspondence between the nature and humans, internal organs and Meridians, pathogenesis, diagnostic methods therapeutical principles, and acupuncture as its point of departure, arrived at a systematic theoretical summary and understanding .Up to now, it still has had an important guiding meaning in diagnostics and therapeutics. In this book is not only medical science involved, but the scientific accomplishments made by humans in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, strategics, mathematics, ecology and so on. What astonishes us most is that some abstruse and penetrating elaborations in Huangdi Neijing , though made 2000 years ago, have revealed some achievements which are being or to be proved by the modern science. The most renowned medical specialists in ancient China such as Zhang Zhongjing, Huatuo, Sun Simiao and Li Shizhen were all deeply edified and influenced by the thoughts in Huangdi Neijing . They studied it assiduously and gained insight into its essence, thus be coming the well-known doctors in the Chinese history.我国传统医学四大经典著作是《黄帝内经》、《伤寒论》、《金匮要略》、《温病条辨》,《黄帝内经》也是第一部冠以中华民族先祖“黄帝”之名的传世巨著,是我国医学宝库中现存成书最早的一部医学典籍。是研究人的生理学、病理学、诊断学、治疗原则和药物学的医学巨著。《黄帝内经》包括《素问》八十一篇和《灵枢》八十一篇,各九卷。它分别从阴阳五行、天人相应、五运六气、脏腑经络、病机、诊法、治则、针灸等方面,结合当时哲学和自然科学的成就,作出了比较系统的理论概括和认识。迄今在诊治学上仍具有指导意义。不仅涉及医学,而且包罗天文学、地理学、哲学、人类学、社会学、军事学、数学、生态学等各项人类所获的科学成就。令人颇感惊讶的是,中华先祖们在《内经》里的一些深奥精辟的阐述,虽然早在2000年前,却揭示了许多现代科学正试图实的与将要实的成就。中国古代最著名的医学家张仲景、华佗、孙思邈、李时珍等均深受《内经》思想的熏陶和影响,无不刻苦研读之,深得其精要,而终成我国历史上的一代名医。 /201601/419330New iPhone release date leaked新一代iPhone发布日期揭晓Apple#39;s next iPhone will be released on Sept 25, it has been revealed by Vodafone, a provider of telecommunications services.据电信务提供商沃达丰透露,下一代iPhone将于9月25日面市。In an email to staff, the operator also outlined pre-launch information, including plans to begin taking pre-orders for the device from Sept 18.在一封沃达丰写给内部员工的电子邮件里,沃达丰还介绍了新产品发布前的一些计划,包括新产品将从9月18日开始接受预订The email described the device as the ;New iPhone;, suggesting Apple may look to follow its strategy with its iPads by not giving it a number.邮件将新产品称作;新iPhone;,这意味着,苹果对下一代iPhone的命名可能会效仿iPad,不用数字直接命名。 /201506/379316

The selfie stick didn#39;t always look like this. The original patent was filed all the way back in 1984, before cell phones were ubiquitous. Before the word ;selfie; was even coined, let alone in the dictionary. The first selfie stick was neither as elegant nor as successful as the latest models.自拍杆并不是一直都长这样的。在1984年手机还未普及之时,就有人首次为自拍杆申请了专利。当时,英文中还未出现“自拍”这个单词,更别说将其录入字典了。与最新自拍杆相比,第一台自拍杆既不美观也不受欢迎。The first selfie stick was invented by Hiroshi Ueda and Yujiro Mima, was called a ;telescopic extender for supporting compact camera,; and looked a little something like this:第一台自拍杆由上田宏(Hiroshi Ueda)和美马有二郎(Yujiro Mima)发明,起名为“袖珍相机撑式伸缩扩展器”,样子有点类似下图:Not so elegant. Since there weren#39;t any cell phones with cameras, let alone smartphones with front-facing digital ones, Ueda#39;s original product included a mirror so the user could see what they looked like as they took the photo.不怎么美观。当时的手机没有摄像头,更不用提智能手机的前置摄像头了,所以上田宏的自拍杆只能加上一面镜子,这样拍照时人们就能看到摄像头中自己的样子。Ueda, who worked for camera company Minolta when he invented the extender, held the patent until it ran out in 2003 according to the B.