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U MINH, Vietnam — Luc Van Ho slips through a tangled thicket of jungle, graceful as a dancer. A blanket of dried bamboo and melaleuca leaves on the forest floor barely crackles beneath his bare feet. Only the smell of cigarette smoke betrays his presence.越南幽明县——陆云虎(Luc Van Ho)穿过一从纠缠交错的丛林植被,动作如舞者一样轻盈。林地上厚厚地铺着一层干枯的竹叶和千层树叶,在他的光脚下几乎没有发出声响。只有烟味暴露着他的踪迹。A hunter, Mr. Luc, 45, set out at dawn from his family’s bamboo-thatched home in Vietnam’s U Minh forest to check a half dozen homemade traps rigged along animal trails in the underbrush and on canal banks frequented by snakes and turtles.现年45岁的陆云虎是一名狩猎者,住在越南乌明森林的一栋竹屋里。他一大早就从家中出发,去查看自己布下的六个陷阱。这些陷阱分布在有动物经过的下层灌木底下,以及经常有蛇和乌龟出没的运河河岸。He stops at a snare trap made of wood and bicycle brake wire, nearly invisible beneath leaves. The trap is empty, not unusual.他走到了一个用木头和自行车闸线做成的陷阱,埋在叶子下面的装置几乎没人能发现。陷阱里空空如也,这种情况并不少见。“Before, this forest was very different,” Mr. Luc said. “Now, the animals are so few that most hunters are changing their jobs.”“这片森林以前可不是这样,”陆云虎说。“现在动物太少了,多数猎人都改了行。”Still, in the previous two weeks, Mr. Luc had caught nine Southeast Asian box turtles and Malayan snail-eating turtles, five elephant trunk snakes, a handful of water birds and two rare Himalayan griffon vultures. For safekeeping, Mr. Luc stashed the vultures in his brother’s house, leaving them tethered in the bedroom until he can figure out what to do with them.尽管如此,在过去的两个星期,陆云虎还是捕获了九只马来闭壳龟和马来食螺龟、五条象鼻蛇、少量水鸟,以及两只稀有的高山兀鹫。为了妥善保管这两只兀鹫,陆云虎把它们存放在了兄弟的房子里。在想出处理它们的办法之前,暂时把它们拴在了卧室里。In the past, Mr. Luc’s hunting trips often yielded wildlife bonanzas, including prized pangolins. Also known as scaly anteaters, they are among the most trafficked mammals in the world. Mr. Luc works with traders willing to buy live pangolins for a pound.过去,陆云虎的狩猎之行常常会有大量斩获,包括名贵的穿山甲。这是全世界走私最严重的哺乳动物之一。与陆云虎合作的商人愿意以每磅60美元(约合370元人民币)的价格收购活穿山甲。Although he caught just two pangolins last year, that price makes it well worth the effort to keep seeking them out. He knows, however, that this lucrative resource is finite.虽说陆云虎过去一年中只捕获过两只穿山甲,这个价格让他觉得,继续寻找穿山甲是值得的。然而他知道,这个丰厚的收入来源不会永远存在。“Pangolins will be extinct soon,” he said. Still, he expresses no plans to retire.“穿山甲很快就会灭绝了,”他说。不过,他并没有打算金盆洗手。Mr. Luc is one of thousands of illegal hunters draining Vietnam, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, of its animals. Its rhinoceroses have aly gone extinct, and conservationists estimate that just a couple of its tigers, if any, remain. Even lesser known species like soft-shell turtles and civets are sought out for traditional medicines, food, trophies and pets.像陆云虎这样的成千上万的非法捕猎者,正在让越南的动物资源走向枯竭。越南是世界上最具生物多样性的国家之一。越南的犀牛已经灭绝。动物保护人士估计,这里的老虎即使没灭绝,可能也不多了。一些人们不太熟悉的物种,比如中华鳖和灵猫,也是捕猎的对象,它们被用来制作传统药材和食物,或是当做纪念品和宠物。Illegal wildlife is one of the world’s largest contraband trades, netting an estimated billion a year, not including illegal fisheries and timber. While all Southeast Asian countries and many others outside of the region are involved, Vietnam plays a paramount role. The country is a major thoroughfare for wildlife goods bound for China, which arrive overland from Cambodia, Thailand and Laos; by ship from Malaysia and Indonesia; or by air from Africa.非法野生动物贸易是世界上规模最大的违禁贸易之一,每年的规模约为190亿美元,这还不包括非法的渔业和木材贸易。尽管东南亚国家和该地区以外的许多国家都卷入了这场贸易,越南扮演着独一无二的重要角色。