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For two women in the ed Kingdom, mysterious vision problems that happened only at night or early in the morning turned out to have a rather innocuous cause: looking at a smartphone in the dark.英国的两位女士只在夜晚或者是早上出现了神秘的视力问题,结果是由一个相当无伤大雅的原因引起的——那就是在黑暗中看手机。In the first case, a 22-year-old woman told her eye doctor that she had trouble seeing out of her right eye at night while she was in bed. These episodes happened multiple times a week for a year. Each time, she said she could only see the outlines of objects with her right eye, although her vision was fine in her left eye, and in both eyes the following day.在第一个案例中,一位22岁的女士告诉她的眼科医生说,她的右眼在每晚躺在床上的时候看不清。这些现象在一年之中每周要发生很多次。每次她都说,她的右眼只能看出事物的轮廓,尽管她的左眼视力很好,第二天两只眼睛的视力就全部恢复了。In the second case, a 40-year-old woman told doctors that she couldn#39;t see out of one eye when she woke up in the early morning, before sunrise. This vision problem lasted about 15 minutes, and happened on and off for six months, the report said.报道称,另一个案例中,一位40岁的女士告诉医生说,她在早上起床后日落之前,其中一只眼睛看不见。这种视力问题持续15分钟,半年之中会断断续续发生。In both cases, doctors later discovered that these vision problems happened only after the women had viewed their smartphone for several minutes, while lying on their side in bed.在以上的两个案例中,医生后来发现这些视力问题都是因这两位女士躺在床上持续几分钟看手机之后发生的。The doctors hypothesized that these problems happened because the patients, without realizing it, were looking at their phone with just one eye, with the other eye blocked by a pillow when they were lying down. In this situation, one eye (blocked by the pillow) becomes adapted to the dark, while the other eye (looking at the smartphone) is adapted to the light, the doctors said. When the smartphone is turned off, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be ;blind,; until it also adjusts to the dark, the doctors said.医生假设表示:这些问题的发生是因为病人在毫无意识的情况下使用一只眼睛看手机,而另外一只眼睛在躺着的时候被枕头所遮挡。在这种情况下,那只被枕头遮挡的眼睛已经习惯了黑暗的环境,而另外一只看手机的眼睛却习惯了光亮,医生说。当手机关机后,那只适应光亮的眼睛就被认为是“盲的”,直到它也习惯了黑暗。The doctors also tried their own experiment, looking at their smartphones with one eye in the dark, and found that their vision was considerably reduced in one eye, and took several minutes to recover.医生自己也做了尝试,在黑暗中用一只眼睛看手机,结果发现这只眼睛的视力大大降低,而且需要几分钟的时间来恢复。 /201606/451707Hermès is relaunching its flagship Singapore store in a bet on growth in Southeast Asia at a time when its rival regional centre Hong Kong is beset by anti-mainland Chinese sentiment that has eroded its status as a luxury shopping hub.爱马仕(Hermès)在新加坡的旗舰店即将重新开业,此举押注于东南亚的增长。目前,另一个与新加坡竞争的区域中心——香港——正受困于反中国内地情绪,这种情绪侵蚀了其奢侈品购买中心的地位。The relaunch this week follows moves by other luxury retailers signalling confidence in the growth of tourism in Singapore; Patek Philippe refurbished its Singapore store last month, reopening as the brand’s biggest outlet in Southeast Asia, while Moncler opened its first boutique in the city last year.在此之前,其他奢侈品零售商也有种种举动,标志着它们对新加坡旅游业增长的信心。百达翡丽(Patek Philippe)上月翻修了其新加坡专卖店,该店重新开业后成为该品牌在东南亚最大的专卖店。盟可睐(Moncler)去年在新加坡开设了其第一家精品店。The Hermès store on Orchard Road, the city-state’s prime shopping district, has been expanded to 670 square metres over four storeys — putting it on par with the family-owned group’s store on London’s Bond Street — in a revamp that Axel Dumas, chief executive, said was an “expression of our commitment to Singapore, the region, and our faithful clientele”.家族企业爱马仕位于新加坡主要购物地乌节路(Orchard Road)上的这家专卖店扩充了店面,面积扩大至670平米,共4层。扩充后的该门店与伦敦邦德街(Bond Street)上的爱马仕专卖店规模相当。爱马仕首席执行官阿克塞勒#8226;迪马(Axel Dumas)称,此次店面翻新“表达了我们对新加坡、该地区以及我们忠实顾客的承诺”。Mr Dumas, who is attending the relaunch of the store this week, described Singapore in a statement as “one of the world’s greatest trading centres, perfectly placed between east and west”.迪马将参加本周的重开业典礼,他在声明中形容新加坡是“世界最大的贸易中心之一,完美屹立于东西方之间”。Hong Kong has suffered a slump in mainland Chinese tourists accompanied by a decline in their retail spending, which fell 8 per cent last year.