据B报道,发明这台扩展器时,上田宏在日本美能达(Minolta)公司工作,这项专利一直为他持有,直到2003年专利失效。;My idea came too early, but that#39;s just one of those things.; Ueda told the B. ;I patented about 300 ideas, so that was just one of them. We call it a 3am invention - it arrived too early.;接受B采访时,上田宏说:“我的这项发明出现得太早了。不过我还有大约300项发明专利,它只是其中之一。我们称它为‘凌晨3点的发明#39;,它到来得太早了。”In 2005 another inventor, Wayne Fromm, brought the selfie stick back with his patent for an ;apparatus for supporting a camera and method for using the apparatus.; He called his product Quik Pod.而2005年另一位发明者韦恩·弗洛姆为“相机撑器和撑器的使用方法”申请了专利,再一次将自拍杆展示在世人面前。他称自己的发明为“快捷豆荚”(Quick Pod)。Fromm feels similarly to Ueda, in that he believes his product came at the wrong time, before smartphones were everywhere. “The selfie stick today would not exist if it was not for me,” Fromm told ReadWrite. Fromm is currently suing many different selfie stick creators for copyright infringement.弗洛姆与上田宏一样,觉得当时智能机还未流行,自己的发明可谓是生不逢时。他告诉读写网(ReadWrite):“如果没有我的发明,现今的自拍杆不可能问世。”弗洛姆认为众多自拍杆的发明者侵犯了自己的专利权,正在提起上诉。 /201505/376231

Apple Inc told a U.S. judge that accessing data stored on a locked iPhone would be ;impossible; with devices using its latest operating system, but the company has the ;technical ability; to help law enforcement unlock older phones.苹果公司向美国法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦表示,提取一台安装了苹果最新操作系统、且已被锁定的iPhone手机上的数据是“不可能的”,但苹果具备帮助执法机构解锁较旧iPhone的“技术能力”。Apple#39;s position was laid out in a brief filed late Monday, after a federal magistrate judge in Brooklyn, New York, sought its input as he weighed a U.S. Justice Department request to force the company to help authorities access a seized iPhone during an investigation.苹果在周一晚提交的诉书中陈述了上述立场。此前美国司法部向法院提出要求苹果协助当局提取一台在调查中缴获的iPhone上的数据,布鲁克林的联邦治安法官奥伦斯坦正在考量该要求,并寻求苹果的意见。In court papers, Apple said that for the 90 percent of its devices running iOS 8 or higher, granting the Justice Department#39;s request ;would be impossible to perform; after it strengthened encryption methods.在法庭文件中,苹果称,在苹果强化加密方法后,对于90%运行iOS 8或以上版本的苹果设备,美国司法部的要求是“无法被执行的”。Those devices include a feature that prevents anyone without the device#39;s passcode from accessing its data, including Apple itself.这些设备具备一个特性,可以防止没有密码的任何一方获取该设备的数据,包括苹果公司也不行。Apple told U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein it could access the 10 percent of its devices that continue to use older systems, including the one at issue in the case. But it urged the judge to not require it to comply with the Justice Department#39;s request.苹果向奥伦斯坦表示,苹果可以提取仍在使用较旧版本操作系统的那10%的苹果设备,包括上述案件中的iPhone手机。但苹果敦促奥伦斯坦勿要求苹果按照美国司法部的要求行事。;Forcing Apple to extract data in this case, absent clear legal authority to do so, could threaten the trust between Apple and its customers and substantially tarnish the Apple brand,; Apple#39;s lawyers wrote.“在缺乏明确法律许可的情况下,在本案中迫使苹果提取数据,可能威胁苹果与其客户之间的信任,并极大损害苹果品牌,”苹果的律师写道。A spokeswoman for Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers, whose office is handling the case, declined comment.美国布鲁克林联邦检察官罗伯特·凯普斯的办公室负责此案,凯普斯的发言人拒绝就此置评。 /201511/407263

