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The Spartan boy is tough as nails,斯巴达男孩坚韧如钉he has to be able to sleep outside他得能睡在户外when its raining and even snowing,不论是刮风下雨还是大雪纷飞to have to forage and even steal your own food.还得自己搜寻食物 甚至自己做吃的Spartans are armed with the best weapons of the day,斯巴达人拥有当时社会最先进的武器Spears and swords of iron.铁制长矛和宝剑But Sparta cannot fight Persia alone.然而斯巴达并没有能力单独对抗波斯Within Greece, Spartas rival: Athens.在希腊还有一个与斯巴达对立的城邦: 雅典Also small, vulnerable,它同样的弱小 不堪一击A city of merchants, playwrights, and farmers.这是一个由商人 剧作家和农民组建的城邦But faced with a powerful enemy,面对强大的敌人Athens must decide to accept Persia as its master雅典人必须作出选择 是做波斯人的奴仆Or try and make common cause with its bitter rival.还是竭力抗争 与仇敌斯巴达结盟The decision will determine the future of the western world这个决定将左右西方世界的未来And the story of all of us.以及全人类的历史The age of iron gives power to the people.铁器时代让人民有了力量The small city-state of Athens faces a choice:小城邦雅典面临艰难抉择:Submit to the Persian empire or fight for freedom.是向波斯帝国投降认输 还是为自由而战201509/398344


  Oh God. Control yourself.天啊 控制住自己At the back of my mind I knew I was part of a scientific experiment.我心里清楚 自己只是科学实验的一部分But the drug was changing my brain.但是那毒品改变了我的智商And I was making a fool of myself.我在让自己出糗No so youre right its a very smew...不 你说对了 确实是非常关Smew... Its a very smew...关 非常关...Its a very smewth...非常关滑Do I like this? Big time.我喜欢吗 大大喜欢Do I want more? Yes.我还想要吗 是的Thats the other thing that worries me a bit...还有件事困扰我Yeah dont turn the rig off.别把设备关了Its still going!还没关呢Well we only have about 30 seconds left of it.我们还剩30秒时间了What?!什么What?!什么From zero to five do you feel any drug effects?从0到5 你感觉到药物作用了吗Four.4-Do you like the effects youre feeling? -Five.-你喜欢现在的感觉吗 -5-Would you like more of what you have received? -Five.-希望再多来点吗 -5Do you feel high?感觉兴奋吗Four.4And do you feel intoxicated?有喝醉的兴奋感吗Four.4Four. All right.4 好了重点解释:1.part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。2.make a fool of 愚弄; 使出丑例句:Ill teach you to make a fool of me.我要教训你怎么来愚弄我。3.turn off关掉例句:Do you mind if I turn off the light?我把灯关掉你不反对吗? 201508/391218

  Air pollution is reaching record levels in many countries, particularly in China. At least 10 cities and one province are on “red alert”.许多国家空气污染达到历史最高水平,尤其在中国。至少有10个城市和1个省份发出“红色警报”。Beijing declared a “red alert” for the first time this year in early December, before repeating it last week. Schools are recommended to close. Students and teachers hope the weather improves.今年十二月初北京首次发布“红色警报”,上星期再一次发布。学校被建议停课。学生和老师希望天气好转。Of course I expect blue skies tomorrow. I’m a teacher and I hope blue skies will return so that the children can be back to study in their classrooms.我当然希望明天天空变蓝。我是一名教师,我希望蓝天能回来,让孩子们可以回到教室上课。The situation is dangerous in the city of Xinxiang.The concentration of particularly dangerous particles has reached a level, 30 times the maximum recommended by the World Health Organization.新乡市处境危急,特别危险颗粒浓度达到世界卫生组织建议最大值的30倍。In Iran’s capital air quality has been in the “red alert” zone since last week, with the volume of particles rising seven times beyond acceptable levels, according local media.据当地媒体报道,自上星期以来伊朗首都的空气质量一直处于“红色警戒”区,颗粒量超出可接受水平的七倍。In addition the average number of deaths in Tehran has increased from 150 to 180 people a day, one local official said.一名当地官员表示,此外德黑兰的平均死亡人数从每天的150人增加到180人。Meanwhile, in Europe the municipality of Milan, in northern Italy, has decided to ban all traffic on 28, 29 and 30 December, (between 10 am and 16 pm), to fight against pollution exceeding permitted limits.与此同时,在欧洲意大利北部米兰市,已决定在12月28,29和30日(上午10点到下午16点)禁止所有车辆通行,以应对超出允许限制的污染。In Rome, the same decision has been taken for Monday and Tuesday after the city’s alternating traffic system was recently implemented several times.在罗马城市交互式交通系统最近实施几次后,周一周二采取了同样的决定。In Madrid in Spain the City Council has activated traffic restrictions for the third time.在西班牙马德里,市议会已经第三次实施交通限制。Bosnia and Herzegovina is experiencing high air pollution levels. In Sarajevo schools are closed. Health institutions recommend the use of protective masks which are not currently available in Sarajevo pharmacies.波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那正面临高污染水平,萨拉热窝的学校关闭。卫生机构推荐使用防护口罩,但目前在萨拉热窝药店购买不到。Volunteers are distributing masks for free.志愿者正在免费分发口罩。译文属。 /201512/418185。

