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土耳其旅游 土耳其各大景点英文介绍 -- :01:3 来源: 土耳其旅游 土耳其各大景点英文介绍Agri Ishak Pasha Palace Though named as a "palace," the Ishak Pasha palace is more a kulliye. The palace is the most famous building after the Topkapi palace built in the 18th Century, during the Lale period, in the classical style. The building is located on the slopes of a hill 5 km. From the Dogubeyazit town. Besides displaying one of the finest examples of the Ottoman architecture, the palace is also known its diverse history. According to the inscription on the Takkapi gate in the Harem quarter, the palace is built in 99 Hicri (the Moslem calendar), or 8 A.D. The building hovers on firm, stony ground because of its location on a slope. Although the palace is located within the centre of the Dogu Beyazit region, three sides of the building (the northern, western, and southern sides) are surrounded by steep rocks. The only access to the palace is through a slightly flat pass. The main gate, the Cumle gate, of the palace is erected against this pass. Since the palace is erected at a time when the castles lost their geographical advantage and when firearms began to be used instead of the sword, the palace's eastern wing defense is weak. The Cumle gate is made of traditionally carved and sculptured stone. Not many palaces built in the classical Turkish architectural style are left today. The Ishak Pasa Palace is one of them.The Carain Cave The cave is located 7 km. From Antalya at the Katran Mountains. The cave is a natural mation and was inhabited during the prehistoric ages (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, chalcolithic). The cave yielded skeletons and objects, like dressed stone tools and weapons, processed flintstones, that shed light on life in the prehistoric ages.The Bust of Alexander the Great The bust of Alexander the Great was discovered during the excavation of Pergamum. The bust found in Pergamum is part of a copy of the original statue of Alexander, a work by Lysippos, the personal sculptor of Alexander the Great. The bust dates from the 3rd Century B.C. The original Lysippos statue of Alexander has never been found, instead, there are several copies of the statue made in Greek and Roman periods. The Pergamum bust, the only piece remaining from the statue, is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris.The Relief on Ivriz Hill The relief can be found at the spring of the Ivriz stream, km. From Eregli - Konya. The 6. metres high relief was a religious sanctuary which dates back to the Late Hittite period in the 8th Century B.C. and depicts king Warpalavas giving offerings to Santaj, the Hittite god of fertility. more inmation about the Hittites please refer to the Yazilikaya section of this site.Anadoluhisari tress Anadoluhisari on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus is the oldest Turkish building in Istanbul. It was constructed by the Ottoman sultan Bayezid I Yildirim in 95, and later enlarged by Mehmet II (51-81) who built the outer walls. At the centre is a 5 m high square tower of four storeys, surrounded by a m high wall 1.5 m thick in the m of an irregular pentagon. The m thick outer wall measures 80 m from north to south and 65 m from east to west. As well as accommodation the garrison the tress contained its own mosque.Van Castle The Urartians constructed dozens of castles in this mountainous region of eastern Turkey, such as Toprakkale, Kalecik, Cavustepe, Edremit, Asagi Anfaz, Yukari Anfaz, Zengibar, Muradiye, Kecikiran, Hosap, Agarti, Delicay and Zernakitepe. The most important of all is undoubtedly Van Castle, which was built in the year 8 by King Sardur I of Urartu. The northern side rests against