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Strikes continue in France and the country is bracing for another day of demonstrations next Thursday over a new retirement reform bill that the country's Senate passed on Friday. President Nicolas Sarkozy is expected to sign the bill into law soon.法国的罢工在继续。下星期四还将举行一天示威,反对星期五通过的新退休改革法案。萨科齐总统预期将很快签署该法案,使它成为法律。A hundred or so demonstrators waving red flags and many wearing yellow stickers calling for a retirement at sixty gathered in Paris this weekend. They oppose the government's plan to raise the minimum retirement age two years, to 62 and full retirement from 65 to 67. 100名左右挥舞红旗,许多还佩戴着黄色名片的示威者这个周末聚集在巴黎,呼吁将退休年龄定在60岁。他们反对政府将最低退休年龄从60岁提高到62岁,将完全退休年龄从65岁提高到67岁的计划。The bill has sparked protests for more than two weeks from transport strike that has disrupted rail services and airports, and a blockade on refineries, fuel depots and ports that has left many gas stations empty. The French government says the reforms are necessary because of a large fiscal deficit. 这一法案已经引起了两个多星期的抗议,其中包括交通部门的罢工导致铁路和航班中断,封锁炼油厂、油库和港口的行动导致许多加油站没有油了。法国政府说,由于巨额财政赤字,改革是必需的。These demonstrators are collecting money for the strikers to continue. Patrice Bessac a spokesman for the French Communist party says it does not matter that the senate just passed the bill. "The law is passed but not the movement," he said.这些示威者正在为罢工者募款,以使罢工继续下去。法国共产党的发言人贝萨克说,参议院刚刚通过这项法案,但这没关系。他说:“法律已经通过,但不是抗议行动。”201010/116422UN Agency Proposes Selective Industrialization to Help World's PoorestUN机构:工业化要选择正确产品 A ed Nations agency is offering what it calls a "conceptual breakthrough" to uplift the world's poorest people. The U.N. Industrial Development Organization contends selective industrialization offers the best chance for smaller, developing countries to achieve sustainable economic progress. But the backers of the plan acknowledge the global economic crisis will make needed investment difficult to attract. 联合国的一个机构提出了一个它所说的“概念性的突破”来使世界上最贫穷的人摆脱贫困。联合国工业发展组织称,有选择性的工业化为比较小的发展中国家获得可持续的经济发展提供了最好的机会。不过,这个计划的持者承认,全球性的经济危机将使这个计划难以获得所需要的投资。Choosing the right products to make for the global market is key, if low-income and slow-growing countries want to break free of the poverty trap. That is the critical point in the Industrial Development Report of the ed Nations Industrial Development Organization. 如果低收入以及发展缓慢的国家要想摆脱贫困这个陷阱,选择生产为全球市场所需要的正确产品是一个关键。这是联合国工业发展组织在年工业发展报告中所提出的关键论点。The U.N. agency is calling for the World Trade Organization to give preference to exports from the least developed manufacturing countries. It also wants developed countries to liberalize trade rules to allow the poorest an opportunity to create viable manufacturing export industries.  这个联合国机构呼吁世界贸易组织给那些最不发达的制造业国家的出口提供优惠。它还要求发达国家将有关的贸易规则进一步自由化,从而允许最贫穷的人有机会创造一个可行的出口制造工业。The U.N. agency says such changes would benefit what it terms the "bottom billion" - the people who are subsisting on less than one dollar a day.  联合国工业发展组织说,这样的改变将使数十亿处于底层的人从中获益。这些人每天靠不到1美元的生活费聊以度日。But the UNIDO's South Asia representative, Philippe Scholtes, acknowledges the gloomy international economic situation will make it more difficult, in the next five to 10 years, for underdeveloped countries to realize value-creating manufacturing hubs.  但是这个联合国机构驻南亚的代表菲利普.朔尔特斯承认,目前黯淡的国际经济状况将使不发达国家在今后5到10年的时间里很难成为创造价值的制造业中心。"The global crisis will certainly have an impact for these bottom billion," Scholtes said. "The emphasis on building up physical infrastructures, human infrastructures and developing technological capabilities may be put somewhat aside."  他说:“目前的全球危机显然将对这些处于底层的数十亿人造成影响。改善物质基础设施、人力基础设施以及发展技术能力等重要任务可能要被放到一边。”