该国是野生动物商品进入中国的主要渠道,这些商品从柬埔寨、泰国和老挝经陆路、从马来西亚和印度尼西亚经水路,从非洲经空运抵达越南,然后流入中国。“After China, Vietnam is the next port of call in terms of where to look to figure out what’s going on with wildlife trade,” said Dan Challender, a co-chairman of the pangolin specialist group at the International Union for Conservation of Nature.“要弄清楚野生动物贸易的状况,除了中国之外,越南是第二个值得关注的地方,”国际自然保护联盟(International Union for Conservation of Nature)穿山甲保护专项小组的联席主席丹·查兰德(Dan Challender)说。Vietnam is also a significant consumer of wildlife, especially those yielding the ingredients for traditional medicine, such as rhino horn, which is used to treat everything from cancer to hangovers. The exotic meats of rare animals are seen as luxuries by a rising middle class eager to advertise its prosperity.越南也是野生动物产品重要的消费国,特别是那些能够用来制造传统药材的动物产品,比如犀牛角。犀牛角被用来治疗从癌症到宿醉的各种疾病。此外,日益庞大的中产阶级也把稀有动物的肉看做能够彰显自身财富的奢侈商品。“Pangolin is frequently the most expensive item on the , so ordering it is an obvious way to show off to friends and colleagues,” Dr. Challender said. “The fact that it’s illegal isn’t played down and is even attractive, because it adds this element that you live beyond the law.”“穿山甲常常是菜单上最贵的菜,因此点一道穿山甲显然是对朋友同事进行炫耀的一种方式,”查兰德说。“他们不掩饰食用穿山甲属非法行为的事实,反而觉得更有吸引力,因为它为这种行为增加了刺激元素,仿佛你可以逍遥法外。”International concern about the trade have never been greater, but conferences, new enforcement strategies and ivory crushes have yet to make a dent.国际上对这种贸易的担忧已经达到了前所未有的程度,不过,相关的会议、新的执法策略以及销毁象牙制品的行动还没有产生什么效果。In February, the Obama administration issued a plan to curb illegal wildlife trade by strengthening enforcement, reducing demand and sending a handful of agents abroad. The ed States is the second-largest market for illegal wildlife products, but only an estimated 10 percent of traffickers are caught because of inadequate resources supporting enforcement, as well as legal loopholes pertaining to certain products, such as ivory.今年2月,奥巴马政府推出了一项通过加强执法、减少需求和派遣少数工作人员到海外的方法来遏制野生动物贸易的方案。美国是非法野生动物商品的第二大市场,但由于用于执法的资源不足,而且涉及特定产品,比如象牙,又存在法律漏洞,只有10%的走私者落网。“Wildlife trade is higher profile now than it’s ever been, and that’s great,” said Chris Shepherd, regional director in Southeast Asia of Traffic, a wildlife trade monitoring network. “But all of the talk about this issue by world leaders is not trickling down to the ground yet.”“野生动物贸易获得了前所未有的关注,”监测野生动物贸易的组织Traffic的东南亚地区主任克里斯·谢泼德(Chris Shepherd)说。“但所有关于该问题的讨论并没有落到实处。”In January of this year, officials intercepted more than 7,500 protected pig-nosed turtles in Indonesia, a frozen tiger in Vietnam and 190 endangered black pond turtles in Singapore. As wildlife disappears in Southeast Asia, poachers increasingly turn to Africa.今年1月,有关部门在印度尼西亚截获了超过7500头猪鼻龟,在越南截获了一头被冷藏的老虎,在新加坡则是190只濒危的黑池龟。随着东南亚野生动物的不断消失,越来越多的偷猎者把目光转向了非洲。More than 1,500 pounds of ivory and two tons of pangolin skins were intercepted in Uganda in January. Last year in South Africa alone, a record 1,215 rhinos were killed for their horns.今年1月,乌干达截获了超过1500吨象牙和两吨穿山甲皮。去年,只在南非,偷猎者为了获得犀牛角猎杀了1215头犀牛,这个数字创下了历年之最。The illegal wildlife products that officials manage to interdict account for an estimated 10 to 20 percent of the total trafficked.官员们截获的非法野生动物产品相当于全部走私规模的10%到20%。“We may be disrupting criminal networks, but we’re certainly not dismantling any of them,” said Scott Roberton, Vietnam country representative and regional coordinator for wildlife trafficking programs for the Wildlife Conservation Society. “The situation is going to get worse before it gets better.”