香港遭遇了中国内地游客数量和零售出的双重下滑。去年香港入境游客零售出下滑了8%。The decline has affected businesses including Richemont, Burberry and luxury jeweller Chow Tai Fook, which said this year it expected to close up to six stores in Hong Kong.这种下滑趋势影响了包括历峰(Richemont)、柏利(Burberry)和豪华珠宝商周大福(Chow Tai Fook)在内的企业。周大福称,预计今年将在香港关闭最多6家店。In a trading update last month, Hermès blamed a “difficult context” in Hong Kong and Macau for modest sales growth in Asia outside Japan.在上个月的经营状况更新中,爱马仕把除日本外亚洲地区销售额增长缓慢归咎于香港和“艰难的环境”。The fall in Chinese tourism to Hong Kong has been blamed on anti-mainlander xenophobia, but also on an easing of visa restrictions that has boosted Chinese tourism to more far-flung destinations.人们一直将内地赴港游客减少归咎于香港反内地人的排外情绪,但还有一个原因是,签限制放松推动了中国游客前往更遥远的目的地。Chinese tourism arrivals in Singapore rose by 34 per cent in the first two months of this year, compared with the same period last year. Chinese tourists frequently stop off in the city-state as part of a regional tour which includes visits to Malaysia or Thailand.今年头两个月,赴新加坡中国游客数量与去年同期相比增长了34%。中国游客往往把新加坡、马来西亚或泰国安排在同一趟行程内游玩。Singapore’s tourism board is engaged in an online marketing blitz in China while strengthening regional currencies, make shopping trips from Malaysia and Indonesia more attractive, analysts say.分析人士称,新加坡旅游局正在中国展开网上营销攻势,同时马来西亚和印尼的货币走强也加强了赴新购物游对这两国游客的吸引力。Desmond Sim, head of research for Southeast Asia at CBRE, the property services business, said: “Chinese tourism is where most of the luxury spending is coming from, and Singapore is not like Hong Kong, where anti-Chinese sentiment has been made public. High-rollers are coming in for the casinos, and there’s a lot of tourism from the region.”房地产务公司世邦魏理仕(CBRE)东南亚研究主管德斯蒙德#8226;西姆(Desmond Sim)称:“中国游客是奢侈品出最多的群体,新加坡不像香港,后者的反华情绪已经公开化。豪赌客为了来到这里,还有很多亚洲游客来到这里。”Gerald Wong, analyst at Credit Suisse, said in a recent note to clients that 2016 could be a record year for tourism to Singapore. Mr Wong wrote: “Our analysis of government initiatives and key markets leads us to believe that tourist arrivals could reach above 16m in 2016.”瑞信(Credit Suisse)的分析师Gerald Wong在最近发给客户的一份简报中称,2016年可能会是新加坡旅游业创下纪录的一年。Gerald Wong写道:“我们对政府计划和多个关键市场所做的分析令我们相信,2016年抵达新加坡的游客人数可能会超过1600万人。” /201605/444174

Have you heard of the Asian squat? It’s when the squatter keeps their heels firmly planted on the ground instead of rising up on their toes.  你听说过亚洲蹲吗?蹲的时候两脚跟牢牢地扎在地面,脚趾头不可向上翘起。  This form allows for a more comfortable squatting position. The weight is more centered on the heels rather than the balls of your feet and knees, giving more support.  这种蹲法体态更为舒适,重量集中在脚后跟而不是前脚掌和膝盖,撑力更佳。  Originating in India, the squat made its way to China, where Asians figured that it was the ideal way to eat rice and be y to defecate at any given time. What is it about Asians that give them the unique ability to the Asian squat?  起源于印度,一路传到中国,亚洲人认为这是吃饭和随时排泄的最好方式。到底是什么特别能力让亚洲人驾驭亚洲蹲呢?  Theory #1:  理论#1:  East Asians have proportionately shorter legs than most Americans, so their squat shall have a different balance point.  就比例而言,东亚人比起多数美洲人来说腿短些,所以蹲下来时平衡点不同。  Theory #2:  理论#2:  It’s the same reason why giraffes have longer necks.  这和为何长颈鹿脖子长一个道理。  Theory #3:  理论#3:  In many counties, Asians have to use a squat toilet.  许多国家,亚洲人得用蹲式厕所。   Asians are the only race that can do the Asian squat? No. We can all do the Asian squat. But it is not biological or even sociological; it is as simply a matter of flexibility. Stretch two or three times per day every day of the week and within a few months you’ll have no problem with a comfortable flat footed squat.  亚洲人是不是唯一会亚洲蹲的种族?并非如此。大家都能亚洲蹲,这不是出于生理或者社会因素,只是灵活性而已。只要每周天天拉伸两三次,只需数月便能双脚稳扎地面舒适自宜地亚洲蹲了。 /201604/434637

