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Divorce insurance离婚保险I do conditions apply我愿意申请条件Ending a marriage is horrid. Insurance might ease the pain离婚是可怕的,保险可能缓和痛苦DIVORCE, like any other risk, can be priced and packaged.离婚,像其他任何冒险投资一样,可以标价与打包。With half of all marriages doomed to fail, even the moderately hardheaded may be interested in ways of mitigating the danger.由于所有的婚姻中,一半都注定失败,甚至温和的不感情用事者也可能对减少危险的方法感兴趣。So hopes AR, a German-based insurance firm.所以,像德国保险公司AR所希望的那样。From September it will offer a kind of divorce insurance that will pay out if English prenuptial agreements are subject to a legal challenge.从九月开始,它将提供一种离婚保险,它将为那些受法律挑战配的英国婚前协定付费。Such policies are aly common in some continental European countries such as Germany and Spain, and are offered by some American employers as a perk.像这样的策略在欧洲大陆国家,例如德国和西班牙,已是正常,同样一些美国雇主也会将此作为额外津贴发给员工。But they are so far unknown in Britain, chiefly because prenuptial agreements have had little legal force in English law Scotlands legal system is separate.然而,到目前为止,这些策略在英国还是不被人知的,主要是因为这些婚前协议在英国法律苏格兰法律除外面前是几乎没有法律效力的。Judges have traditionally given much greater weight to circumstances at the end of the marriage than to any agreements made at the start.传统上,比起婚前的任何协议,法官们对婚姻结束时的事项给予了更多的重视。That changed in October last year, when a Supreme Court ruling upheld a German heiresss prenup against a challenge from her ex-husband, who claimed he hadnt realised that it was unfairly one-sided when he signed it.去年十月这种情况改变了,当最高法院规定持德国的一名女继承人的婚前协议而反对她前夫的质疑。The Law Commission, which helps Parliament tidy up legislation, is currently looking into a statutory framework for prenuptial agreements.她前夫声称他在签署婚前协议时他没有意识到这是不公正的片面的。帮助国会修整法规的法律委员会,当前正在为婚前协议寻找法律框架。The new insurance is hedged with conditions.新的保险受到各种条件的束缚。It starts paying out if the prenup is challenged in court—so the companys profit will come from making that unlikely.如果婚前协议在法庭中受到质疑,公司则开始为顾客赔偿,因此公司只有使这种情况不要发生才能盈利。Only solicitors vetted by the insurers can draft the deals;the prenups must be updated regularly and when circumstances alter through childbirth, inheritance or changes in earning power, for example.只有通过审查的初级律师才能起草协议;当客观环境发生变化的时候比如孩子出生,继承或赚钱能力的改变,婚前协议必须定期地升级。So far two legal firms have signed up: the upmarket Mishcon de Reya, and Prolegal, a commercially minded new entrant。到目前为止,只有两家法律公司签署了合同:高级的Mishcon de Reya和一个商业上有思想的新参与者Prolegal。The cover will range from £50,000 to £500,000, says AR, with annual premiums from £500, depending on the scope of the policy and the priciness of the lawyers.AR说费用将会从5万欧元到50万欧元,年度保险费从500欧元起。这取决于保险单的范围和律师的费用。The bare-bones version is simply an indemnity for the cost of a challenge to the prenup; elaborate policies will include other expenses such as mediation and, if that fails, the cost of a contested divorce.大体的描述就是对婚前协议受质疑的花费而提供的一个简单赔偿;详细的策略将包含其他费用,比如调停,以及如果调停失败后纷争离婚的花费。Unlike those for car insurance, the premiums are flat rates: the libidinous will pay the same as the uxorious.与那些车险不同的是,保险费是统一费用:好色者与溺爱妻子者将会付出同样的代价。But an American divorce-insurance company, SafeGuard, is planning a more ambitious product that will pay a big bonus to those who stay married for 25 years.但是,名叫安全保卫的一家美国离婚保险公司,正计划一项更有野心的产品,会为那些结婚25年的人付一大笔红利。Sounds like a nice wedding present.听起来像一件不错的结婚礼物。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/228976