A cosmic constant known as the ‘golden ratio’ is said to be found in the shape of hurricanes, elephant tusks and even in galaxies.据悉,在飓风的漩涡形状、大象的长牙甚至星系中都可以发现那个被称为“黄金分割率”的宇宙常数。Now researchers say this ratio is also seen in the topology of space-time, affecting the entire universe as a whole.现在,研究人员表示,这一比率也可在时空的拓扑结构中发现,影响着整个宇宙。And they say this number can be used to link everything in the universe together, from space-time to chemistry to biology.他们同时谈到,这个比率可用于将宇宙中的一切事物联系到一起,从时空到化学,再到生物。The research was carried out by Dr Jan Boeyens at the University of Pretoria and Dr Francis Thackeray of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.该研究是由南非比勒陀利亚大学的扬·布因思士和威特沃特斯兰德大学的弗朗西斯·萨克里士共同完成的。They say the golden ratio - 1.618 - can be seen ‘related not only to aspects of mathematics but also to physics, chemistry, biology and the topology of space-time.’他们说,可以看出黄金分割率——1.618“不仅与数学方面有关,还与物理、化学、生物和时空的拓扑结构有关”。And it may dictate how certain things in the universe take shape.而且这一比率可能决定了宇宙中特定事物的成形。The golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter #39;phi#39;, is said to be a mathematical connection between two aspects of an object.据称,黄金分割率,用希腊字母Φ表示,是一个物体的两个方面之间的数学联系。It can be artificially used – for example, some 20th century artists used it for the rectangular shape of their portraits from the long side to the short side.这一比率可被人为地利用:比如一些20世纪的艺术家用它来决定矩形肖像画的长边和短边的边长。They believed that the ratio created an aesthetically pleasing appearance.他们相信,这种比率创造一个美观的外观。But the ratio is not just artificially created – it is apparently found through nature in the stems of plants, skeletons of animals and so on.但是这个比率并不仅仅是人为创造的,很显然,在大自然中也可以发现这一比率,包括植物的茎和动物的骨架等等。And the shape of spirals also seem to follow the golden ratio. This suggests that geometric shapes in the universe ultimately succumb to this mathematical property.而且,螺旋的形状也符合黄金分割率。这表明,宇宙中的几何形状最终还是屈于这个数学属性。‘A convincing case for assuming a cosmic character of the golden ratio can be made based on the ubiquity of logarithmic spirals,’ the researchers write.研究人员写到:“假定黄金分割率具有宇宙属性,最具说力的例子是无处不在的对数螺线。”‘Spectacular examples include the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51), ammonites, the shape of Nautilus shells, Hurricane Katrina and the distribution of planets, moons, asteroids and rings in the solar system.’突出的例子有漩涡星系(M51)、菊石、鹦鹉螺贝壳、卡特里娜飓风以及太阳系中行星、卫星、小行星和行星环的分布。The researchers suggest that the reason that this ratio is so ubiquitous is that it is actually a property of space-time.研究人员称,黄金分割率之所以无处不在,是因为它是一个时空特性。‘The argument that this amazing consilience (self-similarity) arises from a common environmental constraint, which can only be an intrinsic feature of curved space-time, is compelling,’ they write.他们写到:“这一惊人的契合(自相似性)源自一个常见的环境限制,即这只能是弯曲时空的固有特性。这个论点令人信。”‘The time has come to recognise that relativity and quantum theories can be integrated, and linked numerically to the value of a mathematical constant - whether in the context of space-time or biology’“时代变迁,现在,我们应该认识到相对论和量子论可以相结合,并且在数值上与一个数学常量的值相联系,不论是在时空还是在生物学的背景下。”Why the universe follows this rule, however, is not known.但是,我们还不知道为什么宇宙遵循这个规律。Some think that our fine-tuned universe is simply a lucky coincidence and, under the multiverse theory, there are an infinite number of other universes that were not quite so lucky.一些人认为我们的这个“微调过的宇宙”只是天缘巧合,根据多重宇宙论,还有无数个宇宙就没有这么幸运了。 /201412/347244

