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江西省赣州市人民医院看男科咋样赣州仁济处女膜修复蓉江新区妇幼保健院医生有哪些 How to save money on a wedding dress -don#39;t wear one! Avatar fans tie the knot NAKED in area that inspired the filmand then transform into the blue characters如何节省下婚纱的钱——不要穿!《阿凡达》粉丝在这部电影的灵感来源地拍摄裸体结婚照,然后转化成电影中的蓝色人物。Most brides will spend the months leading up to their wedding trying on dresses and saving up for their dream gown worth thousands of pounds.大多数的新娘在结婚之前的几个月时间里会去试穿婚纱,她们会花一大笔钱来拥有自己理想中的结婚礼。But that wasn#39;t the case when Hsin Hantied the knot with her fiance Cai Yuan.但是对于这对夫妇来说,情况并非如此。The Chinese couple decided they wouldn#39;tbother with traditional wedding clothes and posed for their bridal album naked.这对夫妇决定不穿传统的婚礼装,并且还裸体拍摄结婚照。Cai Yuan, 31, and Hsin Han, 29, from China, were inspired by the hit 2009 filmAvatar.新郎今年31岁,新娘29岁,都来自中国,他们受到了2009年热播电影《阿凡达》的启发。They decided to strip naked for their wedding photographs and have a photo shoot in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area in China#39;s Hunan Province.他们决定拍摄裸体结婚照,拍摄地点就在湖南省的武陵源风景区。The stunning scenery in the area was the inspiration for #39;Pandora#39;, the home of the Na#39;vi people in the Oscar-winning film from James Cameron.《阿凡达》中纳美人的居住地“潘多拉”就是以这个风景区为灵感创造出来的。The couple said they wanted to have spectacular wedding photos, and travelled to the region with a team of make-upartists and lighting experts as well as a professional photographer.这对夫妻说他们想拍摄出壮观的结婚照,于是就和化妆师,灯光师以及专业摄影师来到了这里。As super fans of the film, whichstars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver, the couple alsodecided to transform themselves into the blue Na#39;vi characters for the nextstage of their bridal shoot.作为这部电影的超级粉丝,两人还决定拍摄出纳美人那样的效果。The pair got their accompanying make-upartists to paint them in blue and them posed in various locations around thearea, including Baofeng Lake and the South Pillar of Heaven rock which wereamong the inspirations for the film.他们让化妆师给他们的身体涂上蓝色,并在多个地点进行拍摄,比如宝峰湖和南天柱,这些地方都给《阿凡达》这部电影带来了灵感。Groom Cai Yuan explained why they chose such a different way to celebrate tyingthe knot: #39;We wanted to show our love for each other and to have somethingforever capturing us in the bloom of youth.新郎解释了为什么要采用这种不同的方式来拍摄:“我们想向对方展示自己的爱,希望能在这青春时期捕捉到永恒的瞬间。”#39;And we wanted to make it a bold statement,to show that we have nothing to be ashamed of in that love.#39;“而且我们想做出大胆的声明,来表明在这份爱中,没有什么可以让我们感到羞耻。”The wedding pictures have been a hit onsocial media even though the pair could find themselves arrested as publicnudity is illegal and generally regarded as socially unacceptable in China.这组结婚照在社交媒体火了起来,尽管这对夫妇可能会因为在公共场合露体而被逮捕,因为那是非法的,而且通常来说也是不被中国社会所接受的。 /201412/346132;We need to draw the line on unethicalbehavior.But let#39;s draw it with an Etch-a-Sketch and don#39;t be afraid to shake it a little.;我们需要在不道德的行为上划一道线(我们需要区分不道德的行为),让我们用神奇画板来画吧,别担心有所摇晃。 /201507/384345赣州仁济医院妇科评价

蓉江区医院预约The case of the Frankenstein Nefertiti: it#39;s time to revolt against ugly public art弗兰肯斯坦奈费尔提蒂事件:到了抗议丑陋的公共艺术的时候了As Egyptian protesters get a colossal – and colossally awful – sculpture of the ancient queen pulled down, we need to topple all the other art that’s an insult to our public spaces.Egypt has had a revolution, and we should emulate it. We need a revolution against bad public art.埃及示威者得到一个巨大近乎可怕的古代女王被推翻的雕塑,我们需要推翻所有侮辱我们公共空间的艺术。埃及已经有一场我们应该效仿的革命。我们需要有一场抗议丑陋的公共艺术的革命。