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Being the perfect boyfriend can be a bit of a challenge, but here#39;s how it#39;s done! Be the perfect boyfriend with VideoJug#39;s helpful suggestions and you#39;ll never let your partner down again!成为完美男友或多或少会有些挑战,来看看视频汇的建议,你的另一半将再也不会情绪低落。Step 1: Listen to her1.倾听Girls like to talk a lot, about things you don#39;t really understand such as shopping, makeup, and feelings. It#39;s important to seem interested no matter how confused you are because girls value communication above all things. If you do lose the th, and she suddenly demands a response, here are a few phrases that may come in useful: ;What an interesting story!; or ;I can#39;t believe it, tell me again- in more detail; or if all else fails- ;oh sorry, I was just thinking about how much I love you.女孩子喜欢谈论一大堆你并不真正了解的东西,比如购物、化妆和她们变幻莫测的心情。无论多么迷惑,都要记住,重要的是你能撞出感兴趣的样子,因为女孩子会重视交流的每一个细节。如果你不小心露馅了,这里有几个救急的妙方:多么精的故事啊;我不相信,除非你告诉我更多的细节。如果以上都失败了,还有:对不起,我只是在想我有多么爱你。Step 2: Love her friends and family2.喜欢她的朋友和家人No matter how great you think you are, you#39;re not the only person in her life. Her family and friends are also important to her. Remember key facts about them, such as their names - so you avoid saying things like #39;oh her, the fat one with the hair#39;无论你认为自己多么牛气,你也不是她生命中唯一的人。她的家人和朋友在她的生活中同样很重要。对于这些人,关键在于记住他们的名字,这样你才能避免诸如“那个谁,胖乎乎的有长辫子的那个人”之类的表达。Try and make them your friends too. This way, when you screw up and she runs crying to them, you#39;ve got someone on the inside. Remember hell hath no fury like a woman#39;s friends.试着与他们交朋友。这样当你们吵架后她跑去哭诉的时候你也能有个帮着你说话的人。记住,女人的闺蜜,会比地狱还疯狂,最好别随便招惹。Step 3: Be a man3.像个男人一样In the olden days, it was all about be a man#39;s man, then it was briefly about being a woman#39;s man, now its about being the perfect man. The operative word here is ;man;.在过去,男人总意味着男人中的男人,然后这个词语成了女人的男人。现在是完美的男人,唯一不变的还是男人的内涵。Sure you can carry her bag, open doors, and pump iron, But can you be supportive and facilitate her ability to achieve? Has she got a new job? Give her a call. Has she written a poem? Read it. And if she#39;s afraid of the dark? Be the one who turns on the light.你能为她拎包,开门,熨衣,但是你能持她帮助她去实现自己的追求吗?她有新工作了,打个电话祝贺一下;她写了一首诗,朗读一遍;她怕黑,就帮她修理灯泡。Step 4: In the bedroom4.卧室When it comes to bedtime, and matters of the night you need to be play your woman like a piano - you can play a soft sonata, some freeform jazz, or a drive time power ballad. Whatever song she#39;s in the mood for, play it well and you#39;re bound to get an encore.晚间时间到了之后,你要像弹钢琴一样对待她-温柔的奏鸣曲,自由的爵士乐,或者是一段享受时间的情歌,适合她情绪的任何音乐。表演的好的话,可能会有再来一次的机会。Step 5: Surprise her5.惊喜Take her out for dinner! Buy her some flowers! If it#39;s been a good month treat her to a mini-break! This last option is fantastic, as it gives her ample opportunity to reward you.带她出去共进晚餐。买给她一些花。如果这个月你们心情都不错,可以考虑度个短假。最后一项选择尤其美妙,因为她有可能奖励你。Step 6: Be hygienic6.个人卫生The perfect man is the wind beneath her wings not the wind beneath the duvet. Be respectful, contain and disguise your bodily odours. She does it, why can#39;t you?完美的男人应该有让她舒的男人味,而不能只有爷们儿汗臭让她避之不及。做一个有礼貌的人,也要去除身上的异味。