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泉州乳腺疾病那里治疗鲤城区妇女儿童医院网上挂号Streets look more like rivers in eastern China as heavy rains continue to flood the area. People were left stranded as roads and buildings filled with water. According to China’s state-owned TV, the downpour started at dusk and did not let up for more than 12 hours. Southern China has also been hit hard. Nearly 700 000 people have fled their homes after the rains toppled houses and caused damage to a dam. 07/77228福建一院位置 The debt-ceiling deal 债务上限协议达成No thanks to anyone 无需感谢任何人America has avoided default, but political dysfunction is threatening its chances of economic recovery美国违约杯具已避 “跛脚”政治风险犹存Aug 6th 2011 | WANSHINGTON,DC | from The Economist edition THE deficit-reduction deal that finally raised America’s debt ceiling and staved off the threat of default seemed to make no one happy. “A sugar-coated Satan sandwich,” one Democratic congressman called it. Republican candidates for president lined up to denounce it.减赤协议还是达成了,该协议最终决定提高美国的债务上限,以避开违约的风险。但貌似没人会笑得出来。“这不过是块裹了糖衣的撒旦三明治,”一位民主党众议员这样形容它。共和党的下届总统候选人也一致对协议进行了斥责。But even less popular than the deal itself was the process that led up to it: months of partisan wrangling, broken deals and brinkmanship, with the threat of default hanging over an economy struggling to grow. “Our economy didn’t need Washington to come along with a manufactured crisis to make things worse,” Barack Obama noted as he signed the deal into law on August 2nd—the day the Treasury had warned that it would run out of cash to meet its obligations.但是比这个协议本身还让人不满的是达成这个协议的过程:数月的党派纷争,各种协议和政策底线被随意践踏,还有高悬于脆弱经济头顶的违约威胁。“我们的经济不需要华盛顿这帮人凑过来给它添乱!”巴拉克#8226;奥巴马在8月2日签署最终协议时这样说。这一天也是财政部之前警告过的履约现金告罄的日子。The deal, hammered out just days before that deadline, promises 7 billion in spending cuts over the next decade in return for a two-stage increase in the debt ceiling of 0 billion. After that, a 12-member congressional committee, equally composed of Republicans and Democrats, is to find .5 trillion in further deficit reductions that Congress must approve by December 23rd, in return for a similar-sized increase in the debt ceiling. If the committee fails to reach agreement or its proposal is rejected, .2 trillion in spending cuts will be triggered, drawn equally from domestic spending and defence.协议最终在大限之前数天敲定。该协议将债务上限提高两级,增加了9000亿美元,但前提是要确保未来十年间削减9170亿美元的开。这之后,还要有一个由民主党共和党各六人组成的国会委员会,着手在12月23日之前整出一个1.5万亿美元的减赤方案并要获得国会通过。如果该委员会不能达成协议抑或其方案被否决,那么就将不得不从国内开和国防费用中相应地削减1.2万亿美元。201108/149886Britney Spears to be normalOnce mental breakdown, once shaved her hair, is it possible for Britney Spears to be normal? She's actually working hard on it.It has been a busy week in Hollywood from Britney Spears to mental breakdowns to fueling basketball stars. So for a recap and get you up to date on all the latest stories, we're so happy to be joined by Rachel Zalis . She is the westcoast editor for Life amp; Style magazine. Rachel , thanks for joining us. Thank you so much for having me. So first of all ,what is the latest on Britney Spears, the 26-year-old pop star was granted over-night visit with her boys. Tell us about this, and is she finally on the right track?Yes, things are looking up for Britney , finally. I mean, you know, she won her Grammy for her song Toxic years ago. And her life is, sort of , seem to reflect that title lately. And , you know, ever since her divorce with Kevin Federline, things are sort of sprung out of control for her. You know, public meltdowns, rehab, hospitalization, shaving her head. And, you know, as in January, Kevin Federline became the "sole custody", got "sole custody" of her kids. And , you know, over the last six months, we've really seen Britney try to hold her life together. You know, her dad is, sort of , overseeing her finances. She's