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We can only see light.我们只能看见光And light moves at a certain speed.而光在以一定的速度运动And so, as we look farther and farther away,所以 我们看得越远were looking farther and farther back in time看到的事物也就越古老because were seeing light coming to us from long ago.因为我们看到的光是很久以前发出的But theres only so far we can go back in time.但是宇宙的历史是有限的So theres only so far we can see.所以我们能看见的范围也很有限Its called the ;Observable universe;.这称为 可观测宇宙We can only map whats inside,我们只能绘出在它范围内的物体because the universe is only 13.7 billion years old.因为宇宙只有137亿年的历史There may well be a lot more universe outside,在这范围之外可能还有更广阔的宇宙but the light hasnt had time to reach us yet.但是它们发出的光还未到达地球In the last 20 years, weve seen this tremendous expansion,过去的二十年间 我们掌握了许多知识both in the amount and in the precision of knowledge对可观测宇宙的了解that we have about the observable universe.实现了量的积累和质的飞跃This has allowed cosmologists这为宇宙学家to make a map of unbelievable scale.制作如此宏伟的星图奠定了基础重点解释:1.long ago 很久以前例句:Amber is the resin of pine trees that grew very very long ago.琥珀是古老的松脂。2.so far 迄今为止例句:Its the hottest day Ive had so far.这是迄今为止我经历的最热的一天。201705/511735

Have you ever been snacking on some sashimi and paused to wonder: why do we eat raw fish but not raw chicken?你是否曾经在吃生鱼片的时候突然会想:为什么我们能吃生鱼却不吃生鸡肉呢?Really, eating any kind of raw meat comes with some health risk to humans, depending on how it was slaughtered, stored, and prepared.事实上吃任何未熟的肉都有可能有健康风险,这取决于生肉是如何屠宰、储存和加工。But some are more iffy than others, because different animals have different microbes and parasites inside them,但有一些生肉风险会更高,因为不同的动物体内有着不同的微生物和寄生虫,some of which are really nasty to humans. Fish is on the safer end of the spectrum.它们某些对人类的危害确实严重。鱼则是这些动物中较安全的一种。It doesnt usually carry bacteria that are harmful to humans, but we do have to watch out for parasitic worm larvae like, roundworms, tapeworms, or flukes.鱼通常不携带对人类有害的细菌,但我们确实会发现一些寄生幼虫,比如蛔虫、绦虫或吸虫。If you eat infected raw fish, the larvae will mature into worms that can latch onto organs and cause some serious damage.如果你吃了受感染的生鱼肉,幼虫将会在你体内成熟并侵入你的器官,造成严重的危害。Sometimes fish is frozen for storage, and if its cold enough, any parasites or bacteria hanging around will die.有时为了保存而将鱼冰冻,只要温度够低,任何寄生虫和细菌都会死亡。But cooking fish is the best way to make sure that all of the infectious is gone.但是将鱼煮熟是确保鱼没有感染能力的最好方法。But if your sushi comes from a clean, reputable kitchen, its probably safe to eat. Now, what about other meats, like beef, chicken, and pork?只要你的寿司来源干净卫生的厨房,一般就不会有什么大问题。但其他那些牛肉、鸡肉和猪肉之类的肉类呢?The bacteria that live in these animals, like strains of Salmonella and E. coli, tend to be more dangerous to humans than any that live in fish.在这些动物身上存活的细菌,如沙门氏菌和大肠杆菌,比起鱼身上的细菌它们对人类的危害更大。Many harmful microbes live in cattle guts, not the muscle where we get cuts of steak.许多有危害的微生物一般存活在家畜内脏里而不是我们食用的肌肉部分。But beef can be contaminated if a butcher punctures the digestive tract. So steaks might have bacteria on the surface.但如果屠宰场的屠夫穿刺了牛的消化道,那么它极有可能会被感染。所以肉类表面可能会附有细菌。Usually a good, hot sear is enough to kill off anything infectious, and leaving the inside red is fine, because its sterile in there.通常高温足以杀死任何感染物,其余体内剩下的则没有问题,因为它们没有生存的条件了。Ground beef is more treacherous, because any germs living on the surface of the meat get mixed inside.绞碎的牛肉会更危险,因为肉质表面的细菌完全混合其中。Plus, it tends to contain meat from multiple animals, so one contaminated cow means bad news for an entire batch of ground beef.此外,碎末中也会含有多种动物的肉,所以将一头被感染的牛绞碎,这真是件坏事。Thats why you should probably not order totally rare hamburgers -- they should be cooked all the way through.这也是为什么你不应该点半熟汉堡的原因——因为它们应该被彻底的加工煮熟。The meats firmly on the dangerous-when-raw list are chicken and pork, which might be carrying even more harmful microbes than beef.当生鸡肉和生猪肉在一起时,那是相当的危险,它们所携带的有害细菌完全超过了牛肉。Infectious, diarrhea-causing Campylobacter strains can live in chicken guts.有感染能力且能造成腹泻的弯曲杆菌一般成株地存活在鸡内脏中。And the crowded, dirty conditions at many chicken farms mean that lots of raw chicken may be contaminated.拥挤肮脏的鸡圈意味着大部分的生鸡肉可能会被污染。Pigs, on the other hand, have historically harbored the parasitic worm Trichinella spiralis, although modern farming practices mostly prevent it from sping.另一方面,猪身上通常含有旋毛寄生虫,虽然现代农场科技通常可以阻止它的传播。