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Housekeeping 客房务Key Sentences(重点句子)99.Housekeeping.May I come in?我是客房的,可以进来吗?0.When would you like me to do your room,sir?您要我什么时间来给你打扫房间呢,先生?1.You can do it now if you like.如果您愿意,现在就可以打扫1.I would like you to go and get me a flask of hot water.我想请你给我拿一瓶开水来1.Im sorry that your flask is empty.很抱歉您的水壶空了1.May I do the turn-down service you now?现在可以为您收拾房间了吗?1.Oh,thank you.But you see,we are having some friends over.噢,谢谢,但你知道我们邀请了一些朋友过来聚聚1.Could you come back in three hours?你能不能过3小时再来整理?1.Certainly,madam.Ill let the overnight staff know.当然可以,女士我会转告夜班务员1.Would you tidy up a bit in the bathroom?请整理一下浴室好吗?1.Ive just taken a bath and it is quite a mess now.我刚洗了澡,那儿乱糟糟的1.Besides,please bring us a bottle of just boiled water.此外,请给我们带瓶刚烧开的水来1.It growing dark.Would you like me to draw the curtains you?天黑下来了,要不要我拉上窗帘?1.Is there anything I can do you?您还有什么事要我做吗?1.Im always at your service.乐意效劳 199。

There could soon be a direct flight between China and Ireland - and one of the key driving ces behind the route is apparently Ireland many famous film sights.中国与爱尔兰将开设直达航班,而关键的推力之一就是爱尔兰闻名世界的电影场景That according to a report in the Irish Independent, who claim that a route between Beijing and Dublin will be announced shortly.据《爱尔兰独立报报道称,北京与都柏林直飞的航线即将开通The newspaper also proposes that Hainan Airlines could be a likely operator of the flight.该报道还指出,海南航空极有可能是该条航线的运营商As the film connection - well, Ireland, together with Northern Ireland, are home to countless locations that have been made famous through exposure in internationally famous films and TV series.至于与电影的关联--爱尔兰与北爱尔兰正是因为是闻名世界的电影与电视剧的取景地,而享誉世界 example, when it comes to Game of Thrones alone, the Irish tourist board names many scenes and settings.比如单就《权力的游戏而言,爱尔兰旅游局就以其中的地名来命名了许多景点As weve reported extensively over the last few months, there are fast expanding cultural and trade connections between China and Ireland.正如我们近几月的广泛报道,中国和爱尔兰的文化与贸易交往正越来越紧密 example, in March we revealed that Irish beef is set to be promoted in China thanks to a multi-million pound investment from the European Union and the Irish Food Board.例如,我们三月份时的报道曾指出,由于欧盟与爱尔兰食品委员会的数百万投资,爱尔兰的牛肉将在中国得到推广 53。

Dubai has seen some truly astonishing urban growth in the last 30 years. Although the city has long been an important port and trading hub, Dubai managed to become a modern metropolis and the most expensive city in the Middle East. Oil money and heavy investment in real estate have seen columns of skyscrapers erected throughout the city, and some of the most lavish construction projects conceivable are making their stake (or at least they will be when building work is finally finished) in this new economic and tourist hotspot. The dazzling city has had some outlandish rumours attached to it in recent years and, remarkably, some of them happen to be true.近30年来,迪拜的城市发展非常惊人虽然迪拜原本就是一个至关重要的通商港口中心,但它依然努力成长为一个现代化的大都市和中东最奢靡的城市不动产中的石油收入以及大量的投资使得一幢幢高楼大厦拔地而起人们想象中最为奢华的建筑工程正在这个新的经济旅游热区崛起(起码竣工时他们会屹立在这块土地上)然而近几年来,一些与这个令人心驰神往的城市并存的怪异传言让人困惑不已,值得注意的是,谣言当中的一部分却是事实.The Police Drive Around in Sports Cars.