steep slopes and to the south are rocky cliffs. The castle measures 1800 m long by 00 m wide, and within its walls are many royal tombs and inscriptions. Four walls surround the castle, two of Urartian construction, and two built nearly two thousand years later by the Akkoyunlu and Ottomans. In front of the north walls is an open air temple carved into the rock, and within the walls are a mosque, medrese, barracks and cisterns.Sultan Han (Alaeddin Kervansarai) The kervansarai is located in the town of Sultanhani, 0 km. From Aksaray. The han is one of the best examples of Selcuq architecture. As the greatest han built during the Selcuq period, it was construv-cted by Alaeddin Keykubat I. In 9. The han was renovated and expanded to a greater size in 78 after a fire broke out. The architecture of the han is Muhammed bin Havlan el-Dimiski. The han is built on a plan of 50x1 m., and consists of a winter and a summer residence. The most significant part of the han are the reliefs on the Main Gate. Grand Bazaar Throughout the Byzantine period, the grand bazaar was a hectic open air centre trade. Mehmet II. Continued this tradition but added two covered bedesten (the older version of the modern shopping malls today). The bazaar extended to an even greater scale by Suleyman I. (-66). The last additions of bedesten shops in the bazaar were made in 01.Misir Carsisi (Egyptian Bazaar) The Egyptian Bazaar (Misir Carsisi) It is the second covered bazaar of Istan- bul. Was built during the era of Mehmet IV, in compliance with the request of Queen Mother Hatice Turhan. Built in 60 by the architect Kasim Aga as part of the Yeni Camii Mosque Complex, the bazaar lies today next to the mosque. The bazaar has an 'L' shape with six gates and 86 shops operating in the bazaar today.Kizkalesi The Castle of Korykos on shore faces another t, Kizkalesi (Maiden's Castle), that stands on a tiny island 0 meters offshore. merly a sea wall joined the two tresses. The Maiden's Castle is located 60 km. From Mersin, near the Erdemli town. It is assumed that the castle originally had a road connecting the castle to the mainland. The road eroded with time and the the castle remains separated from the mainland. The Maiden's Castle, together with the Castle of Korykos, were built in the IV. Century B.C. by the Greek settlers to prevent assaults to the city of Korykos from the sea. The city of Korykos remained an important harbour in Southeastern Meditteranean until the XIII. Century A.D. The castle passed into Turkish hands when it was conquered by Ibrahim Bey of the Karamanoglu Principality in 8 and was extensively renovated. The castle has a circumference of 900 m and eight towers. 土耳其旅游 英文介绍我的好朋友 My Good Friend -- 1:56: 来源: 我的好朋友 My Good FriendMy Good FriendHello!I'm Amy.I have a good friend.Her name is ZhangYun.Her English name is Betty. She is a Chinese girl. She is ten years old.She is in the No.5 Primary school. She is in Class 7,Grade . She is good at English.She likes Chinese ,too.She is kind and very friendly. She likes helping others. She likes singing and playing basketball.This is my good friend.Do you want to know more?我的好朋友 My Good FriendMy Good Friend我的好朋友 My Good FriendMy Good FriendIntroduce myself -- 1:55:3 来源: Introduce myself My name is Xu Fangyan. You can call me Betty. I'm a girl. I'm . I'm centermeters tall.I'm in Xinqi Primary School.I'm in Class 1, Grade 6.My classmates are very nice to me.We often help each other,and learn from each other. I have many hobbies.Such as drawing,writing, singing .... I like playing badminton best.It's good my health.there are 3 people in my family. they're my father,mother and me.We love each other.My phone number is 753565. You can call me if you like .