The larvae form cysts inside the muscle tissue of pigs, so if you eat infected, undercooked pork, some worms will make a home in your guts.猪的肌肉组织中可能会含有幼虫,所以如果你吃了被感染又没煮熟的猪肉,可能就会有一些幼虫寄生在你的内脏中。So sushi and rare steaks can be delicious when theyre prepared safely, but you should always pass on the pork tartare.所以,加工安全的寿司和半熟牛排吃起来会很美味,但你在吃鞑靼猪肉时应该密切注意。Thanks for asking, and thank you especially to all of our patrons on Patreon who keep these answers coming.感谢在Partreon上持我们的小伙伴,也感谢那些向我们提问和回答的小伙伴。If youd like to submit questions to be answered, or get s a few days earlier, you can go to patreon.com/scishow.如果你有任何问题或其他影视资料想要给我们,请登录patreon.com/scishow。And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!不要忘了去youtube.com/scishow给我们留言哦!201706/515556


  The winter of 1065 was marked by tremendous gales1065年冬天 因为一场飓风which destroyed churches and uprooted great trees.教堂顷刻覆灭 大树拔根而起As King Edward the Confessor lay on his deathbed,国王忏悔者爱德华躺在床上奄奄一息he was visited by a strange and terrible dream which he insisted on relating to all who gathered around him.他做了一个奇怪而可怕的梦 他坚持认为这和他周遭的人都有关系Two monks came to my deathbed and told me that because of the sins of its people两名僧人走到我床前 告诉我 因为子民所犯下的罪God had given England to evil spirits.上帝已将英格兰交给了恶灵I said, ;Will God not have mercy?;我说 上帝不能原谅我吗 And they replied,Not until a growing tree, cleft in two by a lightning storm他们回答 若被闪电劈裂的树should come together of its own accord and grow green again.能复旧如初 并再得盎然绿意Only then will there be pardon.方可得主的宽恕But no one paid much attention to the ravings of an old man.但是无人理会一个老人的疯言乱语What was much more important was that Edward had touched Harolds hand.人们所看重的是 爱德华触摸了哈罗德的手The king had fallen short of actually declaring him his heir国王没来得及宣布他的继承人but it was enough of a sign for Harold and the northern earls who supported him.但对哈罗德和持他的北部伯爵来说 此举已足够On January 6th 1066,Westminster saw the funeral of one king in the morning1066年11月6日 威斯敏斯特相继见了 清晨老国王的葬礼and the coronation of another in the afternoon.与下午新国王的加冕礼 /201607/457452

  【视频讲解】Foreign firms were lukewarm on America long before Donald Trump.特朗普上台前,外国公司对美国早已丧失热情。Lukewarm不热情的; 不感兴趣的-Economists have never been more than lukewarm toward him.经济学家们从未对他有过多少兴趣。Which is it? The home of free speech, the rule of law and the rich world’s most dynamic economy?以下两者哪个才是美国?言论自由、法治之地、富裕世界中最具活力的经济体?Free speech 言论自由-When we were silent, you said you wanted us to have free speech.当我们沉默的时候,你们说你们想让我们言论自由。Dynamic有活力的(If you describe something as dynamic, you approve of it because it is very active and energetic)-South Asia continues to be the most dynamic economic region in the world.南亚仍然是世界上最具活力的经济区。Or a land of social decay, septic politics and the rich world’s worst roads and schools?还是社会堕落、政治腐败、富裕世界里道路和学校最糟糕的国家?Decay1. 腐坏-The bodies buried in the fine ash slowly decayed. 埋在细灰里的尸体慢慢腐烂了。2. 衰败-There are problems of urban decay and gang violence. 存在都市衰败和黑帮暴力问题。Septic受感染的-A flake of plaster from the ceiling fell into his eye, which became septic.天花板上的一片灰掉进他眼睛里,引起了感染。America divides foreign observers. It divides foreign firms, too.外国观察家对美国看法不一。外国公司同样如此。Some bosses fall head over heels for its insatiable consumers and dazzling technology.有些公司老板为美国庞大的消费群体和炫目的科技倾倒。Fall head over heel爱到死心塌地-I fall head over heels in love. 我为爱情神魂颠倒。Insatiable无法满足的; 贪得无厌的-A section of the ing public has an insatiable appetite for dirty stories about the famous.阅读大众中有一部分人对名人的风流韵事的欲望总是无法满足。Other executives are put off by its insufferable lawyers and hypocritical protectionism.也有高管因美国那些令人讨厌的律师和虚伪的保护主义而却步。put off1. 使反感; 使对…失去兴趣-The high divorce figures dont seem to be putting people off marriage.高离婚率好像并没有使人们对婚姻望而却步。2. 使…等待; 把…搪塞过去-The old priest tried to put them off, saying that the hour was late.那位老牧师试图把他们搪塞过去,说时间太晚了。hypocritical 虚伪的-It would be hypocritical to say I travel at 70 mph simply because that is the law.如果仅仅因为法律规定的时速是70英里我就说自己的行驶时速是70英里,那就太虚伪了Donald Trump promises to give foreign firms a rude awakening when he reaches the White House: last month he beat up Toyota for making cars in Mexico and selling them north of the border.特朗普承诺入主白宫后给外国公司猛敲一记警钟:上月,他便因丰田公司在墨西哥制造汽车并销往美国而向其开炮。Rude无礼的; 粗鲁的 brutal-Hes rude to her friends and obsessively jealous.他对她的朋友粗鲁无礼而且过分嫉妒。