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厦门欧菲整形医院专家宁德市人民医院纹眉多少钱邢台市长鞠躬道歉 承认救灾不足 --5 :56:56 来源: 3日晚,河北省邢台市政府召开新闻发布会邢台市市长董晓宇鞠躬道歉,承认救灾不足 The mayor of Xingtai City in north China’s Hebei Province apologized Saturday night inadequate responses to the storms that have caused 5 deaths and missing in the city.星期六晚,中国北部河北省邢台市市长就本次暴雨灾害应对不力,造成5人死亡及人失联向民众道歉Dong Xiaoyu said the government had underestimated the intensity of the rainfall, been insufficient in emergency ability, and late and inaccurate when it came to disaster assessment.邢台市市长董晓宇表示,政府对这次短时强降雨强度之大,来势之猛,预判不足各级干部抗大洪、抢大险、救大灾的应急能力不足,灾情统计、核实、上报不准确、不及时"I am deeply sorry failing to protect people’s lives and properties, no matter howserious the natural disaster is," Dong said.他说,“无论面对多大的天灾,作为一级党委、政府,没能保护好人民群众生命财产安全,我深感内疚”"On behalf of the city Party committee and government, I pay deepest condolences to the victims and their relatives, and apologize tothe public."“我代表市委、市政府向所有遇难者表示沉痛哀悼,向遇难、失踪者亲属和受灾群众,向全社会诚恳道歉”Dong said the city has initiated an ability investigation and will punish those responsible the tragedy.他表示,目前,邢台市已启动责任追究程序,对这次抗洪中工作不力的责任人将给予处分Torrential rain and floods have left 1 people dead and 1 others missing in Hebei as of 6 p.m. on Saturday, according to the provincial civil affairs bureau.据河北省民政局数据,截至星期六下午6点,特大暴雨已造成河北省1人死亡,1人失踪集美区褐青色痣多少钱 世界各地圣诞老人欢聚一堂 --9 :: 来源: 来自个国家的0名圣诞老人齐聚哥本哈根,参加一年一度的为期三天的世界圣诞老人大会 (Reuters)-With just five months until Christmas, Santas from around the world are gathering in Copenhagen a mid-season break at the annual World Santa Claus Congress.据路透社消息,距离圣诞节只有仅仅五个月,为了在季中休息期间参加一年一度的世界圣诞老人大会,世界各地的圣诞老人们齐聚哥本哈根The annual conference gives them a chance to network, meet the public and get into shape the busy days in December.一年一度的大会让他们有机会与他人进行交流,与公众见面,并为月的忙碌生活提前做准备This year 0 Santas from countries gathered in the Danish capital the three-day event.今年来自个国家的0位圣诞老人齐聚丹麦首都,参加为期3天的盛会Santa Cherry from Canada, who is taking part the fifth time, said there was much more to being a Santa than just the clothes.来自加拿大的圣诞老人彻丽今年已经是第五次参加盛会了,她说道做一个圣诞老人除了那身衣,还有许多东西需要学习"A successful Santa is not just about the costumes and the clothes. You have to have Christmas in your heart. You have to have the love of children and caring and giving in your heart to be a really successful Santa and it’s not something you can make up. It has to be in you and people know, they can see it," she said.“一个成功的圣诞老人不仅仅是那些装和饰,你必须把圣诞节记在心里想成为一名真正意义上成功的圣诞老人,你必须喜欢孩子们,从心底学会关爱和给予这些东西是无法装扮的它必须在你的心里,人们能够知道,可以感受到,”她说道The World Santa Claus Congress has taken place at the Bakken amusement park near Copenhagen since 1957 and always in the summer which is Santa’s off season.“世界圣诞老人大会从1957年就在哥本哈根附近的巴肯游乐园举办,并且时间总在夏天,因为这是圣诞老人放假的季节”"I think the congress was started as a way of bringing Santas from all over the world together and sharing ideas and sharing our love of Christmas and being Santa and it’s just joyous. It’s great to be here," said Santa Ian from London in the ed Kingdom.