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Thats right. They have drunk a lot.是的 他们的确喝得太多了And the problem is that being less sensitive to these intoxicating effects他们对酒精很不敏感they can bring their blood alcohol levels up so high他们让自己的血液指标达到很高that they get close to overdose levels.因为他们大大地喝超出了正常的酒量I don#39;t think I#39;ve ever been to a club sober.我到酒吧的时候 一般都已经醉了You don#39;t go to a party without alcohol.聚会上是一定要喝酒的Everyone was just downing it.每个人都在喝When you#39;re younger and youre...在你还小的时候Lets say five and you play with dolls and you pretend比如说5岁 还可以假装玩一下洋that you’re older. And now when you come to 14 you drink alcohol.但到了14岁 就应该喝酒了For me the relationship with this drug alcohol began 30 years ago.对我来说 喝酒是30年前开始的I know that after 30 years of heroin or cocaine use you#39;d be lucky to be alive.要是吸毒30年 能活着就不错了But what about alcohol?但中了30年酒精的毒以后What has 30 years of this done to my body?是否也会一样损伤我的身体呢I#39;ve stood here for a minute thinking about this liver test that Im going to have.我刚想了想 决定做个内科的检查 Article/201507/384811Once you got your fire,you need to get a hot drink brewing straightaway.生火成功之后 你需要尽快喝下一杯热饮Really, what I want is some food and some sugars to replace all that lost energy.我想要吃些食物和糖 以此来补充能量But, you know, a bit of spruce-needle tea will do the trick.但是 用云杉枝泡水也有同样的功效It#39;s gonna warm me, give me a bit of vitamin c.喝下它既能让我感觉热乎又能给我补充维CAlso, it#39;ll just make me feel a load better again.与此同时 它让我重新找回活力On thermal imaging, you can see the bright white cup full of boiling-hot tea.通过热成像 你可以看到 整杯的沸腾的热水呈现的是耀眼的白色Get that inside you,and it will begin to stabilize your core temperature.把它整杯的喝下 它将使你体内的温度保持稳定Of all the environments,It#39;s extreme cold that hits me the hardest.在整个冰雪覆盖的世界里 最让我难受的是太冷了I#39;ve suffered frostnip before in my fingers and toes,之前我的手指脚趾一直都有冻疮And the damaged capillaries have never fully recovered.毛细血管一直没有完全恢复It gets me every time.Boy, that was cold.冻疮每次都打垮了我 实在是太冷了That#39;s it. I#39;m done with ice swims.是的 要是再冬泳我就完了Fighting your way through this kind of environment,presents the ultimate challenge.跟这样的环境艰苦搏斗吧 面对最艰难的挑战It takes you to the limit...and sometimes beyond.这会让你挑战到极限 也许更加糟糕 Article/201703/496474A lovely, lovely house.真是漂亮的房子- Were the directions good? - Very good, thank you.-我指的路好找吗 -很好找 谢谢Joe Cordell is a Cronie -乔·科代尔是一个低热量饮食者a calorie restrictor on optimal nutrition.即限制摄入热量同时获取最多营养And that means a lot of fruit and veg.这就意味着摄入大量水果和蔬菜I went ahead and kind of put everything out我提前准备过 已把所有东西都拿出来了because I thought you might want to have some breakfast.因为我猜你可能想要吃点早餐That would be delicious, thank you.一定会很美味的 谢谢你When I imagine a calorie restrictor,每当想到一个低热量饮食者I imagine someone who lives basically我的脑海中总是浮现出一个on a couple of carrots, or something like that.只靠几根胡萝卜之类的食物生存的人I didn#39;t think you#39;d go in for breakfast.我都没想到你会吃早餐Joe kicks off his day with a mountain of fruit,乔的一天从成堆水果开始some of which he then throws away.但其中的有些部分会被他丢掉Then what I like to do is add some apple to it,然后我会加一些苹果but when you#39;re in my position,如果你设身处地地理解我的想法I want to get as much nutritional value as I can for the calorie,我希望在摄入相同热量时得到最多营养and virtually all the nutritional value is in the peel.而事实上营养都贮存在苹果皮里So you#39;re going to slip the peel in所以你是准备把苹果皮加进去and throw away the rest of it?然后把剩下的都扔掉You#39;re going to do the reverse of what most people do.和大多数人所做的正好相反It#39;s great, because这样做很好literally 95% of the nutritional value here...因为事实上95%的营养都在这里面重点解释:1.go ahead 开始;前进例句:Go ahead and do what you like.去吧,喜欢干什么就干什么。2.a couple of 两个, 几个例句:He patched up a couple of old tires.他补了几条旧车胎。3.kick off 开始例句:Are you y to kick off?你准备好出发了吗? Article/201509/398728

