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Global Financial Summit May Endorse Increased Government Spending全球金融峰会将拟促经济增长计划 As leaders of leading developing and advanced economies prepare to meet in Washington November 15 to discuss weakening conditions in the global economy, there is an expectation that they will endorse increased government spending to maintain economic growth. 来自主要发展中国家和发达国家的领导人将于11月15日前来华盛顿出席全球金融峰会,讨论如何振兴日益疲软的世界经济。专家预期,各国领导人将在这次峰会上提出增加政府开以促进经济增长的计划。Charles Dallara, who heads an association of global financial institutions, says it is extraordinary that leaders have agreed to meet on such short notice. He says the Washington summit symbolizes the seriousness with which leaders view the financial crisis. 专家指出,在如此短的时间里各国领导人能够同意举行这次峰会,这一点就颇不寻常。查尔斯.达拉腊(Charles Dallara)是国际金融研究所的常务董事。他说,这次华盛顿峰会表明,世界领导人对于目前的金融危机态度都非常严肃。"The first thing we would hope to come out of it would be a clear message of their commitment to coordinate financial, economic and monetary policies with a view towards continued stabilization of the current market environment, because we're still not back to normal," said Charles Dallara. 达拉腊说:“我们首先希望他们在这次峰会上能够发出一个明确的信息,表明他们有决心在金融、经济和货币政策方面通力合作,以求继续稳定当前的市场环境,因为我们现在仍然没有恢复正常。”Fred Bergsten, the respected director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, says it is essential that the leaders avoid controversy and discord. He is hopeful that the summit will agree to coordinated fiscal stimulus that would prop up a dramatically slowing world economy. 彼得森国际经济研究所所长佛瑞德.伯格斯滕(Fred Bergsten)也认为,在这次全球金融峰会上,各国领导人避免争议和分歧至关重要。他满怀希望地说,这次峰会看来能够在协调财政刺激措施方面取得一致,从而振兴正在急剧走软的世界经济。"Given the immediacy of the need to counter what looks like a savage turn-down in the world economy, I would put that [fiscal stimulus] right at the top of the list," said Fred Bergsten. 伯格斯滕说:“鉴于我们迫切需要对付疯狂下行的世界经济,我认为,这次峰会的首要任务就是财政刺激。”Bergsten applauds the announcement that China is boosting government spending by 0 billion to maintain domestic consumer demand. European nations and the ed States are also considering further measures to boost flagging demand. What is called the Group of 20 Summit includes Western European countries, North America, Japan as well as Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Russia, South Africa and others. Altogether the 20 nations account for 70 percent of global economic output. 伯格斯滕对于中国政府刚刚提出的经济刺激计划表示赞赏。这项金额高达六千亿美元的经济刺激措施将通过增加政府开来促进国内的消费需求。欧洲国家和美国也都在考虑采取进一步的措施来振兴不断衰弱的市场需求。20国集团的成员国包括西欧国家、北美国家和日本以及巴西、阿根廷、中国、印度、俄罗斯、南非等国。这20个国家的国内生产总值加在一起占全球经济的70%。Mike Mussa, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, says through interest rate cuts the major economies have aly demonstrated their capacity to act cooperatively.  麦克.穆萨曾经在国际货币基金组织担任首席经济学家。他指出,世界主要经济体通过协调行动削减利率已经表明他们有能力相互合作。"There is certainly the fact of a world-wide policy response to what is viewed as an increasingly threatening situation," said Mike Mussa. 穆萨说:“针对这种威胁性越来越大的形势,我们实际上正在作出全球范围内的政策反应。”The Washington summit is being held at the urging of the French and British, whose economies and banking systems have been hard hit by the freezing up of credit markets that began with mortgage loan defaults in the ed States over one year ago. The summit, which has scheduled only five hours of formal discussions, will also discuss proposals to better regulate financial markets and improve the functioning of the International Monetary Fund. 此次20国集团华盛顿峰会是在法英两国的敦促下召开的。美国次贷危机一年多前爆发后,法国和英国的经济和系统深受信贷冻结的打击。这次峰会为正式会谈只安排了5个小时的时间。峰会还将讨论如何更有效地监管金融市场以及改善国际货币基金组织的功能。200811/55877Annual compensation figures were disclosed this week from IBM, Ford, and Goldman Sachs top executivesHave you ever wondered how much the CEOs of some of the biggest companies in America are taking home? Let's take a look and break down to numbers that just came in about CEOs over at IBM, FORD, and investment bank Goldman Sachs. Let's start off with IBM. The chief executive over there Samuel Palmisano, recording uh, get this number .9 million in terms of compensation just last year of course. IBM saw a nice uptick in profit last year as well, so that's to be expected. Let's take a look at how the numbers break down here. Palmisano who is 56 years old, he was paid 1.8million dollars in salary, 5.8million dollars under a long term incentive plan, he also got options in stock valued at about .3millon along with add on top of that company perks travel expenses covered all of that. But keep in mind back in 2007 IBM posted a 10% gain in net profit for the year, ah to .4 billion, and its stock price rose 11% last year. So he saw some nice gains out of that success at his company. Ford, though, an auto maker, under pressure, especially over the last, the last end of last year. The CEO over there, Alan Mulally, here is what a Ford representative confirmed for us, he got a restricted stock unit valued at more than millon last year, a tag on top of that. .56million in stock options and the Ford representative confirming to CNN that Mulally and several other top executives over at Ford got a total of 2million stock unit valued at nearly million, it's not a bad there. Finally, wanna take a look at the Goldman Sachs .The stock is up nicely right now, Goldman Sachs is considered by many one of the few Wall Street firms that really skirted the whole subprime meltdown. And its employees are being compensated very kindly for that. The two co-presidents over at Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn and Jon Winker, Winkelried rather, both got .5 million last year in compensation for 2007. Keep in mind that is just under what Goldman's chief executive Lloyd Blankfein got. He got .5 million. So millions and millions in compensation for the CEOs of International Business Machines, IBM, Ford and Goldman Sachs.Notes:Uptick: An increase, especially a small or incremental one.200812/60055Celebs invade the DNC 好来坞明星为奥巴马拉票 Hollywood stars including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Chevy Chase traveled to Denver to show support for Obama.Well, it looks like the Hollywood left their hills and are flew on over to Denver for the DNC. I’m talking big names, there are Ben Affleck, we are talking Shawn Pan, Steven Spielberg. These were guys with a lot of money, they are backing Obama it looks like. With us now, Andy Serwer, managing editor of Fortune Magazine. Literally I mean the celebrities and droves at the DNC, what is going on? They went from the hills of the mountains, (The hills of mountains.) there they go. (That is better than mine.) that’s no, it’s just adding on to, yours is good. Well, listen, these conventions have become sort of mega what, star kind of events. No. 1, I think that you know, politics and celebrity have been merging in our society for quite a well now, and so as we seeing more and more celebrities going these conventions, it’s not a big surprise, No. 1. No. 2, you are gonna see more celebrities at democratic convention, and republican one because let’s face at Hollywood, is a left-wing democrat libber town, there is no question about that. And you know, you see things like the White House correspondent’s dinner becoming more and more sort of like a red carpet event, (Yeah.) this is another point to make about these two worlds colliding. On the other hand, you know really is some business said has been done in terms of Hollywood, and politicians, as you know, Poppy I mean, Hollywood is a business, so they have business interest so they have to look after theses things.I gonna ask, is this the power of O, Obama and Oprah it seems, people follow Oprah wherever she goes, whatever she says, now there are a lot of them backing Obama. I mean, is this, this is the first we’ve seen with this much celebrity backing of a candidate, isn’t it.Yeah, I think that’s probably true, and I mean maybe it is like, you know, Chicago becoming the new LA, I don’t really think so. Listen, you know, they’ve always said that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, so maybe the beautiful people are coming here, they will give me a little show. But I think you know, when you talk about the real business’s going on, first of all, a lot of these stars will tell you that they really are politically concerned, I mean, someone like Shawn Pan, L. M., really has been involved, the ethnic same thing, these guys have been doing this quite well now. But also you know, in terms of their bosses, the studio chiefs, and the moguls, and the producers, they actually, you know, concern the backing involved on the political process for a couple of real practical reasons. No. 1, you know, censorship, No. 2, tax breaks for deals, dealing