“我们或许干扰了犯罪集团,但我们毫无疑问没有消灭其中的任何一个,”国际野生生物保护学会(Wildlife Conservation Society)越南国家代表和野生动物走私项目地区协调员斯科特·罗伯森(Scott Roberton)说。“在情况有所改善之前,还会进一步恶化。”While China recently increased its arrests and prosecutions for wildlife crimes, those caught trafficking wildlife in Vietnam or other transit countries almost always escape punishment. Dealing in protected species is a criminal offense under Vietnamese law, as is selling wild-caught animals of any kind.虽然中国近期在野生动物犯罪方面加强了拘捕与诉讼工作,但那些在越南等中转国抓获的野生动物走私者几乎总能逃脱惩罚。按照越南法律的规定,交易保护物种或销售任何种类的野外捕获的动物均属犯罪行为。But even when trafficking kingpins are taken into custody, prosecution often depends on finding unrelated charges that are taken more seriously than wildlife crime, such as car smuggling. Poachers like Mr. Luc — who says he has never run into legal trouble — are rarely reprimanded, and punishment, if any, usually entails a small fine.不过,就算走私活动主犯遭到扣押,要想进行诉讼也往往有赖于找到比野生动物犯罪更严重的不相干罪名,比如走私汽车。陆云虎表示,自己从未遭遇法律问题。像他这样的偷猎者很少受到责难,即使面临惩处,也常常是一小笔罚款了事。“Very few criminals caught for major violations like tiger or rhino horn possession ever do a day in prison,” said Douglas Hendrie, chief technical adviser for Education for Nature-Vietnam, a nonprofit organization based in Vietnam.“因为持有虎制品或犀牛角这种重大违法行为而被抓获的犯罪分子中,几乎没有人在监狱里待过哪怕一天,”越南保护自然教育组织(Education for Nature-Vietnam)的首席技术顾问道格拉斯·亨德里(Douglas Hendrie)说。这是一家设在越南当地的非营利机构。Wild-caught and protected animal products are easily procured in Vietnamese cities. “It’s not an enforcement priority yet, largely due to corruption, collusion and an absolute lack of concern,” Dr. Shepherd said. “People just do not care.”在越南的各大城市,很容易弄到野外捕获及受保护动物的制品。“这还不是执法的重点,而其中的主要原因是腐败、串谋,以及漠不关心,”谢泼德说。“大家完全不在乎。”Thien Vuong Tuu (“The Alcohol of the Gods”), a fancy restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, advertises pangolin, bear, porcupine, bat and more on its illustrated . Customers interested in pangolin — sold for 0 a pound — must order it two to three hours in advance and place a deposit based on its weight.胡志明市的一家高档餐厅“天王酒家”(Thien Vuong Tuu)在配了图片的菜单上宣传自己供应穿山甲、熊、豪猪和蝙蝠等菜品。穿山甲的售价为每磅150美元(约合每公斤2000元人民币)。有意品尝的顾客必须提前两三小时预订,并按照份量交一笔预付款。When the customer returns for dinner, the manager presents the live pangolin to the table, then slices its throat on the spot to prove that the meat is fresh and has not been substituted.当客人回来吃晚餐的时候,经理会把活的穿山甲拿到餐桌前来展示,然后当场割喉,明肉质新鲜,没有被掉包。“Pangolin is very popular with customers, because it treats a lot of sicknesses,” said Quoc Trung, the restaurant manager. His staff will also dry and package pangolin scales left over from dinner — a popular ingredient in traditional medicines that are still covered by Vietnamese health insurance.“穿山甲在顾客当中非常受欢迎,因为它能治很多病,”餐厅经理国征说。他手下的员工还会将餐桌上剩下的穿山甲鳞片晾干后包装起来——这是一种流行的传统药物成分,至今仍为越南医疗保险所接纳。On a Sunday night, families with young children and groups of middle-aged men fill the restaurant. At one table, two French-speaking men order a cobra to the delight of their female companions. Two young servers bring out a large, writhing snake, its mouth bound tightly shut with plastic twine.一个周日的晚上,这家餐厅里满是带着小孩的家庭顾客和一群群的中年男性。在一张桌子上,两名说法语的男士点了条眼镜蛇,讨得了他们女伴的欢心。两个年轻的务员端出一条身躯扭动的大蛇,它的嘴部被塑料绳牢牢绑住。