Business商业Diet products减肥商品A big, bad business点肥成金不现实Medical firms struggle to profit from weight-loss treatments制药公司试图从减肥治疗中获利OBESITY is an epidemic to some and an opportunity to others.肥胖症对某些人来说是传染病,对别的一些人来说则是机遇。More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight.超过三分之二的美国人已经超重。Find a way to battle the bulge and a huge profit might be made.找个办法和肥胖对抗,说必定就此大赚一笔。On February 22nd one pharmaceutical firm, Vivus, took a small step towards this goal.2月22日,Vivus制药公司朝着这个目标前进了一步。A committee advising Americas Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that it approve Vivuss diet drug, Qnexa.给美国食品药物做咨询的一家委员会推荐,Vivus公司的减肥药Qnexa。However, the pills long-awaited final approval may not come until April, if at all.但是,如果获得批准,该药品的漫长的最终肯定直到四月份才会到来。The announcement mostly served as a reminder of what a struggle it is to turn fat into gold.公告主要是提醒人们,这是一场点肥成金的抗争。Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies are quite good at treating the conditions that come with obesity.制药和医疗器械公司非常善于解决肥胖带来的问题。However, they are dismal at helping consumers lose weight.但是他们无法帮助消费者战胜肥胖本身,减少体重。This is not for lack of trying. Take the curious case of the gastric band.这不是因为缺乏尝试。以古怪的胃部束带为例。Bariatric surgery can lead to weight loss in the long term.肥胖治疗手术可以帮助患者在较长的时间内减少体重。Hospitals can make money from all bariatric procedures, including gastric bypasses (in which the stomach is partitioned and the upper part connected directly to the small intestine), but the gastric band is a rare example of an opportunity for device-makers to profit from weight loss.医院就是从这些减肥疗程中赚钱,包括胃绕道手术(手术中,胃被切割,直接把上部跟小肠连接起来),但是胃部束带却是一个罕见的例子,被当成一个器械制造商用来从减肥中赚钱的法子。Allergan, best known for selling Botox, has tried to use its Lap-Band to tap the obesity market.Allergan公司以销售肉毒杆菌而出名,尝试用产品Lap-Band打入减肥市场。It is an inflatable loop which the surgeon fits near the top of the stomach, which helps the patient feel sated earlier.Lap-Band是一圈松紧带,外科医生可以用它绕住患者胃的上部,这样患者会提前有腹饱感。Allergan has captured about 70% of the worldwide market for gastric bands and balloons, but sales are now shrinking.Allergan公司在全球胃部束带和充气袋市场占有率达70%,但是如今销量却有所下降。The recession has sapped consumers desire for expensive surgery.经济不景气让消费者忍住做昂贵的手术的欲望。Some patients have had bands removed because they slipped or proved ineffective.有些病人甚至连束带也不用了,因为束带打滑或者没有效果。Last year the FDA approved the Lap-Bands use in patients who are only slightly overweight, but insurers have refused to pay.去年,美国食品药物同意,微超重病人使用 Lap-Band,但是保险公司却拒绝付款。In January David Pyott, Allergans chief executive, said he would scrap an effort to market the band for teenagers.一月份,Allergan公司首席执行官David Pyott说,他将放弃在年轻人束带市场的努力。He is now trying to convince insurers of Lap-Bands merits, arguing that the ,000 surgery is recouped in saved medical costs within four years.他目前试图让保险公司也看到Lap-Band的优点,他认为两万美元手术费可以在四年之内通过减少医疗出收回。There is some scepticism about his chances of success: ;The fact that banding is not as good as bypass has been known by everybody except the PR firms for the band,; says Lee Kaplan, director of the Weight Centre at Massachusetts General Hospital.至今仍有人怀疑他是否能成功:“事实上使用束带不必胃绕道手术好,所有人都知道,除了束带的公关公司,”马萨诸塞州中心医院体重中心主任Lee Kaplan如是说。Drug companies have had even more trouble than device-makers.制药公司的麻烦甚至比医疗器械公司的还要多。It has been 13 years since the FDA approved a prescription diet pill.从美国食品药物批准减肥药为处方药到如今已经过了十三年。That drug, Roches Xenical, has notorious gastrointestinal side-effects.瑞士罗氏制药公司的Xenical臭名昭著,该药会引发胃肠功能的副作用。