DJI, the Chinese company that has emerged as one of the leaders in the burgeoning civilian market for drones, has raised million from Accel Partners, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm.已经涌现为新兴民用无人机市场领军者之一的中国DJI公司从硅谷风险投资商阿克塞尔合伙公司(Accel Partners)筹集到7500万美元。The deal values DJI, which is based in Shenzen, China, at about billion, according to one person briefed on the deal who spoke on condition of anonymity. It is one of Accel’s largest investments ever.这笔交易将总部设在中国深圳的DJI的市场估值定在约80亿美元。据一位了解交易情况的人说,这是阿克塞尔有史以来最大的一笔投资。该人要求匿名。The soaring valuation for the company reflects DJI’s rapid growth in drones, a market that has captivated the public even as regulators and law enforcement in countries like the ed States grapple with the safety and privacy risks of opening the skies to unmanned aircraft with cameras. Hobbyists are free to fly drones like the Phantom from DJI as long as they obey certain rules, while regulators are beginning to relax restrictions on their commercial uses, like aerial photography and inspecting crops. Amazon is testing drones for delivering small packages.对公司极高的估值反映了DJI在无人机市场的快速增长,这个市场已经让公众着迷。尽管在像美国这样的国家,监管和执法部门仍在努力设法解决向带有相机的无人机开放天空所带来的安全和隐私风险问题,只要遵守一定的规则,业余爱好者们就可以随便放飞像DJI生产的Phantom那样的无人机。而监管机构也开始放松对无人机商业使用、比如航空摄影和检查作物的限制。亚马逊公司(Amazon)正在测试用无人机投递小包裹。“The size of our investment really shows how big we think the opportunity can become,” said Sameer Gandhi, a partner at Accel, which is best known for its early investment in Facebook. It also has stakes in other start-ups like Dropbox and Slack.“我们投资的规模确实显示了我们认为这个机会能有多大,”阿克塞尔合伙人萨米尔·甘地(Sameer Gandhi)说,这家风投公司在Facebook的早期投资最为人知。公司也入股了其它初创公司,比如Dropbox和Slack。DJI has emerged as the one of most prominent names in the market. Its Phantom 2 drone, a copter with four rotors, starts at 9, while higher-end models like the Inspire 1 start at ,900. It was a Phantom drone that an intoxicated off-duty intelligence agency employee accidentally crashed onto the grounds of the White House in January.DJI已涌现为无人机市场最耀眼的名字之一。它的Phantom 2无人机是有四个水平旋翼的直升机,起价为859美元(约合5330元人民币),而像“悟”Inspire 1这样的高端机型起价为2900美元。今年一月,被情报机构一名下了班的员工醉酒后意外坠落在白宫草地上的就是一架Phantom无人机。Forbes on Tuesday published a profile of DJI in which it said that DJI was on track to exceed billion in sales this year, compared with about 0 million in revenue last year and 0 million in profit. Another person familiar with DJI’s finances confirmed the accuracy of those figures, asking for anonymity because the company has not publicly released them.《福布斯》杂志(Forbes)周二发表了一篇介绍DJI的文章,文章说,DJI今年的销售额有望超过10亿美元。与之相比,公司去年的营收大约为5亿美元,利润为120万美元。另一位知晓DJI财政状况的人士实了这些数字的准确性,但要求不具名,因为公司尚未公开发布数字。Sequoia Capital, another Silicon Valley investment firm, invested around million in DJI last year.另一家硅谷投资公司红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)去年向DJI投资了约3000万美元。Other drone makers are angling for a piece of the market, too. Last month, 3DR, a drone maker in Berkeley, Calif., one of whose founders is Chris Anderson, a former editor of Wired magazine, raised million from a group of venture capitalists and corporate investors.其它无人机制造商也在垂涎这一市场。上个月,加州伯克利的无人机制造商3DR从一群风险投资家和企业投资方募集到640万美元,3DR的创始人之一是克里斯·安德森(Chris Anderson),他曾是《连线》(Wired)杂志的主编。