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Plants must have light in order to grow所以它们为了得到充足的阳光and will do anything to get as much as they need.会各出奇招The forest might appear to be the perfect place for plants to thrive.森林似乎是 最适合植物生长的地方Yet down here on the forest floor但是对刚刚萌芽的新生植物来说is one of the hardest places imaginable for a young plant to begin its life.森林的地面是最难讨生活的地方The canopy above is so thick that only a little sunlight can filter through.上方的树冠层 浓密到只能透出一丝丝阳光For this sapling, too little light means death.这棵树苗得不到足够的阳光 只好黯然退出人生舞台But plants on the forest floor need not be passive.但是地面上的植物 也可以主动出击If the light wont come to them, they can go to the light.既然这里照不到光 就到有光的地方去But they still have a problem.但它们还是有一个问题The light is 50 metres above them.有光的地方离地面有五十公尺So, they must climb.它们只好往上爬Its much easier to use another plant as scaffolding.若能把其他植物当踏脚石 往上爬就轻松多了201310/262358。

Out of the depths comes one of the largest大海中体型最大and most aggressive starfish in the ocean.也最凶恶的海星,从深海出现Pycnopodia,这只向日葵海星a giant sunstar the size of a dustbin lid.跟垃圾桶盖一样大Its a hunter.它是猎人Each arm is covered by super-sensitive tube feet,每根触手都布满超敏感的管足that can detect prey by touch and smell.能靠触觉和嗅觉侦测到猎物But the sunstar is also partial to carrion,但海星也偏好腐肉and it detects the carcass of the giant octopus mother.它发现巨型章鱼妈妈的尸体The miniature suckers on its feet clamp on to the corpse,它用触手上的迷你吸盘and drag it out of the cave.紧抓尸体拖出洞穴201310/260565。


A sunken ship can make an ideal location for corals to grow.一艘沉船 可以作为珊瑚理想的生长地点So, with this in mind, the Life team set themselves a challenge...正因如此,“生命脉动”制作团队 决定要接受挑战to make their very own shipwreck.自己制造沉船事件After months of searching,经过几个月的搜索they find a boat in the Bahamas that might be suitable.他们在巴哈马找到一艘船 可能很适合这次的任务But theres a lot to do before it can be sunk to the sea bed.但是在把船沉入海底之前 还得完成许多准备工作Apparently its been here for eight years on the jetty.看得出来它已经被堆在这里多久了 在码头八年了All this fibreglass insulation has all got to be removed这些玻璃纤维的隔热材料 全都要拆掉and its all hands to the pump, Ian.每个人都必须来帮忙 - 是的Weve got to get a pair of overalls.我去拿一条工作裤来The team have to put away their cameras and get their hands dirty.制作团队必须把摄影机放到一旁 卷起袖子进行大扫除Ive got a 50-tonne boat, and Im trying to clean it with a paint scraper!这是一艘五十吨的船 我要用一把刮漆刀来刷干净Thoroughly cleaning the boat船必须清理干净increases the chance that coral will grow on it,珊瑚才有可能在上面生长and ensures it wont pollute the sea.也才能确保海洋不会受到污染Its like Changing Rooms, isnt it?像实境秀交换房间,对吧After eight years rusting on the jetty,这艘船八年来在码头上腐朽生锈theres no guarantee that shell even float.它能不能浮得起来还是个未知数Well, we actually... we do have some holes.其实上面真的有破洞201310/261854。

er… you know, throughout the years in business, I found something, 在生意场多年,我发现一个现象which was I always ask why we do things, 我做事前总问为什么and the answers you inevitably get are “oh that’s just the way it’s done”, 可得到永远是“我们向来这样做”nobody knows why they do what they do, nobody thinks about things very deeply in business, that’s what I found.没人反思为什么这么做 I’d like to give you an example.我给你举个例子When we were building our apple Is in the garage, we knew exactly what they cost. 我们在车库里组装Apple I时,成本算得清清楚楚When we got into factory in the Apple II days, the accounting had this notion of the standard cost, 可工厂生产Apple II时,财务部使用的是标准成本where you kind of set a standard cost at the end of a quarter, and you adjust with the varies, 每个季度估算标准成本,然后根据实际情况调整and I kept asking why do we do this?于是我不断追问,为什么要这样做?And the answer is “that’s just the way it’s done”, 得到的答复是,这是一贯的做法and after about 6 months of digging into this, what I realized was the reason you do it is because you don’t really have good enough controls to know about how much cost, so you guess, 6个月后我发现其实是因为我们无法精确计算成本,所以只能先估算,然后进行修正And the reason why you don’t know how much it cost is because your information systems aren’t good enough. So ...but nobody said it that way.根本原因是信息管理系统不够完善,但没有人承认这一点So later on when we design this automatic factory for Mackintosh, 后来我们为Mackintosh设计自动化工厂we were able to get rid of a lot of these antiquated concepts, 抛开这些陋习and know exactly what something costs to the second. 做到了精确控制所有成本So in business, a lot of things are … I call it “folklore”, they are done because they were done yesterday, and the day before. 生意场上有很多约定俗成的规定,我称为陈规陋习,因为以前这样做,所以就一直这样做下去And ...so what that means is that if you are willing to sort of ask a lot of questions, think about things and work really hard, 所以只要你多提问多思考,脚踏实地工作you can learn business pretty fast, not the hardest thing in the world.你很快就能的学会经商,这不是什么难事 /201306/244081。