她能做到,你为什么不能?Shower regularly, always brush your teeth and stay well groomed.经常洗澡,保持刷牙的习惯,打扮得体。Top Tip: Deodorant is for after the shower, not instead of it.记住,除臭剂是洗浴后使用,而不能代替洗浴。Step 7: Be faithful7.真诚If you#39;re with this girl it#39;s for a reason, decide early if you#39;re serious about her, and then never ever mess around.如果跟一个女生谈恋爱,在一起之前就要想好是否会认真对待她,如果是,之后就不要后悔。Step 8: Done8.结束语Have fun with your girlfriend.希望你和你女朋友永远开心。Thanks for watching How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend谢谢收看本期“完美男朋友教程”节目。 Article/201208/195010Today in History: Saturday, November 24, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月24日,周六On Nov. 24, 1859, British naturalist Charles Darwin published ;On the Origin of Species,; which explained his theory of evolution by means of natural selection.1859年11月24日,英国物学家查尔斯·达尔文发表“物种起源”,解释了自然选择进化理论。1784 Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the ed States, was born in Orange County, Va.1784年,美国第12届总统扎卡里·泰勒在弗吉尼亚州奥兰治县出生。1871 The National Rifle Association was incorporated.1871年,全国步协会成立。1947 A group of writers, producers and directors that became known as the ;Hollywood 10; was cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions about alleged Communist influence in the movie industry.1947年,一群作家、制片人和导演,即后来为人众所周知的“好莱坞10”,因拒绝回答关于所谓的共产主义在电影产业的影响而被认为藐视国会。1950 The musical ;Guys and Dolls; opened on Broadway.1950年,音乐剧《红男绿女》于百老汇上映。1963 Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot and mortally wounded Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy.1963年,达拉斯夜总会老板Jack Ruby给暗杀约翰·肯尼迪总统的被告李·哈维·奥斯瓦尔德致命一。1969 Apollo 12 returned to Earth after the second manned mission to the moon.1969年,阿波罗12号完成人类第二次登月任务返回地球。1971 Hijacker D.B. Cooper parachuted from a Northwest Airlines 727 over Washington state with 0,000 in ransom. His fate remains unknown.1971年,强盗D.B. Cooper带着200000美元的赎金在华盛顿上空从西北航空公司727飞机空降而下。他的命运仍然未知。1987 The ed States and the Soviet Union agreed to scrap shorter- and medium-range missiles in the first superpower treaty to eliminate an entire class of nuclear weapons.1987年,美国和苏联同意在第一超级大国条约中废除短、中程导弹以消除全部种类的核武器。1989 Czechoslovakia#39;s hard-line party leadership resigned after more than a week of protests against its policies.1989年,捷克斯洛伐克强硬政党领导人因一个多星期以来对其政策的抗议而辞职。1991 Rock singer Freddie Mercury of Queen died at age 45 of pneumonia brought on by AIDS.1991年,摇滚歌手皇后乐队的弗雷迪·麦考利因艾滋引起的肺炎逝世,享年45岁。2010 A jury in Austin convicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, on charges he#39;d illegally funneled corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002. (DeLay is appealing a three-year prison sentence.)2010年,在奥斯汀陪审团判定前众议院多数党领导人德州共和党汤姆·迪有罪,指控他非法为2002年德州的候选人筹集资金。(Delay被判处三年监禁。) /201211/210695There are two camps when it comes to iced coffee. The first claims iced coffee is good, while the second holds that iced coffee is extremely good.对于冰咖啡,人们持不同的看法。第一类阵营声称冰咖啡好喝,而第二类阵营则认为冰咖啡非常好喝。