来自英国伦敦的圣诞老人伊恩说道:“我认为大会将世界各地所有的圣诞老人聚集到一起,分享各自的想法,分享我们对于圣诞节以及成为圣诞老人的爱,这种方式很有趣很高兴来到这里”During the congress they have the opporty to discuss important issues concerning their trade, such as presents and weight regulations Santa Clauses. One of the most hotly contested topics is the date Christmas Eve.在大会期间,他们有机会谈论与工作有关的重要问题,例如圣诞老人的礼物以及对他们的体重进行规范其中最受争议的话题是平安夜的日期 Santa Allan from Denmark, there is only one correct date.对于丹麦的圣诞老人艾伦来说,平安夜只有一个正确的日期"I think the main question will be when is it Christmas Eve. Because everyone is talking about have you decided when that Christmas Eve will be or are you disagreeing like you used to? But the Danish guild is saying we have to have Christmas Eve on December th," he said.“我认为主要的问题是平安夜是什么时候因为所有人都在讨论你决定了平安夜是什么时候吗?或者你还像过去一样不同意吗?但是丹麦协会称我们必须在月日过平安夜,”他说The most important part of the meeting is the professional Santas to meet the public. Apart from parades there is also some sightseeing, a foot bath in the sea, Christmas cake baking and storytelling the children. On Wednesday (July ), Santas had to complete an obstacle course.聚会最重要的环节是让专业的圣诞老人们与公众见面除了游行,还有一些观光,在海里做足浴,圣诞节蛋糕烘焙以及给孩子们讲故事在周三(7月日),圣诞老人还必须完成障碍赛荐片:七月你不能错过的最新影片 -- :5:9 来源:chinadaily Ghostbusters《捉鬼敢死队This female-led reboot attracted criticism well bee the film was even made–with its co-writer Kate Dippold telling The Telegraph that “They said it was the worst movie ever bee I’d written a word.”When the original film came out 3 years ago, it too was poorly received and only became a cult hit over time. As B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber argues, “the fans who insist that the Ghostbusters should be male have misunderstood the classic comedy they claim to revere”. The characters “were a different breed of hero…out-of-shape academics in crumpled, slime-smeared jumpsuits”.这部以女性为主导的翻拍电影在开拍前就饱受诟病,联合编剧凯特?迪波尔特对《每日电讯报透露道,“在我还没开始写之前,人们就说这是一部最糟糕的电影”3年前,《捉鬼敢死队第一部问世,当时影片反响冷淡,多年来也仅受到非主流一族的追捧英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“有粉丝坚持认为捉鬼敢死队成员应为男性,这本身就是对他们宣称自己推崇的这部经典喜剧电影的一种误解”这些人物“是一种另类英雄……这些学者体型走样,穿着皱巴巴,黏糊糊,脏兮兮的连体裤”This time around, the academics in jumpsuits are played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones; there are cameos from original cast members including Sigourney Weaver, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray. Director Paul Feig once again teams up with McCarthy and Wiig after his hit Bridesmaids, and addressing the backlash, he has said:“I think the cast is so good, and they can stand in the footsteps of who came bee.” On general release from July.这一次,梅丽莎?麦卡西,克里斯汀?韦格,凯特?迈克金农和莱斯利?琼斯扮演穿着连体裤的学者;有一些配角来自于原班人马,包括西格妮?韦弗,丹?艾克洛伊德和比尔?默里保罗?费格导演了年风靡一时的电影《最爆伴娘团,在这以后他再次和麦卡西和韦格联手,他对质疑声作出了反击,说道:“我认为演员阵容极佳,她们能够追上前辈们的脚步”七月十二号全面上映Café Society《咖啡公社Woody Allen’s latest feature opened the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews–but drew praise its permances. Set in the 1930s, it stars Jesse Eisenberg as a New Yorker who moves to LA and falls his uncle’s secretary (Kristen Stewart). According to B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber,“ Stewart has the glow of a bona fide 1930s bombshell while retaining her characteristically sheepish, down-to-earth persona”, while“Eisenberg is one of the most natural of Woody proxies”.