Ugly sculpture is a global phenomenon. From a daft statue of Peter Falk in Budapest to the colossally kitsch couple at St Pancras Station in London, clumsily executed excuses for figurative art are insulting public spaces. And we put up with it. A few aesthetes may gripe, and online galleries have a laugh at all the unsightly art appearing everywhere, but most people passively accept the right of ignorant art-commissioning bodies and arrogant artists to impose their awful taste on the rest of us.丑雕塑是一种全球现象。从布达佩斯彼得法尔克愚蠢的雕像到伦敦圣潘克拉斯车站非常媚俗的夫妇 ,笨拙地借口具象艺术是对公共空间的侮辱。我们一直容忍这一现象,一些唯美主义者可能会抱怨,在线画廊嘲笑到处出现的不堪入目的艺术,但大多数人被动地接受愚昧的艺术委托机构和傲慢的艺术家强加给他们的可怕品味。Not so in Egypt. Perhaps emboldened by their recent history of demonstrations and political change, Egyptians have protested against a ridiculous sculpture and got it removed. The “artwork” in question was supposed to be a replica of the great ancient Egyptian bust of Nefertiti that resides in Berlin’s Neues Museum. It was commissioned to stand at the entrance to the city of Samalut, three hours south of Cairo.但在埃及却不是这样。也许受到最近的示威和政治变革的历史(的影响),埃及人抗议荒谬的雕塑,并将其移除。“艺术品”问题应该是现在驻留在柏林新物馆的,对伟大的古埃及奈费尔提蒂半身像的复制品问题。被委托放置在开罗南部赛末鲁特站入口处三个小时。Nefertiti’s famous head, with her high hat, was replicated on a colossal scale. Or rather, it was not replicated. Her face, instead of being reddish, was greenish yellow. And instead of beautiful, it was elongated and strangely marked, with closed eyes. In fact, it bore little resemblance to the iconic image of Nefertiti’s beauty.Egyptian bloggers and Twitter users soon called it “Frankenstein” and denounced it as “an insult to Nefertiti and to every Egyptian”.奈费尔提蒂著名的头部,与她高耸的帽子,被复制成一个巨大的规模。或者更确切地说,这并不单单是复制。她的脸不是红色的,而是青黄色的。这看起来并不美丽的,雕塑细长,刻有奇怪的标志,双眼合拢。事实上,这与奈费尔提蒂的标志性形象美几乎没有任何相似之处。埃及客和推特用户很快就称之为“弗兰肯斯坦”,谴责这是“对奈费尔提蒂和每一个埃及人的侮辱”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201507/385892崇义医院官网 Although thousands, even millions, of photographs were taken during World War II, only a handful ever became popular. But sometimes it#39;s the little-known photographs that reveal to us the cruelty and uncertainty the war brought upon humanity.虽然二战期间拍摄了成千甚至上百万张照片,但是只有屈指可数的照片曾经流行过。然而,往往是那些鲜为人知的照片向我们揭示了战争带来的残酷和无法预知的痛苦。10.The Nazi Muslim Soldiers10.加入纳粹党卫军的穆斯林士兵The image above is that of German Nazi-era Muslim soldiers in prayer. They are from the German 13th Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS Handschar, a full Muslim division of the German army. The unit, which mostly consisted of Bosnian Muslims, was formed in March 1943 after Germany conquered Croatia, which included Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Bosnian Muslims were accepted into the Nazi ranks because of Heinrich Himmler#39;s belief that the people of Croatia were of Aryan descent, not Slavic. The Nazis also believed that the new division would help them win the support of most Muslims around the world. In time, the division also included Croatian Roman Catholics, who formed 10 percent of its ranks.上面的图片是德国纳粹时期的穆斯林士兵在祈祷。他们来自德国党卫军第十三“弯刀”武装山地师(the German 13th Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS Handschar),是德军一个完整的穆斯林分。1943年,德国侵占包括波黑(Bosnia-Herzegovina)在内的克罗地亚(Croatia)之后,组建了这由波斯尼亚穆斯林组成的军队。因为海因里希·希姆莱(Heinrich Himmler)坚信克罗地亚人是雅利安(Aryan)血统而不是斯拉夫(Slavic)血统,所以波斯尼亚穆斯林被收编进纳粹队伍。同时纳粹也相信这新的队伍会帮他们赢得全世界大多数穆斯林的心。经过一段时间以后,克罗地亚罗马天主教徒占这队伍的10%。The unit was Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al Husseni#39;s initiative. Hajj Amin al Husseni had led a failed coup in Iraq and had been exiled to Italy and then Berlin, Germany, where he encouraged Bosnian Muslims to join the ranks of the German army. Husseni encouraged the killings of Jews in North Africa and Palestine. He also wanted the Luftwaffe to bomb Tel Aviv. After the war, Husseni fled to France, where he was arrested. He later escaped and fled to Egypt, where the Allies were discouraged from re-arresting him because of his status in the Arab world.