As the customers film with their smartphones, one server holds the snake taut. The other carefully feels along the animal’s abdomen until he locates the heart, then opens it up with a pair of scissors and removes the beating organ with his bare fingers.客人用智能手机拍摄的同时,一名务员紧紧抓住蛇身,另一人则在它的腹部摸索,确定了心脏的位置之后,再用一把剪刀剖开,徒手取出这颗还在跳动的脏器。As the servers wring out the animal, the blood drips into a ceramic bowl to be mixed later with alcohol and drunk.务员沥出蛇血,滴到一个瓷碗中,准备拿去兑酒供客人饮用。“The government doesn’t allow exotic meat, but we have our sources and good connections with the police,” Mr. Quoc said after the show concluded. “The demand is so high for these things, so we have to supply them.”“政府不许用稀有肉类,不过我们有货源,跟警察关系好,”这番表演结束后,国征说。“这些东西需求特别大,我们一定要供应。”Given the widesp lack of enforcement, grass-roots conservation organizations in Vietnam increasingly find themselves on the front lines. Education for Nature-Vietnam recently conducted a survey of restaurants, hotels and shops in 12 districts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, recording each violation of wildlife laws and insisting that authorities follow up.由于执法的普遍缺失,越南的草根保护组织越来越多地感到自己身处第一线。越南保护自然教育组织近期对河内和胡志明市12个区的餐厅、酒店和商铺进行了调查,记录下违反野生动物法规的每项行为,并且坚决要求相关机构予以跟进。Several months later, the group repeated the survey and found the availability of illegal products ranging from snake “wine” to bear bile had fallen by nearly 60 percent in eight of the districts. “When authorities put us out of work by doing their job effectively and consistently, then we’ll no longer have to do this,” Mr. Hendrie said.几个月后,该组织再次进行了调查,发现在其中八个区弄到蛇酒和熊胆等非法制品的可能性降低了近60%。“当局持续有效地做好本职工作,让我们没事可干的时候,我们才会不用做这些,”亨德里说。Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, a nonprofit based at Cuc Phuong National Park, organizes training sessions across the country for park rangers and the police, conducts community education programs and operates one of the country’s only rehabilitation centers for confiscated animals.设在菊芳国家公园(Cuc Phuong National Park)内的非营利机构“拯救越南野生动物组织”(Save Vietnam’s Wildlife)在该国各地组织面向护林员和警察的培训活动、运营社区教育项目,并且开设了一家越南少有的罚没动物康复中心。In Vietnam, much of the wildlife intercepted from illegal traders is sold by officials back into the black market. Nguyen Van Thain, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s founder, often must race to the sites of recent confiscations to try to recover animals before that can happen.在越南,从非法交易者手中截获的许多野生动物都会被官员卖回黑市。拯救越南野生动物组织的创始人阮文泰(Nguyen Van Thain)常常需要赶去最新的罚没现场,才可能及时救回动物。“Corrupt rangers still want to sell animals back to the trade,” Mr. Nguyen said. Even if the animals are not sold, very few return to the wild, because of a lack of rehabilitation facilities.“腐败的林业工作者还是想要把动物弄回去卖掉,”阮文泰说。因为康复中心的匮乏,就算动物免于被贩卖的命运,也没有多少能重返大自然。Animals not sent to a specialized rescue center often “just sit around until they die,” Dr. Shepherd said.未能送到专业救治中心的动物往往“坐以待毙,”谢泼德说。Over the last three months, Mr. Nguyen has helped rescue 20 pangolins, but the maximum capacity at his center — one of only two in Vietnam that can care for pangolins — is less than 50. With a budget of just ,000 a year, he has few resources with which to expand the center and hire additional staff.过去三个月里,阮文泰帮助救治了20只穿山甲。不过他创办的中心最大的容量不到50只,而越南只有两处这样的地方可以照看穿山甲。这家中心的年预算仅为9万美元,他也没什么资源来扩大中心规模或增添人手。Mr. Nguyen says he is not confident that attitudes will change in time to spare his country’s wildlife.