And in all actuality, iced coffee is better than hot coffee, for reasons we will get to in a moment. Especially now that cold brew, the superior cousin to hot brew, is appropriately mainstream. A lot of smaller coffee shops use the cold brew method for iced coffee. A cold brew coffee is made by running cool water through coffee grounds, a process that takes far longer than brewing a hot pot of coffee and pouring it over ice. It#39;s worth the wait, though. ;We prefer to cold brew,; says Stumptown Coffee Roasters associate brand manager Max Bauske. ;Just a bold, sweet, and balanced brew that you can#39;t get through that hot extraction method.;从所有的现状看,冰咖啡比热咖啡要好喝,过会儿再解释原因。尤其是现在,热泡的高配版冷泡正在成为主流。很多小咖啡店采取冷泡法制作冰咖啡。让冰水穿过咖啡渣,这一过程远比制作一杯热泡咖啡久多了,之后将其倒在冰上,一杯冷泡咖啡就制成了。但等待是值得的。;我们更喜欢冷泡咖啡,;斯邓姆顿咖啡馆的副品牌经理Max Bauske说道。;这是一种大胆、甜蜜和平衡的冲泡,是无法通过热提取方法完成的。;Iced coffee tastes different (better) because it is different (better). Coffee beans, like any crop, are harvested depending on the climate in which they are grown, so beans picked for the summer months have different properties than wintertime beans. Variety Coffee, a small chain in Brooklyn that uses single-origin coffee, sources summer products (like beans for cold brew) from farmers in the Guji region of Ethiopia. ;Those coffees tend to be the fruitiest coffees, the most dynamic coffees, and the most exciting coffees,; says owner Gavin Compton. In other words, he says, ;The coffees that are available in the summertime are all the best coffees that are available all season.;冰咖啡味道有点独特(更好喝),因为它本身就很独特(更好)。像任何作物一样,咖啡豆的收割也取决于它们生长地的气候,所以冬季采摘的咖啡豆与夏季采摘的咖啡豆有不同的特性。Variety Coffee是布鲁克林一家小型连锁店,这家咖啡店选用来自埃塞俄比亚古吉(Guji)地区农民种植的夏季单品咖啡豆。;这些咖啡豆往往最有味儿、最有活力、也最让人兴奋,;咖啡店老板加文·康普顿说道。换言之,他说,;夏季的咖啡豆是全年候最好的咖啡豆。;Alternatively, Stumptown sources its cold brew beans primarily from Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, according to Bauske. And Blue Bottle Coffee#39;s cafes offer iced black cold brew made from its Three Africas blend, says Michael Phillips, director of training. Those blends tend to be consistent from season to season, while single origin offerings fluctuate with the seasons, tasting uniquely of the soil, tree, farm, and climate in which they are grown-the ;terroir; of the coffee, as Compton says.Bauske表示,树墩城咖啡主要选择来自哥伦比亚、危地马拉、哥斯达黎加和尼加拉瓜的冷泡咖啡。蓝瓶咖啡店(Blue Bottle Coffee#39;s cafes)则供应由Three Africas混合咖啡豆制作的冷泡黑咖啡(冰),培训总监迈克尔·菲利普斯说道。这些混合咖啡豆往往每个季节都是一样的,而单品咖啡豆则随着季节的变化而波动,能品尝到咖啡豆生长;领土;--土壤、树、农场和气候的独特风味,康普顿说道。译文属 /201706/513663Tom Cole, head of horticulture and landscaping from Capel Manor College, advises us on the best way to deal with black spot leaf disease. Watch this VideoJug on how to care for your plant when it gets black spot leaf disease.卡贝尔·蒙纳学院园艺和园林负责人汤姆·科尔为我们提供了治疗黑斑病的最佳方法。观看VideoJug这段视频,了解植物感染黑斑病时怎样处理。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Secateurs,pesticide and fungicide spray剪枝夹,杀虫剂和杀菌剂喷壶Step 2: Identify the disease2.鉴别疾病The symptoms of black spot are small round black patches, ranging from 1 millimetre to 1 centimetre, on the upper side of the leaf. The tissue around the spots turns yellow, and the leaves fall prematurely.黑斑病的特征是叶子上表面有小小的黑色圆斑,直径从1毫米到1厘米不等。斑点周围的叶片组织变黄,叶片提前剥落。Step 3: Cultural control3.