Sichuan Province may be one of China#39;s culinary hotspots,四川省算是中国的美食之城but no trip here is complete without a visit但如果你到四川来旅行 却不去拜访下to see Chengdu#39;s most famous residents.成都最有名的居民 那可算是有枉此行了Oh, my God, they are so funny!天呐 他们好可爱啊It#39;s like they don#39;t look real. They#39;re so human-like.他们看起来就像假的一样,他们好像人You think at any moment,感觉就像someone is going to take the mask off and go, ;Da-da!;某只熊猫会突然揭下面具 说 ;哈 骗到你们了吧;I love the one in the tree.我喜欢树上的那只This panda sanctuary is这个熊猫保护基地home to most of the world#39;s panda population,是世界上大部分熊猫的家and here, at least, you feel that life will remain unchanged.在这里 至少你能感觉到 生活是保持不变的This was worth the trip here. Yeah.真是不虚此行 是啊Pandas are a massive draw for Chengdu,熊猫是成都最吸引人的一景particularly for Chinese tourists,尤其是对于中国游客来说but we have one last place to go.但我们还有最后一个地方要去It#39;s a place where our experience of Sichuan food traditions四川传统美食都汇集在这里are brought together and elevated to a new level.使我们的美食体验上升到新的层次Oh, I can#39;t wait! I know!噢 我都等不及了 我知道 Article/201509/397105Darwin said the answer would lie out there in the rocks.达尔文说过,就躺在岩石堆里Somewhere there would be fossils that would explain everything.某个地方的化石应该能解释一切Palaeontologists would go scurrying all over the world trying to find them, but such early fossils are rare.古生物学家们走遍了全世界,试图找到它们,可是这类古老的化石实在太少了There#39;s still so very, very few pieces of evidence.目前的据仍旧非常非常少This is like one of those terrible classic murder mysteries, you know, that goes on for 30 or 40 years就像那些经典的变态谋杀案,拖了三四十年都没能侦破and people slowly trying to pick up a little bit of evidence, a little bit there.人们只能慢慢地、一点一点地收集据But the more scientists looked the more they realised one crucial fossil was missing.但是科学家们在寻找的过程中逐渐意识到他们缺少一块关键的化石This would become a challenge to the whole Theory of Evolution and the story of how we got our legs这成为对整个进化论的一大挑战,而有关我们如何进化出腿的故事,would become the quest for the ultimate missing link.也就变成了对“终极进化缺环”的追寻The whole quest began 150 years ago with one simple observation.整个搜索开始于150年前,起因只是一个简单的现象A vast array of animals are, in fact, related. They all have four legs, they are tetrapods.实际上大批动物都牵涉其中,它们都有4条腿,它们是四足动物 Article/201701/487718Cold air brings snowfall to northern China受冷空气影响中国北方或将迎来降雪The Chinese capital of Beijing and its neighboring provinces are expecting the first snowfall of the winter, as we enter today into a seasonal phase called ;major snow.;随着今天迎来“大雪”节气,我国首都北京及其周边省份或将迎来今冬第一场降雪。It#39;s one of the twenty-four phases in the traditional Chinese calender that divides the year to guide agricultural actitives.大雪是划分一年指导农业活动中国传统的二十四节气之一。This particular one, as the name suggests, marks an increased likelihood of snow.值此特殊节气,正如其名称标志降雪的可能性增加。A cold front currently in the country#39;s western region of Xiangjiang is slowly moving toward the east and will likely bring strong winds and temperature drops of up to ten degrees.而目前一股来自我国西部湘江的冷锋正缓慢向东移动,可能会造成强风并且气温骤降达10度。So if you#39;re in the northern regions, do bundle up when you go out.所以如果你在北方地区,出门前一定要注意增添衣。 Article/201412/347316

HK police attempt to unblock streets香港警方完成清场工作 街道再次畅通Hong Kong police are now attempting to unblock streets that have been occupied by protesters for more than two weeks.香港警方正试图进行清场工作使被示威者占领长达2周的街道再次畅通。The move is aimed at clearing the way for traffic.这次行动是出于恢复交通考虑清楚道路障碍。Police began the attempt early this morning.警方已经于今早开始清场行动。Some roads in Mongkok, Central and Wanchai have now been reopened.旺角, 中环及湾仔的道路已经再次恢复通常。Police also cleared some barricades from the bustling shopping district of Causeway Bay.警方也清除了此前在铜锣湾购物区设置的一些路障。In the process, police called on the protesters to listen to them, and leave the roads open for traffic.警方在行动中号召抗议者们听从命令,离开街道使交通重新恢复。But the ;Occupy Central; protesters have refused to remove the barricades.但位于“占领中心”的抗议者们仍然坚守。They reinforced barricades late on Monday, erecting bamboo scaffolding, and mixing concrete to pour over the foundations of their road blocks.周一晚,他们对路障进行加固,竖起竹制脚手架,并将拌有混凝土的物质倾倒在路障基石上。 Article/201410/336024栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201510/402493

可以读懂用户脑电波的神奇电脑界面,使得仅仅通过想象(和一点点专注)就来操作虚拟的物体,甚至是真实的电子物体。Tan Le将演示这个耳机,告诉我们一些不可思议的应用。 Article/201508/395320

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