阮文泰表示,自己并不看好越南人能及时转变观念,让野生动物免于灾祸。“The problem in Vietnam is that conservation is a new way of thinking,” he said. “Vietnamese people need to learn to take seriously what we have now. We need to take care of our own environment and wildlife if we want it to be around in the future.”“越南的问题是,保护自然还是个新的概念,”他说。“越南人必须学会珍惜我们现在拥有的东西。如果我们想要它们将来还存在的话,我们必须保护好自己的环境和野生动物。” /201504/368030“Don’t call yourself Chinese if you haven’t tried everything on the periodic table,” goes a saying in China, a reference to a string of food safety scandals in recent years.“如果你还没有把元素周期表上的所有东西都尝过一遍,就不要说自己是中国人,”中国人用这句俗话暗示近年来的一连串食品安全丑闻。In the most recent episode, 100,000 tons of smuggled frozen meat has been seized across China, some of it more than 40 years old, the state news agency Xinhua reported. The chicken wings, beef and pork uncovered in the customs operation in 14 provinces and regions were valued at up to 3 billion renminbi, or 3 million, and 20 people have been arrested, it said.最新的一个丑闻是:据官方通讯社新华社报道,中国查获了10万吨走私冻肉,其中一些是40多年前生产的。海关在14个省和地区开展的行动中,发现了货值超过30亿元人民币的鸡翅、牛肉和猪肉等冻品,已有20人遭到逮捕。The origin of the meat was not clear. According to Xinhua, however, the meat typically was shipped to Hong Kong, then taken to Vietnam, where traders would smuggle it across the border to China without declaring it with customs officials or undergoing the required entry-exit inspection and quarantine. Some of the meat was found stamped with packing dates going back to the 1970s.这些冻肉的来源尚不清楚。但据新华社报道,它们通常被运到香港,再发往越南,然后由商贩偷运入境,既不向海关官员申报,也不进行必要的出入境检验检疫。一些冻肉上的印戳显示加工时间早在20世纪70年代。To hold down costs, the meat would be transported in ordinary, nonrefrigerated trucks, sometimes for more than 12 hours.为了压低成本,这些冻肉会用普通卡车,而不是冷冻卡车运输,有时途中会超过12小时。According to the Changsha Administration of Customs, in Hunan Province, one-third of the meat on offer at the largest wholesale market in the city was found to be illegally imported.湖南省长沙海关总署表示,他们发现在该城市最大的批发市场中,有三分之一的肉类属于非法进口。“It was too smelly! A truck full of it! I almost threw up when the door opened,” Zhang Tao, a Changsha official involved in the crackdown, was ed as saying by Xinhua. “太臭了,整整一车厢,打开门差点吐了,”新华社引述参与这次行动的长沙官员张涛(化名)说。After being refrozen, the meat was distributed to retailers, supermarkets and restaurants in Guangdong, Sichuan and other provinces. China Central Television, the state broadcaster, showed workers in the southern city of Shenzhen repackaging the imported meat with Chinese labels, even though imported products, if legal, tend to be more profitable than local ones.Some of the meat was sold on the Internet. Many meat retailers have set up profiles on Taobao, the online shopping website owned by Alibaba, offering local and imported meat, often promising same-day delivery. Some claim to be selling beef imported from the ed States, even though such beef has been barred from the Chinese mainland since 2003, following outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease.这些肉类被重新冷冻后,发往广东、四川等省的零售商、超市和餐馆。在中国官方媒体中央电视台播出的视频中,南部城市深圳的工人用中国的标签对这些进口肉类进行重新包装,虽然出售合法进口的产品往往比本地肉类利润更高。有些冻肉则在网上出售。很多肉类零售商都在阿里巴巴旗下的购物网站淘宝上开设了网店,出售本地和进口肉类,而且往往承诺当天到货。一些网店自称出售美国进口的牛肉,虽然自从牛海绵状脑病即疯牛病爆发之后,中国大陆自2003年以来已经禁止了这些牛肉的销售。