beat up毒打-Then they actually beat her up as well.然后他们事实上也毒打了她一顿。But in truth many foreign firms fell out of love with America years ago.但实际上,许多外国公司在多年前便已不再钟情美国。The conventional view is that foreign companies are irresistibly attracted to the place.一般看法认为,外国公司难以抗拒美国的魅力。Irresistibly难以抗拒-The Pragmatic justification does not touch Humes position because Hume himself after all says we irresistibly, inevitably, assume the future will resemble the past.实用主义论并没有触及休谟的地位,因为他归根结底还是认为我们无法抗拒,且不可避免地假设未来将是对过去的效仿。If one affair ends in tears, there is always a new paramour in the wings.假如一段情缘悲剧收场,总会有新的情人伺机而动。In the 1970s British buccaneers, led by Sir James Goldsmith, picked up neglected firms.上世纪70年代,以詹姆斯#8226;戈德史密斯爵士(Sir James Goldsmith)为首的英国“海盗”把受冷落的美国公司收入囊中。End in tears 以悲剧收场-This does not have to end in tears.这一考验不一定以悲剧收场。Paramour 情人In the wings 等待时机-If you know your partner has someone waiting in the wings, it’s hard to be motivated to work on your relationship, or to be enthusiastic about it.如果你知道你的另一半有别的人在翘首以待,确实是很难让你经营这段感情或是对它抱有热情。Buccaneer 海盗In the 1980s Japanese firms lost their financial virginity by paying too much for Hollywood studios and Californian skyscrapers.80年代,日本公司首度大举投资,高价收购好莱坞的电影公司和加州的天大楼。Financial Virginity That state of innocence in which you live until you have to pay your first income tax, insurance premium or legal fee.第一次缴纳过社会保险等费用的社会成人》成年了!》首次投资-Im going to lose my financial virginity this month.A decade later continental European firms rushed across the pond, culminating in Daimler’s doomed tryst with Chrysler, a rival carmaker.十年后,欧洲大陆的公司竞相跨越大西洋涌入美国,随着戴姆勒与对手克莱斯勒发生一场注定难有善终的幽会,这一风潮达到顶峰。Rush急着 (做)-Russian banks rushed to buy as many dollars as they could.俄罗斯各急着尽可能多地买入美元。Culminate 以…告终; 结果成为-They had an argument, which culminated in Tom getting drunk.他们发生了争论,结果导致汤姆喝醉了酒。Doomed 注定的-Their plans seemed doomed to failure.看起来,他们的计划注定要失败。Tryst engagement 约会gt;幽会By this account, Chinese firms are the latest to get the love bug, with China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, in the role of the besotted tycoon, having paid a blockbuster bn to assemble a chain of mature American cinemas since 2012.这样看来,中国公司是美国市场的最新情人。中国首富王健林就扮演了一位为美国疯狂的大亨,自2012年来,他已投入惊人的40亿美元来整合一系列成熟的美国院线。Besotted 痴迷的-He became so besotted with her that even his children were forgotten.他那么痴迷于她以至于把他的孩子都忘了。Tycoon 大亨-a self-made Irish-American property tycoon一个靠自己奋斗成功的爱尔兰裔美国房地产大亨Blockbuster 炸弹,轰动性的 》 大片; 畅销书-the latest Hollywood blockbuster.最新的好莱坞大片。But this narrative is hopelessly out of date.不过这样的故事已经完全过时了。The most accurate metaphor for foreign firms in America today is of disappointed hopes.对于如今在美的外国公司,最准确的形容是“美梦破灭”。,Out of date 过时-Much of the information in that book is now out of date.那本书的材料中有许多现在已经过时。Metaphor1. 隐喻-the avoidance of violent expressions and metaphors like ;kill two birds with one stone.; 避免使用有暴力意味的表达和隐喻,如“一石二鸟。”2. 象征-The divided family remains a powerful metaphor for a society that continued to tear itself apart. 破裂的家庭仍然是一个持续分裂的社会的有力象征。Their share of private output has been flat at about 6% since 2000.自2000年以来,它们在私营部门产出中所占份额一直停留在6%左右。The share of sales that European firms make in America has declined from 20% in 2003 to 17% now, according to Morgan Stanley, a bank.据根士丹利的数据,欧洲公司在美国的销售份额已从2003年的20%下降至如今的17%Flat1. 仅仅-Youre sitting behind an engine thatll move you from 0 to 60mph in six seconds flat.你现在坐的这辆车的引擎只需6秒钟就能从0加速到每小时60英里。2. 固定的,-Fees are charged at a flat rate, rather than on a percentage basis.费用按固定的费率收取,不是按百分比。3. 不景气的During the first eight months of this year, sales of big pickups were up 14% while car sales stayed flat. 今年的头8个月,大货车的销售量增长了14%,而轿车的销售仍不景气Foreign firms’ profits in America fell from 4bn in 2006 to 3bn in 2014, the latest year for which figures are available.外国公司在美利润从2006年的1340亿美元降至2014年的1230亿美元(可获得数据的最近一年)。Their return on equity fell to 6%, compared with 11% in 2006.其股本回报率下降到6%,而2006年为11%。available1. 可获得的-Since 1978, the amount of money available to buy books has fallen by 20%.自1978年以来,可供买书的钱已减少了20%。2. 有空的-Mr. Leach is on holiday and was not available for comment. 利奇先生在休假,没空作。return on equity 净资产收益率;股本回报;股权收益201705/510290。