伊斯兰宗教领袖大穆夫提(Grand Mufti)穆罕默德·阿明·侯赛尼(Hajj Amin al Husseni)最早提出要组建这部队。侯赛尼在伊拉克发动政变,失败后流亡意大利和德国柏林。在柏林,他鼓动波斯尼亚穆斯林加入德军,不仅提议灭绝北非和巴勒斯坦的犹太人,还怂恿纳粹德国空军空炸特拉维夫(Tel Aviv)。二战之后,侯赛尼逃往法国但被捕,后又逃往埃及。由于这位伊斯兰宗教领袖在阿拉伯国家享有很高的地位,所以他在埃及再次被捕使得穆斯林盟军士气大跌。9.Shaving The Hair Of French Women9.法国女子被削发After France was liberated toward the end of World War II, French citizens who had supported the invading German troops in any form were tracked down and had their heads forcefully shaved as a badge of dishonor. The photograph shown above is that of a woman whose head was being shaved in Montelimer, France, on August 29, 1944. As many as 20,000 French citizens had their heads shaved in public, the majority of which were women. The punishment was often carried out by locals or members of the French Resistance and was done everywhere from the homes of the victims to public squares in the presence of a cheering crowd.二战后期,法国得以解放。此后,不管曾经以何种形式持过德国侵略军的国民都被追踪调查,并被强制削发,以此作为其蒙羞的徽章。上图的拍摄时间为1944年8月29日,地点为法国蒙特利马(Montelimar),一个女子正被削发。多达20万的法国国民在公共场所被削发,且大多数是女性。惩罚多由当地居民和抵抗运动的成员执行,不分地点、不分场合,从受害者家里到群情激奋的广场。During the same period, Germany also decreed that women who had sexual relations with non-Aryans or prisoners of war should have their heads shaved. Shaving the hair of women seen as fugitives didn#39;t get its start during World War II—it#39;s also recorded to have been done in Europe during the Middle Ages, when it was used as punishment for adulterous women.在同一时期,德国也判定凡与非雅利安人或战俘发生过性关系的女人都应该被削发。强制给叛逃的女子削发并不是二战期间发明的新刑罚,早在欧洲中世纪时期就有类似记载,彼时他们用削发来惩罚通奸的女人。8.Raising A Flag Over The Reichstag8.国旗飘扬在柏林国会大厦之上Raising a flag over the Reichstag would have been the Russian equivalent of Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima except that it was staged, a fact which its photographer, Yevgeny Khaldei, confirmed. The photograph shows a young Russian soldier raising the Soviet flag over Berlin after the defeat of the German army.这幅名为《国旗飘扬在柏林国会大厦之上》的照片是苏联版的《美国国旗插上硫磺岛》,意义非凡。不过,该作品的摄像师叶甫盖尼·哈尔岱(Yevgeny Khaldei)承认,那张照片是摆拍的。照片呈现的是德军战败之后,一个年轻的苏联战士在柏林国会大厦楼顶挥舞着苏联国旗。Yevgeny Khaldei was in Moscow when the Soviet army overran Berlin, but he quickly left for Berlin on the orders of top Soviet officials, possibly Joseph Stalin himself. His orders were to produce images that depicted the Soviet victory in Germany. Yevgeny got to Berlin and inspected several locations, including Tempelhof Airport and the Brandenburg Gate, before settling for the Reichstag building. Yevgeny took 36 different shots of the scene, which was to be used for Soviet propaganda. Interestingly, a Soviet army unit had initially hoisted its flag on the building not long after the town was captured, but that scenario had gone unrecorded.苏联军队攻克柏林时,叶甫盖尼·哈尔岱还在莫斯科(Moscow),不过,他很快接到高层,可能就是约瑟夫·斯大林(Joseph Stalin)本人下达的命令,要求他马上前往柏林拍下苏联大胜的景象。在拍摄柏林国会大厦之前,叶甫盖尼考查了柏林多处战场,包括滕珀尔霍夫机场(Tempelhof Airport)和勃兰登堡门(Brandenburg Gate)。他总共拍摄了36张不同的场景的照片,准备为苏联宣传机构所用。有意思的是,一苏联队伍在攻克柏林不久后就在国会大厦升起了苏联国旗,可惜这场景没被记录下来。审稿:Freya然 校对:CMX /201507/384946全南县人民医院有哪些医生

赣州仁济不孕不育是不是医保定点医院;I was floating in a tunnel toward a very bright light and then a voice told me I had to go back and finish listening to the presentation.;我正在一个隧道中朝着光明漂流,这时,一个声音传来,告诉我应该回去把演讲听完。 /201507/385697 赣州市立医院有上班南康市镜坝卫生院几点下班



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