  But Juliane and Aurelius never did come back, and the buried treasure remained in the ground until 1,600 years later a farmer, Eric Lawes, went to look for a missing hammer. What he found, with the help of his metal detector, was this spectacular hoard. And he did find the hammer-which is now also part of the British Museums collection.但朱利安与奥列里乌斯没能再回来,财宝一直深埋地底,直到1600多年后,一名叫埃里克劳斯的农夫丢了一把锤子,他带着金属探测器去找锤子,却在无意中发现了这个宝库。当然,锤子最后也找到了,它也成为大英物馆的藏品之一。Its perhaps worth noting that many of the objects in this series we wouldnt know much about, were it not for the work of thousands of people-archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and many others. And we wouldnt even have found many of these objects without metal detectorists like Eric Lawes, who in recent years have been re-writing the history of Britain. When he found the first few objects, he alerted local archaeologists, so that they could record the detail of the site and lift the whole hoard out in blocks of earth.如果没有考古学家、人类学家、历史学家等人的辛勤工作,许多历史物品对我们来说都毫无意义。如果没有像埃里克劳斯这样的寻宝人,不知道它们的存在。他们的发现改写了不列颠的历史。埃里克发现了几件文物之后,立刻通知了当地的考古学家。他们记录了详细的出土地点,并将宝物连同附近的泥土一起取出研究。Weeks of careful micro-excavation in the laboratories of the British Museum revealed not only the objects, but the way in which they had been packed. Although their original container, a wooden chest about two feet (60 cm) wide, had largely perished, its contents remained in their original positions. Our pepper pot was buried alongside a stack of ladles, some small silver jugs and a beautiful silver handle in the shape of a prancing tigress. Right at the top, lovingly wrapped in cloth, were necklaces, rings and gold chains, placed there by people uncertain of when or whether they would ever wear them again. These are objects that bring us very close to the terrifying events that must have been overwhelming these peoples lives.工作人员用了数周的时间进行细致挖掘,取出了所有文物,并弄清了它们当年的摆放方式。用于存放宝物的宽约六十厘米的木箱已基本腐朽,但里面物品的位置没有变动。我们的胡椒瓶与一堆长柄勺、几个小银罐和一把造型为跃起的母虎的漂亮银把手摆在一起。在箱子顶层还有用布仔细包裹的一些首饰,如项链、戒指和金链条等,主人不知道是否还有一天能再次佩戴它们。通过这些物品, 我们仿佛能近距离地感受到让这些人惶惶如惊弓之鸟的灾祸。201503/362456