伍迪?艾伦的新作作为开幕片为年戛纳电影节揭幕,收到的褒贬不一,但其表演却大受好评故事背景是在上世纪30年代的纽约,主演杰西?艾森伯格饰演一个搬到洛杉矶的纽约人,他爱上了叔叔的秘书(克里斯汀?斯图尔特饰)英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“斯图尔特浑身上下都散发着上世纪30年代性感尤物的光辉,从她身上可以看出那个年代羞怯和朴实的人物形象”,而“艾森伯格是伍迪镜头下最自然的角色之一”The Times calls him “an Allen mini-me, an Allen avatar. From his hunched, put-upon shoulders to his nervous, rapid-fire delivery, Eisenberg gives us vintage Woody”. Despite being criticised not matching the director’s best works, the film was described as “gentle, whimsical and sumptuously shot” by The Independent, which claims that “even if Allen’s energy levels may be dipping, he still knows just how to mix the comedy and the pathos.”Released July in Thailand, July in the US and 1 July in Russia.《泰晤士报称他为“迷你版的艾伦,艾伦的化身从他蜷缩的,饱受摧残的肩膀到他紧张的,快速的演讲,艾森伯格带给我们一个最棒的伍迪”尽管有批评说道,这部影片比不上导演最佳的作品,它仍被《独立报评价是一部“文雅,异想天开,奢华的影片”,宣称“尽管伍迪随着年龄增大,身体状况可能不如从前,但他仍然懂得如何将悲痛穿插在喜剧之中”本片七月十四日在泰国上映,七月十五日在美国上映,七月二十一日在俄罗斯上映Tale of Tales《故事的故事“Once upon a time there were three neighbouring kingdoms each with a magnificent castle, from which ruled kings and queens, princes and princesses. One king was a nicating libertine, another captivated by a strange animal, while one of the queens was obsessed by her wish a child.”The billing Tale of Tales gives a clue as to the timbre of a film populated by “sorcerers and fairies, fearsome monsters, ogres and old washerwomen, acrobats and courtesans” –played by a strong ensemble cast that includes Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Toby Jones and Vincent Cassel.“从前,有三个邻国,每一个王国都有一座富丽堂皇的城堡,受国王王后,王子公主的统治一位国王是与人私通的浪荡子,另一位国王被一种奇怪的动物所迷惑,还有一位王后迫切地想要个孩子”《故事的故事演员表给我们提供了线索,从影片的音色中可以判断出人物众多,包括萨尔玛?海耶克,约翰?瑞里,托比?琼斯和文森特?卡塞尔在内的强大的演员阵容饰演了“巫师和仙女,可怕的怪物,食人魔和年老的洗衣女工,杂技演员和交际花”A loose interpretation of the tales of the Italian poet Giambattista Basile, it’s a worthy addition to the recent glut of fairy tale films: B Culture’s Rebecca Laurence believes it presents a fresh angle. According to The Times, “The adult fairytale is a freakish, hybrid, disturbing creature, mostly gotten in these days of Disney sanitisation, but Tale of Tales resurrects the genre with surreal humour and gothic horror.” Released 3 July in Germany, 6 July in Switzerland and July in New Zealand.意大利诗人吉姆巴地斯达?巴西耳对此发表了极具包容性的见解,尽管最近童话类电影市场饱和、供过于求,但这部影片的仍有上映价值:英国广播公司文化部的丽贝卡?劳伦斯认为这部影片代表了一种全新的角度据英国《泰晤士报报道,“成人童话是异想天开的,混合多种因素的,令人烦扰的,对童话的多数记忆都停留在迪士尼时期,但《故事的故事运用超现实主义的幽默和哥特式的恐怖使这种艺术类型得以复兴”本片七月三日在德国上映,七月六日在瑞士上映,七月二十八在新西兰上映Toni Erdmann《托尼?厄德曼“Based on a really brilliant script, you have a comedy of manners and of family life at the same time–and then it is brilliantly acted,” Verena Leuken of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung told B Culture’s editor Matthew Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival, where Toni Erdmann was one of the favourites to win the Palme d’Or. At its first press screening in Cannes, the film was greeted by critics with laughter and spontaneous applause, and it’s since been showered with five-star reviews.《法兰克福汇报的维丽娜?