with copyright issues when it comes to China. So you know, if you wanna have a cocktail party and get the politicians there, not just Obama, maybe the vice president, maybe the future secretary of state,etc . You know, it might not be a bad idea to show them and let them know that you got some ideas, and that what you get your foot involved in the door there. Ok, you know, on the foot set that though, can it ever be banned for a candidate, is it banned for Obama to have all of these celebrities backing that is making the front pages of tabloids and you know, this gossip magazines if you will because, remember that McCain ad, he’s the biggest celebrity in the world. I mean they are using it against him.And then Paris Hilton came right back, of course it did her a little thing, you know, I think, you know, it’s kind of a delicate ballots, obviously, if you just gonna hang out, pull side the LA all the time, if you are Barack Obama, that’s not gonna work very well, and he’s very well of that of course. And of course, it can backfire for the stars as well, I mean who can forget the dickercy checks, when they came out with that song that was anti-president Bush, and you know, there are country band, a lot of audience’s reacted very very negative to that. So I think both sides have to be a little careful. You know, what can you say, you know, if you got, you know, Hollywood’s stars coming to see you though, you can’t wanna answer the door. Don’t you think?All right, Andy, thank you very much. I appreciated it. Andy Serwer, managing editor of Fortune Magazine, and check out the piece about this and more by Richard S. Fortune writer is on fortune.com200811/55510

Rice Pledges Full Support for Obama Staff Transition at State Department赖斯保国务院工作平稳交接  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday said she will do all she can assure a smooth transition for the incoming Obama administration. Detailed preparations for the handover at the nation's foreign affairs agency are aly underway. 美国国务卿赖斯星期三说,她将尽其所能,保与当选总统奥巴马的政府顺利交接。与此同时,负责美国外交事务的美国国务院已经开始准备交接工作的细节。Rice, the Bush administration's highest-ranking African American official, is hailing the election of the ed States' first African-American President, and is pledging to do all she can to make the State Department transition as smooth as possible. 布什政府中级别最高的非洲裔美国官员国务卿赖斯盛赞美国选出第一位非洲裔总统,并保她将尽力使国务院的过渡平稳进行。In comments to reporters, Rice called President-elect Obama inspirational and Republican candidate John McCain gracious in defeat. She said Tuesday's election was an exercise in democracy in which all Americans can be justifiably proud, especially those of African descent.  赖斯在回答记者问题的时候说,当选总统奥巴马富有鼓舞人的力量,共和党总统候选人麦凯恩虽败犹荣。她说,星期二的选举是一场民主实践,参加这场实践的所有美国人都有理由感到自豪,尤其是那些非洲人的后裔。"As African American, I'm especially proud because this is a country that has been through a long journey in terms of overcoming wounds and making race not the factor in our lives. That work is not done, but yesterday was obviously an extraordinary step forward," said Rice. 赖斯说:“作为一个非洲裔美国人,我感到特别自豪,因为这个国家经过了漫长的道路,克了创伤,使种族因素不再影响我们的生活。虽然这项工作尚未完成,但昨天显然是前进了一大步。”Earlier Wednesday, State Department officials made a final walk-through inspection of a large suite of offices here that will accommodate the Obama administration's foreign policy transition team within a matter of days. 星期三早些时候,美国国务院官员对一大批办公室进行了最后检查,奥巴马政府外交政策过渡小组将在几天之内来这里办公。Extensive briefing books will await the Obama team, covering everything from the status of key foreign policy issues to the management of the vast department, which has more than 20,000 employees -- half of them overseas. 等待奥巴马国务院过渡小组的是大量简报,内容从关键的外交政策问题现状到这个大部门的管理。美国国务院有两万名员工,其中一半在海外。The Obama State Department transition team has more than 200 members, including several key foreign policy figures from past Democratic administrations. 奥巴马的国务院过渡小组有200多个成员,包括过去历届民主党政府的几位主要外交政策官员。The President-elect is expected to announce his choice for Secretary of State early in the transition period. 当选总统奥巴马将在过渡时期早期宣布他的国务卿人选。Although Mr. Obama has been non-committal, press speculation has focused on Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican Senator Richard Lugar -- both colleagues of the President-elect on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 虽然奥巴马守口如瓶,但媒体的猜测集中在民主党参议员约翰·克里和共和党参议员理查德·卢格身上。他们俩是奥巴马在美国参议院外交关系委员会的同事。Former Clinton administration diplomatic troubleshooter Richard Holbrooke, a key figure in 1990's Balkans peace efforts, is also a reported contender for Secretary of State. 据报道,前克林顿政府专门排解外交难题的理查德·霍尔布鲁克也是国务卿的热门人选。他曾经是上个世纪90年代巴尔干地区和平努力的关键人物。The current Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, William Burns, is running the transition effort, with 24 State Department employees at work expediting security clearances and employment paperwork for incoming Obama transition members. 美国国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯正在进行交接工作。与此同时,24位国务院的工作人员正在加快对奥巴马过渡班子成员进行安全审查和就业文件的审核。200811/55340

