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Designers of a bra that turns into gas masks and a team who found that named cows produce more milk were among the winners of the Ig Nobel prizes.胸罩可以改装成防毒面具,有了名字的奶牛可以产更多的奶,以上都是“另类诺贝尔奖”的获奖课题The aim of the awards is to honour achievements that "first make people laugh and then make them think".“另类诺贝尔奖”的目的就是奖励那些“先让人开怀大笑,继而发人深省”的发明或成就The peace prize went to a Swiss research team who determined whether it is better to be hit over the head with a full or empty bottle of beer.此次的“另类诺贝尔和平奖”授予了瑞士的一个研究小组该小组通过研究明了用一瓶啤酒或一只空啤酒瓶打人的脑袋,哪个造成的损害更小些The ceremony was organised by the magazine Annals of Improbable Research.“另类诺贝尔奖”由《不可能研究年鉴杂志组织 39

The Queen will be tuning to the finale of Downton Abbey as it was revealed she is a massive fan of the ITV series正因爆料所透露的那般——英国女王是《唐顿庄园的超级粉丝,对于这部英剧的终季,女王将紧“追”不舍火力全开It has emerged that Queen Elizabeth loves the show and is constantly spotting historical mistakes大家发现伊丽莎白女王非常喜欢这部剧,还经常发现剧中的历史BUGDownton Abbey, which comes to an end later this year, has a royal commentator Alastair Bruce as its historical adviser, but the hawk-eyed Queen has spotted a number of errors将于今年下半年放送终季的《唐顿庄园聘用了皇家员阿拉斯泰尔·布鲁斯为其担任历史顾问,但剧还是逃不过“鹰眼”女王发现众多BUGMr Hoey told The Daily Telegraph: We were talking about Trooping the Colour and how the Queen always notices if anything is not quite right, such as one young officer she spotted wearing his medals in the wrong order not long ago霍伊先生告诉《每日电讯报记者:“我们谈到了英国皇家军队阅兵仪式,还有女王是如何能常常发现众多不妥之处,例如不久前,女王就注意到一个年轻军官徽章顺序戴错了”She is the same when she is watching anything on television. In one programme she was watching, the Queen noticed that a British officer was wearing medals that were from the wrong era“她在看其它电视节目是也是一样的有次在看一个节目时,女王就注意到了一个英国军官错戴着其他年代的徽章”It was set in the First World War but the medals he was wearing did not come in until the Second World War“那部剧是以第一次世界大战为背景的,但是那个军官佩戴的徽章是在第二次世界大战时期才出现的”The Queen is not the only royal fan of the show. Kate Middleton is said to be a ‘huge follower of the series and make Prince William watch it with her女王并不是这部剧唯一的皇室粉丝据说凯特王妃也是这部剧的“超级”粉丝,并要威廉王子和她一起看 399361

Keir Moffatt, from Bristol, was travelling home from Cardiff at 7pm on May 6. Onboard he saw a girl with a blue hair band, sparking the beginning of the search  英国男子Keir Moffatt坐火车回家时偶遇一神秘美女,一见倾心,但苦于无法搭讪,两人就此擦肩而过  Chronicling his quest on the website he wrote: "On the train back to Bristol from Cardiff last week, a gorgeous girl in my carriage really caught my eye."  回家之后,Keir饱受相思之苦,于是在Facebook上建了一个群回顾这一段时间的心路历程,他说:“上周从Cardiff回Bristol的火车上,一个漂亮女孩的出现让我眼前一亮”  "We barely spoke but, when she left, I regretted not speaking to her more - and asking her out."  “我们几乎没怎么说话,她走之后我开始后悔,为什么没有多跟她聊几句,不然还有机会约她出去”  "When I was driving home with my mate, I mentioned my regret and he said, Well, you know what they say, you're never more than three people away from who you want to know."  “我把这件事告诉了我朋友,他说,有句话很有道理,那就是你只要通过三个人的关系网就能认识一个陌生人”  "Half an hour later, and perhaps against my better judgment, I set up this Facebook group to see if my mate's theory was true - to see if I could find the Mystery Train Girl and get a second chance to ask her out."  “半小时之后,也许是一时头脑发热,我在Facebook上建了一个群,看是否能通过这个群中的人找到这个神秘女孩”  By the following evening more than 1,000 people had joined the group, which soon swelled to ,000, and then ,000 members  到第二天晚上为止,已经有00多人加入这个群,然后人数暴增到00,随即很快上升至一万  Mr Moffatt then decided to put the interest to use, setting up a JustGiving web page, asking his followers to donate pound;1 to Marie Curie Cancer Care  Moffatt万分感动,于是决定建立一个网站做公益,号召群里的人每人捐一英镑出来,捐给癌症基金会  Raising money from his adventure would be "a potentially wonderful outcome to an otherwise rather embarrassingly self-indulgent quest," he reasoned  他说,由此衍生的公益活动是“一时被感情冲昏头脑的行为导致的另一种积极向上的结果”

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