In May, Deputy Trade Representative Robert Holleyman of the ed States said that “huge amounts” of beef were bypassing the ban. American trade officials said that while it was not known how much of this smuggled beef was passing through Hong Kong, a semiautonomous Chinese territory with a separate customs system, the amount of beef entering Hong Kong from the ed States alone was greater than the total consumed in Hong Kong from all sources.今年5月,美国副贸易代表罗伯特·霍利曼(Robert Holleyman)表示,绕过该禁令的牛肉“数量庞大”。美国贸易官员表示,虽然目前还不清楚有多少这种走私牛肉途经了香港,但仅从美国进港的牛肉量,就已经超过了香港消耗的所有来源的牛肉量。香港是中国境内一个半自治的区域,有独立的海关系统。“Theoretically, China has strict food safety regulations, but execution is often the problem,” Peter Cheung, director of the Food and Nutritional Science Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said in an interview. “I personally would not buy meat online.”“理论上讲,中国有严格的食品安全法规,但问题往往出在执行上,”香港中文大学食品及营养科学学科主任张志强在接受采访时说。“我自己不会在网上购买肉类。” /201506/383091

The Chinese government stripped popular Internet portal Sina Corp. of two online-publication and distribution licenses, official media said on Thursday, as a government crackdown on Internet pornography intensified. 中国官方媒体周四报道,中国政府决定吊销新浪公司(Sina Corp.)有关互联网出版和网络传播视听节目的两份许可。目前中国政府对互联网采取了更大力度的“扫黄打非”行动。Sina, which controls the popular Weibo social-media service along with many widely news portals, was found to have released 20 articles and four s that contained lewd content, according to China#39;s official Xinhua News Agency. China#39;s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television said it would revoke the company#39;s license to publish newspapers, magazines and books online, as well as its license to publish audio and , according to Xinhua. 据中国官方媒体新华社报道,有关部门发现新浪登载了20部淫秽色情互联网作品及四部色情互联网视听节目。报道称,国家新闻出版广电总局决定吊销新浪的《互联网出版许可》和《信息网络传播视听节目许可》。新浪拥有广受欢迎的新浪微(Weibo)社交媒体平台,同时也拥有许多高浏览量新闻门户网站。Beijing-based Sina didn#39;t respond to requests for comment. On its websites on Thursday the company apologized to #39;Internet users and all parts of society,#39; and added that it is working closely with the government to respond to the antipornography campaign and remove problematic content. 总部位于北京的新浪未回复置评请求。该公司周四在其网站上发布致歉声明说:“向广大网友和社会各界致以最诚挚的道歉”。该公司还说,正与主管部门进行密切沟通和配合,使整改工作更有针对性。Sina generates revenue mostly through the sale of ads on its news, entertainment and web portals. Its website, including content, appeared to be operating normally on Thursday. Sina#39;s online operation is small, so a shutdown would be unlikely to have a major impact on the company. 新浪的收入主要来自新闻、、视频网站的广告销售。包括新浪视频在内的旗下网站周四似乎都正常运作。新浪的在线视频业务规模很小,因此关闭不太可能对公司产生重大影响。The government attack on lewd content in China comes amid a sustained government crackdown on online discourse. Beginning last autumn the government has warned and punished a number of well-known social-media commentators. It also said it would crack down on the sp of what it says are rumors and personal attacks online. Critics say the moves are aimed at quashing dissent and the discussion of sensitive topics. 政府此番整治淫秽色情信息,是和网络言论的管制相契合的。从去年秋天开始,一批知名社交媒体员遭到了警告、惩处。此外政府还宣布,将打击网络谣言传播和人身攻击。批评者说,此番行动目标在于打压意见人士以及网民对敏感话题的讨论。Still, the suspension of Sina#39;s licenses marks the first time the government has used its annual campaigns to go after the country#39;s largest listed Internet companies. In the past, sites would be taken down and social-media accounts suspended, but the operations of companies like Sina were generally left alone. The move likely sends a signal to China#39;s other major Internet companies and news portals to ensure that their platforms do not feature prurient content. 