中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:古陶文明物馆 -- :7:57 来源: 中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:古陶文明物馆Top : Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization古陶文明物馆The museum is located near the Beijing Da-Guan Garden, lending it an air or originality and tranquility to go with its decidedly antique flavor. The Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization specializes, unsurprisingly, in pottery culture. The culture relics it preserves include more than 0 ancient painted pottery relics from the Neolithic Age and potter from the Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties. It also holds more than 300 circular fa?ade tiles from the Warring States period and Qin and Han Dynasties, as well as more than 1,000 lutes from the Qin and Han Dynasties. The museum also features a further ,000 pieces of ancient pottery.古陶文明物馆位于北京大观园附近,勿庸置疑,古陶文明物馆以陶文化为专题,保存的文物包括新石器时代和周、秦、汉朝的古代陶文物0多件,战国秦汉瓦当300 余件,秦汉封泥 00 余件其收藏到00余件古陶是古陶文明物馆的一大特色 私人物馆英文介绍 古陶文明物馆

我有九条小金鱼(I have nine little goldfish) --5 ::01 来源: 我有九条小金鱼(I have nine little goldfish)  i have nine little goldfish .eight goldfish are all orange and one is black .i like the black one best.  we call it xiao hei .its body is black .it has two big and round eyes, a small mouth ,and a big tail. though it's very small ,it swims fast . i often feed them and change water them. we are good friends .  我有九条小金鱼八条金鱼都是桔黄色的,只有一条是黑的我最喜欢那条黑的  我们叫它小黑它全身都是黑色的它有两只又大又圆的眼睛,一张小嘴和一条大尾巴尽管它非常小,但它却游得很快我常常去喂它们,给它们换水我们是好朋友五年级英语作文:My pencil-box --1 :00:5 来源:   I have a pencil-box. Itrsquo very beautifu. I bought it in a shop. I’ve kept it one year. It cost me teenty-u yuan.I like it very much.  This pencil-box is made of metal. Itrsquo rather exquisite. Oh the face of the pencil-box, there are two pigs.One is “Mi Pig”. The other is “Mr Pig”.They look like being good friends. They get on very well with each other.The female is looking at herself in a mirror. She is in a red skirt and she looks very beautifu.The male is looking at her with a smile on his face. It seems that hersquo hayity proud to be her best friend.  Open the pencil-box, you can see some ball-pe, a ruler,an eraser and other sta-tionery. Usually, I usu them.Sometimes, I lend them to my clamates. I like them very much, you know. They’re my good friends.小学生英语日记(5) -- :3: 来源: 小学生英语日记(5)  My family is a “Piggy Family”, because my father, my mother and I all like sleeping and eating…  My mother is a doctor. She is very busy. But every evening she usually accompanies me ten minutes bee I go to sleep. At this time, we talk about every thing. So I love my mother very much.  My father was a doctor many years ago. Now he is an officeholder. He is very busy too. But every morning he sends me to school. So I think he’s a good father.

经典英语电影台词荟萃 -- 1:: 来源: 经典英语电影台词荟萃Itisonlyinthemysteriousequationsoflovethatanylogicorreasonscanbefound.只有在这种神秘的爱情方程中,才能找到逻辑或原由来Youneedtobelievethatsometingextraordinaryispossible......你需要去相信,生命中有些特别的东西,是可能存在的……Maybethepartthatknowsthewakingfronthedreammaybeisnthere(brain)maybeitshere(heart) .可能从梦幻中醒来的部分,不是在脑海里,而是在心上——《ABeautifulMind美丽心灵In memory, love lives ever.My darling I’m waiting you.爱在记忆里永生,亲爱的,我在这里等你New lovers are nervous and tender, but smash everything- the heart is an organ of fire.初恋的人们心存紧张并满怀柔情,但却可以抵御一切—— 只因为心如烈火!Betrayals in war are childlike compared with our betrayals during peace.战火硝烟中的背叛与我们在太平盛世中的背叛相较而言,就天真单纯得多了!——《The English Patient英国病人Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move.