修剪控制As soon as you see any signs of black spot, remove the infected leaves with the secateurs or by hand. Gather all the debris from around the base of the plant too. Burn the leaves and debris or throw them away - never put them in the compost heap as this will sp the disease.一旦发现黑斑的迹象,立即用剪枝夹或手清除感染的叶片。将所有脱落的叶片从植株根部周围清理掉。将这些叶片和垃圾焚烧或扔掉——千万不要用它们制作堆肥,否则会使这种疾病传播。Do this throughout the year, whenever black spot occurs.无论何时,每次黑斑病爆发的时候都要进行这项工作。Step 4: Chemical controls4.化学品控制Some gardeners use spray to control black spot. For the best results this should be applied after cultural controls, but may be an option if removing all the diseased leaves would leave your plant bare! Always follow the instructions on the spray container. Hold the bottle about 30 centimetres away from the plant and spray enough to coat the leaf, but not cause drips.Treat the plant either early or late in the day, so you don#39;t spray pollen sping insects like bees. Wait 14 days and then repeat.一些花匠喷洒药物来控制黑斑病。为了取得最好的效果,化学药物应该在修剪控制之后使用。但是,如果太过严重,清除患病叶片会让你的植株变得光秃秃的,那还是直接喷洒药物吧。一定要遵循喷雾器上的说明。喷雾器距离植株30厘米的距离,喷洒的药物一定要覆盖所有叶片,但是不要让药物滴下来。在早上或傍晚喷洒药物,这样不会喷到传授花粉的蜜蜂等昆虫。14天过后再次喷洒。Step 5: Prevention5.预防Spraying can minimise sp but it won#39;t stop blackspot all together. The healthier the plant, the less likely it is to catch the disease. To avoid blackspot in the future, keep your plants well-watered and fed.喷洒药物可以将黑斑病的传播最小化,但是不可能完全制止黑斑病。植株越健康,感染黑斑病的可能性越大。为了将来避免黑斑病,一定要为植株做好浇水和施肥工作。Thanks for watching How To Deal With Black Spot Leaf Disease感谢收看“怎样应对叶片黑斑病”视频节目。 Article/201210/202906

August 1862, over a year into the war. 1862年8月,开战已逾一年。General Robert E Lee#39;s Confederate Army, is ying to launch a wide ranging assault ,against Union forces in Virginia. 罗伯特·E·李将军所领导的南方联盟军队,准备好发动一起大规模的进攻,对手是弗吉尼亚的联邦军队。Highly motivated these men are fighting on their home turf, and are y to die for Southern independence and traditions, and its rural way of life. 士气高昂的士兵们将在他们的故土上大战一场,并时刻准备好为捍卫南方独立,为维护传统的乡村生活方式而牺牲。It s prosperity is built around a simple crop -- cotton. 南方的繁荣完全依托于一种农作物,棉花。Known as white gold, the South accounts for two thirds of the world#39;s supply of cotton. 棉花被喻为;白色黄金;,南方的棉产量占世界总产量的三分之二。And it brings extraordinary wealth to the Southern states. 棉花给南方各州带来了惊人的财富,But its wealth built on the backs of slaves. 但这笔财富却是建立在奴隶的血汗之上的。Now Lincoln#39;s victory at the ballot box threatens this traditional way of life, the slavery it is built on. 而如今,林肯的票选胜利对这种传统生活方式构成了威胁,使它所赖以生存的奴隶制岌岌可危。Rather than submit to Northern rule, the South decides to fight. 不愿屈于北方统治,南方决定一战,They want a separate nation. 他们想要分而治之。General Robert E Lee takes command at the head of the newly formed army of Northern Virginia. 罗伯特·E·李将军担任新成立的北弗吉尼亚军队总指挥,Lee, a brilliant graduate of the elite West Point Academy is aly a veteran of the Mexican War. 李是毕业于西点军校的高材生,又在墨西哥战争中久经历练。 /201210/206327

