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少儿英语情景对话:动物园-- :35:   Zoo    动物园  Costa: What are you going to do today?  Buba: I am going to the zoo.  Buba: I am going with Mimi and Chinchin.  Costa: Zoo? What kind of animals are there at the zoo?  Buba: There are lions,seals,kangaroos,monkeys and many more.  Buba: What do you see? Do you see the polar bears?  Mimi: Yes,I do. They are swimming.  Buba: What do you see?  ChinChin: I see elephants. They are taking a bath.  ChinChin: And I see giraffes. They are eating leaves.  Buba: What?That must be Costa.  Mimi: What is going on?  Buba: The monkey said... look!  Buba: Costa,Stop it!  Mimi: Hey,look! Do you see the kangaroos?  ChinChin: Yes,I do. They are bouncing.  Mimi: No, Costa is there.  Buba: Stop that right now! Costa.  Costa: Hahaha!   科斯达:你今天要去哪里?  布巴:我要去动物园  布巴:我与咪咪和晨晨一起去  科斯达:动物园?动物园里有什么动物?  布巴:有海狮,海豹,袋鼠,猴子,许多其他的  布巴:你看到了什么?你看到北极熊了吗?  咪咪:是的,我看到了它们在游泳  布巴:你看到了什么?  晨晨:我看到了大象他们正在洗澡  晨晨:并且我还看到了长颈鹿他们正在吃树叶  布巴:什么?这一定是科斯达  咪咪:这是怎么回事?  布巴:猴子说...看!  布巴:科斯达,停下来!  咪咪:嘿,看!你看到袋鼠了吗?  晨晨:是的,我看到了它们正在跳着  咪咪:不,科斯达在那里  布巴:停下来!科斯达  科斯达:哈哈哈!。


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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Something successful people never do again.成功的人绝对不会再做的事 Do anything that requires them to be someone they are not. 不做不适合自己的事情In everything we do, we have to ask ourselves, ;Why am I doing this? Am I suited it? Does it fit me? Is it sustainable?;我们在做任何事的时候都要问自己:“我为什么要这么做?我适合做这件事么?这件事适合我做么?这件事能够持续下去么?”If the answer is no to any of the sequestions, you better have a very good reason to proceed.如果有任何一个问题的是否定的,那你最好再想一个继续做这件事的更好的理由sustainable adj.可持续的; 可以忍受的; 可撑的例句:Try to buy wood that you know has come from a sustainable source.尽量购买来自可持续发展林的木材更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3675。

真希望我会开车-01 :38: A:I wish I knew how to drive.真希望我会开车B:You do? No problem. I'll teach you. We can start tonight!真的?没问题我来教你我们今晚就可以开始!A:Tonight?今晚?B:There's an empty parking lot right up ahead. The perfect place your first lesson.前面就有个空的停车场正好可以让你上第一堂课A:Wow! Can you really teach me? I mean, have you ever taught anyone bee?哇!你真的可以教我?我是说,你有教过人吗?B:Are you kidding? I'm calm. I'm patient. I've never had a car accident. I'm the perfect teacher.开玩笑?我冷静又有耐心我从来没出过车祸我是最完美的老师A:OK, then let's go it!好吧,那我们就去做吧!。

求婚 Proposing-1 :51: A:Julia, will you be my wife?茱莉亚,你愿意成为我的妻子吗?B:I'm sorry, Steven.我很抱歉,史蒂文A:Please, Julia, I have made proposal to you five times. I really want to share the rest of my life with you.求你了,茱莉亚,我已经向你求了5次婚,我真的想要和你白头到老B:I know. But I’m not y married life yet.我知道,可我还不想结婚A:Julia, I really love you. I hope I can stay with you no matter you are happy or sad in future.茱莉亚,我是真的爱你我希望将来无论你是开心还是难过我都能和你在一起B:Your way does touch my heart.你真的很让我感动A:So, will you marry me?那么,你愿意嫁给我吗?B:I want to think of it some time.我想要点时间考虑考虑。

【主题】Last time we learned "Just between us." which means "这件事就你和我知道,不要告诉别人" And today I would like to share a new one with you which is relative with a ghost and I wish you wouldn't be frightened. me, it's the other way around, I think, it's as good as a play. What's it? Let's listen to a simple situational dialogue and find it .A : These letters are from the rogue.Don't tell a soul.B : Alright. What are they say inside. 【答疑解惑】It is " Don't tell a soul. " This warns somebody not to tell anyone else. It's like saying " Don't discuss with anyone else." Soul 有鬼魂的意思 example: He feared the soul of his deceased wife would haunt him. 他害怕亡妻的鬼魂会来缠扰他 但是也有“人”的意思 example: You saw hardly a soul in the village. 在村子里,你几乎看不到什么人Talking of it , it's easy to catch this short sentence : Don't tell a soul. It's similar to saying in Chinese :" 不要告诉别人" “别传出去”【即学即用】And now let's put it into practice. Please translate the following sentences into English. 1 你要严守秘密,不要提关于它的任何事情 别告诉别人,包括你的母亲在内Think them hard and the answers will be given later. 1 You aren't going to tell a soul. Don't repeat any of it. Don't tell a soul, not even your mom. 【听透美语】Please listen to me the dialogue to spot the differences between my pronunciation in my speech and the pronunciation in the recording. A : These letters are from the rogue.Don't tell a soul.B : Alright. What are they say inside. We should pay attention to the following places. 1 letters are fromIt is pronounced as [#7;led#601;rza:fr#601;m] in my speech.【点拨】letters以辅音[z]结尾,are的发音是[a:], 辅音和元音连读[za:] , from的弱读为[fr#601;m], letter美语发音为['led#601;r]. The stress falls on the first syllable. Don't tell a It is pronounced as ['d#601;utel#601;] in my speech. 【点拨】don't 的最后一个音标与tell的第一个音标相同,都是[t],则省去前面的[t]的发音,tell以辅音[l]结尾,a 的发音是[#601;], 将其连读为[l#601;].3 what are It is pronounced as[wh#596;ta:]. 【小题大作】1 What are they say inside. 【翻译】信中写了些什么?【关键词】"Inside" means "in those letters". "Say" which is then key word in this sentence means " express opinions on something". example: Say what you like about her, she is a fine singer. 随你怎么说,反正她唱歌唱得好How should we put "你说呢?" . Let's look at a sentence: Anna thinks I'm lazy, what do you say? Anna说我很懒,你说呢?How to express "并不是说"?It is "That is not to say." example: That is not to say it's a bad movie. 并不是说这部电影很糟糕And what's English "要我说的话"?We have a sentence: I wouldn't say they were rich. 要我说的话,他们并不富裕What's more, here is short sentence including "say" means " I don't know." let's look at a dialogue: "when will it be finished?" "I couldn't say." "什么时候能完工?"“不好说” Don't tell a soul.【翻译】别传出去【关键词】In this sentence , soul is the key word. It refers to a person of a particular type. 指的是某种人 example: He is a brave soul. 他真勇敢She's lost all her money, poor soul. 可怜的人,她的钱全没了There wasn't a soul in sight. 这个人影都不见This is village of 300 souls. 这是个有300人的村子 196。

It will soon be that time of the year when Chinese singletons in their late twenties will be nagged by their anxious parents to get married ASAP.Marriage as many Chinese see is one of the most important things in life and considered a key to happiness. That’s the prerequisite parentsurging children to get married.But is it necessarily the case? Do you have to get married to be happy? 5670。