The U.N. agency is highlighting a number of manufacturing clusters as potential templates for other countries to create manufacturing export successes. These include Chennai India's leather industry; the button-manufacturing cluster in Qiaotou in China's Zhejiang Province; the automotive sector in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta; and, the computer components hub of Otigba, Nigeria.  这个机构挑选了一些制造业集群作为其他国家创造制造业出口成功的潜在典范。这些产业集群包括印度清奈的皮革业,位于中国浙江省桥头的钮扣生产基地,印度尼西亚首都雅加达的汽车行业以及尼日利亚欧提巴(Otigba)的计算机部件制造中心。The U.N. report notes India's rapid export growth in the first half of the decade made South Asia the fastest growing region in manufactured exports, following by the Middle East and North Africa.  这份联合国的报告还指出,印度在2001年到2005年期间出口的快速增长使得南亚成为制造产品出口增长最快的地区,其次是中东和北非。The report was released Monday in New Delhi, London and other cities. The UNIDO, headquartered in Vienna, is a specialized ed Nations agency mandated to promote industrial development and international industrial cooperation. 这份报告是星期一在新德里、伦敦和其他城市同时发表的。总部位于维也纳的联合国工业发展组织是联合国的一个专设机构,宗旨是促进工业发展以及国际工业合作。02/63093国际货币基金组织(IMF)发表的最新一期《世界经济展望》报告预测,世界经济今年将收缩1.3%,为第二次世界大战以来最严重的经济衰退。明年世界经济将逐步复苏,但仅有望增长1.9%。此外,在中国和印度经济的带动下,亚洲发展中经济体仍将保持经济增长,今明两年的增长速度将分别达4.8%和6.1%。《世界经济展望》报告中说,中国经济今、明两年的增长速度会有所减缓,但在恶劣的国际金融和经济环境下,中国经济的表现依然是“强劲的”。中国经济的前进动力源于两个因素:一是政府积极行动,采取了大规模的财政刺激措施并放松了货币政策,从而扩大了消费和基础设施建设投资;二是出口部门在经济中所占比例较小,特别是把高进口额计算在内之后。 报告认为,一些亚洲经济体仍有加大货币政策力度的空间,包括中国在内的经济体更多地放松货币政策似乎是适当的。同时,中国可采取进一步的财政措施刺激国内消费,这既可在短期内持经济增长,也有助于中期内重新平衡经济。The GDP numbers aren't great, say economists, but they are in line with expectations. During the first quarter this year, China's economic growth slowed to a 6. 1% compared to the same quarter last year, the slowest rate of growth since 1992 when quarterly records began. "The real economy has taken a hit far more serious than expected. Developing countries are experiencing deepening recession. And the growth rate of developing countries is slowing down. It was therefore not an easy achievement. " There is now optimism that China's economy has hit a low point and has stabilized. With the government's 600 billion US dollar stimulus package having an impact, consumer spending is up, auto sales have hit a record high, there's been a surge in bank lending, and the stock market is up for the year. There is now a building expectation of stronger growth later in the year, but analysts warn any recovery remains fragile. "The Chinese problem now is really a sort of international problem, right? So, the dropping GDP is primarily driven by the dropping export. " Exports are down almost 20% compared to the same time last year. And most experts agree, unless there's a substantial improvement in the global economy in coming months, government spending alone in China will not be enough to sustain any potential rebound into next year. 1.expectation n. 期待,期望v. 期待,前程例句与用法:She ate a light lunch in expectation of a good dinner. 她午饭吃得很少,期待晚饭时饱餐一顿。He has great expectations from his uncle. 他渴望从叔叔那继承大笔遗产。2.recession n. 后退,凹入的地方,不景气例句与用法:There is no sign that the recession has bottomed out yet. 没有迹象表明萧条已经到了极点.Share prices were buoyed up by hopes of an end to the recession. 因经济衰退状况终止有望,股票价格得以保持高位。3.surge n. 巨涌,汹涌,澎湃v. 汹涌,澎湃例句与用法:A surge of innovation in techniques is on the horizon. 技术改进的浪潮即将出现。The crowd surged past him. 人们从他身边涌过。4.fragile adj. 易碎的,脆的例句与用法:Fragile handle with care. 易碎品--小心轻放.Glasses are fragile and must be handled with great care. 玻璃制品易碎, 必须小心轻放。5.rebound v. 弹回vi.amp;n. 弹回,跳回例句与用法:The ball rebounded from/off the wall into the pond. 球从墙上弹回来掉进池里.The scheme rebounded on her in a way she had not expected. 她未曾想到这计谋反倒使她自食其果.She quarrelled with Paul and then married Peter on the rebound. 