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襄阳治疗阳痿需要多少钱襄阳市妇幼保健院哪个医生好Twenty-five years ago this week I went to Moscow for Christmas. 25年前的这一周,我到莫斯科过圣诞节。What was intended as a short visit to my family, who were living there at the time, ended up as a memorable trip in which I flew into the Soviet Union and a few days later flew out of the Russian Federation. 这原本是一次探望家人的短期旅程(他们当时住在莫斯科),结果却成了一次难忘之旅,我来到苏联,而在我几天后离开时,这个国家已变成了俄罗斯联邦。In the intervening time an empire the first avowedly communist state on earth, a superpower in a bipolar world of cold war antagonism had expired.其间,一个帝国(世界上第一个誓言实现共产主义的国家,冷战时期两极世界中的一个超级大国)灭亡。That the empire was decaying had been plain to see for years, even to those who were in charge and had tried in vain to reform the system. 此前多年里,这个帝国明显变得越来越腐朽,甚至对那些掌权并试图改革体制(但未能奏效)的人而言也是如此。Its final years were marked by increasing turmoil: the loss of territories, bungled coup attempts, growing economic hardship. 这个帝国的最后几年以动荡加剧为特点:领土沦丧、失败的政变企图、日益严重的经济困境。Yet the end itself seemed almost bathetic. 然而,其结局本身近乎平淡无奇。On Christmas Day by the western, not Orthodox, calendar Mikhail Gorbachev, the eighth and final leader of the Soviet Union, resigned, declaring his office extinct. 圣诞节那天(根据西方日历,而非东正教日历),苏联的第八位也是最后一位领导人米哈伊尔.戈尔巴乔Mikhail Gorbachev)辞职,宣告他的职位不再存在。State television later showed pictures of the Kremlin as the Soviet red flag with its hammer and sickle was lowered to be replaced by the red, white and blue banner of Russia.官方电视台后来播放了克林姆林宫的照片,锤子和镰刀图案的苏联红旗降下,取而代之的是俄罗斯的红白蓝三色国旗。Diplomats gave dramatic accounts of hasty farewell visits to the Kremlin, where officials were busy clearing desks and consigning the old regime to the archives or the shredders. 外交官们对匆忙前往克林姆林宫道别的经历作了戏剧性的描述,在克林姆林宫,官员们忙着清理办公桌,将旧政权的文件归档或送入碎纸机。But for the most part one sensed people were not fully aware of the drama of the situation. 但总体而言,人们感觉,俄罗斯人并不完全清楚局势的戏剧化程度。This was no great revolution, no storming of the palace.这并非伟大革命,没有出现冲击宫殿的场面。The upheaval was to come later as the economy stalled, the rouble plummeted and the old order collapsed. 剧变是后来才出现的:经济停滞、卢布汇率暴跌、旧秩序瓦解。On the streets of Moscow, the development of the market economy played out in raw fashion. 在莫斯科街道上,市场经济的发展裸地展现出来。Makeshift kiosks selling everything from alcohol to household appliances popped up everywhere. 临时售货亭如雨后春笋般出现在各地,售卖从酒到家用电器的各种商品。A more pitiful sight were the clusters of individuals, often elderly, selling bric-a-brac heirlooms, homemade produce or even pets anything to make a little bit of money. 一种更可怜的景象是一群人(往往是老人)售卖传家宝、自种农产品甚至宠物,任何能换取一点点钱的东西。Taxis were replaced by a proto-Uber system of kerbside deals struck with private citizens. 出租车被类似优步(Uber)、由私人运营并可以讲价的路边交易体系取代。Behind closed doors the commanding heights of the economy were carved up and parcelled out to a new caste of well-connected robber barons.在幕后,俄罗斯国民经济的重要资产被瓜分,落到了背景深厚的新一代强盗大亨手里。I was reminded of those days by the recent interview with Mr Gorbachev in which he blamed the west for the downfall of the Soviet Union. 最近对戈尔巴乔夫的一次采访让我想起了那些日子,在采访中,他批评西方是苏联解体的原因。He likened this to a coup, saying he had acted as he did in order to prevent civil war. 他将其比作一场政变,他说,他所做的是为了阻止内战爆发。The bitterness was still evident a quarter-century later.25年后,这种耿耿于怀的情绪仍显而易见。For those of us not bearing the brunt of defeat and upheaval, the end of the Soviet Union almost seemed the logical finale of a remarkable run of events in which the post-1945 world was turned on its head: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disintegration of the former Communist bloc, the move towards the end of apartheid. 对于未曾咽下失败和剧变苦果的我们而言,苏联解体几乎像是一系列引人注目事件的合乎逻辑的大结局,其945年后的世界完全颠倒:柏林墙倒塌、共产党国家阵营的瓦解、种族隔离政策行将终结。What followed was a period of opening up, during which, in Europe at least, the direction of travel seemed to be all one way towards liberalisation, globalisation. 接下来是一段开放时期,其间(至少在欧洲)发展方向似乎只有一个:自由化、全球化。A moment of happiness, excitement and opportunity, especially for those lucky to be young.这是一个洋溢着快乐、激动和机遇的时刻,特别是对于那些幸运的年轻人而言。