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上饶余干县彩光嫩肤多少钱One homeowner is resorting to bartering for the latest iPhone as a tactic to sell abeleaguered property in Detroit.近日,底特律一所房子的主人表示愿意用新款iPhone与这所房子作交换。The owner has dropped the asking price on a three-bedroom home in east Detroit from ,000 to a new iPhone 6 as the owner is desperate to sell ahead of the area’s tax auction season where ;thousands; of homes near foreclosure will flood the market, real estate broker Larry Else told A News.据地产经纪人拉里称,该男子本想在当地的税收拍卖季即上千所丧失抵押品赎回权的房子涌入房产市场之前卖掉这所房子,可一直未能如愿,于是决定将房子标价从最初的5000美元降低为一部新iPhone 6的价格。;This house is really not worth much at all,; Else said.拉里说:“这所房子真的不值太多钱。”The windows are broken and there is no front door. The broker himself has not been inside the home because his company has a policy of not going in unsecured houses alone. Detroit#39;s declining fortunes have been precipitous, with an exodus has that left its population about a third of what it used to be in its heyday, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.房子的窗户坏了,前门也没有了。连这位地产经纪人自己都没有进去过这间房子里,因为其所在公司有规定不得独自出入不安全的房屋。底特律近来的颓败形势严峻,美国人口调查局的数据显示,现在在此居住的人口只有其鼎盛时期的三分之一。;It#39;s a little dicey,; Else said of the neighborhood.说起这所房子周围的环境,拉里说“有点危险”。Now, the property has accrued more than ,000 in back taxes and will enter foreclosure next year if that debt is not settled. So while the owner is asking for an iPhone 6 -- or, he said he would also accept a 32GB iPad -- the true cost of the sale comes from the buyer assuming the cost of the back taxes. Else said that because he is selling the property as a quick claim deed, it would be up to the buyer to arrange either a payment plan or lump sum payment with county officials to settle the back taxes.现在这所房子光税款就拖欠了6000美元,再不解决,明年就面临丧失抵押品赎回权的危险。所以,房主愿意用一部iPhone 6或32G的iPad来交换这所房子,再加上所需缴纳的税款,该房子也就值这么多钱。拉里说由于急着卖这所房子,所以税款是一次付清还是分期付款都由买家说了算。That isn#39;t deterring the new-found interest in the property, as Else said that he received four offers today alone, ranging in seriousness.这种方式让不少人产生了兴趣,拉里说他一天内就接到了4个人的严肃报价。One woman said she was ;interested in the house for the wood,; Else said, explaining that the prospective buyer is apparently on a quest for white pine planks. Another bidder said that they would be willing to hand over an iPhone 5, and another offered 0 for the property, Else said.一位女士说她对“这所房子的木材感兴趣”,拉里解释说她是想要房子上的白松木板。另一名买家称愿意拿出一部iPhone 5交换,还有一名买家报价850美元。Else hinted that the most likely buyer is someone who aly lives on the block and put in a 0 bid, but their familiarity with the area appeared to put them at the head of the pack. Else said that the area is ;full of similar houses. There’s lots of vacancy.;拉里称最有可能的买家是住在与房子所在地同一条街上的人,他出价700美元,他对房子周边地区很熟悉使他比较有优势。拉里说该房屋所在的区域内“有很多类似的房子,大多都是空置的”。He said he expects one of the four offers to work out, and may even finalize the sale tonight.拉里说他希望能与4名买家中的一个交易成功,并在当晚确定价钱。This is not the end of his bartering business, however, as Else said that he#39;s aly gotten another call from a homeowner who has had trouble selling their property.拉里的“物物交换”生意并没有到此结束,因为他又接到另一个房主的电话,那名房主也在卖房子时遇到了困难。;I did get a call from a seller today who said #39;We#39;ve been having a hard time selling our house. We have it listed for ,000. Could I get a 1994 Chevy for this house?#39;; Else said.“我确实又接到了一个电话,那名房主说‘我们的房子也很难卖,标价是2万美元。我想用这所房子换辆94年的雪佛兰汽车可以吗?’” /201410/338815上饶市抽脂多少钱 上饶人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱

上饶玉山县做鼻尖整形多少钱Is clutter weighing you down at home and the office?家里和办公室的杂乱无章是不是正让你感到不堪负重?Not sure where to start when it comes to clearing things out?一提起清扫整理,都不知道该怎么开始?Here are 10 clutter-clearing ideas to help you simplify and streamline your life.下面10招就能教你如何精简生活!1. Tidy up your desk整理办公桌Do you find it difficult to work on your desk or find office supplies when you need them? Remove old sticky notes, outdated papers and notes, junk mail, magazines, as well as any obvious trash and wrappers from your work space. Corral office supplies such as pens, paper clips and pushpins in small decorative containers, or store items in flat storage bins or trays in your desk drawers. Don’t forget to chuck any broken office supplies or dead plants that are on your desk or sitting in your office.