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An analysis of 2016 U.S. fertility data shows that nurseries could have some extra space in the near future.2016年美国生育数据分析表明,育儿室在不久的将来可能会有更多的空间。Just over 6 percent of women ages 15-44 gave birth in 2016. That rate decreased by about 1 percent compared with 2015 and has some researchers concerned about the population.2016年,只有百分之6的14岁至44岁女性生育。与2015相比,比率下降了约1%,一些研究人员担忧人口问题。There are a few reasons why the birthrate is getting lower. For one, teen births went down 9 percent. That#39;s seen as a positive, as studies show the children of teen moms are often at a disadvantage to their peers.出生率下降的原因有几个。其一,青少年生育下降了9%。这被认为是积极的,因为研究表明,在同龄人中,青少年妈妈的孩子往往处于不利地位。But women in their 20s also aren#39;t having as many bundles of joy either. Researchers think that could be due to economic uncertainty,couples tend to have fewer children when the future of the economy is up in the air.但是20多岁的女性也没有计划生育。研究人员认为,这可能是由于经济的不确定性。当未来经济悬而未决,夫妻往往生育更少的孩子。Instead, the birthrate was buoyed by older women. Rates for women between the ages of 40 and 44 went up by 4 percent.相反,年长女性生育有所增长。40至44岁女性的比率上升了4%。Researchers expect the overall U.S. birthrate to bounce back when there#39;s more economic certainty.研究人员预计,在经济更加确定的情况下,美国总体出生率将回升。译文属。 Article/201707/516643。

  • 新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson53:Exciting Experiences令人激动的经历781. Walking across the street in China can be very exciting. 走在中国的街道上是很令人激动的。782. A predictableu life isn’t very exciting. 可以预料的生活并不很令人兴奋。783 You need a little bit of excitement in your life. 你的生活需要一些。784. I always get excited about Christmas. 每到圣诞节我总是很激动。785. This movie is incredibly thrillingv. 这部电影真是无比惊栗。786. I’m very excited about my future. 我为我的将来感到非常兴奋。787. I can’t contain my excitement about traveling to Japan. 要去日本旅行了,我无法抑制我的激动心情。788. I don’t think I can stand much more excitement. 我想我已不能再激动了。789. He’s excited at the idea of moving. 一想到要搬家,他就激动。790. Don’t excite the children. 别让孩子们太兴奋。791. It’s not every day you get the opportunity to study and live in a foreign country. 到国外去学习和生活的机会不是每天都有的。 792. I can’t help but be happy that I get to study in Paris for an entire year. 我能够到巴黎去学习整整一年,我的兴奋之情真是难以抑制。793. I remember one Christmas while you were so excited that you waited up for Santa all night long. 我记得有一年圣诞节,你非常激动,整个晚上没睡在等圣诞老人。794. I can’t wait to tell all my friends. 我等不及要去告诉我的朋友们。795. I’m going to get to see the ground from high up in the air, just like a bird. 我马上就可以从高空看地面了,就像鸟一样。【生词解读】1. predictable [pri5diktEbl] a. 可预言的,可预料的2. thrilling [5WriliN] a. 毛骨悚然的,令人兴奋的 /200811/56745。
  • 疯狂英语900句 04-9相关专题: /200704/12700。
  • He once did that with Isaac Mizrahi. He pulled up a Geoffrey Beene...from like five years before or something, and Isaac was so mad, and even Geoffrey Beene, I think, got mad at Isaac.他有一次发现Isaac Mizrahi新设计的衣和Geoffrey Beene五年前的作品很像,Isaac对此很生气这件事也弄的Geoffrey Beene对Isaac非常不满。You know, it was like he would definitely start trouble.Bill这样似乎总能挑起一些麻烦。Not on purpose, but he would do...He would definitely, like, point out, like, if he saw something, he#39;d call it.他这样做没有什么目的但如果他看到抄袭的作品他一定会指出来。The photographers at the shows, they#39;re all in the back, so they get a clear photograph with nothing disturbing.大部分摄影师都站在T台的正对面这样他们可以毫无干扰的拍到正面的清晰大图。They get a plain wall. It#39;s all fine.干净的背景。But they#39;re getting everything straight on.但他们都在很直观的表现这些装展现正面最完美的样子。Well, fashion#39;s not that way.但我觉得时尚不是这样的。You have to know in an instant, ;Oh, the angle is this, and the detail is that. ;你要去展现它的每一面这一角是什么样,那个细节是什么样。And it#39;s not straight on.不仅仅是那样的直拍。I just like it on the side, so I can get a front, a back, a profile...or hopefully.我喜欢站在侧面拍可以拍到一件衣的正面、背面幸运的话还能拍到它的简介。Most of the time I miss it, but I try.很多时候我都都会错过一些镜头但我努力地去多拍。 Article/201609/460798。
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457822。
  • 新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson58:Peaceful experiences宁静的经历856. It’s very quiet up here on the mountain. 在这山上很宁静。857. This street is so much more peaceful than the rest of the city. 这条街比城市的其他地方要宁静多了。858. The church is a very calm place to pray. 这个教堂是一个非常安静的做祈祷的地方。859. This music soothesu my soul. 这音乐能安抚我的灵魂。860. Let’s go have a nice day in the park. 让我们去公园好好玩一天。861. My vacation was very relaxing. 我的假期过得很放松。862. Rowingv on the lake in the morning helps clear my mind. 早上在湖中泛舟使我思绪清晰。863. Meditationw helps me deal with stress. 瞑思能够帮助我克压力。864. I’m most calm after a long run. 长跑之后我非常平静。865. I want to retire to a cabinx deep in the forest. 我想隐居到到森林深处的小屋里。866. You should take up some activities that help you to relax. 你应该多参与能够帮助你放松的活动。867. I take classes in yogay to help me unwindz. 我练习瑜迦功以帮助我放松。868. It’s very peaceful and helps you clear your mind of all thoughts and worries that can cause you stress. 那里非常宁静,可以帮你清除那些给你带来压力的想法和担心。869. When I really want to relax, I like to be alone. 当我真正想放松的时候,我喜欢一个人独处。870. I was so relaxed by my day at the beach, that I fell asleep in the sun. 在阳光普照的海滩上,我放松得睡着了。【生词解读】1. soothe [su:T] v.安慰,抚慰;使平静;哄2. rowing [5rEuiN] n. 划船3. meditation [medi5teiFEn] n. 沉思,冥想4. cabin [5kAbin] n. 小屋5. yoga [5jEu^E] n. (印度的)瑜珈;瑜珈功6. unwind [5Qn5waind] v. 解开;展开;松开;放松 /200811/19281。
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