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Its a simple Punjabi farmers diet,就是简单的旁遮普农民饮食so just fresh food,吃新鲜的食物- but his secret is that he has smaller portions. - Right.-但他的秘诀是吃得量较少 -是In poor countries, people die of starvation.在贫穷的国家 人们死于饥饿In rich countries, people die of over-eating.在富裕的国家 人们死于暴饮暴食So, how much does he eat, compared to you or I?那么对比你我来说 他吃多少He would eat what would be considered half a portion,他所吃量是一般人的一半almost a childs portion.几乎是小孩子的分量So a child portion is probably about一个小孩子的分量大概是half the amount of calories you or I would eat?大约是你我所吃的一半热量吗By restricting his food intake so dramatically,通过大幅度地限制自己的食物摄入量Fauja has unknowingly been testing a theory费加不知不觉中在测试一种长寿理论that has been around nearly as long as he has.这套理论的年纪几乎和他一样大A scientific theory这套科学理论which is only now really coming into its own.现在才真正获得承认Ive taken the Tube to the finish line.我搭乘地铁来到终点线I want to catch Fauja become, hopefully,希望能赶上费加的到来the worlds oldest marathon runner.这位世界上最年长的马拉松运动员重点解释:1.die of 死于例句:She die of cancer.她死于癌症。2.be compared to与 ... 相比例句:Teachers are often compared to burning candles.人们总是把老师比喻为燃烧的蜡烛。3.come into ones own 显示自身的特点;得到尊重例句:This car really comes into its own on rough ground.这辆汽车在颠簸的路上才真正显示出它独特的性能。 201509/397809。

  • The ed Nations has been issuing some dire warnings this week about the worsening humanitarian situation in Libya.联合国本周就利比亚人道主义局势的恶化发出迫切警告。The UN’s humanitarian coordinator has told euronews it’s a disaster which threatens to get worse and the organisation only has a tiny fraction of the funds it needs.联合国人道主义协调员告诉欧洲新闻台,事态很糟糕而且在加剧,组织只拥有需要资金的一小部分。Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the fighting and by the presence of so-called Islamic State; many others don’t have access to proper nutrition; medical supplies are running out.战争和所谓的“伊斯兰国”造成成千上万的人流离失所,许多人没有获得适当的营养,医疗用品已经耗尽。There are 2,400.000 people, Libyans and non-Libyans, in need of immediate humanitarian aid in Libya. The ed Nations estimates it can respond to 1,300.000.有240万人,包括利比亚和非利比亚人,在利比亚需要紧急人道主义援助。联合国估计可以响应130万人。The real problem we face today is the lack of sufficient financial resources to implement a humanitarian response. Today we have available only four percent of the financial resources we need.我们今天面临的现实问题是,缺乏足够的财政资源来实施人道主义。今天我们只有百分之四的财政资源。While attempts to reach a political resolution have hit obstacles, the UN says a needs of 150 million euros for humanitarian relief.尽管达成政治解决方案的尝试遭遇障碍,联合国称需要1亿5000万欧元的人道主义救援。It goes on to warn that if the international community doesn’t respond immediately, the consequences will be felt not just in Libya but in other countries too.如果国际社会没有立即作出反应,其后果将不仅仅是在利比亚,也波及其他国家。译文属。 /201602/428120。
  • 147 leaders meet in Paris for climate conference147国领导人出席巴黎气候大会All eyes will be on the French capital from Monday, as nearly 150 world leaders gather for the crucial UN climate change conference.从周一起全世界都会将焦点集中在法国首都巴黎,近150名世界领导人将会齐聚这里出席这次联合国气候变化大会。Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives on Sunday for a highly anticipated meeting thats being billed as the last chance for reaching a binding and universal pact to counter global warming.中国国家主席习近平于周日抵达巴黎出席这场备受瞩目的会议,而此次气候变化大会被认为能够达成具有普遍约束力对抗全球变暖的最后机会。Promises and commitments have been issued from many participating countries, including China.而包括中国在内的许多领导人都已经做出承诺。 译文属201512/413076。
  • Statins have been heralded抑制素被认为是as the greatest discovery since antibiotics,自抗生素以后最伟大的发现and their ability to deal with cardiovascular disease它们对于心脏血管类疾病的治疗has made them the most prescribed medicine in the world.使它们成为世界上最常用的处方药In the UK alone,仅仅在英国 six million adults pop one every day.就有六百万成年人每天用一粒Statins are fantastic drugs,抑制素是很了不起的药物no doubt about it. Theyre life-savers.这是毋庸置疑的 它们是救命良药We may not be sure HOW they do that我们不知道它是怎么做到的 but we know that they do.但它就是做到了So if you take a statin,所以如果你用抑制素 your cholesterol level will drop.你的胆固醇水平就会降低If you take a statin,如果你用抑制素your risk of heart attack and stroke will fall.你心脏病发作和中风的几率就会变小Statins reduce the amount of cholesterol,抑制素可以降低胆固醇also known as lipids, in the blood.也就是血液里的脂质的含量The Government recommends that statins be given政府建议所有患过心绞痛 中风to all those who have had a heart attack, a stroke or angina.或者是心脏病发过的病人都用抑制素Mrs Parsons? Susan, come on in.帕森太太 苏珊 进来吧But now health officials are recommending statins be prescribed但现在卫生官员建议to those who are simply可能心脏病发或中风的人deemed to be at risk of a heart attack or stroke也用抑制素because their cholesterol is raised above normal.因为他们的胆固醇含量高于正常水平201503/365522。
  • 洛杉矶交响乐团的小提琴家Robert Gupta, 讲述了他给一个优秀的精神分裂症患者教授音乐的故事,以及他的体会。演讲之后, Gupta再次被请上舞台表演了从巴赫的大提琴第一组曲改编的小提琴前奏201501/352828。
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