been working out. She's been, you know, on the TV show which people are think, get on Emmy nominated then. You know, she's really trying to regain herself. And, you know, she just have this hearing the other day where the judge is saying that she could get overnight stays now with her kid, which will be a huge win for her. Up until now, in the last six months, she says, you know, very limited, you know, uh, meetings with the children that were supervised. So this will be great. It's great to see things going away. And legally speaking, what's next? I mean, can she get back custody of her sons in the future? I think, you know, I think, Kevin Federline and his lawyer have said, they really want Britney to have more involvement with the kids, to work towards that kind of situation, though. I defintely think if Britney keeps on this path where she's really staying on the strait narrow. She's getting her life together. You know, obviously, it's best for the kids to be with their mother. So , I think, she definitely , has that in store for her in the future.200810/54019泉州中医院妇科几点上班

泉州哪个医院看乳腺好Canada andChina加拿大与中国Givingthe Lai遣返赖昌星Stephen Harper’sgovernment changes its tuneStephen Harper 政府态度转变Jul 30th 2011 |OTTAWA | fromthe print editionJOHNBAIRD, Canada’s foreign minister, insists there wasno hidden political hand behind his government’s deportation on July 23rd ofLai Changxing to Beijing, where he was promptly arrested on charges relating toa multi-billion dollar smuggling ring which acted there with apparent officialconnivance in the 1990s. The Chinese authorities have been pressing Canada tohand over Mr Lai since 1999. The decision to do so, says Mr Baird, was takenfreely by an independent judiciary “and we wouldn’t and couldn’t intervene.”加拿大外交部长John Baird,坚持认为加拿大政府对赖昌星的遣返背后没有政治操控。作为发生在九十年代的这场显然得到官方默许的数十亿美金走私大案的参与者,赖昌星7月23号一到北京就立即被捕。中国当局从1999年开始就开始为赖昌星遣返而向加拿大施压。遣返的决定,Baird 先生说,是由法官独立作出的,“我们不想也不能干预。”On theface of things, that is true. The federal court order of July 21st capped along legal battle between Mr Lai and the immigration authorities that began inJune 2000, when Canada decided he was not a legitimate refugee and issued adeportation order. His deportation came only after he exhausted every avenue ofappeal, of which there were many.从表面上看,事实的确如此。联邦法院7月21号作出的这个决定是赖昌星和移民局漫长司法斗争的结果。早在2000年6月加拿大方面就已经拒绝赖昌星的难民申请并且启动了遣返程序。赖昌星曾经多次上诉,而每次上诉均被驳回,至此遣返才生效。But digdeeper and the hidden hand appears. Both the immigration official who lastreviewed the case and the judge based their decisions on assurances sought andreceived by the government that Mr Lai would not be tortured, subjected tocruel and unusual punishment or killed if he were sent back.但是如果继续深究就会发现隐藏的幕后推手。无论最后审核案件的移民局的官员还是法官都是基于政府的保才做出的决定,即赖昌星被遣返之后不会受到刑讯、非常规的惩罚或者被判死刑。GivingChina the benefit of the doubt on human rights is a relative novelty forStephen Harper’s Conservative government. Shortly after he won office in 2006,Mr Harper pledged that Canada “would not sell out” in talking about humanrights with China. His first foreign minister accused China of industrialespionage. When Mr Harper visited China in , his hosts chided him forwaiting almost four years before coming.在人权问题上对中国让步的做法对于Stephen Harper 保守派政府来说还是很新鲜。在2006年上台之后不久, Harper就承诺加拿大对中国的人权问题“不会妥协”。他的第一任外交大臣曾指责中国的商业间谍。当Harper年访问中国的时候,接待方曾责备他等了四年才来。201108/148611泉州看妇科那间医院好 当地时间4月1日上午,美国总统奥巴马和夫人米歇尔抵达唐宁街10号首相府,与英国首相布朗会面。当被记者问及美国是否应该对当前的经济危机负有责任,奥巴马表示,他宁愿向前看,不愿向后看。他对美国的经济体制毫不担心。但就在二十国集团金融峰会即将召开前夕,法国总统萨科齐发出威胁,称如果G20金融峰会不能制定更为严格的全球金融市场规则,他有可能退出峰会,同时,奥巴马说各国之间的分歧被夸大了。