是不是觉得桌上乱得无法做事?是不是在需要时怎么也翻不到某个物品?那就赶紧清理掉办公室里的过期便利贴、纸头便条、垃圾邮件、杂志,还有各种碍眼的杂物和包装纸吧。把铅笔、回形针、图钉等文具用品放到一个小盒子里,或者将物品归类到抽屉里的收纳盒中。别忘了扔掉办公桌或办公室里坏掉的文具和枯死的植物! /201402/275969 With four babies under the age of 18 months, no wonder proud but exhausted parents Sarah Ward and Benn Smith end up prone on two sofas most evenings with barely enough energy to lift a cup of tea to their lips.英国女子萨拉·瓦德在18个月的时间里生了4个小宝宝,这让萨拉和她的丈夫本·史密斯在骄傲的同时也非常疲惫。有了小宝宝之后的大多数晚上,两人都是瘫坐在沙发上,累得连端起水杯喝水的力气都没有了。Seven-month-old triplets Stanley, Reggie and Daisy — born just nine months after their big brother Freddie — may be bonny little chunks of gorgeousness, bestowing gummysmiles on all and sundry, but they are highly labour-intensive.4个小宝宝中,7个月的三胞胎斯坦利、雷吉和黛西是在他们的大哥弗莱迪出生9个月以后来到这个世界上的。这4个宝宝个个可爱漂亮、有着天使般的笑容,但照看他们也真的是很累人的一件事。 This, they both admit, is a far cry from the scene they envisaged when they first talked about starting a family three years ago. They imagined two children, hopefully one of each, nicely spaced apart.萨拉夫妇俩承认,现在这种情况和他们3年前结婚时预想的可大不一样。那时候他们希望将来生两个孩子,且两个孩子之间有一定的年龄差距。Mother Nature had other ideas, and just weeks after giving birth to Freddie, in June 2013, Sarah naturally conceived the triplets — a one-in-8,000 chance.不过显然老天并不是这么想的,在弗莱迪出生仅几周之后,2013年6月份,萨拉又怀了,这次是三胞胎,几率仅为八千分之一。‘It was lovely at first, but when everyone asks the same questions over and over again it does start to grate a little bit,’ admits Sarah. ‘I’m thinking of having a T-shirt made with the words: “Yes, they’re all mine. No, they’re not IVF triplets and, yes, I’m in a rush!”’“开始感觉很好,可不停地有人一遍又一遍问着相同的问题后,就觉得很烦了。”萨拉说:“我都在想穿一件T恤,然后在T恤写着‘对,这些孩子都是我的。不是,他们不是试管婴儿;是的,我确实忙疯了。’”‘It’s been incredibly hard, but we see all our children as a blessing and feel incredibly lucky,’ says Benn. ‘When the triplets started smiling and laughing at us, that’s when we really started to enjoy it, and we can’t wait until they start toddling.“照看四个孩子确实超出想象的困难,但我们觉得四个孩子是我们的福气,我们感到很幸运。”本说:“当三胞胎对着我们咧嘴笑的时候,我们真的特别满足并享受其中,都等不及看他们蹒跚学步的样子了。”At birth, Stanley, Reggie and Daisy were taken to intensive care weighing 3 lb 12oz, 4 lb 7oz and 3 lb 14oz respectively, but today Stanley is the biggest: a bouncing 15 lb 14oz.出生的时候,三胞胎斯坦利、雷吉和黛西分别重3磅12盎司、4磅7盎司和3磅14盎司,而现在斯坦利是最重的一个,重15磅14盎司。The triplets are all the more remarkable because Sarah and Benn were convinced they had fertility problems and feared Freddie might be an only child.对萨拉夫妇来说三胞胎的意义非凡,因为之前两人曾有不问题,所以还一直担心弗莱迪会是唯一的孩子。Worried that her menstrual cycle had not returned to normal after the birth, Sarah took a home pregnancy test as a precaution — fully expecting it to be negative.在弗莱迪出生之后,因为月经周期仍未回归正常,所以萨拉在家做了验测试,满心期待着会是阴性。Stunned at the positive result, she sent a picture message of the test to Benn, with the words ‘Guess what?’ He almost fell off his chair at work.可当看到阳性的结果时,萨拉惊呆了,发照片和文字信息“你猜怎么着”给正在上班的本,本看到后几乎从椅子上跳了起来。But more surprises were in store. An early six-week scan revealed two sacs, indicating a twin pregnancy.但是更多的惊喜还在后面。6周扫描检查的结果显示萨拉怀的是双胞胎。Which was just as well, because at the 12-week scan the sonographer detected a third heart-beat and informed Sarah and Benn that they were expecting triplets.12周的扫描检查中,超声波检测到了另一个胎心,于是医生通知萨拉和本他们将要有三胞胎了。The couple have never regretted that decision, but Sarah admits her pregnancy was both physically and emotionally arduous, filled with anguish and fear for the future and guilt over how little time she could devote to baby Freddie.萨拉和本从来都没有后悔过将三胞胎生下来,但萨拉承认怀三胞胎确实让她承受了生理上和感情上的痛苦,也让她对未来有很多担心,同时伴随她的还有不能常常陪在弗莱迪身边的内疚感。With four such young children, Sarah plans to put her career on hold until they are older, while Benn is hoping to transfer to a new role closer to home. Even so, it is a struggle surviving on one salary — half of which goes on their #163;888-a-month rent.家里有四个宝宝,让萨拉决定暂时抛开事业,直到孩子们长大些再说。而本也希望能换一个离家近的工作。尽管如此,这个大家庭紧靠一份工资生活确实很紧张,况且工资的一半还得用来交每个月888英镑的房租。Sarah says: ‘We just have to budget and forget about luxuries. We bulk-buy nappies and formula milk so we never run out and just manage the best we can.萨拉说:“我们得精打细算过日子,不会再买任何奢侈品。我们成批购买尿片和配方奶粉,这样可以省些钱,总之,我们会尽我们所能的。”‘We feel incredibly lucky, and just can’t imagine life without them.’“有这四个孩子我们感到非常幸运,现在我们根本无法想象没有他们的生活。” /201410/338819上饶市韩美整形医院整形美容上饶铁路医院双眼皮多少钱



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