The FDA rejected Vivuss Qnexa in 2010 over concerns for the safety of pregnant women and the quickening of patients heart rates.美国食品药物于2010年拒绝批准Vivus公司的Qnexa,因为担心该药对妇的安全造成伤害,担心该药会加快患者的心率。Vivuss new data apparently satisfied the FDAs advisory committee.Vivus公司新的数据显然让的咨询委员会满意。However, the agency may yet reject the drug.但是该局还是可能拒绝批准该药。Even if Qnexa is approved, it is unclear that patients will buy it.就算Qnexa获得批准,患者会不会买账仍不明了。Qnexa combines two treatments that are aly on the market.Qnexa结合了两种市面上上有的疗效。Both medicines are generic, which means that doctors may prescribe the existing drugs rather than Qnexas more expensive version.这两种药物都是非专利药,这说明医生可能会给患者开已有的药而不选择Qnexa,后者更贵。For now, it is more profitable to treat fat patients than to try to make them slim.到目前为止,治疗肥胖患者还是要比让他们减肥更有利可图。 /201211/207278

  Safety is at premium. As it moves through New Yorks crowded harbour, the Molinari carries an electronic life preserver, the collision avoidance system. In real time it constantly tracks the name, position and course of every vessel in the harbor, life saving data when the fog grows in and the harbour turns to peace soon. It keeps this critical link from sinking. Within half an hour the ferry connects with the subway at the tip of Manhattan and puts commuters back on track. For most of its history, lower Manhattan was as isolated as Staten Island. The oldest part of New York, it was an island under itself, roomed between the Hardson River and the East River, cut off from the other boroughs. Today a network of bridges and tunnels links Manhattan to the rest of the city and extends the reach of the subway to the farthest corners of the Big Apple.安全至关重要。当它通过纽约拥挤的港口,莫伦纳承载着电子救生用品、避碰系统。在真正的时间就可以持续追踪在港口每一船舶的名称、位置和航程,当起雾的时候就能成为挽救生命的数据,而港口又会恢复和平。这个关键环节持着每一次航行。在半小时内渡船连接到曼哈顿的地铁,让乘客回到正轨。在历史的大部分时间里,曼哈顿就像泰登岛一样是孤立的。纽约最古老的部分,它是一座小岛,在哈德逊河和东河之间 ,断绝了往来。今天,纵横交错连接的桥梁和隧道使曼哈顿其余的城市连接而地铁延伸到大苹果最远的角落。These links form the backbone of the subway systems. If they break the entire system shatters into fragments. Among the biggest links, the Manhattan Bridge. On its outside links it carries the subway over the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Doctor Bordre Don Yonit is the engineer for the City of New York. His job, safeguarding the bridge, not against terrorism but time.这些连接撑着地铁系统。如果把整个系统粉碎成碎片。大型连接是曼哈顿桥。在其外连接东江之间曼哈顿和布鲁克林的地铁。伯德;敦;耶特是纽约市的工程师。他的工作就是维护桥梁,而不是反对恐怖主义。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/173119

  But if you kept recycling urine by urinating and drinking it multiple times, wouldnrsquo;t those minerals eventually build up until the urine was no longer safe? Over several days, your urine would become saturated with minerals. And drinking it would really tax the kidneys, whose job it is to flush unwanted minerals and toxins from the body. Drink urine long enough and you may go into kidney failure. On a related note, you may have heard that in some cultures, urine is used as medicine. Therersquo;s no hard evidence that urine has any curative powers, which doesnrsquo;t mean it has none. But urologists tend to believe that whatever healthful powers drinking urine has would be negated by toxic buildup in the kidneys.但是,如果你一只排尿和并喝尿很多次,这些矿物最不会积累吗?那直到尿液不再安全?过一些天,你的尿液会变成饱和的矿物质。这时再喝会加重肾脏的负担,而肾脏的功能是排掉身体不需要的矿物质和毒素。如果长时间喝尿,你可能会肾功能衰竭。在一些相关的记录,你可能已经听说,在一些文化中尿可以当做药物。没有确凿的据明尿有任何疗效的功能能,但这并不意味着它没有治病的功能。但是,泌尿科医生往往认为健康的人无论喝什么样的尿都会在肾脏中积聚毒性。201201/168672。