Mr. Gandhi of Accel described the growth of DJI as a watershed moment for a Chinese technology company, because such companies are often thought of as copying innovations from companies in the ed States and elsewhere.阿克塞尔的甘地把DJI的增长描述为中国技术公司的转折点,因为人们往往认为中国技术公司靠山寨美国和其他国家的创新为生。“For one of the first times, you’re seeing an international company, a Chinese company, being the innovator and frankly leapfrogging all activity in other parts of the world and truly being the company everyone is chasing from an innovation point of view,” Mr. Gandhi said.甘地说,“这是首次,你看到一家国际公司、一家中国公司作为创新者。坦率地说,这家公司超越了世界其他地区的所有活动,从创新的角度来看,真正成为了其他人都在追逐的公司。” /201505/373914

HOORN, The Netherlands — On a wintry night in January 2005, an art thief slipped into the Westfries Museum here, the authorities believe, and hid beneath drapery on a 17th-century coffin as the doors were locked for the night.荷兰霍伦——2005年一月的一个寒夜,一个艺术品窃贼溜进西弗兰里物馆(Westfries Museum),官方认为,夜间闭馆时,他就躲在一口17世纪棺材的盖毯之下。After disabling the alarm system, the theory goes, the thief allowed at least one collaborator into the small museum, which houses works from the Dutch Golden Age. When the Westfries opened the next morning, 24 paintings worth a total of about 1.3 million euros, about .44 million, along with 70 pieces of antique silver, were gone, leaving only frames hanging on the gallery walls.警方推断,这个窃贼弄坏了警报系统,让至少一个同伙溜进了这座储存着荷兰黄金时代艺术品的小物馆。西弗兰里物馆翌日开门之时,发现有价值130万欧元(约合144万美元)的24幅油画失窃,此外还有70件古董银器也不见踪影,画廊里只剩下空荡荡的画框。For a decade, the whereabouts of the stolen works remained a mystery, and the assumption was that they had disappeared into the murky world of international art theft.十年来,这些失窃艺术品都下落不明,人们认为,它们已经进入国际盗窃艺术品市场的污浊世界。Then, this summer, representatives of an ultranationalist militia in Ukraine contacted the Dutch Embassy in Kiev, saying the group had discovered the art in a villa near Donetsk that had belonged to the government of the deposed president Viktor F. Yanukovych and was prepared to return it.今年夏天,乌克兰一个极端民族主义的民兵组织派代表联系位于基辅的荷兰大使馆,说他们在顿涅茨克附近的一个乡间庄园发现了这些艺术品,艺术品原本属于被罢黜的总统维克托·F·亚努科维奇(Viktor F. Yanukovych)的政府,这个民兵组织打算归还它。“They said that as a good gesture, we want to hand over the paintings,” Ad Geerdink, the director of the Westfries Museum, which went public with the case last week in an effort to recover the works before they could be sold on the black market, said on Saturday, “but since we risked our lives to save the paintings, we expect something in return. And that something, of course, was money.”“他们说这是一个善意的姿态,他们希望移交这些油画,”西弗兰里物馆馆长埃德·格尔丁克(Ad Geerdink)在星期六说,上星期他公开谈及此案,力图在这些艺术品被卖入黑市之前收回它们,“但他们冒着危险拯救了这些油画,所以想要点回报,这个回报,当然就是钱。”The museum hired Arthur Brand, a Dutch art crime investigator, to go to Ukraine to negotiate with the militia, the Battalion of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. “I told them to be careful,” Mr. Brand said in a telephone interview on Monday, “because, although they said they would be willing to give the work back, they were talking about a finder’s fee, and they had estimated that the work was worth 50 million. I guessed aly that they’d ask for 10 percent.”物馆雇佣了荷兰艺术犯罪调查者阿瑟·布兰德(Arthur Brand)去往乌克兰,同这个名为“乌克兰民族主义组织军团”的民兵组织谈判。“我告诉他们要当心,”星期一,布兰德在接受电话采访时说,“因为尽管他们声称愿意归还这些作品,但他们要求收取寻回者的报酬,他们估计这些作品价值5000万欧元,我觉得他们会索要这笔估价的10%作为报酬。”