人一生中出人头地的机会不多,一旦有了一定要抓住机会!If you wish to survive you need to cultivate a strong mental attitude.如果你想活着,你需要培养一种坚强的精神态度——《Avatar阿凡达 3 英语 台词 经典关于动物的小学英语作文 -01- :6: 来源: 关于动物的小学英语作文Here is a zoo.Look,the one lying on the grass is a tiger,he's the king King of the Monsters. The eating eating bamboo leaves is a panda,the national treasure.he's fat but very cute.Who are those with long noses?They are elehants.They have huge bodies,but they are not clumsy at all.I like the monkeys best,they are smiling at me on the tree now!这里是动物园看,那个躺在草地上的是老虎,他是万兽之王在吃竹叶的是国宝熊猫,他胖乎乎的,好可爱那些长鼻子的是什么?是大象他们身材硕大,但是一点也不笨拙我最喜欢猴子了,他们正在树上朝我笑呢!Animals in the zoo are very interesting!动物园里的动物真有趣!留学英语口语:去教堂 In The Church-- ::57 RYAN: I am kind of nervous.SARAH: Nervous? Why?RYAN: I don't know. I never went to a church bee.I was not raised as a Christian, so I don't know what to do.SARAH: Don't worry. You don't have to do anything.All you have to do is listen. You will enjoy it.RYAN: Maybe. I know I agreed to go with you, but now I don't feel right about it.SARAH: Listen, Ryan.Catholics welcome people who aren't Catholics to visit the church.You don't have to pretend to be Catholic. It's okay if you just come to listen.RYAN: Really?SARAH: Yes. We are kind and welcoming people.It is not a secret society or something like that.RYAN: Alright. But will we sing?SARAH: Yes, but you don't even have to sing. If you want to sing along, you can.RYAN: I don't know the words.SARAH: There is a songbook. All the words are in the songbook.Many people have to the words.RYAN: And will I go up to the front to have the b and wine?SARAH: No. That is something only true Catholics do.So if you come to the church as a visitor, you only listen to the service.But you shouldn't go up to the altar the b and wine.Only after someone joins the church, then they go up the Eucharist.RYAN: Eu-char-ist? What is that?SARAH: That is the special word the ritual of the b and wine.The Catholics call it the Eucharist.RYAN: It doesn't sound like an English word.SARAH: It's not. It's an ancient Greek word. It means "gratitude."RYAN: Alright. Well, I feel more comtable now.Now I understand I am welcome as a visitor.SARAH: Of course you are. I wouldn't ask you otherwise.雷恩:我有点紧张莎拉:紧张?为什么?雷恩:我不知道我从来没有去过教堂我并不是在基督教的教导下成长的,所以我不知道该如何做莎拉:别担心你不必做任何事情你只需要聆听就可以了你一定会喜爱的雷恩:或许吧我知道我同意跟你一起去,但现在我感觉有些不对莎拉:听着,雷恩天主教欢迎不是基督徒的人来参观教堂你不需要装作是天主教徒你来聆听是没有问题的雷恩:真的吗?莎拉:是的我们是很亲切而且欢迎民众的不是一个秘密社会或着其他的组织雷恩:好吧但是我们会唱歌吗?莎拉:是的,但你不一定要唱如果你想要一起唱的话,你也可以雷恩:我不知道歌词莎拉:是有歌本的所有的歌词都在歌本里很多人都是要看歌词的雷恩:我要到前面去领面饼及酒吗?莎拉:不用那是真正的天主教徒做的如果你到教堂是一个参观者的身份,你只需要聆听弥撒就可以了但是你不可以到祭台前去领面饼及酒只有加入教会的人,他们才可以去领圣体雷恩:圣--体?那是什么?莎拉:那是一个特殊的字用来称呼在仪式上的面饼及酒天主教称为圣体雷恩:听起来不像是英文莎拉:不是它是一个古老的希腊文意思是“感恩”雷恩:好的嗯,我现在感觉舒缓多了我现在知道我是受欢迎的参观者莎拉:你当然是呀要不然我怎么会邀请你

Visit the Zoo 参观动物园英语作文 -- :3:5 来源: Visit the Zoo 参观动物园英语作文It's Sunday today,i'm very happy,because i visited the zoo.今天是星期天,我非常开心,因为我参观动物园了I was woken up by mother at 7 o'clock this morning.After breakfast we went to the zoo by bus.It's not far away from my home,we arrived there about minutes later.There were many people in the zoo.We saw naughty monkeys making faces in the tree,Yangtze alligators lyingin the sun lazily,fierce lions lying in the cage quietly,and so on.早上七点,妈妈就把我叫醒了吃过早饭后,我们坐公交车去了动物园动物园离我们家不远,分钟后我们就到了那里有好多人我们看到了顽皮的猴子在树上做鬼脸,扬子鳄懒洋洋地躺在太阳底下,还有凶猛的狮子安静地躺在笼子里,等等We had a great day today,i wish to go to the zoo next time.今天是愉快的一天,我希望下次再去动物园玩susan's life --1 :58:36 来源: susan's life  susan is a schoolgirl, she likes ing very much ,so she usually s books at home .she likes ing books about science ,army and how to take photos .sometime she watches tv,but she never play computer games .  