警察开着跑车巡逻Dubai really likes to make an impression, even when it comes to outfitting its local police ce. The city top of the range fleet of police cars includes McLarens, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Bentleys and Ferraris. Painted in the city white and green colours, the cars make a startling sight as they patrol some of Dubai many highways in pursuit of speeding lawbreakers. However, the vehicles act mainly as a deterrent would-be speedsters and they are typically found patrolling tourist areas where officers issue tickets parking and other lesser motoring offences.迪拜的奢华总能让人大吃一惊,即便是当地警察的装备也能让人目瞠口呆迪拜警车的顶级车队包括麦克拉伦、兰基尼、阿斯顿·马丁、宾利和法拉利警方在高速公路上追捕违法的超速驾驶者时,这些豪车成为了这个城市的白领与绿领中的一道靓丽风景线然而,这些豪车的主要职能还是为了给那些蠢蠢欲动想要超速违章驾驶的人敲敲警钟,它们通常出现在警察给违规停车开罚单和其他较少出现违章驾驶情况的旅游区巡逻时9.There are Gold Vending Machines9.自动售货机可以买到金条Nothing says disposable income like buying gold from a vending machine. The Gold to Go machines dispense gold items – bars, jewellery, customised coins – in exchange market value prices (the machines have an Internet connection and their prices are updated every ten minutes). Some of the gold items come in attractive gift boxes and all are dispensed with a certificate and an anti-counterfeit hologram label. Although Dubai isnt the only place in the world to house Gold to Go machines, these gold-leafed novelties feel right at home in the over-the-top indulgence of the city.从自动售货机里购买金条是作为可配收入的最佳选择这种自动售货机可提供金器贩卖——金条、珠宝以及客户定制的硬币,售卖方式是以市场价等价交换(机器配有互联网连接,每十分钟更新一次价格)所有金器出售时都带有书以及反假全息图标签,其中一些金器还会以精美的礼品盒包装好迪拜并不是世界上唯一拥有黄金贩卖机的城市,但这些装饰着金叶子的纪念品总能让人在这个纸醉金迷的城市里有宾至如归的感觉8.Its Founding Father was Sceptical of the City Long-term Plans8.国家领导对城市的长远发展持怀疑态度Economists are eyeing the prosperous situation in Dubai with scepticism. The city was rocked by the global recession and its real estate projects stagnated as investors and financial institutions held back from pouring in more money. Although construction projects have resumed in recent years and the city excesses are nothing like their pre-crash levels, some say the supply and demand of the real estate market in particular is very risky. A famous e attributed to Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum – who ruled Dubai 3 years from 1958 until 1990 – was: ;My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel;. The famous line referred to Dubai reliance on oil and the city need to transm its infrastructure and economy. However, it proved to be a prescient warning when the bubble was at risk of bursting completely in and Dubai financial outlook appeared to be very grim. Although Dubai is less reliant on oil trade and now primarily depends on commerce, tourism and other services, it will be interesting to see what the future holds its economy and if it has learned anything from the crash.