On Aug. 7, Mr. Brand said, he and representatives from the Dutch Embassy met with Borys Humeniuk, the deputy commander of the battalion, in Kiev and presented him with documentation that estimated the value of the works at 500,000, on the assumption that they were now in bad condition after almost a decade on the black market, and offered him a fee of 50,000.布兰德说,8月7日,他同荷兰大使馆的代表在基辅会见了该组织的副总指挥官鲍里斯·休莫尼乌克(Borys Humeniuk),向后者提供文件,明那些艺术品的估价在50万美元(建立在这些艺术品在黑市上流传了将近十年,保养状况不佳的估计之上),并提出付报酬五万欧元。After hearing that offer, Mr. Humeniuk no longer seemed so willing to return the paintings and the silver, he said.布兰德说,休莫尼乌克听到这个建议,就显得不太愿意归还油画和银器了。“Borys repeated two times, ‘My soldiers will not accept this’ and he said, ‘the people who sent me will not accept 50,000,”’ Mr. Brand said. “Then the meeting was over and he said, ‘I will do my best to negotiate with my people.’ Then we waited.”“鲍里斯连说了两遍,‘我的士兵们不会接受的,’他还说,‘把这些画给我的人们不会接受五万欧元,’”布兰德说。“会议结束后,他说,‘我会尽最大努力和我的人谈判。’然后我们就等着。”In early September, the Westfries Museum officials contacted the Ukrainian authorities, Mr. Geerdink said. Months passed without any progress in the case, he said.9月初,西弗兰里物馆的官员们开始与乌克兰官方联系,格尔丁克说,之后几个月毫无进展。During that time, Mr. Brand said, he received information that the art was being offered for sale to other parties.布兰德说,在这段时间里,他收到消息,这批艺术品已经开始向其他人士出售。“We hear from our informants that they first offered to other groups 24 paintings, and then we heard about 16, and then we heard about 12,” he said. “That was a strong indication that they were succeeding in selling at least some of the paintings. That was a strong motivation for us to go to the press.”“我们从自己的消息提供者那里得知,他们先是向其他团体出售24幅油画,接着我们又听说他们要卖16幅,后来又听说要卖12幅,”他说。“这个迹象强烈表明,他们已经至少成功地卖出了一些画作。这是我们向媒体公开此事的强烈动机之一。”Mr. Geerdink said: “We felt it was now or never. If we don’t act, the work will be sold and we’ll never get it back.”格尔丁克说:“我们觉得现在是唯一的机会。如果我们无所作为,这些作品就会被卖掉,我们就永远不可能收回它们了。”“We want potential buyers to know that it’s stolen art,” he added, “and we want to motivate the Ukrainian officials, because they say they will do something, but they never tell us what they do.”“我们希望潜在买家知道,它们是被盗窃的艺术品,”他补充说,“我们想刺激一下乌克兰官员的积极性,因为他们说,他们会做点什么,但从来不告诉我们他们到底做了什么。”The stolen works are by relatively unknown Dutch Golden Age painters, including Jan van Goyen, Jan Linsen and Jacob Waben. “When you look at it from an international or national perspective, the paintings weren’t Rembrandts, Jan Steen or Vermeer; they were the category below,” Mr. Geerdink said. “When you look at it on a regional or local scale, they’re invaluable, because there aren’t similar paintings. These are landscapes or cityscapes and marine paintings that are so important for the story that we as a museum tell about the Golden Age of this area.”这些失窃的艺术品都是来自不知名的荷兰黄金时代画家,包括杨·凡·格因(Jan van Goyen)、杨·林森(Jan Linsen)和雅克布·瓦本(Jacob Waben)。“如果以国际或国家的角度来看,这些画并不是伦勃朗(Rembrandts)、杨·斯迪恩(Jan Steen)或维梅尔(Vermeer)的作品,它们是次一等级的作品,”格林丁克说。“但如果从地区或地域的角度来看,它们是无价之宝,因为并不是大同小异的油画,其中有自然景观、城市景观和海景,我们的物馆想要讲述这一地区在黄金时代的故事,这些画在这个故事中非常重要。”The money to recover the paintings was to be provided by the municipality of Hoorn, since the Westfries museum itself has an annual operating budget of just ㄠ80,000 and an annual acquisitions budget of ㄠ1,000.赎回这批画作的钱将由霍伦自治市提供,因为西弗兰里物馆的年度运营资金只有18万欧元,每年的收购资金只有1.1万欧元。