Now, to put it mildly, things look a little different and not just in the accumulation of grey hairs. 如今,说得委婉点,情况看上去有点不同,而且不仅是大家都多了几根白发。Brexit, Donald Trump’s US election victory and the rise in populism all point to a great backlash, the damping of those spirits unleashed a quarter of a century ago. 英国退欧、唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)当选美国总统以及民粹主义的崛起都指向一种严重反弹,25年前迸发出的精神被当头浇了一瓢凉水。Along the way, the glory of Russia appears to have been restored. 在此过程中,俄罗斯貌似再现辉煌。Its president, Vladimir Putin, stands as one of the few victors in a year of breathtaking upheaval. 在发生了一个又一个惊心动魄的剧变的过去一年中,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)显然是为数不多的胜者之一。From Aleppo to allegations of the hacking of the US election, the sense that Moscow has reclaimed the global power and relevance that it enjoyed during Soviet times is palpable. 从阿勒颇到利用黑客干扰美国大选的指控,人们明显感觉到,俄罗斯已夺回其在苏联时代享受的全球实力和相关性。Against that, Barack Obama, the US president, has been marginalised. 相比之下,美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)被边缘化。You might be forgiven for thinking that if any system is reeling from change, its stunned politicians struggling to keep up or busy clearing their desks, it is the western one.你或许有理由认为,如果说有一个制度在艰难应对变化,其政界人士在震惊之下竭力跟上新现实或者忙着收拾办公桌,那便是西方的制度。Perhaps. 或许吧。Yet for all the confidence emanating from the Kremlin, the Russian system is not as secure as it seems. 然而,尽管克里姆林宫信心满满,但俄罗斯的体制并不像看上去那么安稳。Yes, its politics and economics may be a world away from the free-for-all of the 1990s but acute tensions remain, as does the dire need for reform. 没错,该国的政治和经济可能与上世0年代的自由放任不可同日而语,但严峻的紧张仍然存在,改革的迫切需要仍然存在。The foreign policy victories bring with them problems with no easy solution. 外交政策胜利本身也带来了一些不容易解决的问题。And if there is one thing we learnt 25 years ago it is that, for all the appearances of permanence, systems can change, sometimes with bone-shuddering speed.如果说我们在25年前学到了什么教训的话,那就是,尽管表面看似永恒,但制度可能会发生变化,有时速度快得让我们的骨头颤抖。来 /201612/484968襄樊妇幼保健中医院白带异常怎么样 The US and Japan should set up new military headquarters for missions to defend Okinawa and other islands as part of a broad revamp of their alliance, according to a group of top foreign policy experts from both countries. 根据一组美国和日本高级外交政策专家的说法,两国应该为保卫冲绳及其他岛屿设立新的军事指挥部,作为全面重组两国同盟关系举措的一部分Japanese officers should be embedded with a US task force headquarters for “First Island Chain missionsthe name strategists give to the string of islands running south-west from Japan’s mainland with Japan setting up a similar command on the same base. 专家表示,为“第一岛链任务”设置的美国特遣部队指挥部应该嵌入日本军官,日方在同一个基地设立类似的指挥部。所谓第一岛链(First Island Chain),是战略家为从日本本土向西南方向延伸的一系列岛屿所起的名字Such a headquarters could further embroil the US with the disputed Senkaku Islands, a chain in the East China Sea controlled by Japan but claimed by China as the Diaoyu, where there are regular stand-offs between ships and aircraft from the two Asian countries. 这样的指挥部可能会令美国进一步卷入有争议的尖阁诸Senkaku Islands)问题。尖阁诸岛是位于东中国海的一个岛群,由日本控制,但中国声称拥有其主权并称其为钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿。目前中日这两个亚洲国家的舰船和飞机时常在这个岛群附近发生对峙The report by a group including Richard Armitage, the former US deputy secretary of state, and Ryozo Kato, the former Japanese ambassador to Washington, indicates how China’s rise is pulling foreign policy establishments in Tokyo and Washington closer together. 该报告由包括美国前副国务卿理查德阿米蒂奇(Richard Armitage)和日本前驻美大使加藤良三(Ryozo Kato)在内的一个小组写成。它表明中国的崛起正在促使东京和华盛顿的外交政策体制内人士相互靠拢It comes as Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has railed against the alliance as an unfair burden on the US. 该报告发布之际,共和党总统参选人唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)抱怨日美同盟关系是对美国十分不公的一大负担“The implication that somehow Japan got a better deal in the US-Japan alliance is crazy,said John Hamre, president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington and an author of the report, calling it a “foundational relationshipfor both countries. 报告作者之一、华盛顿战略与国际问题研究中Center for Strategic and International Studies,CSIS)总裁约翰哈姆John Hamre)表示:“有关日本在某种程度上从美日同盟得到更多好处的暗示是疯话。”