  So I guess hes going to be hunting up that hedgerow.我猜他是去那片灌木丛里捕猎What he was doing at the farm,他在农场那到底做了什么of course, we dont know.我们无从得知They were right to suspect hunting that night.他们对他出去捕猎的推测是正确的Billy and Mollys owner比利和茉莉的主人has seen the cats the following morning.在第二天早上见到过他们I think they were out pretty well我猜那天晚上他们大部分时间most of the night, actually.都在外面活动Im pretty certain they went out as soon as we went to bed.我很肯定他们是在我们睡觉以后出门的Billy in particular came in with a very bloated tummy,特别是比利 回家时肚子撑得鼓鼓的so I dont know quite what hes been up to,我不太清楚他在外面干了什么but probably eaten quite a few bits and pieces along the way,但他可能一路上吃了不少东西and hes very sleepy today.而且今天他特别贪睡In fact, both of them are very sleepy,实际上他们两个都很贪睡so I think theyve been hunting a lot last night.所以我猜昨晚他们应该一直在捕猎They start to identify the cats他们开始找出那些that seem to have the strongest indications很显而易见theyve been hunting.会在外捕猎的猫Like Sooty.比如苏提Spends quite a lot of periods of time there.在那里待了很长一段时间Backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards,不停地来回走动suggesting he may be using that as a bit of a hunting ground.说明那里可能是他的狩猎场A lot of time and a lot of movement in that area他在回家前在那个区域待了很久before he comes back down.而且不停地活动重点解释:1.hunt up 猎取例句:Hes hunting up details of Elizabethan household expenditure in a document of the time.他正在当年的旧文件中搜寻伊丽莎白时代一般家庭开的细节。2.most of 大多数例句:Most of the rock in this mountain is shale.这座山上大部分的岩石都是页岩。3.seem to 似乎 ...例句:Does that seem to make sense?这讲得通吗?201608/462936

  栏目简介:Shanghais first ever Czech Culture Week takes part this week with 21 free performances at Jingan Park. Huang Yue takes a peek...201701/488462TED演讲视频:我们是否正在过滤掉错误的微生物?医院是否应该与室外环境隔离?生态学家及TED研究员杰西卡·格林发现机械通风系统确实除掉了许多种微生物,但是针对了错误的对象:那些留在医院的微生物更可能变成病原体。201703/500022Two men were found dead on UCLAs campus Wednesday morning in what police now believe was a murder-suicide. 周三上午,在加州大学洛杉矶分校发现两名男子死亡,现在警方认为是一起谋杀性自杀事件。The campus was locked down after a shooting was reported at a UCLA engineering building, and both local and federal authorities arrived on campus to search for a possible active shooter. 加州大学洛杉矶分校工程大楼报道发生杀后校园被封锁,地方和联邦当局赶往校园寻找可能的活跃手。UCLA students, who are still in school through June 10, were asked to go to a secure location until authorities lifted the lockdown shortly after noon local time.加州大学洛杉矶分校的学生到6月10日仍在学校,他们被要求前往安全地点,直到当局在当地时间正午过后不久解除封锁。Although Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told KN a note was discovered near the two men found dead, a motive has not been reported to the media. 虽然洛杉矶警察局长查利·贝克告诉KN,在两人死亡地方的附近发现一张便条,但动机还没向媒体报道。The victims have not yet been identified. 尚未确定受害者的身份。译文属。201606/447372

  【新闻精讲】But the Riksbank, Swedens central bank, tried that in 2010-11, with disastrous results.但瑞典的中央瑞典央行在2010-11年便尝试过此方法,却导致了灾难性的后果。Unemployment stopped falling and inflation soon withered, stirring fears of deflation.失业率停止下降,通货膨胀很快萎缩,激起了人们对通货紧缩的恐惧。Wither 枯萎例:The flowers in lisas room had withered.丽莎的房间里的花朵已经枯萎了。Stirring 激动人心的例:The president made a stirring speech.总统作了一次激动人心的演讲。That prompted the Riksbank to reverse course in late 2011 and start cutting rates again.这促使瑞典央行在2011年底改变进程,重新开始削减利率。Prompt1. 促使例:Japans recession has prompted consumers to cut back on buying cars.日本的经济衰退已促使消费者们削减购车花销。2. 提示; 给 (演员) 提示词例:;You wouldnt have wanted to bring those people to justice anyway, would you?; Brand prompted him.“你本不想将那些人绳之以法的,是吧?”布兰德提示他说。3. 迅速的例:You have been so prompt in carrying out all these commissions.你执行所有这些任务非常迅速。The benchmark has ended up lower than it was to begin with, at -0.35%, increasing the sums flooding into housing.最终,基准降到了-0.35%,比最开始还低,涌向房市的资金增加。Benchmark衡量基准例:The truck industry is a benchmark for the economy.卡车产业是衡量经济发展的基准。ended up with结果是例句:I ended up with bronchitis and no voice.结果我得了气管炎,不能说话了 “Its like mopping whilst the tap is running at full flow,” complains one official.“这就如同大开水龙头拖地,”一名官员抱怨道。Mop 擦拭例:He mopped perspiration from his forehead.他擦去额头上的汗水。Whilst 同时As you lower your pen whilst continuing the motion, you should notice the resultingshape is more regular than it otherwise would have been. 随着你降低你的笔,同时保持圆周运动,你应该会注意到画出的形状比起不这样做画出的形状要规范的多。Tap 水龙头 To try to stanch the flow, the Finansinspektionen (FI) , the countrys financial watchdog, has adopted curbs on both lending and borrowing.