Museum officials and investigators involved in the case said that the works were probably not stolen by Ukrainians — the best guess at this point is that Dutch thieves were involved — and that they have probably changed hands a number of times in the past decade.物馆官员和相关调查者说,这些作品很可能不是乌克兰人偷的,最有可能的是同荷兰本土窃贼有关,之后,这些作品可能在过去十年里经历了一系列易手。How they ended up in Ukraine is a matter of conjecture. Mr. Geerdink said the first indication that they might be there surfaced in 2014, when a Dutch police detective discovered a color image of one of the missing art works, “Rebecca and Eliezer,” by Linsen, on a Ukrainian website.最后它们是如何来到乌克兰,仍然是个不确定的推测。格尔丁克说,可能在乌克兰的迹象于2004年首次浮出水面,当时荷兰警方在一个乌克兰网站发现一张色照片,上面是一张遗失的油画——林森的《丽贝卡与艾丽泽》(Rebecca and Eliezer)。In response to the Westfries’ effort to publicize the case, the Ukrainian national police chief, Khatia Dekanoidze, said she was waiting for an official request from the Dutch prosecutor general’s office to begin to coordinate an investigation.为了对西弗兰里物馆将此事公之于众做出回应,乌克兰国家警察局局长卡蒂娅·德卡诺伊兹(Khatia Dekanoidze)说,她正在等待荷兰检察长办公室协助调查的请求。“Our doors are open, we’re transparent and I hope that any kind of delegation from the state of Netherlands can arrive here,” she said in a taped statement on Friday.“我们的大门是敞开的,我们是透明的,我希望任何来自荷兰的委托都可以送达这里,”她于周五在一份录像声明中说。Olexander Horin, the Ukrainian ambassador to the Netherlands, criticized the museum and the Dutch authorities for meeting with Mr. Humeniuk without first contacting Ukrainian authorities.乌克兰驻荷兰大使奥列克山大·霍林(Olexander Horin)批评这家物馆及荷兰官方,未事先与乌克兰当局联系就同休莫尼乌克会面。“We consider these talks, frankly speaking, inappropriate,” he said in a telephone interview on Monday. “This is a very sensitive issue and if you choose to go ahead and do this yourself, you have to bear the responsibility for the result. It’s like a kidnapping case, when the goals of the investigators and the parents are completely different.”“坦率地说,我们认为这些会谈是不正当的,”他于周一在接受电话采访时说。“这是一个非常敏感的问题,如果你想自己处理,就得为后果承担责任。这有点像绑架案,调查者和父母的目标是不完全一致的。”At this point, Mr. Horin said, the Ukrainian government is taking several steps, “first to locate the paintings, second to apprehend them, if these are the paintings they’re looking for, and the third and next step is the transfer of these paintings to the Dutch parties.”霍林说,目前乌克兰政府正在采取若干步骤,“首先是给为油画进行地理定位,其次是抓获它们,如果这些油画是他们要找的,那么第三步以及接下来的步骤就是把这些画归还给荷兰。”Ahmed Dadou, press secretary to the Dutch minister of foreign affairs, Bert Koenders, said on Monday in a telephone interview: “We are in close contact with the Ukrainians on the proceedings in this case, and the Ukrainians have assured us that they would investigate the case.”荷兰外交部部长伯特·科恩达斯(Bert Koenders)的媒体秘书阿梅德·达杜(Ahmed Dadou)周一在接受电话采访时说:“在处理这一事件中,我们已经同乌克兰人密切合作,乌克兰方面向我们保会调查此案。”In the meantime, the Westfries Museum has re-hung many of the empty frames of the paintings in the museum’s upstairs galleries.与此同时,西弗兰里物馆在物馆楼上的画廊里重新挂上了那些空荡荡的画框。“Our fear is that maybe at this moment some of the paintings have aly been sold,” Mr. Geerdink said. “We hung up the empty frames in the museum as a sign of protest and also as a sign of hope that within a year we’ll be able to recover them.”“我们的担心是,目前已经有些油画被卖出去了,”格尔丁克说。“我们挂上空画框,既是为了表示抗议,也是希望一年之内我们能够赎回它们。” /201512/418057

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