他称这一同盟关系对美日两国都是“基础性的关系”Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, has put particular weight on improving relations with the US and, with its “pivot to Asia the Obama administration has generally reciprocated. 日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)尤其重视改善日美关系,而通过“转向亚洲”战略,奥巴马政府也已从总体上回应了这一动作The report, written for CSIS and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Japan, says the next 15 years will be “one of the most testing times in the entire history of the alliance It says China’s rise will be the “primary geopolitical testand the alliance should be strengthened to deal with “grey zonecoercion by China, such as its building of artificial islands in the South China Sea. 为CSIS和日本笹川平和财Sasakawa Peace Foundation)所写的这份报告表示,今5年将是“美日同盟整个历史上面临最大考验的时期之一”。该报告表示,中国的崛起将是“主要的地缘政治考验”,应该加强美日同盟,以应对中国的“灰色地带”胁迫行为——比如在南中国海修建人造岛屿“The baseline of this report is China will be more powerful and a bit more aggressive,said Noboru Yamaguchi, a retired lieutenant-general in the Ground Self-Defence Force, and another author of the report. 日本陆上自卫Ground Self-Defence Force)已退役陆军中将、该报告另一位作者山口升(Noboru Yamaguchi)表示:“该报告的基线是中国将更加强大,也会更加咄咄逼人一些。It calls for more co-ordination on everything from cyber security to relations with Russia; updated command and control mechanisms; and greater interoperability between Japanese and US forces. 报告呼吁双方在从网络安全到对俄关系的各个方面加强合作,升级指挥和控制机制,提高日美军队之间的协同运作The group also says the countries should speed up the relocation of US forces on the island of Okinawa and return some land occupied by US bases to Japan as early as possible. 这些专家还表示,两国应加快冲绳岛美军部队的基地搬迁工作,并尽快将美军基地占据的部分土地归还日本“It is a simple military fact that the combined economic, military and technical capability of Japan and the US together is greater than that of China,said Dennis Blair, chairman of Sasakawa USA and a former commander of the US Pacific fleet. With action to maintain that advantage, “conflict in this part of the world will not happen he said. 笹川美国(Sasakawa USA)基金会主席、美国太平洋舰队前总司令丹尼斯布莱Dennis Blair)表示:“日本和美国联合起来的经济、军事和技术实力大于中国是一个简单的军事事实。”他说,通过采取行动保持这一优势,“世界的这一地区将不会发生冲突”。来 /201603/429551襄阳市第一人民医院治疗脱肛怎么样

襄阳襄城人民医院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱襄阳东风人民医院是私立吗 The U.S. Congress passed a spending bill Wednesday that will keep the government operating for another few months and provide .1 billion for efforts to combat the Zika virus.美国国会星期三通过了一项拨款法案,使政府可以再维持运作几个月,同时为应对寨卡病毒提1亿美元的拨款。The measure passed by a margin of 342-85 in the House and 72-26 in the Senate.众议院以3425票,参议院以726票通过了这个法案。Without the extension, many government agencies would have run out of money when the federal fiscal year ends at midnight Friday. The new spending bill runs through December 9.若不延长预算,很多政府机构到星期五午夜联邦财政年度结束时将没有任何资金。新的拨款法案的有效期一直持续到12日。The breakthrough came after top congressional leaders resolved a stalemate over aid to Flint, Michigan, to help the city address its water crisis. Democratic advocates for Flint are now satisfied with Republican assurances that money for Flint will be finalized after the countrys November elections.国会高层领袖解决了围绕向密西根州弗林特提供援助,以帮助该市解决水污染问题而存在的僵局之后,拨款法案出现了突破。持援助弗林特的民主党人对共和党人保1月的大选后落实給弗林特的拨款表示满意。The bill also includes 0 million for flood relief in Louisiana and other states.这个法案还包括向路易斯安那和其它州提亿美元的水灾救济。Democrats in the Senate and House had vowed to oppose the bill until Republicans agreed to an aid package for Flint, a city of more than 100,000 people that has had lead-tainted drinking water for more than two years.参众两院的民主党人曾誓言反对拨款法案,直到共和党人接受弗林特市的援助计划。该市有10万多人喝了两年多遭铅污染的自来水。The deal defuses a lengthy, frustrating battle over Zika spending. Democrats claimed a partial victory on Flint while the GOP-dominated Louisiana delegation won a downpayment on Obamas .6 billion request for their state.这一妥协化解了在寨卡病毒拨款问题上一场令人沮丧的持久战。民主党人在弗林特问题上取得了部分胜利,共和党人控制的路易斯安那州国会代表团则赢得了奥巴马请求国会給该州26亿美元拨款的首付。来 /201610/469090襄阳有几家大型男科医院

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