经济学家对迪拜的繁荣景象持怀疑态度这座城市因年的经济衰退而受重创,当投资者和金融机构不再向房地产项目扔钱的时候,这些项目也大都停滞了尽管近几年建筑项目有所复苏,但他们的经济实力却回不到经济衰退前的水平了,有人称房地产市场的供给与需求尤其处在危险当中酋长谢赫·拉希德·本·赛义德曾经说过一句很著名的话——他自从1958年就开始治理迪拜,直到1990年,共计3年那句话是;我的祖父骑着一只骆驼,我的父亲骑着一只骆驼,我开着一辆梅赛德斯奔驰汽车,我的儿子开着一辆路虎,我的祖孙应该开着一辆路虎,而他却骑着一只骆驼;这句话说的正是迪拜高度依赖石油的经济现状以及它面临的基础设施的紧缺和经济转型的问题没想到,这句话竟然是年经济泡沫存在彻底爆炸的风险的提前预警,那时候迪拜的金融状况也不容乐观尽管如今迪拜已经减少了对石油贸易的依赖,其当前经济来源也主要依靠商业,旅游业和其他务业如果迪拜已经从年的金融危机当中有所收获和启发,那么观望迪拜未来的经济发展将会是一件有趣的事情7.It was Once Home to 5% of the World Cranes7.迪拜曾经是世界上5%的起重机的家园During the city pre- property boom, Dubai was dubbed the crane capital of the world. The skyline was peppered with huge towering cranes as construction projects ran riot throughout the city. The statistic – which amounted to around 30,000 of the world 5,000 cranes – was a startling indication to just how much construction and expansion was being carried out in the city bee the financial crash. With the economy back on the rise and with more projects underway, cranes and other construction machinery are making their mark in Dubai yet again, but it is doubtful they will reach the same ubiquitous levels as they did in the past.在年前城市房地产的繁荣时期,迪拜被称为世界起重机之都建筑工程在迪拜遍地开花的时候,城市的半空中满是巨大而又高耸的起重机的身影有数据显示,世界上万五千台起重机里大约有3万台都出现在这里,这都告诉我们在金融危机之前迪拜的建筑工程和其扩展程度是多么惊人经济复苏之后,更多的项目也被投入建设,起重机和其他的建设机器又重新成为了迪拜的一道风景线,但能不能回到过去那种起重机无所不在的时光,倒真的要打一个大大的问号了6.The ed Arab Emirates has Ridiculously Strict Drug Laws6.阿联酋有着非常严格的禁毒法案The UAE has a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Serious drug trafficking charges are punishable by death and even residual traces of illegal narcotics can result in a lengthy spell in prison. In fact, the UAE even considers the presence of illegal drugs in a person blood stream as a count of possession. Untunately, some tourists in Dubai have found out the hard way just how seriously the country takes drug-related offences. A Swiss tourist received a year sentence when police allegedly found poppy seeds on his clothing and a Briton received the same sentence when less than 0.0g of cannabis was found in the t of his shoe at Dubai airport. In , three British tourists were pardoned from their year drug sentence in a Dubai prison after 3 months. The men alleged that they had been tortured, tasered and beaten throughout their sentencing process in Dubai.阿联酋对毒品持零容忍态度严重的贩毒指控可能判处死刑,即使是非法毒品的残存痕迹也将判处多年监禁实际上,阿联酋甚至考虑将血液中是否含有毒品作为涉毒的参考不巧,一些去迪拜的旅行者用自身惨痛经历发现了这个国家对待与毒品相关的罪行有多么严肃一个瑞士旅行者的衣上被警察发现有罂粟籽后被判刑四年,而一个英国人在迪拜机场中被检测出鞋底有不足0.0克的大麻后被判同等刑罚年,3个英国游客在迪拜监狱待了3个月后从年刑期中被赦免,他们声称自己在迪拜的量刑过程中经受了虐待、电击以及殴打等折磨审校:喵喵 编辑:凯珊 来源:前十网 18。

There is nothing quite like escaping the US a sweet, sweet tropical getaway with your girlfriends.如果能带子逃离美国,享受一个甜蜜浪漫的假,给个皇帝都不换Sun, beach, coffee mornings, all-day cocktails, exploring a new culture … it all so good. The only question is: Where, exactly, should you go?享受着阳光、沙滩、早咖啡、全天候鸡尾酒,感受着异域文化……想想都觉得无比美好唯一需要考虑的是,自己应该去哪儿美梦成真?I asked some top travel bloggers and writers their favorite budget-friendly spots bachelorettes and friendcations outside the US — and here are their recommendations. Theyre all around the CaribbeanMexico area, since plane tickets to get there arent astronomically expensive, and, perhaps more importantly, theyre all pretty dope — so you cant really go wrong.