  Music and Verbal Memory音乐和非文字记忆Even if you havent touched a piano in years, if you suffered through music lessons as a kid you may have benefited from those lessons in ways you wouldnt expect. When you train on a musical instrument your brain is stimulated and changes and develops as a result. Because the parts of the brain are interconnected this stimulation doesnt affect musical ability only.即使你已经很久没有弹钢琴,但只要你小时候学过钢琴,你就能在各个意想不到的方面受益于这些钢琴课。当你在训练一种乐器时,大脑受到刺激而变化生长。由于大脑的各个部分是相互连接的,这种刺激不会只影响到音乐能力。Psychologists have discovered that the stimulation musical training enacts on the left temporal region of your brain enhances verbal memory. People with musical training are significantly better at recalling words from a list and learning new words. Whats more, the longer the duration of musical training, the better the verbal memory.心理学家还发现,这种音乐刺激训练担当大脑的左颞区可以提高非文字记忆。接受过音乐训练的人能够更容易记住单词,学习新的单词也更容易。更重要的是,音乐训练的时间越久,非文字记忆能力越强。So while children who study music for two years demonstrate better verbal memory than children who have not studied music, children who continue to study music continue to improve their verbal memory.因此,学过两年音乐的孩子,他们的非文字记忆比没学过音乐的孩子要强得多,而继续学习音乐孩子的记忆会随之提高。The good news for those of us who trained on musical instruments but quit at some point is that we dont seem to lose the verbal benefits we gain from this training.有个好消息,对于那些学过乐器后来又放弃的同学,你们并不会失去这种训练的好处。Scientists are particularly interested in what this suggests about the interconnectedness of the brain and thus the predictability of the effects of stimulation to a brain area on cognitive functions located in that area. Further research may lead to developments in cognitive rehabilitation for people with brain injuries. For example, in order to rebuild verbal memory in patients with injury to that part of the brain, doctors may prescribe music lessons.科学家们对大脑的这种相互连接特别感兴趣,从而预测音乐刺激对大脑认知能力的影响就在这个区域。进一步的研究可能导向对脑损伤病人在认知康复的发展。例如,为了重建病人大脑受损的非文字记忆部分,医生也许会开设音乐课。 /201301/220750





  Still in Books and Arts; Book Review;Short stories; Of moose and men文艺;书评;短篇故事;驼鹿和人;Light Lifting. By Alexander MacLeod.《轻量级举重》亚历山大·麦克劳德。A good novel woos its ers, tantalizes them with glimpses of flesh and gradually lures them into a world from which they later emerge changed. Short stories, by contrast, rely on instant attraction and immediate gratification. If they are good they leave one hungry for the next encounter. More often, though, they leave the er slightly jarred, looking for greater fulfilment.上乘小说总是招致读者追捧,运用肉体吸引读者,使读者沉浸在完全迥异的世界。对比而言,短篇小说依靠即时吸引力和直接的满足感。小说如是能吸引读者,读者渴望遭遇下一次火花碰撞。短篇小说时常使读者动摇,以获得更大的满足。Alexander MacLeod does not. His brilliant debut collection, “Light Lifting”, is engrossing, thrilling and ultimately satisfying; each story has the weight of a novel. The young Canadian writer is aly winning plaudits in his own country. He can expect acclaim far beyond.而亚历山大·麦克劳德却不。 他的新诗集《轻量级举重》,引人入胜,惊心动魄,读者能从中获得满足。每一篇故事都是重量级的小说。这位年轻的加拿大作家已在他的家乡赢得满堂喝。他有望在千里之外赢得掌声。These seven stories grip partly because they are long enough to immerse the er totally. A good storyteller knows far more about his characters and settings than he shares with his audience. Mr MacLeod passes this test: though he plunges the er into fully formed worlds, he leaves out just the right amount.七个故事扣人心弦,部分原因是他们足以使读者沉浸其中而无法自拔。一个擅长讲故事的人不只是分享他的故事,而是对人物和背景也运筹帷幄。麦克劳德经得起考验;使读者沉浸在完全刻画的世界,而他却实时的抽身离开。