The president says no one country can fix the economic crisis.Speaking just hours before the start of the G20 meeting of major economies, Mr. Obama stressed the need for all participants to seek common ground. "I am absolutely confident that this meeting will reflect enormous consensus about the need to work together to deal with these problems," said Mr. Obama.Tension precedes summit startBut there are signs of tension, as the G20 summit prepares to begin its work in London. Some countries are blaming the ed States for sparking the economic crisis through the deregulation of its financial sector- a move that led to a credit crunch and sparked an economic recession.The president says the ed States has made mistakes, but so too did other countries whose regulatory systems could not keep pace with a changing financial scene. He says it is time to look for solutions."At this point, I am less interested in identifying blame, than in fixing the problem," he said.President says differences are overstatedAt home, Mr. Obama has focused on government spending to jump-start the economy and he was expected to urge other nations to take similar steps at the economic summit.France and Germany have balked at such action, saying the emphasis should be on regulatory reform. French President Nicholas Sarkozy even told an interviewer that he might walk out of the summit, if nations fail to agree on stricter regulation of global financial markets.Brown predicts no walkoutsPresident Obama says reports of differences are overstated. And, Prime Minister Brown predicts no one will walk away from the summit and its important work."I am confident President Sarkozy will not be here for the first course of our dinner, but will still be sitting as we complete our dinner this evening," said Mr. Brown.Mr. Brown says everyone knows the stakes are high."Never before has the world come together in this way to talk about an economic crisis," he said. " Any of the crises we have seen since the second World War, you have not had this level of international cooperation."Obama agenda packed on first overseas tripOn his first European tour as president, Barack Obama is seeking cooperation on both the economic and security front as he holds bilateral talks on the sidelines of the London summit.His discussions with Gordon Brown also covered the new American strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran and the search for Middle East peace.At their joint news conference, Mr. Obama also talked about efforts to control the sp of nuclear weapons - an issue that is topping the agenda for his discussions here with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. 04/66242福建泉州市二院可以用社保卡吗

德化县中医医院剖腹产怎么样Show and Tell: MyVu Crystal 数码新资讯:MyVu眼镜 CNN's Richard Lui takes a look through the MyVu Crystsal. It's a world of very busy lives. Imagine though of a device like this and you become Geordie La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and it helps in the multitasking. This is a Myvu Crystal. It's one of those eye-wear pieces, and it's kind of cool. It's got this thing here which is your controller. You got the power, you got your volume, bright, darkness, and you got your I-pod. I'm watching one of our great Show and Tells. Alright, so what’s the great things about this? Let's start with some of the pros. What you got on this? (Laugh) All right, you gotta look at this. This is about the Wii Fitness and I’ve watched it’s got two screens in there. Can you see it? All right. It's pretty funny, one here, one here, but when you put it on your eyeballs, it just looks like one. And right now the size of this screen is probably about like a, I don't know, 35, 40-inch screen, maybe sitting in about 8, 10 feet away at the moment. What's kind of cool is like, they are like trifold, cause' I can see like this and like that, which allows me to sit down and things if I want, and watch this thing. It's got these two earbuds too, pretty good sound. And what's great is you don't have another set of wires, right? You just have these two going