她和保罗争吵後愤而嫁给了彼得.05/68788Thousands of Congolese Refugees Flee to Uganda, Rwanda数千刚果难民逃往乌干达卢旺达 The UN refugee agency reports thousands of Congolese refugees have fled to Uganda and Rwanda in the past few days seeking safety from escalating fighting in North Kivu province. Rebel forces loyal to renegade leader Laurent Nkundu have made serious inroads into territory previously held by the Congolese army of President Joseph Kabila around the eastern town of Goma. 联合国难民署报告说,几千名刚果难民在过去几天逃到乌干达和卢旺达,寻求安全庇 护地点 ,躲避北基伍省日益升级的战斗。忠于叛军 头目恩孔达的反对派军队大举入侵了以前由卡比拉总统的刚果军队占有的东部城镇戈马附近的领地。The UN refugee agency reports more than 8,500 Congolese refugees have crossed the border into Uganda since the latest round of fighting started in August - some 2,500 of them over the past few days.  联合国难民署报告说,自从最新一轮战斗在今年8月爆发以来,8千5百多刚果难民穿越边境进入了乌干达,其中大约有2千5百人在过去几天里进入乌干达。UN refugee spokesman, Ron Redmond, says many of the refugees said they had walked for more than 20 hours from the Rugarama area in Congo. This is about 17 kilometers from the Uganda border. 联合国难民署发言人雷德蒙德说,许多难民说他们从刚果的卢加拉马地区走了20多个小时。这里离乌干达边境大约17公里远。He says most of the Congolese refugees in Uganda are dispersed in a dozen villages along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. 雷德蒙德说,大多数在乌干达的刚果难民被安置在刚果民主共和国边界一带的十几个村庄里。"They are accommodated by host families, friends and relatives," said Redmond. "They are in fairly good condition. But, we fear that the situation could soon deteriorate if medical, water and sanitation facilities are unable to cope with rapidly increasing needs. Logistics are difficult. It is a very remote area. In addition, the food supplies in that part of Uganda generally depend on local imports from DRC." 雷德蒙德说:“接待他们的家庭、朋友和亲戚为他们提供食宿。他们的情况相当好。但是,我们担心,如果医疗、水和卫生设施无法应对迅速增长的需求的话,局势可能不久会恶化。后勤很困难。这是一个非常偏远的地区。另外,在乌干达那个地区的食品补给一般靠从刚果民主共和国进口。”Meanwhile, Redmond says some 1,200 other Congolese refugees, who fled to Rwanda earlier in the week, were staying in a school in Gisenyi. He says they did not want to be registered by UNHCR and transported to the transit center.  与此同时,雷德蒙德说,这个星期早些时候逃到卢旺达的另外大约1千2百名刚果难民住在吉塞尼的一个学校里。他说,他们不希望在联合国难民事务高级专员署进行登记,也不希望被运往临时中心。He says many of the refugees have since returned to Goma to check on their properties and families left behind. Many others, he says, have moved in with relatives in Gisenyi or crossed the border to Uganda. 他说,许多难民后来回到戈马,看看他们留在身后的财产和家人。他说,另外许多人搬到吉塞尼的亲戚家里,或者越过边境进入乌干达。Redmond says the UNHCR is going to have to set up new sites to accommodate the growing number of refugees and displaced people. 雷德蒙德说,联合国难民事务高级专员署打算设立新地点,安置越来越多的难民和逃离家园的人。"It is clear we are going to require more resources, more funding to cope with the new needs," he said. "Working with the UN system and our partners in the UN as well as NGO partners, we are going to need to rapidly distribute tarpaulins, blankets, sleeping mats, jerry cans, buckets, mosquito nets. All of the aid items that are absolutely essential in a situation like this where people have fled with nothing."  雷德蒙德说:“很明显,我们打算要求更多物资、更多资金来应对新的需求。通过和联合国系统、我们在联合国的夥伴机构以及非政府夥伴机构进行合作,我们打算要迅速分发防水帐篷、毛毯、睡袋、罐头食品、水桶和蚊帐。所有这些援助物资对于一无所有逃离家园的人是绝对重要的。”The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, is renewing his appeal to all sides in the conflict to respect humanitarian principles and to ensure the safety of civilians and those trying to help them. 联合国难民事务高级专员署专员古特雷斯再次呼吁冲突各方尊重人道主义原则,确保平民和试图帮助他们的人的安全。He says hundreds of thousands of people who have aly suffered far too much are in danger and in desperate need of help. 他说,成千上万的已经生活在水深火热中的人目前处于危险之中,急切需要帮助。The UNHCR reports more than a quarter of a million people have fled their homes since August. Altogether, it estimates there are more than one million internally displaced people in North Kivu. 