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2019年07月21日 11:10:42 | 作者:医苑典范 | 来源:新华社
一位肯尼亚的企业家克非洲时尚业的挑战,在网络上开了一家时尚小店,并希望成为非洲大陆顶尖的时尚零售出口商。Interest in African fashion is growing around the world. But designers and artisans on the continent often have a hard time setting up the marketing, distribution and payment systems that would help them capitalize on the popularity of their pieces abroad. Our correspondent Okwi Okoh tells us how one Kenyan entrepreneur could be holding the key to overcoming those challenges.Beverly Lwenya is checking in on what she hopes will eventually become one of the top fashion retail outlets on the continent.Her boutique - which is exclusively located online - is called The Afropolitan Shop, and when Beverly isnt meeting with designers and artisans to stock its virtual shelves with jewelry, handbags, shoes and other fashion accessories; shes updating the sites blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.Through the internet, she mostly targets Africans in the Diaspora and non-Africans who are looking for affordable yet trendy, high-quality products from the continent.The venture began after Beverly started a blog to chronicle her experiences as an African living outside the continent. Those experiences not only gave her the idea for her business, but its name as well.Beverly Lwenya said, ;I would go back and forth between Kenya and the States and people would always ask for earrings I was wearing or necklaces or bracelets or sandals - the Maasai sandals - so you know it got to the point where I was like maybe I should try and make the things available that I can get when I am in Kenya so the idea for the Afropolitan Shop was born shortly after the blog actually in 2008, .;Beverly says that one of the biggest problems facing budding entrepreneurs - especially those in Africas fashion industry - is access to affordable but highly visible places to stock their wares.Beverly Lwenya said, ;What I see Afropolitan Shop doing in this space is creating retail space online so shifting the focus from store front to online what this does is still move products for the designers, they are still able to sell and not only are they able to sell locally but abroad as well.;CCTVs Okwi Okoh said, ;When it comes to fashionable clothing and accessories and the creative people who make them, Africa - and Kenya in particular - is not in short supply. But the problem comes in when you want to get these trendy items into the hands of people around the world who want them, and thats where Beverly Lwenya and the Afropolitan Shop come in. She wants to fill that gap but its not just about payment, deliveries and marketing, its also about meeting the designers one on one, face to face?The Afropolitan Shop officially launched last year and is yet to break even, but Beverly says shes encouraged by the inquiries and consequent attention the designers on her site have gotten from all over the world.Rachel Njoki and her partners have been running Ninis Afrique Boutique since . They specialize in designing bags and beaded sandals and were among the first to list on the Afropolitan Shop.Rachel Njoki said, ;We want to really grow, we want to open our workshop and for that to happen its for Beverly to succeed and bring in more business, but things grow gradually.;Beverly knows there are many tough miles ahead before she can achieve the kind of international recognition and success she dreams of for the Afropolitan Shop and its partners. But hard work and creativity arent going out of style anytime soon in Africa, so she might just get her wish one day soon.201205/181126称科学是其主要灵感的Mathieu Lehanneur展示了他的一些天才设计:交互式的噪音中和球,抗生素疗程中的多层单片药物,能够提醒孩子用的哮喘药物,活的空气过滤器,客厅养鱼场等等.201306/241994Rescue continues for landslide victimsSearch and rescue operations at a landslide in Chongqing in the southwest have entered their 4th day. 27 miners are known to be trapped, and eight of them are injured. So far, 9 bodies have been recovered and 63 people are missing. Heavy rain and fog on Jiwei Mountain in Wulong halted the controlled explosion.Rescuers are focusing on drilling holes through the rubble.Experts believe if they're going in the right direction and all goes well, they can expect to finish an underground tunnel on Tuesday.Rescuers are clearing the pass for heavy machinery and getting y to administer first aid.On Monday afternoon, new pipes and welding machines arrived.He Zonghai, Deputy chief of Chongqing Transportion Bureau, said, "The pipes are mainly for draining of the barrier lake and sending food to the trapped people."06/73546