露文肯在戛纳电影节上向英国广播公司文化部的编辑马修?安德森说道,“电影的剧本很棒,这既是一部风尚喜剧,也涉及家庭生活——这也就成就了一部优秀的影片”,《托尼?厄德曼作为最受欢迎的影片之一赢得了金棕榈奖这部影片在戛纳初登荧屏之时,批评家就对其报以欢快的笑声和自发的掌声,从此以后这部影片一直沐浴着五星级影评的光辉Telling the story of a father (Peter Simonischek) who disguises himself as a‘life coach’to get closer to his daughter (Sandra Hüller), a busy corporate strategist, it’s the third feature in years from German writer-director Maren Ade.故事讲述的是一位父亲(皮特?西蒙尼谢克饰)伪装成一位人生导师去接近他的女儿(桑德拉?乌勒饰),他的女儿是一位忙碌的企业战略家,这是德国编导马伦?艾达十三年中拍摄的第三部故事片Time Out praised it a“sly evocation of the absurdities and banalities of modern life”, while The Telegraph said that“The film’s sweetness and bitterness are held so perfectly in balance, and realised with such sinew-stiffening intensity, that watching it feels like a three-hour sports massage your heart and soul.”There is plenty to provoke thoughts among the laughs, too.“It has some serious things to say about family dynamics, about the pressures that professional women face, and how working too much can hollow us out,” says Anderson. Released July in Germany, July in Austria and 1 July in Switzerland.Time Out称其“淘气得唤起了现代生活中的谬论和陈腐”,而《每日电讯报“这部影片很好地平衡了甜蜜与苦涩,实现了环环相扣的紧张情节,看这部电影给你带来的精神上的冲击与看一场三小时的体育运动别无二致”在欢笑声中也引起来许多思考安德森说:“这部影片有其严肃之处,讲述了如何维持家庭活力,职业女性承担的压力以及过量的工作是如何将我们压垮”七月十四日在德国上映,七月十五日在奥地利上映,七月二十一日在瑞士上映Absolutely Fabulous《荒唐阿姨One of the first comedies to skewer our current celebrity culture, Absolutely Fabulous emerged as a sketch on the show French #38; Saunders bee becoming one of the most successful sitcoms of the 1990s. Some have argued it was best left in that decade–and writer and actor Jennifer Saunders, who stars as Edina alongside Joanna Lumley as Patsy, admits the media landscape has changed.“It is a different beast”, Saunders told The Independent.“The idea of PR now is that anyone can do it. Anyone can review a film, anyone can get their stuff online, so it is a very different world.”《荒唐阿姨是首批讽刺时下名流文化的喜剧之一,最初出现在电视剧《弗兰奇和桑德斯中,当时只是一部滑稽短剧,之后《荒唐阿姨便成为上世纪九十年代最成功的情景喜剧之一一些人说这是那个年代最成功的影片——作者兼演员詹妮弗?桑德斯饰演埃迪娜,而乔安娜?拉姆利则饰演帕琪桑德斯承认媒体格局已经发生了变化“这和以前不同了”,桑德斯告诉《独立报“现在任何人都可以做公关任何人都可以电影,任何人都可以从网上得到他们想要的东西,这是一个非常不同的世界”Yet despite that, she believes they have created a story that is relevant today.“I think the film reflects the fact that Patsy and Eddy don’t survive so well in that world because they're not in control of it anymore.” The film has more than 60 cameos, including Rebel Wilson, Jon Hamm, Joan Collins, Barry Humphries, and Kate Moss–according to Saunders, the only person to turn down a role was Barack Obama. On general release from 1 July. (Credit: David Appleby)但是尽管如此,她仍相信他们创作了一个与现今密切相关的故事“我认为这部影片反映了一个事实,帕齐和艾迪不能在那个世界中生活的很好,因为她们不再能够控制自己的命运”这部电影有60多个配角,包括瑞贝尔?威尔森,乔?汉姆,琼?考林斯,巴里?汉弗莱斯和凯特?丝——据桑德斯所说,贝拉克?奥巴马是唯一拒绝出演的人七月一日全面上映The Commune《公社Thomas Vinterberg (The Hunt, Far From the Madding Crowd) co-founded the Dogme 95 film collective with Nymphomaniac director Lars von Trier, a movement he has compared to a commune. Vinterberg spent part of his childhood in a co-operative household, memories of which m the basis his latest film.托马斯?温特伯格(电影《狩猎和《远离尘嚣的导演)和 《女性瘾者的导演拉尔斯?