我请教了一些很火的旅游主和顶尖作家,美国之外,有哪些适合年轻女孩和朋友一起玩的经济型旅游胜地——下面是他们给出的,全部位于加勒比海、墨西哥附近机票不至于太贵,更重要的是,这些地方超赞——绝对值得一去1.Playa Grande, Costa Rica1.哥斯达黎加普拉亚格兰德岛;It a super chill surf town in Costa Rica. The hotels are simple and reasonably priced (we loved La Marejada) but there also a ton of cheap beachfront Airbnbs. Bring some beers down to the beach every night at sunset to watch the surfers, and eat the delicious cheap tacos at Taco Star.“普拉亚格兰德是哥斯达黎加一个超级休闲的冲浪小镇那里的旅馆简洁舒适,价格合理(我们喜欢住拉米尔加达 )海滩边也有许多廉价的空中食宿黄昏时,若想在沙滩一边吃着塔克星味美价廉的墨西哥煎玉米卷,一边看别人冲浪,记得带些啤酒Bonus: it not too far from party-central Tamarindo (an hour walk on the beach + a water taxi a dollar or so, or a 5-minute taxi ride) if you do want to do at least one big night out. You can also book an all-drinks-included snorkel sail from Tamarindo a fun activity! —, Cest Christine;福利:如果晚上也想狂欢,可以去派对中心塔马林多,距离海滩不远(沿着沙滩步行一小时再乘约一美元的水上的士或者直接打的坐5分钟)在塔马林多订一个酒水免费的通气管航行,这也是一个不错的选择”——克莉丝汀·阿莫罗斯.Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.尼加拉瓜小玉蜀黍岛I came here because I wanted to see a side of the Caribbean that was still a bit undeveloped, away from being a collection of resorts and vacation rentals. Little Corn certainly fits that bill, from its isolation to its rugged interior to its sheer beauty. The only thing is that it a challenge to get to and the Wi-Fi is limited, which is enough to keep people away — but Id go now. The island is changing so quickly, and it not going to be this low-key long. —, Adventurous Kate“我之所以去那里,是因为想看看加勒比海地区落后的一面,没有旅游胜地和度假别墅小玉蜀黍岛就是这样虽道路崎岖,远离尘嚣,却分外美丽唯一的缺陷就是交通不便,没有Wi-Fi,很多人不愿意去,但是我现在就想去小玉蜀黍岛日新月异,不久将为人所知”——爱冒险的凯特·麦考莉3.Roatan Island, Honduras3.洪都拉斯罗阿坦岛;The media doesnt typically paint Honduras as the most tourist-friendly destination in the world, but I thought Roatan Island was welcoming. My accommodation, Posada Las Orquideas, was about per night, and was a budget-friendly paradise with giant waterfront balconies showcasing tables and hammocks.“媒体并不认为洪都拉斯是世界上最受欢迎的旅游目的地之一,但是我却觉得洪都拉斯深受游客欢迎我住在波萨达兰花,每晚约30美元,特别划算里面有巨型滨水阳台,阳台上有桌子和吊床,简直是天堂My friends and I occupied a bunch of rooms in a row, so we essentially had one connected mega balcony. There also so much to do on the island: helping the environment through your palate by eating invasive lionfish at Cannibal Cafe, going snorkeling or diving (Roatan has over 0 sites), dancing at El Bosque West End, and chilling out on West Bay Beach. One awesome find on the beach: the Mayan Princess Beach Resort, which has frozen margaritas and free cabanas (though theyre less than squeaky clean, but still fun). So awesome a girls getaway! —, Jessie On A Journey;我和朋友们定了一排房间,于是我们的阳台可以连成一个超大露台在罗阿坦岛还有许多好玩的事情:去“食人魔”咖啡厅吃外来物种狮子鱼为环境友好出力,去潜水或跳水(罗阿坦有超过0处潜水区),去埃尔斯西区跳舞,或者在西湾海滩休息放松还有个特棒的地方:玛雅公主海滩度假村这里有价值六美元的冰镇玛格丽塔酒和免费的更衣室(虽然不是特别干净,但是非常好玩)对于女孩子来说简直太棒了!”——旅途中的杰西·费斯塔.San Juan, Puerto Rico.