from monday to friday she has classes at school.she is good at chinese and english .on weekends, she likes going shopping , she doesn't buy many clothes but buy many books !  this is my friend ---susan!《借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂电影台词 --7 :: 来源: 《借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂电影台词片名:借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂 The Borrowers 导演: Tom Harper 汤姆·哈伯主演:斯蒂芬·弗雷 Stephen Fry ,罗伯特·席安 Robert Sheehan剧情简介:Arrietty is a years old girl who lives under a grand apartment with her parents.Her father supports the family by borrowing. And Arrietty has never been allowed to go out......经典台词1. Nonsense, you're letting your imagination run away with you.瞎说,别异想天开了. Don't get ahead of yourself, though, you've got a lot to learn.别太自不量力了,你还有很多要学3. I've taken a night job, just to tide us over.我打了份夜工,贴补家用. It makes my skin crawl thinking about it.这让我想起来就起鸡皮疙瘩毛骨悚然5. Oh, you keep rubbing me up the wrong way, see what happens.行,你就给我找不自在吧,看我怎么收拾你6. Do you really think we're going to be able to pull it off?你真的觉得我们可以成功吗?7. I was worried sick.我担心死了8. Well, it serves you right stealing my gun.这是你偷我的报应9. We didn't have enough to get by.我们已经过不下去了. You might not need your beauty sleep, but I do.你不用睡美容觉,我可要睡的精对白James: Ahhh!!Arrietty: Ahh!!James: Ahhh!!Arrietty: Get away from me!James: Ow!Granny: If that's someone breaking in, I suggest you break back out again.James: Gran, you won't believe this.Arrietty: You can't let her see me.James: But...Arrietty: You can't! Please!Granny: What is it? What are you hiding in there?James: Nothing. My paint pots.Granny: Well, which is it?James: Both. It's nothing. Well, no, it's not nothing, it's my paint pots, which is nothing. I'm not hiding anything. Have a look if you like.Granny: Well, keep it down. You might not need your beauty sleep, but I do.James: You're telling me.Granny: I heard that.James: I can't believe she was right. My own little person!Arrietty: Who are you calling little?James: Well, you are quite small.Arrietty: No, I'm not. It's you who's...too big, a great big overgrown giant. We're just the right size.James: We? There's more of you?Arrietty: I didn't say that. Get back!James: Ow! I was only going to help you out.Arrietty: You aren't going to eat me?James: Eat you? What would be the point? My name's James.Arrietty: Arrietty.James: You want a hand?Arrietty: Yes, please. Oh...! If that was supposed to be funny...!James: Well, it serves you right stealing my gun.Arrietty: We don't steal, we borrow.James: So there ARE more of you?Arrietty: What's that?James: How about I show you?Arrietty: So what exactly does this thing do...aaargh!James: Arrietty, are you all right? Look, I'm so sorry. I had no idea you'd fly so...well.Arrietty: Can we do it again?James: That was the furthest yet!Arrietty: What shall we do now? (Dawning) What's out there?James: How about I show you?Arrietty: I've tried to imagine what it looked like, the sky, the houses. It's amazing.James: We call it Hackney.Arrietty: Right, you must promise not to tell anyone.James: I promise.Arrietty: Who's that?James: My mum. She died last year.Arrietty: Sorry.James: We don't talk about her in case it upsets me.Arrietty: I'll see you soon. Well, go on. Don't just sit there gawping. Go.James: See ya. 借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂

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