冯?特里尔联合发起一场名叫道格玛95的电影运动,他将这场电影运动比作一个公社托马斯?温特伯格童年时期中一段时间生活在社区,他的最新一部电影的素材就是基于这段时期的经历Set in 1970s Copenhagen, the Commune follows married couple Anna (Trine Dyrholm) and Erik (Ulrich Thomsen) as they experiment with collective living in the house Erik inherited from his father. The Guardian praised Dyrholm her“emotional and intensely focused lead permance”, while Sight and Sound called it“his finest since Festen…more authentic than many of its predecessors”, and argued:“Vinterberg resists the temptation to dismiss the 70s commune experiment as naive, misguided or doomed to failure: while it may not have worked out perfectly all who tried it, many, he suggests, found it rewardingly supportive and worthwhile.”《公社故事发生在世纪70年代的哥本哈根,讲述的是埃里克从他父亲那里继承下一幢别墅,埃里克(乌尔里奇?汤姆森饰)和安娜(翠娜?迪斯霍尔姆饰)夫妇试着与其他人共同生活在这个房子里《卫报称赞了翠娜?迪斯霍尔姆“饱满而炽热的情感以及对故事情节的精准把握”,同时,电影杂志《视与听称这部影片是托马斯?温特伯格自《家宴以来最好的一部电影,较之前的作品而言更具真实性,并说道,“温特伯格不落窠臼,他并不认为上世纪70年代进行的的公社实验是幼稚之举,具有误导性并注定失败:尽管公社对所有尝试过的人并不完全适用,但温特伯格认为许多人仍然觉得公社运动是值得持并具有意义的”Released July in Sweden, 9 July in the UK and 19 August in Poland.本片七月十五日在瑞典上映,七月二十九日在英国上映,八月十九日在波兰上映Star Trek Beyond《星际迷航:超越星辰The third instalment of another rebooted franchise stars Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock, described by The Telegraph as“an emotional shape-shifter, the charmer who might also be dangerous–or the implacably stoic half-Vulcan who’s somehow an amazing friend”. Zoe Saldana (Uhura) co-stars alongside Anton Yelchin (Chekov), in what was to be his one of his final roles–tributes have been paid to the 7-year-old actor, who died after he was pinned against a wall by his car.《星际迷航系列电影的第三部,由克里斯?派恩饰演柯克舰长,扎克瑞?昆图饰演史波克,《每日电讯报称其为“情感丰富的变形者,当然可爱的人也可能是具有危险性的,而极其坚忍的半人伏尔甘有时也会是很好的朋友”这部电影的联合主演还有佐伊?索尔达娜(饰乌胡拉)和安东?尤金(饰契诃夫),安东?尤金因车祸离世,年仅7岁,这部电影也是向他人生最后的角色之一致敬In May, the film’s cast mourned the loss of Leonard Nimoy, as Quinto said“In a way I feel like he’s almost more a part of this film than he was of the other two. We were all so cognizant of his absence.”5月份公布的电影演员表里也少了伦纳德?尼莫伊,正如昆图所说:“某种程度上我觉得他在这部电影中的分量并不逊色于其他两部电影,这也让我们清楚地认识到他现在已经不在了On general release from 19 July.七月十九日全面上映Swiss Army Man《瑞士军人Described as“the strangest Sundance film ever”, Swiss Army Man divided critics when it premiered at the film festival in January. Paul Dano (Love #38; Mercy) plays a man stranded on a desert island; Daniel Radcliffe (The Woman in Black, Harry Potter) is a farting corpse who washes up on shore. The two become friends in what is billed as“a gonzo buddy comedy”, an improbable story that is“proudly scatological”, according to Slate.被冠以“史上最奇怪的圣丹斯电影”的称号,《瑞士军人在一月份电影节上首次公演获得的影评褒贬不一保罗?达诺(作品《爱与慈悲)饰演一位被困在荒岛上的男人;丹尼尔?拉德克利夫(作品《黑衣女人,《哈利?波特)饰演一具被冲上海岸的还臭屁不断的尸体这部电影被宣传为“一部怪诞兄弟类喜剧片”,两位主演在电影中成为了好友,就像斯莱特所说,这个看起来天方夜谭的故事“以粗俗为亮点”“The tale of a marooned castaway and the friendly cadaver who nurses him back to health, Swiss Army Man opens as a desert-island fantasy and morphs into a disturbingly intimate buddy movie–hilarious, deranged, and always alive with possibility.”It’s the feature film debut of music directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, who manage to“create something improbably beautiful out of what could have been a feature-length fart joke”. Released 1 July in the US, July in Australia and July in Estonia.