为了止住资金流,瑞典金融监管部门瑞典金融监管局(FI)采取了一系列抑制贷款和借款的措施。Stanch止住If they behave like everyone else, how much will that stanch the passion of his support?如果他们像其他任何人一样,这将会多么压抑持者的热情?Curb抑制例:...advertisements aimed at curbing the sp of AIDS.…旨在抑制爱滋病蔓延的广告。In 2013 it tightened capital requirements for mortgages, and since September it has required banks to hold an extra counter-cyclical capital buffer of 1% of all risk-weighted assets, to increase to 1.5% by next June.2013年,它加强了对抵押贷款的资本要求,自9月起,它要求对于所有风险资产增持额外的1%作为逆周期资本缓冲准备金,到下一年6月,该数字将增至1.5%。Tighten1. 对…加强控制; 加强控制例:He knows he has considerable support for his plans to tighten his grip on the machinery of central government.他知道他那些对中央政府加强控制的计划拥有相当多的持。2. 抓紧Luke answered by tightening his grip on her shoulder.卢克回应了,紧紧抓住她的肩膀。Buffer 缓冲物例: Keep savings as a buffer against unexpected cash needs.备有存款来作为急需现金时的缓冲。This will help if the property bubble bursts, but clearly has not been enough to stop it inflating.尽管该举措将在房地产泡沫破灭时有所帮助,但远不能阻止通胀。Caps on how much individuals can borrow, in the form of maximum loan-to-value (LTV) and debt-to-income ratios, are another option.以最大价值贷款比(LTV)和债务收入比率的形式限制个人贷款上限是另一种选择。Property1. 房地产, 财产Cecil inherited a family property near Stamford.塞西尔继承了斯坦福附近的一处家族房产2. 特性例:A radio signal has both electrical and magnetic properties.无线电信号既具有电的特性也具有磁的特性。Option 供选择的东西Hes argued from the start that the US and its allies are putting too much emphasis on the military option.他从一开始就争论说美国及其盟国过于看重军事这个选项。A recent IMF study found that in more than half of countries where this has been tried, credit growth and asset-price inflation fell.国际货币基金组织最近一项研究发现,超过半数采用该方案的国家里,信贷增长和资产价格通胀均得以下降。Try试用例:If youre still skeptical about exercising, we can only ask you to trust us and give it a try.如果你仍对锻炼持怀疑态度,我们只能请你相信我们,试一试。Asset资产例: By the end of 1999 the group had assets of .5 billion.到1999年底该集团已有35亿美元的资产。In 2010 the Riksbank embraced this policy, requiring a deposit of at least 15% for new mortgages.2010年,瑞典央行采用了该方案:新抵押贷款将要求至少15%的保金。Embrace1. 拥抱例:...a young couple locked in an embrace.…紧紧相拥的年轻一对。2, 欣然接受; 信奉例:He embraces the new information age.他欢迎新的信息时代。3. 囊括例:...a theory that would embrace the whole field of human endeavour.…一个囊括人类整个奋斗领域的理论。The authorities have also tried to restrict the use of interest-only mortgages, which are common in Sweden.当局还尝试限制使用“还息不还本”的房屋贷款形式,这种贷款在瑞典十分常见。Authority1. 当局 gt;官方机构例: This provided a pretext for the authorities to cancel the elections.这给当局提供了一个取消选举的借口。2. 职权例:A family member in a family business has a position of authority and power.家庭成员在家族企业中都有职有权。3, 权威人士例:Hes universally recognized as an authority on Russian affairs.他被公认为是俄罗斯事务的权威。If borrowers use these to protect themselves from temporary financial problems while still paying down their debt, they can be helpful.如果借贷者将该项贷款用于在资金紧张的临时过渡,但仍旧能够偿还自己的债务,那么该类贷款则没有什么问题。Temporary暂时的例:His job here is only temporary.他在这儿的工作只是暂时的。paying down 偿还例句:At least someone is paying down their debts.至少已经有人在偿还债务了。But if they take out interest-only loans simply to borrow more, they exacerbate the bubble.但如果贷款者只是利用此类贷款为自己借入更多资金,那么该类贷款将激化资产泡沫。Take out1. 取得 (贷款、许可、保险等)Ill have to stop by the bank and take out a loan.我将不得不去一下那家领一笔贷款2. 除掉例:I got an abscess so he took the tooth out.我牙龈脓肿,所以他把那颗牙齿拔掉了。Exacerbate使…恶化例:Longstanding poverty has been exacerbated by racial divisions.由来已久的贫穷因种族分裂而更加恶化了。Almost 40% of Swedish mortgages by value are not being paid down at all, and for many of the remainder the pace of repayments is slow.将近40%的瑞典价值抵押贷款并没有得到偿还,剩余的大多数还款速度则很慢。Remainder剩余部分例:Only 5.9 percent of the area is now covered in trees. Most of the remainder is farmland.该地区现在的树木覆盖率仅为5.9%。剩余部分大多是农田。Remain1. 剩下; 余留; 待做例:Major questions remain to be answered about his work.关于他工作的主要问题仍有待回答。2. 残余; 残迹例:They were cleaning up the remains of their picnic.他们正在打扫野餐的残余物。The FI has been trying to push banks and borrowers to agree voluntary repayment plans.瑞典金融监管局正尝试向和借款者推行自愿偿还计划。It suggested that those with LTVs above 70% pay down at least 2% a year, and those with LTVs of 50-70% pay 1% a year.计划要求价值贷款比高于70%的借款人每年至少还款2%,而价值贷款比为50%—70%的借款人每年至少还款1%。Voluntary1. 自愿的例:Attention is drawn to a special voluntary course in Commercial French.注意力被吸引到一门特别的商务法语选修课上。2. 义务的例:In her spare time she does voluntary work.