波多黎各自由邦圣胡安省I think San Juan is seriously underrated as an easy long-weekend getaway visitors from the east coast of the US. Old San Juan oozes charm, and if you stay within the old city two-square-mile radius, you wont need a car great restaurants, sightseeing and shopping (and, of course, no one needs a passport Puerto Rico). Hotel Casa Blanca and Villa Herencia are my two fave boutiques there—stylish and afdable. —Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, Caribbean travel expert“我认为圣胡安省不该仅仅是美国东海岸的人长周末的好去处圣胡安老城区魅力无限老城区半径两英里范围内,不用打车就能吃好玩好买好(而且,去波多黎各自然不需要护照)卡萨布兰达酒店和埃伦西亚别墅酒店是我的最爱,时尚且经济”——加勒比旅行专家萨拉·格里弗斯·加巴东5.Negril, Jamaica5.牙买加尼哥瑞尔;Located one and a half hours from the Montego Bay airport, Negril is great a chill, relaxing getaway with girlfriends. As far as hotels, I love the Rockhouse Hotel on the cliffs. It away from everything happening on Seven Mile Beach, but still close enough that you can go there if you want. There also Rick Cafe nearby, in case you want to jump off the cliffs. Rockhouse has a spa, a pool, a restaurant, does occasional yoga classes, and is pretty reasonably priced.“从蒙特哥湾到尼哥瑞尔只需一个半小时,是一个和子休闲放松的好地方旅馆很多,我只爱峭壁上的罗克豪斯旅馆它远离七英里海滩的喧嚣,想去的话又很近附近还有家瑞克咖啡,但是得去悬崖下面罗克豪斯有温泉浴池、游泳池和餐厅,偶尔还有瑜伽课程,价格并不贵”Outside of hotels, Negril has several villas. I stayed with family at Villas Sur Mer, which is also on the cliffs of Negril. They have one-bedroom options all the way up to their private six-bedroom villa. If you have people to fit into the six-bedroom villa, it absolutely worth it! —Tausha Cowan, The Globe Getter;“旅馆外还有一些乡间庄园我和家人住过别墅滨海,也是在峭壁上那里小到一居室,大到私人六居室,一应俱全如果有十二个人一起住六居室的话,那绝对划算”——环游世界的陶莎·考恩6.Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica6.哥斯达黎阿苏阿旧港I went with some friends a couple years ago, and we rented an apartment-style place four people. It was very cute. We biked everywhere, and the area had a lazy island feel to it — super relaxing! —Tausha Cowan, The Globe Getter“我是前些年和几个朋友去的四个人租了一套公寓式的住所那里特别漂亮我们骑自行车到处转悠,那里有一个放松岛——感觉超级轻松!”——环游世界的陶莎·考恩7.San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua7.尼加拉瓜南圣胡安Nicaragua (or Nica as people like to call it) is a new favorite millennial bachelorette parties. San Juan del Sur is particularly bachelorette-friendly. There are beaches lined with expat bars, surfing and yoga, all in the cute, walkable town. You can also go horseback riding with Rancho Chilamate and end up on a deserted beach, then hang there sunset. It fun and beautiful. —Leah Ginsberg, Travel Writer“尼加拉瓜(有人称之为“尼卡”)是千禧年未婚女子派对的新宠,南圣胡安尤其火爆海滩边有外国人酒吧,还可以去冲浪或练瑜伽瑜伽,这些都在这个美丽的适合步行的市镇里你也可以去奇拉马特牧场骑马,到一个鲜有人的海滩,去看夕阳既有怡人美景,又有妙趣无穷”——旅行作家利亚·金斯伯格8.Tulum, Mexico8.墨西哥图伦This is the quintessential boho beach town, and the strip is lined with small afdable hotels. Ive stayed at Nueva Vida De Ramiro and loved it. Flights into Cancun are plentiful and inexpensive, and Tulum is SO casual and laidback—pack your swimsuit, flip-flops and a sarong and youre good to go! (Bonus: If youre into yoga, there are a ton of studios.) —Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, Caribbean travel expert“图伦是典型的波西米亚海滨小镇街道两旁排满了价格公道的旅馆我住过新维达拉米罗,很喜欢那里去坎昆的航班多而不贵,去图伦的则休闲舒适收拾好泳衣、人字拖和莎笼,图伦——你值得拥有(福利:如果想练瑜伽,哪里有超多工作室可供选择)”——加勒比旅行专家萨拉·格里弗斯·加巴东9.Caye Caulker, Belize9.