Quick: Picture yourself drinking some iced tea. Maybe, you#39;re sitting poolside, eating hot dogs and hamburgers with your friends at a cookout. Or maybe you#39;re taking a stroll through the park, taking in the sights on your way to a picnic. Or, just perhaps, you#39;re at the beach, with your toes buried in the sand, a glass of tea in one hand and a book in the other.快:想象自己正喝着某种口味的冰茶。也许,你正和朋友坐在户外的泳池边吃着热和汉堡。又或者你正在公园散步,在去野餐的路上享受美景。或者,也许你正在沙滩上将双脚埋在沙子中,一手拿着杯茶,另一只手捧着本书。No matter where you may be in your mind, there#39;s simply no denying that iced tea is the ultimate refreshing summertime beverage. Nothing beats the heat quite like this lightly sweetened, highly iced, and subtly flavored drink.不管你脑海中出现的是什么地方,你都会觉得冰茶是清凉一夏的终极饮品。没有什么比这甜甜的、冰冰的、味道好极了的饮料更能击败酷暑了。In honor of the wonders of iced tea, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see what their favorite ways to drink this beverage is. From a citrusy latte to a lightened-up version of a Southern staple to everything in between, here are iced teas you simply need to drink this summer.为纪念神奇的冰茶,我们与烹饪内容网络(Culinary Content Network)的美食主取得了联系,看看他们最喜欢怎么喝这种饮料。从柑橘拿铁到淡淡的南方主食再到其间的一切,今夏一定要试试下列这些冰茶哦!Blueberry Pineapple Iced Tea蓝莓菠萝冰茶Want to give your iced tea an extra dose of summertime flavor? My Suburban Kitchen infuses her unsweetened iced tea with blueberry a?ai juice, pineapple juice, and fresh fruit for a satisfying chilled drink.想给自己的冰茶注入另一股夏季风味吗?我的郊区厨房主(My Suburban Kitchen)将蓝莓阿萨伊汁、菠萝汁和新鲜的水果倒入不含糖的冰茶中,一杯令人满意的冰饮就完成啦。Orange Iced Tea Latte橙子冰茶拿铁Oranges may be the world#39;s most refreshing citrus, and Sweet and Spicy Monkey mimics the flavor of biting into a big slice of fruit in this latte.橙子也许是世界上最清新的柑橘水果了,甜辣猴主(Sweet and Spicy Monkey)在这款拿铁中模仿了橙子味儿。Pomegranate Green Tea Mojitos石榴绿茶鸡尾酒This Moroccan-inspired cocktail blends the pomegranates and green tea favored by that region with a summertime favorite cocktail, the mojito. The Redhead Baker#39;s recipe can easily be made non-alcoholic by omitting the rum.这款洛哥风格的鸡尾酒用当地的夏日最爱mojito鸡尾酒融合了石榴和绿茶。The Redhead Baker的冰茶做法很容易就可以做成无酒精饮料,只要不加朗姆酒就行。Refreshing Mint Tea清爽的薄荷茶A Little Rosemary and Thyme was inspired by the cold mint tea she found at the greenmarkets in New York. This five-ingredient tea includes its most apt descriptor right there in the name: refreshing.一点点的迷迭香和百里香与她在纽约绿色市场发现的冰薄荷茶相碰撞。该茶的名字最好的描述了它含有的5种成分:清爽。Sugar-Free Southern Sweet Tea With Rosemary and Lemon迷迭香柠檬无糖南方甜茶Southern-styled sweet iced tea is known for a heavy dose of sugar, but Rural Mom lightens this up by using a zero-calorie sweetener. Aside from that, this recipe is a total Southern classic thanks to fresh lemon and rosemary.南方甜冰茶以甜味重而出名,但Rural Mom通过使用零卡路里甜味剂减轻了甜味。除此之外,由于柠檬和迷迭香,该冰茶完全是南方经典。译文属 /201706/513641

目前寒流席卷全球,世界多个国家和地区被漫天风雪所包围。据英国《每日邮报》1月10日报道,日前多位权威气候学家表示,连日来的异常气候很可能只是全球气候变冷的开端而已,在接下来的20至30年间,地球将经历一个“微型冰河世纪”。报道称,美国国家冰雪数据中心的数据显示,2007年以来,北极圈夏季海洋冰层增加了49.7万平方英里,升幅为26%,这意味着海洋正变得越来越冷。科学家的研究显示,海水循环造成的融冰现象是由于海洋处在“暖化模式”(warm mode)当中,而当海洋处于“冷化模式”(cold mode)当中时,全球气候就会变冷,海洋有自己的冷暖周期。