不过,新浪上述许可被吊销是政府头一次动用年度行动来修理上市网络巨头。此前也就是查封网站、封停社交媒体账号,但基本上不干涉新浪等公司的运营。今日的举动向其他大型网络公司和新闻门户网站传递出了一个信号,即必须确保它们自己的网络平台没有淫秽色情内容。Many of the problematic commentators were on Weibo, which this month publicly listed in New York. Sina still holds a controlling stake in the business, Weibo Corp. 许多存在问题的都出现在微上。微本月在纽约挂牌上市,新浪仍持有微的控股权。The renewed attention on controlling the Internet has become a key characteristic of the presidency of new Chinese leader Xi Jinping. In February the Chinese Communist Party set up an Internet-security committee led by Mr. Xi and other top party officials to focus on cybersecurity and guide public opinion online. 将关注焦点再次转向加强对互联网的控制已成为国家主席习近平的一项重要政策。中共2月份设立了一个由习近平和其他党内高级官员领导的互联网安全委员会,专注于网络安全以及为网上舆论做引导。Although China carries out annual campaigns to combat the distribution of lewd content over the Internet, the most recent crackdown has been significantly more severe than those of recent years. Known as the #39;Cleaning the Web 2014#39; campaign, thus far it has led to the shutdown of 110 websites and 3,300 accounts on China-based social networking services like Weibo and Tencent Holdings Ltd.#39;s smartphone messaging application WeChat, according to Xinhua. 虽然中国每年都会发起打击互联网低俗内容传播的行动,但近期的这一场行动要比最近几年的任何一次行动都更加严厉。新华社称,这场名为“净网2014”(Cleaning the Web 2014)的专项行动开展以来,已经有110个网站和3,300个中国社交网络务账号被查处,其中包括微和腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd., 简称:腾讯控股)旗下的智能手机通信应用微信(Wechat)上的一些账号。Paul MozurPaul Mozur /201404/291933

The US and three big emerging market countries have bolstered hopes for a global climate change deal this year by unveiling fresh plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions.美国和三大新兴市场国家公布了限制温室气体排放的最新计划,从而增强了在今年达成一项全球气候变化协议的希望。In a day of cascading announcements in capitals around the world, the presidents of the US and Brazil jointly announced plans to each generate 20 per cent of their electricity from non-hydropower renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, by 2030.世界各国在同一天接连作出宣布,美国和巴西总统共同宣布,将各自在2030年前让非水力可再生资源(例如风能和太阳能)发电量占到总发电量的20%。Separately, China, the world’s biggest carbon polluter, and South Korea formally submitted climate change plans to the UN for a December meeting in Paris where countries are due to finalise an international global warming agreement.另外,全球最大碳排放国家中国以及韩国正式向联合国12月巴黎大会递交气候变化计划,各国将在此次会议上敲定一项国际全球变暖协议。China said it would cut its carbon emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 60-65 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030. This followed earlier commitments that its carbon emissions would peak no later than 2030 and the amount of non-fossil fuels in its energy mix would rise to about 20 per cent by 2030.中国表示,到2030年,将把单位国内生产总值(GDP)的碳排放从2005年水平降低60%至65%。这延续了早先的承诺,即中国的碳排放将不迟于2030年见顶,同时到2030年,非化石燃料在其能源结构中所占比重将升至20%左右。The pledges would mean the US tripled the amount of renewable power on its grid, while Brazil would more than double its share. Brazil also said it would restore 12m hectares of forest by 2030, an area nearly the size of England.这些承诺将意味着美国的可再生能源发电量将增加两倍,巴西将增加一倍多。巴西还表示,将在2030年前恢复1200万公顷的森林,几乎相当于英格兰的面积。The combined pledges mean countries accounting for more than 70 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions have now set out their plans for the Paris meeting. Large economies including India, Japan and Australia have yet formally to table their plans.这些国家的承诺意味着,占全球温室气体排放70%以上的国家已向巴黎气候大会提交计划。大型经济体中还有印度、日本和澳大利亚等国尚未正式提交计划。 /201507/383839