伯利兹城卡尔克串岛I love Caye Caulker in Belize my more adventurous girlfriends. It easy to fly there from the states, it not hideously expensive, and it still has that local charm. Some say it couple-y, but I went with my friends and we scuba dived all the time, and had rum punches with locals and ate fresh fish when we werent underwater. It got something everyone and Ill probably never get over that gorgeous, clear blue Caribbean water! —Kristin Addis, Be My Travel Muse“身边的女孩子比我还爱冒险,所以我爱伯利兹城的卡尔克串岛坐飞机过去很方便,也不贵,那里很有乡土风情有人说那里很适合情侣去玩,但是我是和朋友们一起去的我们总是戴着水肺潜水,浮上水面,就和当地人一起,喝朗姆潘趣酒,吃海里新打的鱼我从未见过如此及晶莹清澈的加勒比海,每个人都应该去看看”——克莉丝汀·阿迪斯.Isla Mujeres, Mexico.墨西哥女人岛How can you say no to someplace called the Island of Women?! It cheap, close, super chill and beautifulll! — Maeve Nicholson, Travel Writer“有个岛叫‘女人岛’,叫做‘女人岛’的岛你怎么可以不去?女人岛不远,不仅费用不贵,而且超级好玩超级美!”——旅行作家梅芙·尼克尔森So, who y to chill?去放松放松,你准备好了吗? 51。

About Stock 关于库存S: salesclerk 售货职员 C: customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesS: Im afraid we are out of them today.今天恐怕没有货了S3: Our store keeps a large stock of it.我们店里有大量存货S: We will call you when it is here.货到了我们会通知您S5: Would you place an order regularly?请问您是定期地订货吗?S6: We dont carry that product anymore.我们不卖那款产品了S7: Would you mind waiting a moment?您介意等一下吗?S: Believe me, tomorrow the goods is OK!相信我,明天有货S9: Im afraid we dont have any on hand.恐怕我们现在没有S30: Look in again next Monday, please.请下星期一再来看看S31: Im sorry, but this is the last one.抱歉,但这是最后一个了S3: The clothes you ordered is not in stock.您订的衣这里没货S33: Would you like to come again later?您过几天再来看看好吗?S: Im sorry,but they are the last ones.抱歉,它们是最后的存货了S35: We have some more in the warehouse.我们还有些货在仓库里S36: We also have new samples in our factory.我们还有新板在工厂S37: The stock of that model is getting low.这一款式现在存货不多S38: Im sorry, but they are out of stock now.抱歉,目前没有存货了S39: But we only have 6 in stock right now.但是我们只有6件存货S0: We are likely to be getting more in recently.我们最近还会有进货S1: Ill go and check our stock right now.我现在就去查查看我们的存货S: We are expecting some new stock tomorrow.估计明天我们有新货到 1。

Bargaining讨价还价S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客情景对话 Dialogue对话1S: Hello, welcome!您好!欢迎光临!C: OK, let me have a look first.好的!让我看看S: Please take your time.请慢慢看C: How much is it?这个多少钱?S: One hundred and fifty Yuan.0元C: Oh, too expensive. Can you come down?哦,太贵了,能便宜点吗?S: How many pieces?你要多少件?C: One thousand pieces.00件S: One hundred and ty Yuan give you.0元给您C: No, one hundred Yuan OK?还是太贵了,0元好吗?S: Too low, we lose money. Make it higher?太低了,我们要亏本的能给高点吗?C: No, I buy so many, you should come down.不行,我买那么多,你应该降价S: One hundred and thirty-five Yuan, our last price.5元是我们的底价对话C: How much is this?这个多少钱?S: Only one hundred and ten Yuan.只要1元C: Last price?底价是多少?S: One hundred and five.1元C: One hundred, OK?0元,好吗?S: No, one hundred, we have no profit.不行,0元我们就没钱赚了C: No, but I am buy so many.不,可是我要买很多S: No, we have no profit really.不行,真的没钱赚C: So one hundred and two Yuan.那就1元S: Well, I suppose there is on other choice.好吧,看来只能这样了 19。