Hu's coup胡的精囊妙计Why a tiny deal by a Chinese bank in America matters为什么中国的小小生意能够影响美国THE price is so trivial it will not have a discernible impact on the buyer, IC, the Chinese bank that is the world’s biggest by value. By the time the acquisition is approved, it may well have been forgotten by most outsiders. And yet, it could be a transformative deal whose full implications will take years to emerge.如此微不足道的价格,对于坐拥世界最大市值的中国工商这种买家来说恐怕没什么显而易见的影响。等它的战略价值被众所周知的时候,这笔买卖可能早就已经被大多数局外人抛诸脑后了。但它的变革性意义将在数年之后完整地突显出来。Almost lost amid the many transactions signed on January 21st to coincide with the visit of China’s President Hu Jintao to America was an agreement by IC to buy 80% of the Bank of East Asia’s small, almost profitless, retail-branch network in New York and California for 0m. If approved, the transaction would be significant because for the first time a Chinese mainland bank would have activities operating under America’s regulatory framework. But its importance goes beyond that. A tick in the box by American regulators, expected by the end of the year, would mean that they have endorsed the soundness of China’s government controlled and politically directed banking system. That has been a barrier to Chinese banks expanding in America.中国工商将以1亿4000万美元购得东亚于纽约和加利福尼亚的两家小到几乎毫无收益可言的零售业务及其运营网络。这份于1月21日签署的合同几乎被遗忘在随中国国家主席胡锦涛的美国之行而来的众多交易之中。然而一旦其获准生效,这笔交易将是有意义的,因为这是中国大陆首次于美国控制的框架下运营。而且它的重要性远不止于此。这对于美国的管理者来说是一个标志,这意味着到今年末的时候,他们就等于赞同了中国政府控制,政治导向的系统。而这在过去一直是中国在美国扩展的阻碍。In recent years American supervisors have stopped short of granting full approval for Chinese firms, instead allowing them only to provide wholesale services to companies. Even then, in at least one case, supervisors have insisted that the permit be contingent on further improvements in the Chinese firm’s operating procedures. A licence for a retail operation must pass a higher threshold since local branches will be covered by America’s deposit-insurance umbrella. That, in turn, involves approving not only the operations of the bank that is entering America but also its home regulator, to ensure it is shipshape—in the jargon, that it can provide “consolidated comprehensive supervision”. In theory, the Federal Reserve’s examiners will now need access to the operations not only of China’s largest bank but of its regulators.近年来美国监管者已经停止了对中国公司完整授权许可的短缺控制,取而代之的是仅仅允许他们为其他公司提供大规模金融批发务。即使那样,至少在个案来说,监管者们已经坚持了颁发许可取决于中国企业自身运营状况的程序。由于本土分机构位于美国储蓄保险的保护伞下,取得零售金融务的执照必须通过更高的门槛。如此一来,获准进入美国市场不仅关乎自身的运作,还关乎它本国的管理者是否能够保它的“整洁干净”——用行业术语来说,就是它能够提供“牢靠并且系统的监管”。理论上来说,联邦储备审查官员现在需要批准的运营系统不仅属于中国最大的,还属于它的母国管理者。201107/143691

By calculating how old the rocks are where we find these ancient compasses, we can figure out how long ago the magnetized parts were locked in. That tells us which direction was magnetic north tens of thousands of years ago. Surprisingly, itrsquo;s not always the same as north is now. Occasionally the poles change places. What is the reversal period like? So, did the north pole drift slowly southward, so that at some point magnetic north was in, say Mexico city? No. The rocks tell us that, during pole reversals, there is a several thousand year period during which the earthrsquo;s magnetic field is either gone or very much weakened. At these times north and south become arbitrary terms. Eventually the magnetic field re-establishes itself, and it seems to be a matter of chance which side comes out north and which south.通过计算在发现古老指南针地点的岩石年龄,我们能计算出被磁化的部分已经被封存了多久。那会告诉我们数万年前那个方向是北极。令人惊奇的是,北极并不总是在一个方向。有时候南北极会调换。磁极调换期间会是什么样子?北极会缓慢地变为南极,所以在某个阶段,磁极可能在墨西哥城?不是的。岩石告诉我们,在磁极变换过程中,有几千年地球的磁场要么是消失不见了,要么是被大大削弱。在这期间,南北极变得十分随意。最终磁极重新恢复,那端变为北极,那端成为南极都是偶然的。201111/161270

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