straight into the controller other than an I-pod. You can connect this to a lot of different items; the issue here though is you got these wires. This is a USB cord. You just plug it right into it. It charges it up. And the batteries last for about 4 hours. Whether you actually wear the thing for 4 hours, that’s another question. You got all these other cables, an AV cable, I-pod AV cable, N95 cable, this cable , that cable, I feel like I'm getting a EKG sometimes on this thing, but it's good so far. Another application, a lot of you guys are travelers, right? Well, you know, If you are gonna sit back in your chair, you know how sometimes you are using your computer, or you are watching a movie, just don't want other people to see it. This is great privacy. Nobody knows what you are looking at. You kinda lean back watch the movie on a plane. Ah, but you're not. So, that's what's kind of great about this thing. You get to watch your own stuff and nobody can see it. So there you have it, the Myvu Crystal, it's like one or five pickup bottles I have been looking at that's out on the market and even around for a bunch of years. They function pretty well for the most part. But you know, there is always a challenge we ask ourselves about these things nowadays. How does it look? Is it fashionable? And if you don't think it is, there still may be another purpose for this.Wii Fitness:Wii Fitness is a game developed by Nintendo for the Wii console.[4] It is an exercise game consisting of activities utilizing the Wii Balance Board peripheral.EKG: or ECG, abbreviation of electrocardiogram.earbud: earphone200812/58072 Palin Seen As Key Player In Republican Party佩林在共和党内未来作用引人关注 Following Democrat Barack Obama's victory in last week's presidential election, Republicans have begun a period of self-reflection about what went wrong and how to improve their prospects in the future. Any discussion of the party's future has to include Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who energized social conservatives as John McCain's vice presidential running mate. 民主党候选人奥巴马在美国的总统选举中获胜之后,共和党人开始思索和自我反省,希望找出这次错在哪里,而且未来应该如何改进。任何有关共和党未来的讨论自然都离不开麦凯恩的副总统候选人、阿拉斯加州的州长佩林。在刚刚过去的选举当中,佩林成功地动员了共和党内的社会保守派。Sarah Palin has not exactly shunned the limelight since the Republican ticket lost the election. 共和党在总统大选中落败之后,佩林似乎一直在主动通过媒体来表达自己的观点。Palin was one of the headline speakers at a meeting of Republican governors in Florida. 在佛罗里达州举行的共和党州长会议期间,她的讲话是各方关注的一个焦点。"So now with the recent elections wrapped up, yup, on the federal level we are now the minority party," said Sarah Palin. "But let us resolve not to become the negative party, too eager to find fault or unwilling to help in this time of crisis and war. Losing an election does not have to mean losing our way." 佩林说:“最近的选举刚刚结束,在联邦整体来看,我们现在成了少数党。但是,我们绝不应该变成一个负面的政党,急著找替罪羊,或者是不愿在国家目前处于危难之际,主动做贡献。选举上一时的失败并不意味著我们从此就一败涂地了。”Palin has also given several interviews in recent days, and clearly sounds interested in the possibility of running for president four years from now. 佩林这些天来接受了好几家媒体的采访,而且显然对4年之后,再度出山,表示有兴趣。"I am not ruling that out," she said. "But there again, that is based on my philosophy that it is crazy to close a door before you even know it is open in front of you. You just have to be prepared and when you see opportunity and preparation meet, that is how you know that a door is open and you are y to go through it." 她说:“我并不排除这种可能。我的哲学是,应该充分了解摆在自己面前的各种选择,然后再做决定。总是要做好准备,当机会和个人的准备衔接在一起的时候,那就是最好的时机。”Sarah Palin is an appealing figure for many in the Republican Party, especially social conservatives. John McCain's decision to pick Governor Palin as his running mate excited social conservatives at the Republican convention. 萨拉.佩林对共和党内很多人,尤其是社会保守派来说,是个有吸引力的人物。约翰.麦凯恩选择佩林作为他竞选夥伴的决定,在共和党全国大会上让在社会议题上的保守派感到兴奋。