联合国难民事务高级专员署报告说,从8月份以来,已经有25万人逃离了家园。难民署估计,在北基伍省里,总共有1百多万人流离失所。200811/54783Fighters for Libya's provisional authorities say they have surrounded key areas still held by forces loyal to ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi. At a checkpoint north of Bani Walid, there appears to be a lull before any storm.利比亚过渡当局的部队表示,他们包围了仍然效忠被罢黜的领导人卡扎菲的部队所控制的关键地区。Forces loyal to the National Transitional Council are poised at this Gadhafi-held town south of the capital. There is confusion about what lies ahead: local commanders speak of deadlines both short and long, some passing without notice.忠于全国过渡委员会的部队正在班尼瓦里边缘地区集结,班尼瓦里是首都的黎波里以南由卡扎菲控制的城镇。但是人们对即将发生什么仍然感到困惑。当地指挥官说的最后期限长短不一,一些人则根本不在意。NTC fighter Renai Moqtar Renai, manning a checkpoint north of the town, says he's following the orders of his political leaders. He said the council has given the town more time - until next Saturday.被部署在班尼瓦里以北一个检查站的全国过渡委员会士兵利奈·莫克塔尔·利奈表示,他听从他的政治领导人的命令。他说,过渡委员会已经给了这个城镇更多的时间,一直到下个星期六。In the meantime, there have been on and off negotiations with tribal leaders in Bani Walid. Hopes are high there will be a peaceful resolution.与此同时,在班尼瓦里和部落领导人之间的谈判时断时续。班尼瓦里能够获得和平解决的希望很高。Mohamed Abdel Khadr lives outside Tarhouna, north of the flashpoint. He said there's been enough bloodshed, with a huge number of Libya's youth killed, both civilian and military.穆哈迈德·卡德尔生活在检查站以北的塔霍那城外。他说,流血已经太多了,大批利比亚年轻人丧生,其中既有平民也有士兵。The fighters at the checkpoints north of the town appear happy for this lull. After months of fighting, they're finally finding time to rest and pray. Some gather wood for a fire; they've bought a sheep, which will become a hearty meal. 在班尼瓦里以北检查站的士兵看来对这种平静感到高兴。在几个月的战斗之后,他们终于有时间可以休息和祈祷了。一些人收集木头生火,他们买了一只羊,准备享用一顿丰盛的大餐。But their appetite for battle is waning.但是他们的战斗欲望正在减退。An adviser to the forces, who didn't want to give his name, explained the fighters have a personal stake in a peaceful outcome. He said most of the fighters are from Bani Walid, returning here to make sure they enter peacefully. He added they will only point guns at those who want to kill, and prays that as many lives as possible will be saved.这部队一名不愿透露姓名的顾问解释说,一个和平的结果,攸关这些战士们的个人利害关系。他说,绝大多数的战士都来自班尼瓦里,回到这里希望确保他们能够和平进入这座城镇。他补充说,他们只会对那些想杀人的家伙动,同时祈祷有尽可能多的人将会平安无事。For fighters like Renai, as much as he'd like to see a surrender, he's y if there's not one. He said they are waiting until Saturday. If nothing happens, they are y to go in and fight.像利奈这样的战士,他很希望看到投降的人,但是如果没有投降者,他也做好了准备。他说,他们正在等待星期六的到来。到时候如果什么都没有发生,他们就准备投入战斗。201109/152727

British schoolboy crowned world's strongest 12-year-oldBritish schoolboy Kyle Kane has been crowned the world's strongest 12-year-old after lifting a 22-stone weight at a junior bodybuilding event.The youngster smashed the previous record by over five stone after he hoisted a 308lb weight in one clean lift.At 5ft 7ins and 10.5 stone he is aly twice the size of most boys his age and has muscles to rival that of most men.The Coventry schoolboy broke the record for his age during a charity bodybuilding event at the Standard Triumph Club in his hometown on Sunday.Prior to his attempt, the World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters World Record dead lift for a 12-year-old was 236lb, set by an American youngster.Nicknamed Little Arnie after musclemen Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kyle now trains in the gym four times a week and can shift 600lb (272kg) with his legs, 309lb (140kg) deadweight and bench-press 200lb (90kg).He started kickboxing when he was four-years-old and became a black belt by the age of nine. He began weightlifting when he was 10.When he is not training, Kyle enjoys playing with his school friends at