A: Hello. This is Nicole.B: This is Richard. Let's not play games. You know why I'm calling.A: Oh, not again! You're calling about the rent.B: Yes, your rent check is late, just like last month.A: What happened to my grace period?B: Why would there be a grace period this month? There wasn't one last month.A: I guess I might be a little confused.B: What day in the near future can I expect your check?A: My boss told me he will pay me tomorrow. You'll get my check by Monday.B: Remember to include the late fee.A: Are you sure the rental agreement included a late fee?B: The red ink around the late fee in your agreement should tell you something.A: I seem to have lost my rental agreement.B: Don't be late again, or you'll be evicted.。

A professional streetballer from Serbia has heated things up a bit when he decided to set a basketball alight.一名来自塞尔维亚的职业街球运动员在决定点燃一颗篮球之后,让这件事火了起来Nemanja Blazic, better known as Tricky, from Kikinda, in Serbia, shares many of his stunts on his social media but this one went to a new level.来自塞尔维亚基金达的内曼贾·布拉奇克--以Tricky之名更为人所知--在他的社交媒体上分享了很多自己的特技表演,但是这次的这个上升到了一个新的层次After setting the ball alight Tricky still dribbled it around a court and even passed it through his legs bee shooting it in the net.在点燃篮球之后,Tricky仍然在一个球场周边运球,甚至在投篮之前还在胯下运球The uploaded last Tuesday called Handles on Fire, has had more than ,000 views on Tricky Facebook page.于上周二上传的这一名为《驾奴火球的视频,已经在Tricky的脸书上被观看超过100次了Tricky said: This was taken in my park in Kikinda, as Iam the best streetballer in Serbia.Tricky表示:“该视频是在基金达的公园内拍摄的,因为我是塞尔维亚最棒的街头篮球运动员”I always do this kind of things because I am so creative and I love to make some crazy s people especially the kids.“我经常做这类事情,因为我很有创意,很喜欢制作一些疯狂的视频供人们观看,尤其是给小孩子们” 863。

校园英语口语 :skiingCan I help you? I want to buy a pair of skis and a pair of poles. Are you a skier? Yes. I'm going skiing in Switzerland. What can I do you? I'd like a pair of skis. Are you going skiing? Yes, I'm going to a skiing resort. Do you need anything else? The goggles look cool. It's the new arrival and it's in fashion now. I'll take it. I want to take the skiing course. Sign your name here, please. Ok. What should I do next? Do you have any skiing equipment? I have bought a pair of skis and a pair of poles. Is that enough? Of course not. You'd better buy a pair of boots additionally. Ok. And the googles are also necessary. Can I help you? I want to buy a pair of skis and a pair of poles. Are you a skier? Yes. I'm going skiing in Switzerland. What can I do you? I'd like a pair of skis. Are you going skiing? Yes, I'm going to a skiing resort. Do you need anything else? The goggles look cool. It's the new arrival and it's in fashion now. I'll take it. I want to take the skiing course. Sign your name here, please. Ok. What should I do next? Do you have any skiing equipment? I have bought a pair of skis and a pair of poles. Is that enough? Of course not. You'd better buy a pair of boots additionally. Ok. And the googles are also necessary. Can I help you?。