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After years of marriage, mind numbing 9-5s, and the same boring food, fun, and sex, even the best marriage can become stale. By designing our lives from a place of endless possibilities we can literally blow the socks off our relationships and create a world of fun.When boringness is so prevalent that you hit the snooze button 4 times before dragging yourself out of bed, you know you aren't living the life you love. You cultivate a new love for love and for the sweetheart in your life, and here's how...7 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Marriage1. Public Display of Team Effort. When the two of you are in front of other people, make it a rule to not contradict each other. Even when you know your partner is dead wrong, you can still reserve the option to take them aside and discuss the subject with them or wait until later. In this way you are avoiding causing embarrassment to them or undermining them.2. Cheerleading . Whenever you talk to people about your spouse make sure you tell them every little thing that you adore and admire about your spouse. When that person talks to your spouse in the future they will be sure to mention all the amazing things you have said and about how much love you have for them.3. Date Your Wife. Instead of falling back into the same week-to-week rut, go out on a fun, spontaneous, and easy-going date. No picking fights, no arguing, just taking pleasure in what you have and loving each other. Be young and sexy again!4 .Create Bucket Lists. A bucket list is a goal setting tool used strictly for fun activities. That's basically what you do, create a future of fun, dining, entertainment, adventure and exploration together on paper. This future will determine who you are being in the present, as well as the anticipation and teamwork that will be produced as you work towards achieving this together.5. Give It To Them. Find out what your partner likes, such as you bringing them dinner while they watch the game (for him), or pouring a glass of wine and just listening attentively (for her) [you get the point], and just being fully giving. It is within your giving that your own love grows for that person. You can't make them love you more, but you can both make yourselves love each other more.6. Don't Make Them Wrong. This is probably the hardest one of all. It means a total acceptance of both who they are and the decisions they make. What makes this hard is when your spouse is doing something that is killing themselves, like smoking for example, and you have to completely allow them to decide on their own and let them be.7. Share The Landmark Forum. When Marina and I did the landmark forum together, it brought our extraordinary relationship to new heights that I didn’t expect. At the point I couldn’t even imagine getting any closer to her, despite the fact that we were getting closer each day. As an example, if our relationship was at a 15 out of 10 aly, it hit 30 over the course of a weekend. I would say that we got our money’s worth. 结婚数年后,人会对朝九晚五的生活,令人乏味的食物、消遣和作爱方式而变得麻木,就是再美满的婚姻也会变得陈旧。但通过精心设计蕴藏无穷可能的生活环境,我们能够切实的驱除婚姻关系中的阴霾,创立欢乐的园居。当困乏泛滥到你要与瞌睡挣扎四次才能强迫自己离开床时,你就知道你并不中意所爱的生活。你需为你所爱的生活、所爱的人育新的爱。如下是几点建议:为婚姻注入活力的7点建议1、公众前要有团队精神。你俩需约定,当有外人在场时要避免发生冲突。甚至当你知道对方是完全错误时,你要将之先搁置,直至剩下你二人时才重提。这样,你才能避免为对方制造尴尬或破坏其声誉。2、成为鼓舞人心的整体。无论何时与外人谈论配偶时,你务必要提及每件配偶做得令你赞许和钦佩的小事。这样他人再次谈论你的配偶时他们就会提起每个配偶的优点以及你对之的爱慕。3、与妻子约会。没必要落入每周必定约会的窠臼,自发随性的约会开心得多。因为少了为如何抉择的争执,你们会去享受那一刻,去爱彼此。4、建立活动清单。活动清单是为获得乐趣的活动而设定目标的工具。它实际上就是在纸上记录下你们为创造快乐而完成做的事,比如吃饭,观看活动,旅行和探险。这些活动将决定你现在的状态,并且,在共同体验中,你们将会变得出人意料的和谐。5、把它给他/她。了解对方的喜好并行事。譬如他正在观看游戏,你可以把饭送到他跟前;她喜欢倾诉,你就可以斟一杯酒然后把自己的耳朵交给她;或是赠送礼物给对方。就在给予中你对对方的爱会悄无声息的增长。虽然你可能无法让对方也更爱你,但至少能让自己更爱对方同时也更爱自己。6、“纵容”对方。这可能是最棘手的一条。这意味着你要完全接纳对方及对方的决定。之所以棘手是因为你的配偶有可能在做的是摧残健康的事,比如吸烟,但你还是不得不完全尊重他的决定,听之任之。7、分享观点和思想。思想的交流让我和Marina的关系达到我无法预料的新高度。每次交流都让我无法想象能否还能与她更近,事实明了我们越来越亲近。打个比方,和妻子的关系融洽让我感觉10元购买力似乎有15元之多,而到了周末就能高达30元--我们倍赚了。 /200808/45961。