  The temperature of regular stuff is basically just a measurement of jiggliness of the atoms and molecules that make that stuff up.More jiggling,higher temperature,Less jiggling,lower temperature.Of course,when somethings at a high temperature,it feels hot,and when somethings at a low temperature,it feels cold.Right?mmmjhyyaaanot exactly.普通物体的温度,从本质上说指的仅仅是组成该物质的原子、分子振动的剧烈程度。振动越剧烈,温度越高,越不剧烈,温度越低。当然,当某个物体温度较高时,它摸起来很烫,当某物体的温度较低时,它摸起来很冷,不是吗?嗯啊额哦唔,不完全是哎。If you touch a piece of metal and a book that have been sitting in your fridge,the metal will feel much colder than the book-Derek of veritasium did a great on this,But you really have to try it for yourself to believe it!The metal and the book are honestly at the same temperature,as measured by a thermometer,but the metal FEELS colder.如果你用手摸刚从冰箱中拿也来的一块金属和一本书,金属块摸起来比书冷得多,Veritasium 的DeRek为此做过一个不错的视频,但是你真的应该亲身体验一下,事实上,用温度计测量金属块和书时,二者的温度相同,但是金属块感觉更冷。This isnt just a trick of the mind,though,we experience the metal as ;colder;than the book for a very physical reason:Metal is a conductor,and paper is an insulator,so the ENERGY,or jiggliness of the molecules in our hands,is absorbed more quickly by the metal than by the book.Even though the book and the metal are at the same temperature,the metal causes the temperature of our hands to go down faster and thus,we experience the metal as being colder,because the temperature of our hands is what we really feel.这不只是大脑的一个错觉,书给我们的感觉比金属块“冷”有它的物理解释,金属是导热体,而纸是绝热体,因此能量,或者说物体分子振动的剧烈程度,被金属吸收的速度比书更快。尽管书和金属块的温度是相同的,金属使得我们手掌表面温度下降得更快,因此,我们感觉金属更冷,因为我们手掌表面的温度才是我们真正感觉到的。Its like how,technically,a mercury thermometer really only measures its own temperature,And you can only indirectly measure temperatures of other things by putting them in thermal contact with it.Similarly,the thermo receptive nerves in our skin,can only directly measure the temperature of the skin itself and not of anything else.这就像严格地说,水银温度计仅仅反映水银表面温度而已,你只能通过使温度度和物体发生热交换来间接地测量物体的温度,类似地,我们皮肤下的热感受细胞,仅仅能直接测量皮肤表面温度,其他的一概不行。So when we touch something,we dont feel its temperature,but rather,we feel its effect on our skin:that is,how much and how quickly it transfers thermal energy-thats the jiggling of molecules-to or from us.The capacity to transfer thermal energy is also,why a blast of steam from your stovetop,can feel so much hotter than a blast of hot dry air from your oven,even though the oven has a higher temperature:water vapor transfers more molecular jiggling to your skin than air by itself.因此,我们摸其他东西时感受到的不是它的温度,而是我们感受到的,它对我们皮肤的影响,也就是它向我们吸收或传递热能,(实际上是分子的震荡)的多少和速度。物体传播热能的能力也解释了,为什么灶台上的水蒸气,给我们感觉比烤箱上升起的干燥热空气要烫得多,即便烤箱止热空气的温度更高。水蒸气向你皮肤表面转移的分子振动量比热空气的多。In fact,its tempting to say that ;hot;and ;cold;are fundamentally different concepts from ;high temperature;and ;low temperature;,even though we usually use the words interchangeably.;Hot;really means ;it gives off a lot of energy;,while high temperature means;it has a lot of energy;and as anyone whos tried fundraising knows,just because somebody has a lot of something,doesnt necessarily mean they give a lot of it away.实际上冷热和温度高温度低是两个截然不同概念的说法听起来更有道理,尽管我们经常将二者混为一谈,“热”意味着“物体向外传递很多能量”,而温度高则意味着“物体所含能量高” 正如每个曾筹过款的人都知道的,一个人所拥有的东西多,并不一定意味着他们给予的多。201503/36329020 dead, 13 hurt as coach falls off cliff in Henan河南安阳一辆大巴车坠悬崖已致20死13伤A bus accident in Central China has killed 20 people and injured 13 others.一辆公共汽车发生事故共造成20死13伤。The bus plunged from a cliff in Linzhou county, Henan Province, early on Tuesday morning.周二早上这辆公共汽车从河南省林州县的一个悬崖跌落。According to the local authority, the bus was carrying a local opera troupe, who were renting the vehicle.事故车辆是某剧团的车辆,乘客为该剧团演员。An investigation into the accident is under way.针对事故原因正在开展调查。201503/362455很多机器人都能飞--但是没有一个可以像一只真鸟儿那样真正飞翔。直到马库斯·菲舍尔(Markus Fischer)和他的团队在费斯托(Festo)成功造出智能鸟,这是一个大型,超轻,呈海鸥外形的机器人,如真鸟儿一样通过拍动翅膀飞行。看看它怎样在TEDGlobal2011大会上一飞冲天吧。201507/385559