“故事讲述了一个人漂流到荒岛孤立无援,得到了一具亡灵仍存且待人友好的尸体的照顾,《瑞士军人起初以荒岛幻想为主要基调,然后转变成了一部亲密的兄弟电影——这部电影搞笑疯狂,而且充满各种可能”这部剧情片是音乐视频片导演丹尼尔?斯切乃特和丹尼尔?关坤的处女作,他们“创造出一些不太可能会发生的美好的事情,从中引起了一段长篇囧事”七月一日在美国上映,七月十四日在澳大利亚上映,七月二十二日在爱沙尼亚上映Our Kind of Traitor《我们这种叛徒Ewan McGregor and Naomie Harris star in the latest John le Carré adaptation, produced by Simon and Stephen Cornwell, le Carré’s sons, who also made The Night Manager. The screenplay was written by Hossein Amini (Wings of a Dove, Drive), who is praised by The Evening Standard making“highly incisive and effective revisions”to le Carré’s novel:“This is a new, wholly contemporary le Carré film, sumptuously paced and produced, taking in many striking settings, miles away from the drabness so stylishly cultivated in Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy of ”. Stellan Skarsg?rd and Damian Lewis co-star as a Russian criminal and MI6 man; according to Entertainment Weekly,“Skarsg?rd saves it; wild and funny and ferociously alive, he’s a crucial bolt of color in all that tasteful gray.”Released 1 July in the US, 7 July in Germany and 1 July in Brazil.伊万?麦格雷戈和娜奥米?哈里斯主演了由约翰?勒?卡雷最新改编的电影,勒?卡雷的儿子西蒙?康奈尔和史蒂芬?康奈尔担任制片人,他们也曾制作过《夜班经理电影剧本由霍辛?阿米尼(作品《鸽之翼、《亡命驾驶)编写,《标准晚报称赞其对勒?卡雷年的小说作出了“高度精准的生动改编”报上说“这是一部崭新的、充满现代气息的卡雷式电影,鸿篇巨制、场景浩繁,摆脱了枯燥无味,巧妙地吸收了年托马斯?阿尔弗莱德森拍摄的《间谍疑云的精华”斯特兰?斯卡斯加德和戴米恩?路易斯联合主演了俄罗斯罪犯及军情六处特工据《周刊报道,“斯卡斯加德以狂野豪放又生动有趣的方式演活了这部电影,是这部电影引人玩味的灰色基调中的重要一环”七月一日在美国上映,七月七日在德国上映,七月二十一日在巴西上映英文来源:B翻译:赵宁(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning厦门去皱纹哪家好

在厦门地区治疗鹰钩鼻哪家医院好双语新闻:希拉里.克林顿宣布竞选美国总统 -- :56:55 来源:   mer US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has mally entered the race the White House in a bid to become the first woman US president.  前美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿正式宣布将参加年美国总统大选,如果成功她将成为美国历史上的第一位女总统  She launched her campaign website on Sunday, telling Americans she wanted to be their "champion".  希拉里于上周日开放了自己的竞选网站,并告诉美国民众她想成为他们的“捍卫者”  Mrs Clinton ran the Democratic presidential nomination in but lost to Barack Obama.  年希拉里就曾参与民主党总统候选人的角逐,但输给了奥巴马  In a on her website, Mrs Clinton declared: "I am running president".  在竞选网站里的视频中,希拉里宣布:“我准备参与总统大选”  "Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times," she said, "but thedeck is still stacked in favour of those at the top.  “美国人民在经济不景气时期依然奋力拼搏扭转了局面,但是天平还是向着塔尖上的少数人倾斜”  "Everyday Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion," she added.  “每天美国民众都需要一个捍卫者,而我希望成为这个捍卫者”  The features a number of Americans talking about their hopes and aspirations.  视频中很多美国人谈到他们的希望与决心  It ends with Mrs Clinton saying: "So I'm hitting the road to earn your vote because it's your time and I hope you'll join me on this journey".  最后,希拉里说:“所以我已经整装待发争取你们的选票,因为这是属于你们的时代,希望你们能与我一起踏上征途”  Mrs Clinton's team said would spend the next few weeks building up grassroots support in the early Democratic primary states; she tweeted that she is on her way to Iowa.  