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Linds social studies classes at Highland High School in Ault, Colorado.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了林德先生的社会学习课堂。Which of these technologies is celebrating its 20th birthday this week?这周哪项技术在庆祝它的20个生日?Here we go, is it the cell phone, artificial heart, DVD or text message?开始!它是手机,人工心脏,数字多功能光盘还是手机短信?Youve got three seconds, go!你有三秒钟的时间,开始!If you guessed the text message, you are right.如果你猜是手机短信,你对了。The first one was sent 20 years ago this week. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;第一条短信在20年前的这周被发送。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: The text of the first text message -- ;Merry Christmas.;第一条短信的内容是“圣诞快乐”。The engineer was sending it to his boss who was at a Christmas party.工程师给他在参加圣诞派对的老板发了这条短信。What started as two words has exploded in the 2.2 trillion texts.从两个单词开始的信息现在已经暴增到两万两千亿条短信。Thats how many are sent every year just in the U.S., so it works out to about 6 billion per day.那是仅在美国每年发送的短信数,因此平均下来一天有六十亿条。Text messaging is slowing down a little bit.短信现在减少了一点点。So, some analysts start wondering if itll BRB.因此,一些分析者开始疑惑它会不会马上回来。But for a lot of people, especially you guys, its the most common form of communication.但对于很多人来说,特别是年轻人,它是最常用交流方式。So, the idea of texting disappearing any time soon might just make you LOL.因此,短信马上就要消失的想法可能只会让你放声大笑。 /201212/212938

You Will NeedAcceptance Frugality Happy thoughts Enjoyable experiences Environmentalism Step 1: Assume this is as good as it gets(快乐不是拥有的很多,而是奢求的很少)Assume you’ll never be richer. Research shows you’re more apt to be content with what you have if you’re not wishing and hoping and praying to get more. The more you buy into the idea that more money will make you happy, the less happy you’ll be.Embrace the sentiment that true happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you’ve got.Step 2: Know the truth(金钱买不来幸福)Don’t assume that more money would make you happier. As long as the bills are getting paid, there’s not much difference on the happiness scale between the rich and the rest of us.Step 3: Make frugality fun(勤俭也可以很快乐)Make frugality fun. Figuring out ways to save money can feel as satisfying as spending it.Step 4: Think happy thoughts(多想想好方面)Think happy thoughts: People who thought about positive events in their lives for eight minutes per day for three days felt better about their lives a month later, according to a study.Step 5: Focus on doing instead of spending(不要总想着怎么花钱买,想想自己可以怎么做到)Focus on things you can do rather than stuff you can buy. Experiences bring more pleasure than possessions, and the good feelings last longer, according to research.Step 6: Go green(环保)Every time you refrain from buying something you don’t need, make do with what you’ve got, or purchase something used, think of the good you’re doing the planet.Research shows that buying something doesn’t make us as happy as we think it will, or for as long as we assume it will.201001/95373

Most of us have situations where we find it difficult to communicate. Improving your communication technique, and being comfortable speaking to people is extremely important. Watch our top tips for being a better communicator.大多数人都遇到过和对方难以交流的状况,提高你的交流技巧,和别人谈话时能镇定从容是很重要的。看下我们建议你的一些小贴士,以便你能更好地和别人交流。Step 1: Use open-ended questions 选些开放式的问题For conversation to flow well, it's important to ask open questions, these often start with ‘how', ‘when', ‘why' etc. An open question is something like: "What sort of things do you do in your spare time?"This really gets the conversation flowing. Try to avoid asking closed questions. These are questions that can be answered with yes or no answer, such as: "Do you like films?"Closed questions tend to kill the conversation.Step 2: Active Listening 仔细倾听People speak at 100 to 175 words per minute (WPM), but they can listen intelligently at up to 300 words per minute. Since only a part of our mind is paying attention, it is easy to go into mind drift - thinking about other things while listening to someone. The cure for this is active listening - which involves listening with a purpose. It may be to gain information, obtain directions, understand others, solve problems, share interest, see how another person feels, show support, etc. It's also important to give feedback to show yourself and the other person that you've understood what they've said. Do this by summarising and repeating what you heard.Step 3: Create a 'cocoon' 想办法专注于对方说的话If you're finding it particularly difficult to concentrate on what someone is saying, try to imagine a “cocoon” around you and the person you're listening to. Imagine that the cocoon is blocking out all outside distractions, so you can really focus on what they're saying. Try repeating their words mentally as they say it - this will reinforce their message and help you control mind drift.Step 4: Engage with the other person 和别人一起谈论When someone is trying to get your attention, or engage you in conversation don't turn your back on them, or answer over your shoulder. Instead, turn and face them, engage with them. Good communication is when you really engage. When you are talking to people observe your body language and your tone of voice. Remember to use open strong gestures, look people in the eye and smile when you talk unless you are complaining about something.Step 5: Assumptions 猜想Don't assume you know the other person's thoughts and feelings. Learn to identify when you do this. It normally occurs when the facts aren't present to support your belief, so always check with the other person what they mean when they say something.Step 6: Antagonistic sentences 不要说有敌意的句子If you need to talk to someone about a difficult topic then avoid using sentences like “You should know me better”, “Why are you trying to upset me?”, “You've never understood me”, “I thought we were going to enjoy ourselves”. These are antagonistic sentences, and are not productive in any way and will just ensure there is a conflict.201110/156709

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