  Get the book at asapscience.com Sitting can be a nice break from a busy day.But considering many of us spend our entire workday at a desk,followed by downtime in front of a computer or TV,one has to wonder.how exactly is sitting affecting your body? The answer is pretty shocking.去asapscience.com买本书吧,忙碌一天后,坐下休息爽爽哒。不过,考虑到多数人整日在桌前忙碌,停工期仍旧坐定电视电脑前,人们不禁会想,坐着对身体有啥影响,有点吓人。As soon as you sit down the electrical activity in your muscles drops significantly and your calorie-burning rate plummets to about 1 calorie per minute.After only 3 hour of sitting,there is a 50% drop in artery dilation,and as a result a decrease in blood flow.Sit for 24 hours straight.and the insulin in your body loses nearly 40% of its ability to uptake glucose,which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.在你坐下的那一刻,你肌肉的电活动会显著下降,热量消耗速率跌至每分钟1卡路里,刚坐下3小时后,你的动脉舒张程度下降50%,并导致血流减缓,连续坐24小时后,你体内胰岛素摄取葡萄糖能力下降近40%,这会提升II型糖尿病风险。And things only get worse from here.After 2 weeks of sitting for more than 6 hours a day,LDL cholesterol,sometimes called the ;bad;cholesterol,is increased,along with other fatty molecules putting you at a greater risk for weight gain.糟糕的才刚开始,连续2周每天静坐6小时以上后,低密度脂蛋白胆固醇,有时也称“坏”胆固醇,会上升,其他脂肪分子也会上升,使你增重的风险上升。On top of this,the enzymes responsible for breaking down fats plunge.And because of the prolonged inactivity,your muscles begin to break down.Gradually,their contractions become weaker,ultimately impeding the pumping of blood to the heart.Even if you work out regularly,the minute you stop moving,the deterioration begins again,in proportion to your sitting time.其上而言,分解脂肪的酶大幅减少,由于长时间不活动,你的肌肉开始分解,渐渐地,其收缩能力减弱,最终让血液难以流回心脏,即使你常锻炼,自坐下的那一刻起,肌肉就开始退化,同你坐下的时间成比例。And thats the scary part;research shows that just as exercise doesnt necessarily counteract the negative effects of something like smoking,it doesnt counteract the negative effects of too much sitting.A year later,the effects begin to compound,and some studies in women have even shown a decrease in bone mass upwards of 1% every year.最吓人的在于,有研究表明,正如锻炼并不一定能,转变抽烟等带来的负面影响,它也不能转变久坐带来的负面效应,一年后,各种影响叠加在一起,一些对女性的研究, 甚至表明,骨密度每年最高可下降1%。Think your brain is more important than your body?Physical movement not only helps pump blood and oxygen to the brain but also sends mood enhancing hormones.When we dont move,brain function begins to slow down.Perhaps the most shocking is that after 10-20 years of sitting for 6 hours a day,you may have lost up to 7 quality-adjusted life years-that is,year without medical issues of death.觉得你的大脑比身体更重要,运动不仅有助于身体向大脑输送血液和氧气,也会输送促进情绪的荷尔蒙,当,我们不动时,脑活动开始减缓,最让人震惊是,每天坐6小时,如此10-20年后,你可能得少过至多7年美好生活,也就是说,没病或不去世。For example,the risk of dying from heart disease increases by 64% while the risk of prostate or breast cancer increases by 30%.If everybody sat for no more than 3 hours a day,its estimated that the average lifepan would rise by 2 years.Simply put,our bodies arent designed to be sedentary.And sitting for 8 hours a day at work is just as bad for those who go home and wartch TV as it is for those who hit up the gym.比如心脏病致死几率上升64%,而前列腺或乳腺癌几率上升30%,如果每个人每天静坐少于3小时,据估计,人平均寿命会增加2年,简单而言,我们的身体本不适合久坐,每天坐着工作8小时对那些回家看电视人的坏处,同去锻炼的那些人相同。It can literally be a lethal activity.So whats the best solution? We put together a list of the top tips to fight the sitting epidemic,no matter how lazy you are,using scientific research and clever tricks to make it easy.There is a link in the description to that ,which you should definitely watch.字面上说,这是一种致命的行为,那么,有啥好解决方法,我们整理了治疗久坐综合征的几个方法,不管你多懒,药总是有的,各位敬请移步上方链接,自带梯子观看。201504/371184栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201604/431289

