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Yuck, the place is crawling with reality TV producers...好恶心哦,怎么到处都是电视真人秀制片人…… /201610/469967哈尔滨师范大学医院专家DON#39;T MOVE TOO FAST别进展太快It can be tempting to want to blow through the honeymoon stage and quickly settle into a comfortable routine or worse, do something drastic like move in together too soon.匆忙度过蜜月阶段,迅速进入更舒适或者糟糕的下一阶段,这很有诱惑力,那就做点儿激进的事吧,比如过早地同居。But wanting to spend every second together could be the death knell for your partner - so don#39;t drop your whole life for them.但想分分秒秒粘在一起可能导致分手,所以别为恋人倾注所有。Make sure to spend a few nights alone, continue to make time for the things you love and still go out with your friends.一定要独处几个晚上,继续腾出时间做你喜欢的事,仍与你朋友出去玩。It#39;s important to retain a little mystery to keep things exciting, says Meredith Fineman, founder of Fifty First (J)Dates.初恋50次(交友网)创始人梅雷迪思?法恩曼说,重要的是要保持点神秘,保持住。DON#39;T ASSUME THEY#39;RE PERFECT别把伴侣理想化In the early days of a new relationship, you always try a little - or a lot - harder to impress your new partner.新关系早期,你总或多或少会更努力地尝试打动你的新伴侣。But don#39;t expect that they will maintain those standards and give the relationship a bit more time before deciding if they#39;re the one.但别指望他们会一直符合这些标准,在决定是否找对了人之前,给恋情发展多一点时间。Kate Figes, author of books including #39;Couples: How We Make Love Last#39;, says it#39;s important to understand and accept that your new partner isn#39;t infallible.《情侣:我们如何延续爱情》的作者凯特?菲格斯说,理解并接受你的伴侣会犯错这一事实,这很重要。DON#39;T BE POSSESSIVE占有欲别太强Clinginess is always a turn-off.过分依恋往往导致分手。Just because you#39;re newly dating doesn#39;t mean your partner is obligated to spend all their time with you.仅因你们初识并不意味着你的伴侣有义务为你投入所有时间。Expecting (or demanding) too much of their time could signal to them that you#39;re not compatible or that you don#39;t trust them.期望(或要求)伴侣花大把时间陪你会给他们一个暗示:你不适合或者不信任他们。DON#39;T AVOID SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS别避免严肃的讨论Don#39;t avoid talking about your long-term goals and ambitions: Do you want to get married? Do you want kids?不要避免谈论你的长远目标:你想结婚吗?你想要孩子吗?They don#39;t need to happen on the very first date, but shouldn#39;t be avoided for too long.不用第一天就阐明这些,可也不要拖太久。DON#39;T TALK ABOUT YOUR EXES CONSTANTLY别经常谈论你的前任Talking about past relationships is often unavoidable, but in the early stages of a new one, it can do some serious damage.谈论过去的关系往往是不可避免的,但对新欢来说这可能会很致命。Not only could it suggest that you#39;re not over your ex, it could also make you or your new partner draw comparisons.这不仅说明你没有走出上一段恋情,也会让你或者你的新伴侣与之作比较。Heather and Eric Viets, who both have Master#39;s degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and run Preengaged.com, both agree that discussing past relationships is a major turn-off in a new one.希瑟和艾瑞克-维茨都有婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位,并且运行“婚前”网站,他们都认为,讨论前任是新关系出现裂痕的重大原因。DON#39;T LIE别撒谎Honesty is always the best policy and a new relationship is no different.诚实始终是最好的良方,这在新的关系中也不例外。It#39;s best to communicate openly about what you want rather than lie to avoid an argument, as it#39;s just delaying the inevitable.最好公开地表达你想要什么,因为迟早都会暴露出来,而非说谎避免讨论。Even little white lies - like pretending to enjoy the same music or movies - could lead to huge regrets if you end up forced to spend years putting up with something you hate.即使善意的谎言——像假装喜欢相同的音乐或电影——如果你最终被迫花费多年时间忍受自己讨厌的东西,都可能让你非常后悔。 /201701/488234方正县妇幼保健院四维彩超价格黑龙江省哈尔滨妇女儿童医院几点开门

哈尔滨治妇科病最好医院在哪里哈尔滨第九人民医院是国家医院吗A large number of people feel anxious at the end of the year, with money worries being the biggest concern.很多人在年关之际都会感到焦虑,其中担心金钱为最大的焦虑点。A survey by China Youth Daily found that 86% of 2,003 respondents feel anxious at the end of the year, with 62.9% saying economic pressure is the major source of their worries.中国青年报近日对2003人进行的一项调查发现,86%的受访者有;年末焦虑;,62.9%的受访者称年末焦虑主要来自经济压力。Work pressure is another source of anxiety for 51% of respondents, putting it in second place, followed by interpersonal relationships at 32.3%, personal development at 31.8%, emotional well-being at 24% and academic pressure at 19.6%.对51%的受访者来说,工作压力也是焦虑来源,仅次于经济压力。人际关系(32.3%)、个人发展(31.8%)、情感健康(24%)、学业压力(19.6%)紧随其后。;Many uncertainties in the social environment cause people to feel unstable and lacking a sense of safety. Those uncertainties translate as anxiety in people#39;s minds,; Wu Guohong, associate professor of psychology at the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University, said.复旦大学社会发展与公共政策学院心理学副教授吴国宏表示:“社会环境中的诸多不确定性无法给人稳定的安全感。这些不确定性会转化为人们心理上的焦虑。”People like to make plans at the beginning of each year, but by the end of the year some find that they have failed to complete their plans. The psychological gap can make people feel anxious, Wu added.吴国宏还表示,人们喜欢在每年年初制定计划,可到了年末,有些人发现计划没能实现,这种心理落差会使人产生焦虑。Facing pressure, 55.8 percent of participants said they overcome it by trying to relax their minds.面对压力,55.8%的受访者表示,他们通过努力放松大脑将其克。Reading books, cooking and participating in sports are effective combatants, according to 44.6 percent of participants, while 41.1 percent of participants said shopping with friends helps them relieve pressure.44.6%的受访者认为读书、做饭和参加运动是有效的抗焦虑方法,而41.1%的受访者则称与朋友购物有助于他们释压。 /201701/487583哈尔滨省十院看病贵么黑龙江省肿瘤医院妇科咨询

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