她在业余时间做义工。But in April a court quashed such efforts, arguing the FI had no authority to promote such plans.但在4月,法庭宣布这种方式无效,理由是监管局没有权力推进这些计划。Quash1. 撤销; 废止例:The Appeal Court has quashed the convictions of all eleven people.上诉法院已经撤销了对所有11人的判决。2. 澄清 (谣言)例:Graham attempted to quash rumours of growing discontent in the dressing room.格雷厄姆试图澄清化妆室里日益增长的不满情绪的谣言。3. 镇压; 平息例:Troops were displaying an obvious reluctance to get involved in quashing demonstrations.部队明确表示不愿卷入镇压示威活动。201703/495637Surviving in the wild isnt easy.在荒野生存绝非易事Youve got to stay focused and motivated,but you also need to improvise,你必须集中精神 积极行动 但同时你还要发挥临场能力using whatever you find to stay alive and reach safety.利用一切能找到的东西生存 抵达安全的地方Adaptability is the key.适应性是关键Its very hard to plan,because, ultimately,the environment will try and take control.规划计划非常困难 因为 基本上 总是环境试图控制我们So youve just got to be flexible,you got to keep your wits about you.所以你必须灵活地 机智地发挥能动性Triggers it. Whether you are making a trap,a raft,or somewhere safe to sleep.Perfect!发射 无论你在设计陷阱 做木筏 还是做一个吊床 完美Youve got to use whatever you find.你得让你找到的一切都派上用场In Panama, I wanted to show how you can absorb the unboiled, dirty water Id found on a deserted rock.在巴拿马 我想教人们如何饮用在荒芜的石缝中 发现的脏水The thing is, this is full of bird droppings and looking pretty fetid.里面全是鸟屎 臭气熏天Drinking this foul water would make you vomit.饮用如此污秽的水 会导致呕吐Vomiting would lead to further dehydration,which ultimately could kill you.呕吐会导致严重脱水 严重的话会致死But there is a last desperate measure you can take.不过上天总会给你留活路的Using my water bottle and a rubber pipe I found washed up on the beach,我要用水杯和刚在岸边发现的橡胶水管Im gonna give myself a makeshift enema.给自己来个临时灌肠There are stories of this saving peoples lives.这方法能救命Theres one particular family who was stranded in a life raft,and all this water had gathered in the bottom of it.曾经有一家人 困于救生筏上 他们所有的水都是从And theyd been feeding off turtles,and it was mixed with turtles blood, it had gone fetid.食用海龟后剩下的 混合着海龟血液的臭水中获取And the only way they managed to stay hydrated was by using that fetid water and giving themselves an enema.为了不脱水 只能这么做 用那些臭水给自己灌肠201611/475946

  This technology is known as the internet of things,这项技术被称之为物联网where the objects in our houses - kitchen appliances,我们家中的一切物品 例如厨房用具anything electronic - can be connected to the internet.所有电子产品 都可以连接到网络But for it to be useful, were going to have to share但为了确保实用性 我们需要分享intimate details of our private life.私生活的一些细节So this is my things app.这是我的物联网应用软件It can run on your mobile phone它可以在你的手机or on a tablet or something like that.或平板电脑之类的设备上使用I can do things like look at the comings我可以用它来查看and goings of family members.家庭成员的出入情况It can automatically detect when we come and go它能基于我们的手机based on our mobile phones自动探测到我们的出入or you can have it detect your presence with a little sensor,或用一个小传感器来探测你的存在you can put it in your car or something like that.你可以把它安装在车里或者其他地方So when we leave the house,这样我们出门离家时and theres no-one home, thats when itll lock up也就是家中无人时 房子就会自动上锁and shut down all the electricity used and so on.关闭所有用过的电器等等For most of us, this is deeply private information.对于大多数人来说 这是极其隐私的信息Yet once we hand it over,然而一旦我们提交了这些信息we have to trust a company to keep it confidential.就必须要相信公司会保密The consumer really owns 100% of their own data客户必须完全掌控自己的数据信息so theyre opting in.这样他们才会选择使用Its not something where that data would ever be shared这不是未经客户许可without their giving their permission.就会分享数据的应用重点解释:1.be connected to 有关联例句:The patient was connected to the monitor.病人被接上了监测器。2.based on 以 ... 为基础例句:Communism is based on Marxism.共产主义是以马克思主义为基础。3.lock up 上锁; 封锁例句:Its not my job to lock up!上锁不是我分内的事。201611/480488