希拉里的竞选团队表示接下来的几周他们会首先在民主党的初选州赢取基层持,希拉里在推特上也称她已经在去爱荷华州的路上了  She is expected to hold her first rally, officially kicking off her campaign, in mid-May.  预计五月中旬希拉里及其竞选团队将会开启正式的竞选活动   Hillary Clinton - her Washington career so far  希拉里·克林顿的政治生涯  Tried to rem US healthcare during husband Bill's first term as president (1993-1997) but her plan never reached a vote in Congress  1993-1997年克林顿担任美国总统期间希拉里曾尝试改革美国的卫生保健措施但未得到国会的持  Stood by her husband when his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was exposed, 1997-98  1997-1998年克林顿被爆出与莱温斯基的性丑闻时希拉里选择持丈夫  Elected as Democratic senator New York, 00  00年当选为纽约州的民主党参议员  Voted in favour of the Iraq war in but later distanced herself from the war  年表示持伊拉克战争但随后与战争保持距离  Ran the Democratic nomination in but conceded in favour of Barack Obama  年参与民主党候选人角逐但不敌奥巴马  Served as US secretary of state -  -年任美国国务卿  Embroiled in controversy over the attack on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in   年美国驻利比亚班加西大使馆遭袭,希拉里卷入争议之中  Investigated by the State Department her use of a private email server, circumventinglegal requirements  因违反规定使用私人电子邮件务器而被美国国务院调查厦门玻尿酸隆鼻手术的费用 双语:LOL玩家有福了 美大学设英雄联盟奖学金 -01- :5: 来源:   The University of Pikeville has become one of the small number of American institutions of higher learning to add competitive gaming to the list of sports programs they offer scholarships .  美国肯塔基州的派克维尔学院已将正式定为一项运动课程,并提供奖学金这一举动使派克维尔学院成为了美国为数不多的愿意为游戏玩家提供奖学金的院校  Yahoo! News spoke to coach and alumni Eric VanHoose, as well as Pikeville’s new media director Bruce Parsons, about the program, which plans to offere scholarships players matriculating in the Fall semester.  派克维尔学院的新任媒体主管布鲁斯·帕森斯表示,学院计划在年秋季为英雄联盟比赛提供个奖学金名额  “It will be a regime a lot like athletics,” Parsons said. “[Students will] have to have a certain GPA. We’ll look at them like student athletes. There will be practice time and time when they have to study other teams upcoming competitions.”  帕森斯说:“这个奖学金的选拔将会和运动员奖学金类似申请者们的GPA必须要达到一定水平,我们会把他们视为学生运动员到时会有练习时间和比赛时间,他们需要研究对方的团队”  Presumably players will also be held to certain standards of behavior in game and out, as are many student athletes in traditional sports.  这样看来,玩家在比赛时及比赛之外可能也需要达到一定标准,就像传统运动项目中的学生运动员一样  While I have no doubt that the University will create and manage a competitive League of Legends team, I can’t help but feel that the creation of the scholarships are more about directing curious attention, and perhaps some gaming-related sponsorship dollars, towards the school, rather than an entirely sincere appreciation gaming as a sport. But then, the same could be said about college football in many places, I am sure.  虽然对学校创立和管理一个有竞争力的英雄联盟团队没有怀疑,但还是让人有所质疑的是,设立这个奖学金更多的是为了吸引人们的眼球,还可能让学校获得更多的与游戏相关的赞助,而不是完全诚心把游戏看作运动项目不过话又说回来,许多大学的橄榄球比赛也可能是这种情况厦门割双眼皮哪家好

