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The world’s dirtiest man has not had a bath in 60 years but he’s still not given up on finding love.伊朗老汉60年不洗澡,荣膺“世界最脏”。但他没有放弃寻找爱情。Amou Haji has an aversion to soap and water and even the suggestion of a bath drives him crazy.哈吉讨厌香皂和水,有人建议他洗澡,这让他很抓狂。The 80-year old has lived alone in the Iranian desert for the last six decades but Amou is amorous and looking for love.这位80岁的老汉独自在伊朗沙漠生活了60年,但情感丰富的他还在寻找自己的爱情。Not surprisingly he doesn’t have too many friends around for dinner as his favourite meal is rotting porcupine meat.他最喜欢的食物是腐败的豪猪肉,所以没有饭友也就不足为奇了。But he does like a sociable smoke inhaling dried animal dung instead of tobacco.他不喜欢社会上流行的香烟,他爱吸食动物干粪而不是烟草。Amou’s last wash was way back in 1954 when Elvis Presley just launching rock ‘n’ roll and CIE was still using steam engines to pull its trains.哈吉上一次洗澡要追溯到1954年,那时猫王的摇滚乐刚刚起步,国际照明委员会还在使用蒸汽机发动火车。There’s been 3,120 Saturday bath nights since but soap has still not touched the hermit’s leather-like skin.那之后曾有3120个周六晚上可以洗澡,但这位隐士那皮革般的皮肤始终没有碰香皂一次。Once he claimed a group of young men tried to give him a shower but he escaped before the ded water touched him.他说曾经有一帮年轻人试图帮他洗澡,但在可怕的洗澡水淋下之前他逃跑了。Local people say he suffered an emotional setback or a broken heart as a teenager and decided to spend the rest of his life alone in the wild.当地人说他在青少年的时候曾遭遇挫折,心碎的他决定独自一人终老此生。To stay healthy he drinks five litres of water from a rusty oil can every day.为保持健康,他每天喝生锈油罐里的水。And while he might not wash very often he still believes grooming is important and occasionally trims his beard by burning it off over an open flame.尽管他不洗澡,但他仍重视仪表,偶尔用火焰“剃”胡子。After decades of living off the land near isolated village of Dejgah in the Southern Iranian province of Fars, he has now began to look like his surroundings.在伊朗法尔斯省的荒村附近的野外生活了数十年之后,哈吉的外表越来越像他周围的环境。He has become almost the same colour as the earth around him and he totally blends in with his environment.他的肤色已经变成周围土地的土黄色,整个人和环境融为一体。Local people say they often mistake him for a rock if he remains still.当地人说,如果他坐在那不动他们经常会把他误当成石像。He doesn’t have a house, instead the earth is his home and he lives in a hole in the ground which is not unlike a grave.他没有房子,住在一个形同墓穴的地洞中,地球就是他的家园。Locally, he is known as Amou Haji. ‘Amou’ is the Farsi term of endearment for a kind old man, the The Tehran Times reports.据伊朗英文媒体《德黑兰时报》报道,他被当地人叫做“Amou哈吉”,“Amou”在法尔斯省方言中代表“善良老人”。But the villagers who care for him also say he is a lot happier than some people who live in large homes with comforts and conveniences.但喜欢他的村民说,他比那些住大房子环境舒适的人快乐得多。Haji doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and has nothing to lose and nothing to fear.哈吉好像不在乎世界上的任何事物,他没什么可以失去,也没什么需要害怕。Haji’s epic avoidance of soap and water sets a new record, the previous one was held by 66-year-old Indian man, Kailash Singh, who had not taken a bath over 38 years.哈吉长达60年不洗澡创造了史诗般的新纪录,此前曾有位66岁的印度老人辛格38年不洗澡。 /201401/273692

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