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, in jail for rape and other sexual offenses, has asked for pardon, the current president#39;s office said.据以色列现总统办公室的一份声明表示,因强奸和其他性犯罪被捕入狱的以色列前总统西·卡察夫,已经申请赦免。The request was received and was transferred for legal evaluation, part of the regular procedure in clemency requests, President Reuven Rivlin#39;s office said in a statement.据现总统鲁文·里夫林办公室发表的一份声明表示,以色列有关部门在收到了卡察夫的请求,并将其转交给了其他部门做法律评审。An earlier clemency request by Katsav#39;s family was denied in 2012.此前卡察夫的家人曾在2012年提起过赦免请求,不过被当局拒绝了。The new request, coming only a month after a parole board rejected Katsav#39;s appeal for early release, triggered public criticism, with women organizations calling on Rivlin not to approve the clemency.卡察夫此前曾要求提起释放,但是假释委员会拒绝了他的提议。而就在一个月后,他便提出了新的赦免请求。此举在以色列当地引起了公众的批评,妇女组织呼吁里夫林不要批准这份赦免请求。In its 20-page-long decision, the parole board noted that Katzav never assumed responsibility for his crimes or agree to undergo rehabilitation. ;He never expressed remorse or empathy for his victims,; the panel said.针对卡察夫的要求,假释委员会下达了一份长达20页的判决书,指责卡察夫从来没有对自己的罪行承担责任,也没有同意接受康复治疗。该假释委员会小组说:“他从来没有对自己的罪行感到悔恨。”Rather, he ;perceives himself as the victim, and he is engaged in blaming others for his condition.;相反,他认为自己才是受害者,他一直在指责是别人造就了他目前的境况。Katsav served as Israel#39;s eighth president between 2000 and 2007. In 2011, he was convicted of two counts of rape of women subordinates, as well as sexual harassment of others, and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, which he is serving in a jailhouse in central Israel.在2000年至2007年间,卡察夫曾担任以色列第八任总统。在2011年,他因为两次强奸女性下级、对他人性骚扰以及妨碍司法公正等罪名被判有罪。最终,他被判处七年有期徒刑,此后便一直在以色列中部的一处监狱刑。 /201605/444041

An insurance product that costs 599 yuan and guarantees a payout of 10,000 yuan if the applicant marries his or her current sweetheart in three to 10 years became a hot topic recently.一份价值599元的保险产品,如果申请人在3至10年的时间内和他/她目前的恋人结婚的话,那么就可带来10,000元的回报。这件事成为了最近的热议话题。The applicants are required to submit nonmarital status certificates for both prospective spouses when purchasing the product.当购买此保险产品时,申请人要提交未婚状态书及其潜在配偶。A woman surnamed Wang who works in the customer service department of China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co said there have been numerous phone calls lately inquiring about the product, but she declined to say how many policies have been sold.一名在中国太平保险控股有限公司客户务部门工作的王姓女子表示,最近有很多电话打来询问这款保险产品,但她拒绝透露已有多少人购买了此保险。;The price is no different from a regular gift I#39;d give to a girlfriend, but it may make the girl feel that it#39;s a serious promise,; said Xu Haoyou, a 26-year-old white-collar worker in Shanghai.一名名叫徐豪友的26岁上海白领说道:“这款保险产品的价格同我给女朋友买过的礼物价格没多大差别,但它可能让女孩觉得这是一个严肃的承诺。”Some said that the companies can#39;t lose on the deal because the majority of sweethearts will break up.一些人表示,该公司在这笔交易中不会亏本,因为大多数情侣最终会分手。;The insurance company is using big data to tell us that less than 5.5 per cent of the sweethearts will finally become husband and wife,; said a Sina Weibo user going by the name ;From south to north;.一位名为“从南到北”的新浪微用户表示:“保险公司利用大数据告诉我们,只有不到5.5%的情侣最终将成为丈夫和妻子。”;For those who have just fallen in love, it may take three years before they tie the knot, but there are abundant variables that influence a relationship in three years. For those who are in a stable relationship, they won#39;t wait three years before getting married,; said Cai Mengsha, a 29-year-old Shanghai native.29岁的上海本地人蔡梦莎说道:“对于那些刚刚坠入爱河的人来说,也许需要花费三年时间才结婚,但是在这三年里会有很多变数来影响他们的关系;而对于那些有稳定关系的情侣来说,他们将不会等上三年再结婚。”Some people joked on the internet that they want a disguised spouse to win the money. There are serious buyers, however, including Li Qiumeng in Chongqing, whose boyfriend will soon go to California for two years of graduate studies.有些人在网上开玩笑称,他们希望有一个假的配偶来获得这笔钱。然而,还是有对此比较严肃的买家,比如重庆的李秋梦,她的男朋友不久将要去美国的加利福尼亚读两年的研究生。;No matter that the insurance finally turned out to be a lesson or reward, it shows our determination for love now,; said Li, 26.26岁的李秋梦说道:“无论这个保险最终是成为一个教训还是一个回报,它都表明我们现在是为爱做出的决定。” /201608/461658

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