厦门韩式隆鼻美容整形医院宝宝都是颜控!长得丑小孩都不理你 --3 :: 来源: A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that children, like adults, inherently trust good-looking people more than unattractive ones.一份发表于《心理学前沿杂志的研究发现,孩子和成年人一样会本能地更信任长相好看的人而非缺少魅力的人 the study, a team of Chinese researchers recruited groups of 8-, -, and -year-olds, with 33 to kids in each group (a similarly sized group of college students served as a control). These pint-size volunteers viewed a series of 0 unfamiliar faces, categorizing each one as trustworthy, untrustworthy, or neither; a month later, they came back to view the same faces, this time rating them on attractiveness.为了开展本项研究,中国研究团队招募了一群8岁、岁和岁大的孩子,每组33至人(数量相当的大学生组成控制组)小志愿者们观看了一系列0个不熟悉的面孔,将它们分为;值得信任的;、;不值得信任的;和;无法判断的;;一个月之后,他们又回来看了同样的面孔,这次根据魅力值为它们划分等级Across age groups, the two judgments were closely linked ; the more attractive faces, in general, were also considered more trustworthy. It's one more in a pile of similar findings about how kids make appearance-based judgments: Past research has shown, example, that preschool-age children seek out more attractive peers as playmates, and that they prefer to rely on better-looking people as sources of inmation. Even kids as young as 3 can a person's face to make assumptions about their character.不论在哪个年龄组,这两项判断都是密切相关的;;更有魅力的面孔一般会被评定为更值得信任在此之前,已有大量类似实验,研究小孩子如何依据外表作出判断:比如,过去的研究明,学龄前儿童会寻找更有魅力的同龄人作玩伴,而且他们更喜欢依赖长相更好看的人作为信息来源;甚至连3岁小孩都能通过看人脸来猜测别人的性格;The 'beauty is good' impression may gradually develop through children's daily experiences in witnessing the association between attractive individuals and trustworthy behaviors,; the authors wrote.研究人员写道:;在孩子的日常经验中,他们会目睹有魅力的个人与值得信任的行为之间的联系,而lsquo;美是好的rsquo;这种印象也就逐渐形成了;As we have previously noted, beautiful people have it easier in many ways: They tend to be better paid, more confident, and better liked ; even by the tiniest of humans.正如我们此前提到过的,漂亮的人在许多方面都会过得更容易一些:他们往往薪资更高,更有信心,更讨人喜欢;;甚至连最小的孩子都更喜欢他们 梦碎! 世界著名景点的幻想与现实 -- 18:: 来源:sohu 能够去旅行实在是很美好的事啊!无论你是在读书或在工作,能够在别的地方休息一段时间、好好享受生活, 应该是个令人愉悦的经验现在的交通很方便,我们可以飞到美国、巴黎、伦敦、北京、里约、马德里, 或心里渴望任何想去的地方许多人也会这样做,但让我诚实地跟大家说,有时候我们心里预期的事情和真是的场景非常不同呢以下景点的照片告诉你: 什么才是我们真正应该期待的假期! Being able to go on vacation sometimes feels like a blessing. Whether you're in school or working, being able to take some time off and enjoy yourself in another place is, usually, a very welcome experience. Now we can fly to see the U.S. Paris, London, Beijing, Rio, Madrid, or wherever your heart could possibly desire. That's what many people do, but let's be honest here, sometimes we like to have higher expectations than we really should. Here are some pictures that show what people should truly expect on vacation. 在巴西里约热内卢的海滩上度过美好的一天但沙滩呢?连沙子也看不到… A beautiful day on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Except you can't even see the sand... 巨石阵的景象真美丽,不是吗?连看都看不到, 谈得上享受么~ Stonehenge truly is a beautiful sight, isn't it? It probably helps to enjoy Stonehenge if you can actually see it, though! 在埃菲尔铁塔前享受野餐,好美呀?但当你周围也挤满人的话,就应该不会是最好的野餐! A nice picnic at the Eiffel Tower, right? Not exactly the nicest picnic when you're surrounded by people. 意大利的比萨斜塔当你也尝试拍这张游客照时,你看起来就是这样子,有够搞笑 The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. This is what it really looks like when you're trying to snap that pic.在厦门彩光嫩肤价格厦门哪里有打瘦腿针



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