  • I.Q. scores have been measured since 1916, when Alfred Binet developed his intelligence scale. He graduated the scale in the following way:IQ Scores130+ Very superior120+ Superior110+ Above average99+ Average80+ Below average70+ BorderlineLess than 70 Extremely low.Items included in IQ tests range from spatial awareness where you have to match patterns, to number sequences, and words. There is a free IQ testing site online.IQ tests used to be standardized but now they are designed by many different organizations in an attempt to measure certain qualities in candidates. For example, Mensa, the High IQ Society, sets its own test which is very difficult in parts. One example of a Mensa question:Take these letters:C E I L M E R S SForm two different 8 letter words from these letters. Each word must use all the letters.Intelligence and personality have been combined to give sten and z-scores. These are often used by companies who want to recruit staff with particular traits and abilities.Some very famous celebrities are know for their extremely high IQ level.Bill Gates: GeniusMadonna 140Al Gore 140Hugh Hefner 152Carol Vorderman 154Bill Gates 160Jill St. John 162Jill St. John who claims the highest score on this list was a major American film actress during the 1960's and 1970's. Jill was admitted to the University of California at the age of 14.Psychologists have estimated the IQ scores that some famous historical figures might have attained. This was done by looking at their work and their ideas and the way they put them together.Leonardo da Vinci: Smarter than Bill GatesGeorge Washington 118Napoleon Bonaparte 145Albert Einstein 160Charles Dickens 180Michelangelo 180Leonardo da Vinci 220Leonardo da Vinci earns that massive score for his art but also for his helicopter concept . His solar power diagrams, calculator plans, and studies of plate techtonics. He had none of the modern day scientific equipment and he was way ahead of his time. 自从1916年阿尔弗雷德·比奈(Alfred Binet)发明了智力量表,人类的智商就开始被测量。他把智商得分如下分类:IQ 得分130+ 非常出众120+ 出众110+ 平均之上99+ 平均80+ 平均之下70+ 分界线低于70的人智商极低测量智商的测试范围很广,从要求你搭配图案的空间意识到数字排序以及文字。这里给大家一个免费的测试智商的网站。过去智商测试都是统一标准化的,而今许多组织设计出各种不同的智商测试来衡量各种品质。比如,门萨这一高智商俱乐部就会设定自主测试,而这种考试的有些部分是非常难的。下面是门萨考题中的一个例子:给出下列字母:C E I L M E R S S用以上字母,构成两个完全不同的8字单词。每个单词必须使用所有单词。一个人的智商和个性已经与他是否能做出复杂的词干题和Z分数联系在一起。一些公司经常用这种方式来招募那些有特质、有能力的员工。一些非常出名的名人以他们极高的智商著称。比尔·盖茨:天才麦当娜 140阿尔·戈尔 140休·海弗纳 152卡罗尔·沃德曼 154比尔·盖茨 160吉尔·圣约翰 162这个在榜单上位列首位的吉尔·圣约翰是19世纪六七十年代的美国电影男主角。他14岁就被加利福尼亚大学录取。心理学家对一些著名的历史人物的智商进行了推测,依据是他们的成就和思想以及他们将思想赋予行动的方式。莱昂纳多·达·芬奇:比比尔盖茨更聪明乔治·华盛顿 118拿破仑·波拿巴 145艾伯特·爱因斯坦 160查尔斯·狄更斯 180米开朗基罗 180莱昂纳多·达·芬奇 220莱昂纳多·达·芬奇得分如此之高不仅因为他在艺术上的成就,还因为他对直升飞机的概念。他设计出太阳能图表,拟定计算器计划,还对板块构造学(plate tectonics 此处应为作者笔误)颇有研究。在没有当代科学设备的情况下,达芬奇的成就早已超越他所在的时代。 /200808/46279。
  • 1. People Need You. There's always someone who relies on you, no matter what type of work you do.  大家需要你:不论你的工作是什么,总有人需要你。  The public rely on the toilet cleaners to keep the toilets fresh. The public rely on the trash-men to remove their unwanted garbage. The public rely on the fast-food trainee to provide them with easy, stress-free food. So recognize that there are those who need you to do a good job. Please don't let them down.  大家需要卫生间清洁工来保持卫生间的干净,需要垃圾处理工来清理不需要的垃圾,需要快餐工来提供方便、减压的食物。要知道,总有那么一些人需要你做好自己的工作。不要让他们失望。  2. Plan Out Your Day. Often, we'll find a day disappears as quickly as it arrived because we got bogged down with minor chores and emergencies that kept appearing. These minor fires mean we don't get to tackle the much bigger fires, which would give us a lot more satisfaction.  好好规划每一天:我们经常深陷于层出不穷的琐事和突发情况之中,然后一天就溜过去了。忙于扑灭这些“小火”,我们就没工夫去应对那些让我们更有成就感的“大火”了。  