Is the earth in a miniature Ice Age?Severe cold in northern hemisphere has revived arguments about climate change. In contrast to the global warming theory, some experts say the warming process has stopped, and the climate is actually becoming cooler. Some experts believe globe oceans experiencing a miniature Ice Age. They even think the cold weather could last for two or three decades.Scientists draw their conclusions from water temperature data in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They say the data casts doubt on global warming theories, taking issue with beliefs such as there may be no ice within the Arctic Circle by the summer of 2013.Data from US ice and snow studies show that since 2007, the amount of ice in the Arctic during summer increases by over 1 million square kilometers, about 26 percent of the original amount.Some computer climate simulations show that global warming since 1900 was caused by human activities, with temperatures rising as more carbon dioxide is discharged. However, climate cooling theories throw over the previous speculation. Some scientists believe that the cause of the warming is that the oceans are in their warm period, and not from a warmer atmosphere.Famous climate researcher Mojib Latif from Germany says, the oceans have their own warming and cooling cycles every 20 to 30 years. That's why the cold around the world this winter is within estimates. Latif also says, temperatures in summer may also be lower. He concludes the earth is in a miniature Ice Age, and the cool trend could last 2 to 3 decades. Article/201001/94419

【视频文本】Depression can be a serious ailment, especially if the person does not feel supported. You can help by knowing the right ways to be supportive and offer assistance.You Will NeedA caring, supportive attitude Time Patience Research A computer with internet access Step 1: Offer support(持对方)Offer support and friendship to the individual and be there for them when they need advice or just to talk.One of the most important things you can do for a depressed person is be there for them, unconditionally, and let them know they can count on you.Step 2: Suggest evaluation(必要的时候,陪着对方去看心理医生)Suggest that the individual be evaluated and treated by a health care professional. Help them make and keep the appointment.Step 3: Educate yourself(通过网络寻找相同或类似的情况进行针对性的帮助)Educate yourself on the individual’s condition and what to expect during their treatment and recovery. You can find many helpful resources using the internet.Step 4: Support their treatment plan(持他们的痊愈计划)Support the individual’s treatment plan by helping them schedule appointments and follow medication schedules. Encourage them to stick to their plan.Step 5: Encourage and support positive activities(鼓励他们发展自己的兴趣爱好)Encourage and support activities with friends, family, colleagues, and support groups. Encourage hobbies.Step 6: Allow individual to make decisions(允许他们做自己的决定)Allow them to make decisions about social activities, like which movies to see or which restaurants to visit. This helps build confidence and self-esteem.Step 7: Give positive feedback(积极的反馈)Give the individual positive feedback and compliments on their progress as often as possible.Step 8: Feed your own soul(通过自己的兴趣来提升自己)Feed your own soul by taking time for yourself and your own interests.More than 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with depression. Article/201005/102911

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