  North Korea has suffered devastating flooding in the northeastern part of the country following a typhoon.台风登陆后,朝鲜东北部地区遭遇特大洪水。The government has called the recent flooding the worst the country has experienced since 1945.政府称这是1945以来朝鲜经历过最严重的洪水。Flooding is a fairly common occurrence around the world. But whats newsworthy is North Korea is actually admitting it.洪水在世界上是一个相当普遍的现象。但值得一提的是,朝鲜竟然承认了此次洪水的危害。Most news coming out of North Korea portrays the country and its leader as strong and successful. But now the country is getting help from over a dozen local and international relief agencies including some that represent the ed Nations.来自朝鲜的大多数新闻描绘的是国家和领导人的强大和成功。但现在朝鲜正向十几个当地和国际救援机构寻求帮助,包括一些代表联合国的机构。According to various stories published by state-run Korean Central News Agency, the flooding has destroyed many buildings. 据国立朝鲜中央通讯社,洪水已经摧毁了许多建筑。The government apparently told the ed Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs that 133 people have died and 395 more are missing. OCHA reports over 35,000 homes and 8,700 buildings have been damaged. About 100,000 people are believed to be displaced.朝鲜政府告知联合国人道主义事务协调办公室,洪水已造成133人死亡,395人失踪。据人道协调厅报道,超过35,000个家园和8,700座建筑已被破坏。大约有100,000人流离失所。Even so, the stories about the flooding on the KCNA website are mainly focused on the united response from the North Korean people and government. 即便如此,朝中社网站对洪水的报道主要集中在朝鲜政府和人民的团结一致。译文属。201609/466154。

  And leading the dance, of course, was Charles himself,引导人们寻欢作乐的 是查理本人constitutionally incapable of being so churlish他天生不会贸然无礼地as to spurn any woman generous enough to invite him into her bed.They all did.拒绝任何邀请他共赴巫山的女士 他是大众情人This was the golden age of ogling.这是个眉目传情的黄金时代If Puritan England had been governed by the ear,如果说英格兰清教徒受控于;耳;wide open to receive the word of God,聆听上帝的教诲the Restoration restored the sovereignty of the eye.那么复辟则让;眼;重掌大权Its ruling passion was ;Scopophilia;,the addiction of the gaze,而统治的便在于;窥视症; 窥视成瘾whether eyeballing an outrageous wig, a plunging neckline,窥视撩人的发间 窥视开襟的领口a louse caught in the lens of a microscope or the constellations of the stars.显微镜下的虱子 或者是满天繁星Charless boyish enthusiasm for latest optical instruments suggested he might turn out to be a new kind of Stuart,查理对最新的光学仪器有着孩童般的热忱 预示着他可能是一名不同寻常的斯图亚特王whose vision dwelled not in cloudy realms of absolutism,他的眼界不会耽于皇权but which was precisely focused, concerned to observe reality political as well as physical.而会放眼开来 关心现实 政治生活 还有声色犬马He might, in fact, turn out to be that most unlikely thing a reasonable Stuart king.最后 也许会变成意料之外的人 一位人精于世故的斯图亚特王This was the Stuart for whom the physical world was his alpha and omega,who was earthy in his realism.这位斯图亚特王 在他眼中 声色是他的全部 人生苦短 何不尽欢All too earthy, some thought, as they looked down in disgust一些人不无鄙夷地看着at a theatre of indolence, punctuated by debauchery,that had become the court.宫廷生活变成了无所事事 只知纵情酒色的闹剧They were not so worldly, not so rational, as to be free of the fear that some day there would be a reckoning.试图忘却清算之日 终将来临 这不合常情 也绝不理智Some day soon, as it turned out.这一天 的确来得很快 /201704/504407


  Pollution in IndiaWorse than Beijing DELHI-WALLAHS expect a spike in pollution during the autumn festival of Diwali, which is famed for its exuberant fireworks. This year the city’s bad-air index did indeed shoot up during the night-time revelry. But then, as winds died, the air chilled, smoke from the burning of rice stubble in surrounding farmland drifted in and the city’s thick traffic resumed, the index failed to go down again.Delhi’s annual average measure of PM2.5, a fine dust that is the most toxic component of its pollution, stands at 122 micrograms per cubic metre (#181;g/m#179;), about double Beijing’s annual average. On Diwali and ten succeeding days this year, Delhi’s air was clogged with averages of well over 500#181;g/m#179;, with peaks of up to 1,000#181;g/m#179;. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says the “safe” PM2.5 level is a mere 25#181;g/m#179; over 24 hours.Like miners drilling undergroundWith the city’s 20m sneezing inhabitants complaining of sore eyes, itchy throats, headaches and fatigue, one trade association estimated that 5-10% of employees across Delhi were calling in sick. Dense fog caused pile-ups on roads. A sudden surge in sales created queues outside shops selling face masks and air purifiers. Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister of the National Capital Territory, which contains most of the sprawling city, likened it to living in a gas chamber. Edward Avol, an American scientist who has studied the effects of vehicle exhaust on children, says that Delhi’s pollution is at “an occupational level of exposure”, meaning that it is as bad as that experienced by, say, miners using power tools in a closed space.On November 6th the national and local governments sprang into belated action, closing schools and construction sites, sprinkling water on the streets to dampen dust and tightening controls on vehicle emissions. Both India’s supreme court and a national green tribunal, created to address environmental issues, weighed in with orders for more government action, including the implementation of a staged plan to deal more promptly with such spikes in pollution.India’s capital is ostensibly run by Mr Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party, a populist opposition group that trounced rivals in elections in 2015. But as Mr Kejriwal has discovered, his “government” exercises minimal clout. It does not have the same authority as those of India’s states and it is locked in a bitter test of wills with the national government, led by Narendra Modi, the prime minister. The national government in effect controls Delhi’s police and the municipal corporations that run city districts. It also appoints the city’s governor, who wields hefty powers of oversight over Mr Kejriwal’s administration.The city government’s attempt earlier this year to impose an odd-even scheme to curb traffic proved popular with commuters, but failed to reduce pollution much, leading Mr Kejriwal’s opponents to dismiss it as a stunt. The chief minister contends that most of Delhi’s smog comes from agricultural burn-off. The implication is that the governments of the surrounding states, one of which is run by Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Janata party, are to blame for failing to stop the fires. But one minister in Mr Modi’s government insists that 80% of Delhi’s smog is home-produced, and another has declared that the real problem is “political pollution”.For farmers in northern India there are few affordable alternatives to burning the prickly stubble left after harvesting rice. For decades, governments have shied away from stopping the annual burn-off for fear of alienating farmers. An outdated d of food shortages also prompted them to encourage rice growing, by offering floor prices and subsidies, in preference to other crops.The nastiest part of Delhi’s toxic cocktail, however, is probably the particulate matter spewed out by diesel engines, which the WHO deems carcinogenic. Here again, successive Indian governments have made things worse. Keen to keep voters such as commercial drivers and tractor- and pump-addicted farmers happy, they instructed state-owned fuel companies to sell diesel more cheaply than gasoline. This promoted a massive switch to diesel engines. Indian carmakers, riding behind such European promoters of “clean diesel” as Volkswagen, ploughed millions into new diesel-engine factories. In 2013 more than half the new cars sold in India were diesel-powered.The authorities have not been entirely useless. A past government helpfully ordered that most of Delhi’s taxis and buses be converted to run on cleaner natural gas. Mr Modi’s government earlier this year announced a speeding-up of new emissions standards; by 2020 new cars must have much cleaner engines, and will be run on far cleaner fuel. And although diesel in India remains cheaper than petrol, the difference has narrowed enough to shrink diesel vehicles’ share of the market. But for the next few years, at least, residents of Delhi will be paying the price of previous policies with their health.Just how high that price is, no one really knows. A study published in Delhi in 2008 estimated that 40% of residents had damaged lungs. Along with a range of other ill effects from pollution, they were five times more likely to suffer from chronic lung disease than other Indians, and four times more likely to have hypertension. More rigorous studies in other countries have shown marked increases in respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease and cancer tied directly to pollution levels, as well as serious and permanent damage to the health of children. Frighteningly, notes Mr Avol, those results were based on levels of pollution that are only one-fifth to one-tenth of what Delhi lives with.201701/487619

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