What's the best way to deal with this? Plan out your day. At the end of your shift, decide what 'major fires' need putting out tomorrow. Plan out when you'll tackle these major issues, and then stick to that plan no matter what little embers may pop up.  该怎么办好呢?好好规划你的每一天。在一天要结束的时候,搞清楚明天有哪些“需要扑灭的大火”。规划好你来处理这些重要事务的时间,然后坚持执行计划,不论有什么样的“小火苗”窜出来。  3. Do something different. Consistency is a good thing to have at work. But what isn't good to have is the same routine, day after day after day. It drags you down, it makes you tired early in the day, and it kills any motivation you have for the job.  做点不一样的事:工作上的一致性是好的。但是如果日复一日的重复同样的轨迹就不好了。它会让你情绪低落、疲惫不堪,并且丧失对工作的。  Do something different! Step out of your routine and take a fresh look at things. Inject some variety into your days, even if it's something as simple as taking a different route to work.  做点不一样的事!摆脱固定的轨迹,用全新的眼光看待事物。为你的日子注入多样性,哪怕是最简单的:选一条不同的路线去上班。  4. Talk With Your Colleagues. It amazes me sometimes how little some people actually know about their work colleagues.  和同事交谈:有时候我们对同事知之甚少到了令人吃惊的地步。  Your colleagues are not robots. They're other human beings too, breathing and talking and trying to make a living, just like you. So treat them as human beings. Get to know them a bit better each day by asking a different question, or by starting a new topic. Share experiences with them, and they'll realize that you're human too, and that it's OK to talk with each other about something other than work.  你的同事们不是机器人,他们是和你一样的“人”:有呼吸,会说话,努力谋生。所以要像对待“人”一样对待他们。通过问不同的问题、聊不同的话题,每天都增进一些对他们的了解吧。和他们分享一些经历,让他们知道你也是活生生的“人”,大家除了工作之外还能聊很多。  5. Take Pride. Warren Buffett said, "There will never be a greater you, than you". Only you can be truly satisfied with the work you do. So take pride in this work, and see that no-one else can do the job as well as you can.  自豪起来:沃伦·巴菲特说过,你就是最好的自己。只有你能真正为自己的工作感到满足。所以要自豪起来,要知道没有人比你更能胜任这份工作。 /201110/156403。
  • You’re waiting for something to change in your life before you can be happy. You might think if only you had a different partner (or one at all), a better job, or kids that did their homework then surely you’d be happy. Surely then you’d wake each morning with the glow of one living a life worth loving. Enough! Here are 7 ways to get started:你在等待你生命中出现转机,然后你才能开心。你可能认为只有等你有了一个不同的搭档 (或是所有的一切),一个更好的工作,或者是孩子完成了他们的家庭作业之后你才能开心。这样你才能每天醒来的时候伴着一缕希望。 够了!这里有5种方法让你开始新生:1. Be present – You must be aware of your current existence and that you have control over your perspective. Whether you’re willing away early morning grouchiness or seeing a messy house as a chance to teach teamwork, your choice of perspective will make all the difference between just living and loving.1. 活在当下 – 你必须意识到你的现在,你可以掌控自己的观点。无论你是想逃离晨间抱怨或是见到一团糟的屋子,作为一次团队精神教育。你对观点的选择会在生活和爱产生不同的结果.2. Practice gratefulness – Every day, no excuses. Pretend to be grateful if you must. It’s one of those things that catches up to you quickly as life reciprocates your emotional generosity. Seeing the good in your life will allow you to keep your heart fed while you work to change the more unsavory parts. Try it. Live it. You’ll love it.2. 学会感恩 – 每天都要感恩,不要用任何借口逃避。 如果有必要的话装也要装着感恩。这是一样能迅速赶上你就像生活回报你在感情上的宽容。当你尝试改变生活中不好的地方时,发现生活之美会让你的心暖洋洋。尝试一下,这样的生活,你会爱上的。3. Pursue balance - As a person given to extremes this has always been a tough one for me. I’ll go from taking great care of myself and communicating well to abandonment and silence as I let work consume me. The pursuit of balance requires constant adjustment as your life shifts but every time I really try for the middle I end up happier about my life. And that’s truly the point.3. 寻求平衡 - 做一个极端的人对我来说很艰难。我将会更加关怀我自己,从联络能力良好到置之不理再到保持静默,就好像我让工作毁了我自己。这种对平衡的追求要求随着你的生活转变不断进行调整,但是每次我试着求得平衡,我的生活就更加开心,这才是最重要的。 /201101/122595。
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