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/423756


  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201508/395184

  Japanese historians urge recognition of WWII sex slaves日本史学界促政府为强征慰安妇负责Sixteen associations of historians and educators across Japan have issued a joint statement, urging Japanese politicians and media to squarely face up to Japans wartime atrocities, in particular subjecting women to work in Japanese military brothels.16个历史学相关团体发表声明,呼吁日本政府就第二次世界大战时期日军强征亚洲国家女子为慰安妇承担责任。The statement says the existence of forcibly recruited ;sex slaves; has been verified by many historical records and extensive research.声明指出慰安妇制度规模是毋庸置疑的历史事实。It also demands the Japanese government to acknowledge the past and never repeat the mistakes.声明同时还指出要求日本政府承认历史罪行并承诺不再重蹈覆辙。201505/377277

  But this statue was absolutely not made to titillate. She is a religious being, one of the spiritual protectors to whom the Buddhist faithful can turn in distress, and from a religious tradition that has no difficulty at all in happily combining divinity and sensuality. The statue of Tara takes us into a world where faith and bodily beauty converge, to move us beyond ourselves. It also tells us a great deal about the world of Sri Lanka and south Asia, 1,200 years ago.但制作它的意图并非撩人情欲。在佛教中,它是虔诚的信徒在遭遇困境之时祷告求助的神祇,来自一种能将神性与感官享受毫无困难并愉悦地加以结合的宗教传统。度母神像带我们进人了一个用信仰与身体之美的结合来促成超脱的世界,也让我们多少了解了1200年前的南亚与斯里兰卡。The island of Sri Lanka, separated from India by only 20 miles (32 km) of shallow water, has always been an important hub in the seaborne trade that stitches the lands of the Indian Ocean together. In the years around 800 AD Sri Lanka was in close, indeed constant, contact with the neighbouring kingdoms of south India, but also with the Islamic Abbasid Empire in the Middle East, with Indonesia, and with Tang China. Sri Lankan gems were particularly highly prized, and 1,200 years ago rubies and garnets from here were being regularly traded to east and west, reaching the Mediterranean and possibly even Britain. Some of the gems from the great Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo may well have come from Sri Lanka.斯里兰卡岛与印度仅隔着二十英里浅海,一直是海上贸易的重要集散地和印度洋各岛的连接点。在公元800年左右,它不但与南印度诸邻国关系密切,也与中东的伊斯兰阿拔斯王朝、印度尼西亚和中国唐代往来频繁。斯里兰卡的宝石口碑极好,1200年前,这里出产的红宝石 与石榴石定期销往东西方,运送到地中海,甚至远涉英格兰。萨顿胡的盎格鲁-撒克逊船葬中的部分宝石可能就来自斯里兰卡。But it was not only goods that travelled. The teachings of the Buddha, who lived and preached in north India some time around 500 , had gradually evolved into a complex philosophical and spiritual system of conduct, designed to liberate the individual soul from the illusion and suffering of this world.踏上旅途的不仅仅是商品。公元500年前后,佛陀曾在印度北部传法,他的教义逐渐发展成一套复杂的、帮助苍生脱离世间苦难的哲学与修行系统。201511/412603

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