But a series of television interviews during the presidential campaign raised questions about Palin's experience and iness for national office. 但是总统大选期间的一系列电视访问令人对佩林的经验和是否胜任国家级职务产生了疑问。John Fortier is with the American Enterprise Institute. He is a guest on VOA's Encounter program. 美国企业研究所的约翰.福杰是美国之音一个广播辩论节目的来宾。"But she was also very inexperienced and that certainly hurt her," said John Fortier. "Initially she had some appeal in the middle, and that dissipated as her inexperience came out. She was very strong with the [Republican] base. But at the end of the day, she was at best a wash and perhaps a small negative as the vice presidential pick." 福杰说:“但是她非常缺乏经验,这当然对她不利。一开始她对中间派有一些吸引力,但是在她显露出缺乏经验后,这种吸引力开始消失。她在共和党的基层得到非常强有力的持。但是最终作为副总统人选,她充其量正负相抵,或许还有些减分。”A draft Palin for president effort is aly underway in North Carolina, and some conservative activists see her as a potential presidential nominee in 2012. 在北卡罗莱纳,已经有人开始着手选佩林做总统的策划工作。一些保守派活动人士把她看作是个有潜力的2012年总统提名人。David Frum is a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush."But the main thing to do is to get back to the Republican Party of 1994 and reiterate and reaffirm those core convictions under a nominee, possibly like Sarah Palin, or else under an intensified Mitt Romney, someone who can do again what was done in the past," said David Frum. 他说:“但是最重要的是要回到1994年时的共和党,而且要通过一个候选人,重申和再度确定那些核心的信念。这个候选人可能是萨拉.佩林,或者是更强硬些的密特.罗姆尼,也就是要有个能再次展现过去的辉煌的人。”Some Republicans see Palin as a bright spot in an otherwise bleak political landscape, at least in the short term. Beginning in January, Republicans will be without the White House for the first time in eight years, and will be a reduced minority party in Congress as well.Political analyst Norman Ornstein says Republicans will be doing some soul-searching in the months ahead, trying to figure out how to better appeal to important voting groups such as moderate suburbanites, Hispanic-Americans, and women."And right now, finding a winning coalition, an enduring coalition in regions, in demographic groups or ideologically, is really, really difficult for Republicans," said Norman Ornstein.Republicans will look to begin their comeback two years from now, in the mid-term congressional elections of 2010. 共和党人准备两年后在2010年的国会中期选举中卷土重来。Scot Faulkner worked for former President Ronald Reagan and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. 斯科特.福克纳曾经为前总统罗纳德.里根和前国会众院议长纽特.金里奇工作过。Faulkner says Palin could begin laying the groundwork for a presidential run in 2012 by campaigning for Republican congressional candidates in 2010. 福克纳说,佩林可以先在2010年为共和党国会候选人竞选,为2012年的总统竞选打下基础。"There is going to be a very lively discussion within the party," said Scot Faulkner. "The first one is going to be, who lost the election? Was it because of Bush? Was it because of Palin? Was it because of the Republicans in Congress? So there will be a lot of finger-pointing for the next six months and then people will start focusing on candidates for the off-year [congressional] elections in 2010, and then you will start to see the presidential candidates emerge to help those congressional candidates, and then we are off to the races for the next round." 福克纳说:“党内将会开展非常热烈的讨论。首先要讨论的是谁输掉了选举?是不是因为布什?还是佩林?还是因为国会共和党人?未来6个月中将会有许多责难,然后人们将开始集中关注2010年国会中期选举的候选人,你就会开始看到总统候选人出来帮助国会候选人,然后我们就开始下一轮竞选。”Social conservatives are clearly excited by the prospect of Sarah Palin running for president one day. But exit polls on Election Day found a majority of voters do not believe Palin has enough experience to be vice president or president, suggesting she has work to do to win over moderate Republicans and independent voters. 社会保守派人士明显对萨拉.佩林有朝一日能参加总统竞选的前景感到振奋。但是选举日举行的投票站出口民意调查显示,大部分选民不相信佩林有足够的经验担任副总统和总统。这显示佩林还需要尽力来争取温和派共和党人和独立选民的持。200811/56499泉州妇科在线预约泉州妇科手术



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