But it is the beautiful writing that really carries this book. The choice of words is spare, simple and unaffected, and the rhythm is perfect: despite the sadness that overlays many pieces, they flow with the comforting lull of a bedtime story.正是这些优美措辞成就了这本小说。小说用词犀利简炼,纯朴而不矫揉造作。还有那完美的旋律;除了字里行间流露出的伤感,小说洋溢着鼓舞人心的动听故事。The first story, “Miracle Mile”, is the best. It mesmerizes from its opening: “This was the day after Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear.” Narrated by a competitive runner, it captures the minutiae of pre-race nerves—the “hiss” of a coach’s hydraulic door ; the temperature “just inching its way over toward cool”—as well as the “miraculous desperation” that is winning.第一个故事,“长跑奇迹”是最成功的故事。开场就吸引读者:“迈克尔·泰森咬掉霍利菲尔德耳朵那一天”。故事以竞跑着的口吻叙述,捕捉赛前种种细节:液压门的嘶嘶声。酷爽天气中掠过一丝丝热浪,不可思议的绝望也随之而来。These are unflinching tales not of heroism, so much, but of survival. The most experimental piece, “Wonder about Parents”, snatches scenes from different homes. One family launches a crusade against headlice the “size of a poppy seed”, raking out hair night after night, “kids scratched raw”. Another drives cross-country through a snowstorm with their sick four-month-old daughter; the Christmas tree in the hospital bears a sign: “These gifts are empty boxes. Please refrain from opening.”小说也不乏坚定的非英雄主义人物,得以幸存。最具挑战性的章节“父母的迷惘”从不同家庭中捕捉场景。一个家庭展开对罂粟种子大的头虱的围剿行动,夜以继日的梳理头发,“孩子们刮伤了头皮”。另一家在暴风雪中驱车穿过田野,车上是四岁的生病的女儿。医院的圣诞树象征:“这些礼物只是空盒子,请抑制打开的欲望。”Other stories capture the consequences of a single moment when the ordinary tips into the extraordinary: in the title story a secondary schooler gets embroiled in a bar brawl on the last day of a summer job; in “Adult Beginner I”, after a woman nearly drowns in the ocean, fear becomes “a biological fact” in her life.另一个故事通过记录某个时刻,从寻常中挖掘不寻常。在暑期工作的最后一天中等学校学者卷入酒吧斗殴 ;在”成年人的初学者1”中,一和女人即将在海中溺水身亡,恐惧成为她人生中”生理现象”。Much fiction is narrated by outsiders, but in Mr MacLeod’s imagination being an outlier depends on the context. In “The Loop”, for example, a cycle courier stands out as an able-bodied, right-minded youth among the fat, elderly and invalid people to whom he delivers medication.众多小说是局外人叙述,但在麦克劳德的小说是靠上下文来决定叙述的。例如在“环“这个故事中描写身体强壮,刚直不阿的年轻人和一群体型肥胖的残疾老人,而后者引发读者思索。Not every story in “Light Lifting” is perfect. A couple could be tighter; the male characters are better formed than the female ones. But these are small niggles in a stunning work. Mr MacLeod’s next contribution will be eagerly anticipated.《轻量级举重》中并不是每个故事都那么完美无缺。男性人物形象比女性更容易塑造。在繁琐细节中展现宏伟主题。读者急切盼望麦克劳德下一个创作。 /201301/219395

  Business商业报道Japans hiring practices日本招聘Hello world世界,你好Japanese firms are waking up to the merits of hiring globe-trotting recruits 日本开始意识到全球范围内雇佣人才的好处了RYOSUKE KOBAYASHI is the only Japanese undergraduate in his year at Harvard University.Ryosuke Kobayashi 是哈佛那一届唯一的的日本本科生。When he applied, he knew no one who could advise him on how to get in.当他提交申请的时候,没人给他提供指导意见。So this week, in a rickety wooden inn in Tokyo, sitting cross-legged on tatami mats with Apple Macs on their laps, he and fellow Harvard students conducted seminars for Japanese high-school students on subjects ranging from anime to Thomas Hobbes.因此这个星期,在东京一间不稳固的木屋酒店里,他和几位哈佛同学盘腿坐在榻榻米上,腿上放着苹果Macs笔记本电脑,为日本高中生举办了一个研讨会,从日本动画谈到托马斯 霍布斯。He was not encouraging students to go to America, he insists, just offering them an alternative to uchimuki, or the culture of looking inward, which pervades Japan.