Up to a third of the population will be black or from another ethnic minority by 2050, new research forecasts today.新研究预测,到2050年英国将有三分之一的人口为黑人或者其他少数族裔。There are currently eight million non-white people – 14% of the total – across England and Wales, according to the study by the Tory think tank Policy Exchange.保守智库“政策交流”研究发现,目前英格兰和威尔士地区约有八百万非白人,占总人口的14%。But the so-called BME (black and minority ethnic) population has doubled in the past decade and now accounts for 80% of growth while the white population has remained constant.但BME(黑人和少数民族)人数在过去十年里翻了一倍,占人口总增量的80%,而白种人的人数增长则保持不变。While ethnic minorities make up just 5% of the over-60s, they account for a quarter of under fives.在60岁以上的人群中,少数民族占5%,而在5岁以下的人群中占四分之一。That means between 20% and 30% of people will be black or ethnic minority by the middle of the century.这意味着到本世纪中期,黑人和少数民族将会占人口总数的20%到30%。And it is a time bomb for the Tories who struggle to win votes from BME communities which overwhelmingly back Labour.这对于保守党来说是个潜在威胁,由于BME人群几乎都持工党,保守党很难从他们手上赢得选票。The findings should act as a wake-up call for politicians to stop treating people from non-white backgrounds as one, single group, the think tank said.智库称,这些研究发现为政客们敲响了警钟,不能再把非白人当做一个可有可无的群体。Since the Second World War immigration from the Caribbean , the Indian subcontinent and Africa has produced in diverse groups with widely differing opinions, experiences and traditions, it said.第二次世界大战后来由自加勒比海、印度次大陆和非洲的移民组成的不同群体有着不同的见解、经历和传统。There are “clear and meaningful differences between each of these communities which need to be fully understood” but politicians are not doing that, the report says.“不同人群间的差异明显、值得探究,需要政客充分领会”,但是报告显示官员们没有这么做。Author Rishi Sunak said: “These communities will continue to become an ever more significant part of Britain, especially in future elections.作家瑞希·萨科说道:“这些群体将会在英国继续存在并且扮演更重要的角色,尤其是在未来的选举方面。”“However, as our research demonstrates ethnic minorities are not one homogeneous political group.“当然,我们的研究表明,少数民族并不具有完全一致的政治倾向性。”;From education to employment, housing to trust in the police, politicians from all parties must understand the different issues affecting individual communities.”“无论是教育还是就业,住房到对警察的信任方面,各党派的政治家都需要充分了解影响各个社区的不同因素。”The research draws on survey, census, academic and polling data to build up a detailed picture of the five largest minority groups in the UK - Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black African and Black Caribbean.这份研究利用问卷调查、普查、学术研究和投票得到的数据构成了英国最大的五个少数民族群体——印度、巴基斯坦、孟加拉、非洲黑人和加勒比海黑人的详细情况图。With the exception of those from an African background a majority of non-white Britons describe themselves as “British-only”, the report said.报告称,除了来自非洲的移民,大多数非白种的英国人把自己描述成“正统英国人”。BME communities also overwhelmingly support the Labour Party “regardless of class or association with Conservative policies”.BME群体也强烈持工党“无视保守派的阶级联合政策”。Some 68% voted for Gordon Brown’s party at the 21010 General Election, compared with 16% for the Conservatives and 14% for the Liberal Democrats.在2010的换届选举中,戈登·布朗所在的政党获得了68%的选票,保守党获得了16%的选票,而民主党获得了14%。 /201405/298928

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