Grace Academy where his favourite subjects are History and PE.Kyle said he hopes one day to become an Olympic weightlifter and bring gold back to Britain.He said: "I just want to be as muscley as I can be."Hopefully one day I can train in the Olympics or compete in the World's Strongest Man but failing that I'd like to be a professional bodybuilder like my dad."People may think I've been pushed into weightlifting, but I wouldn't do anything I didn't want to do, I do this because I love it.Vocabulary:dead lift: one of three power lifting events (other two are squat and bench press). Weight is lifted off floor to approximately waist height. Lifter must stand erect, shoulders back. 硬举deadweight: a thing that is very heavy and difficult to lift or move (难以搬动的)重物bench press: a weightlift in which you lie on your back on a bench and press weights upward 卧推kickboxing: a type of boxing in which the opponents are allowed to kick as well as punch each other 有氧搏击操,起源于跆拳道和拳击的一种健身运动,它是将拳击、空手道、跆拳道、功夫,甚至一些舞蹈动作混合在一起,在激烈的音乐中,进行一些拳击和跆拳道的基本拳法和腿法练习。健身者在出拳、踢腿的过程中,随着音乐挥动双拳,动作刚劲有力,能最大限度地让健身者尽情地出汗,在不知不觉中减掉全身多余的脂肪。背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108582

Microsoft and Intel微软和英特尔Wintel swings微软和英特尔各觅新欢The marriage that dominated personal computing becomes more open强强联姻主导个人电脑市场之势日趋明朗Sep 17th 2011 | from the print editionTOGETHER Microsoft, the maker of the Windows operating system, and Intel, the world’s biggest maker of semiconductors, used to rule the world of personal computing. Now that new computers are as likely to sit in people’s hands as on their desks or laps, life for the Wintel couple is less comfy. On September 13th, at their annual conferences for software developers, both claimed to have found new zest—not least from dallying with other partners.微软(Windows操作系统的开发者)和英特尔(世界最大的半导体制造商),曾联手统治了个人电脑市场。然时代变迁,如今的电脑已不再局限于放在桌上、膝上,还能持于手上。于是乎,微软和英特尔这两口子也开始心猿意马。就在9月13号,一年一度的软件开发大会上,两口子都宣布已有了新的对象——不仅仅只是和别人眉目传情、暗送秋波了。Gartner, a research and consulting firm, expects that this year only 3.8% more laptop and desktop PCs will be shipped than in 2010. That is partly because people have tightened their belts, but also because they are snapping up tablets and smartphones. Both Microsoft and Intel have struggled to adjust. The phone version of Windows has had good reviews but was installed in only 1.6% of smartphones sold in the second quarter; Google’s mobile operating system, Android, scooped 43%. Windows’ share of tablets is minuscule. And in markets where battery life is prized, economical chips designed by ARM, a British company, have made the running. Intel has made virtually no impression in tablets and none at all in smartphones.研究与顾问咨询公司高德纳预计,今年的笔记本和台式个人电脑的发货量较2010年顶多增长3.8%。这里面部分是因为现在的人都在拉紧裤腰带生活,但也有部分原因是他们都去抢购平板电脑和智能手机了。对此,微软和英特尔都是心急如焚,急于转变。Windows手机综合测评不错,但第二季度只有售出的智能手机只有1.6%是安装其操作系统。而谷歌的安卓操作系统却抱走了43%的市场份额。在平板电脑市场Windows所占份额更可谓是芝麻粒豆。再者,在如今这个极其重视电池续航能力的市场情况下,节能型芯片可谓是前景广阔,而英国ARM公司在这方面已是先拔头筹。可怜的英特尔对平板电脑市场几无影响,对智能手机更是无比汗颜。Both firms boasted this week of liaisons with others. Intel and Google said that future versions of Android would be tuned for Atom, Intel’s family of low-power processors. Phones with Intel inside should be on sale in the first half of next year. Microsoft showed off the next version of its operating system, code-named Windows 8, using ARM chips. It wants to reassure the army of developers who write programs to run in Windows that these will be just as reliable as Intel’s.本周,微软和英特尔都在高调宣传他们的新感情生活。英特尔和谷歌结了姻,英特尔家族的节能处理器凌动未来将会和安卓系统合体,预计将会于明年上半年诞生。另一方面,微软则看上了ARM,并对他们的后代表示出极高的自信,冠以Windows 8的美名。微软此举也就是想消除那些开发Windows系统软件的人们的疑虑,表明此产物会如与因特尔所产的那样稳定可靠。201110/155825

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