他并不是怂恿学生去美国上学,他坚称道,而是给他们提供uchimuki——或者说,日本盛行的内向型文化—以外的另一种选择。For example, in 1997 there were roughly equal numbers of Japanese, Korean and Chinese students at Harvard, including postgraduates.比如,在1997年,哈佛的日本、韩国、中国的学生几乎一样多,Now there are five times as many Chinese as Japanese, and three times as many Koreans.但现在,中国学生是日本学生的五倍,是韩国学生的三倍。The story is similar at other foreign universities.其它国家的大学也一样。Meanwhile, Japanese firms have lost ground to their Chinese and South Korean rivals.同时,日本企业也被中国和韩国企业比下去了。Some say this is no coincidence.有人说这不是巧合。Yasuyuki Nambu, the boss of Pasona, a Tokyo-based recruitment consultancy, says Japanese universities churn out students for old-fashioned businesses, rather than fast-growing global ones such as IT and retail.Pasona的老总Yasuyuki Nambu认为日本大学培养出大量从事过时行业的学生,而不是从事全球性的增长势头强大的行业,比如IT或者零售。Japan Inc needs more creative thinkers and linguists. So several firms are courting young Japanese who have been abroad.日本公司需要更多有创见的思想家和语言家。因此几大企业正觊觎着留学归来的日本学生。Jobs fairs for those who have studied abroad are suddenly popular.所以,针对那些曾出国留学的工作招聘会突然流行起来了。Mynavi, the sponsor of one, says the number of participating firms soared by almost 50% since last year, to 188.主办人之一Mynavi说从去年开始,参与的企业数量增长了近50%,达到188家。Keidanren, Japans big-business lobby, has promised to hold a special jobs exchange for students returning from abroad next summer, tacitly admitting that Japans traditional hiring schedule hobbles them:Keidanren,日本经济团体联合会,已经承诺明年夏天为海归派特别举办一个工作交流会,并默认了日本传统的招聘方式阻碍他们前途了:people are recruited in Japan to start work in April, which is during the academic year in America and Europe.被聘用的人四月份才开始工作,那时正是欧美的开学节。The University of Tokyo, Japans best, is mulling starting in September instead, to fit in with the rest of the world.日本最好的大学,东京大学,正考虑加入世界大家庭,也换成九月份开学。In other countries there has long been a market for footloose talent.其它国家自由流动的人才一直都有市场。But in Japan students usually have just one shot at securing a steady first-time job: in their third year at university.但在日本,通常学生只有一次机会谋求第一份稳定的工作,即大学三年级的时候。If they are abroad, they miss it, and may have to study an extra year in Japan to earn their chance.如果他们出国留学了,他们将失去这个机会,并且可能要在日本再上一年学才可以得到第二次机会。That has discouraged people from studying abroad.这就降低了人们出国留学的的欲望。And corporate culture in Japan has tended to favour those who follow the rules: training is done “on-the-job”, which implies little respect for what was learned at college.此外,日本的企业文化业也青睐于那些按规矩办事的人:训练是在工作中完成的,这就意味着他们不大尊重大学期间学到的知识。Pasona reckons the change has accelerated since March, when Japan was hit by an earthquake that disrupted the nations supply chains and power plants.Pasona估计三月份开始——日本遭遇的地震扰乱了国家供应链,破坏了发电厂——变化更加明显了。The population is ageing and shrinking; to avoid shrinking with it, Japanese firms must expand overseas. Recent months have seen a surge of foreign mergers and acquisitions.日本人口更趋老龄化了,并逐年减少。为了避免跟着一起衰落,日本企业必须从海外扩张。最近几个月日本的海外并购更多了。But while hiring trends may have started to reflect this shift, corporate culture has not.聘用趋势可能开始发生变化,但企业文化却毫无改变的迹象。Hierarchy and pay remain rigid in many Japanese firms–you do what you are told and get what you are given.日本企业依旧存在严格的等级制度以及付传统—做好分内之事,然后领工资。Well-travelled recruits may not like this. And if they dont, they can go elsewhere.而见多识广的新人可能不吃这一套。如果他们不接受,那自有其它地方可去。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/230798


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