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日本老龄夫妇流行“卒婚”:分开居住 爱意不减 -- :8:53 来源:chinadaily When Yuriko Nishi's three grown-up sons left home, she asked her husband of 36 years an unusual question: Was there any dream married life had prevented him from fulfilling?当大西百合子三个成年的儿子离开家之后,她问了与自己结婚36年的丈夫一个不同寻常的问题:他有没有什么梦想是因为婚姻生活阻碍而没有实现的?"We started wondering what path should we be walking on," says Nishi, 66. "We told our children it was a good chance to evolve our family."“我们开始畅想我们现在应该走什么样的道路,”66岁的大西百合子说“我们告诉孩子们,现在是让这个家庭获得进一步演化的好机会”Like many others in Japan, the couple decided to graduate from marriage -- or "sotsukon."像日本其他许多夫妇一样,这对夫妻决定从婚姻中毕业——也就是“卒婚”This was not divorce.这并不是离婚Sotsukon is couples still in love, who decide to "live apart together" in their sunset years to achieve their separate dreams.“卒婚”是指仍然相爱的夫妇,他们决定在自己的晚年“分开居住”,以实现各自的梦想In a nation with an aging population, the idea has taken root.在一个人口老龄化的国度里,这样的想法已经深入人心Living apart together分开居住Yoshihide Ito, 63, after working decades as a cameraman in Tokyo, told his wife he wanted to escape city life and return to his home prefecture of Mie, in southern Japan, to become a rice farmer.63岁的伊藤吉英在东京干了几十年摄影师,他告诉妻子,他希望逃离城市生活,回到自己位于日本南部的家乡三重县当一名种植水稻的农民Nishi wished to continue her career as a fashion stylist in the capital.大西百合子则希望继续自己在东京的时尚造型师事业"He visits me once a month. I visit him a week at a time, too," Nishi says.她说:“他每个月来看望我一次我也偶尔去陪他一个星期”Distance, she explains, helps the couple to miss and appreciate each other; they now plan date nights the time they spend together.她解释说,距离有助于双方之间的相互思念和欣赏:为了能有一起度过的时光,他们现在要提前筹划约会的夜晚"Our marriage is in good shape. We share two totally different lifestyles."“我们的婚姻完好无损我们共同分享着两种完全不同的生活方式”Graduating from marriage从婚姻中毕业The term "sotsukon" was coined in by Japanese author Yumiko Sugiyama in her book "Sotsukon no Susume" -- "Recommending the Graduation from Marriage."“卒婚”一词是年由日本作家杉山由美子在《推荐卒婚一书中创造的,意为“从婚姻中毕业”"In Japan, traditionally the man is the head of the household, and the wife lives under his financial support as a domestic worker," says Sugiyama.杉山由美子说:“在日本传统中,男人是一家之主,妻子则是依靠男人供养的家务劳工”"I wondered what if each member of the married couple could obtain more freedom to do what they want without getting divorced?"“我想知道,如果已婚夫妇能够在不离婚的情况下获得更多自由,去做他们想做的事情,会怎么样?”The imagination of the Japanese public was captured -- particularly that of the housewife -- at a point when changing demographics in the nation were reshaping society.在日本不断变化的人口状况正在改变社会结构的时刻,公众——尤其是家庭主妇——心中幻想的东西被准确地捕捉到了Just one million babies were born in Japan in , according to government figures. That tally is the lowest figure on record in the Asian nation.根据政府的统计数字,年日本只有0万新生儿这个数字是有相关记录的亚洲国家中最低的Furthermore, Japanese women in the same year had the longest life expectancy in the world -- 86.83 years -- according to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.此外,根据日本厚生劳动省的数据,同年日本妇女的平均寿命为世界之最,达86.83岁"That means the longest period in a woman's life is after her kids have gone," says Masako Ishii-Kuntz, a professor of sociology at Ochanomizu University, in Tokyo. "Many empty-nesters have nothing left to do but care their husband. They realized they should pursue their own hobbies and happiness."东京御茶水女子大学的社会学教授石井真子说:“这意味着女人生命中最长的一段时间是在孩子离家之后许多空巢女性除了照顾自己的丈夫外没有其他任何事情可做她们意识到应该去追求自己的爱好和幸福”Dream catchers追求各自的幸福In recent years, celebrity endorsement has pushed sotsukon deeper into the mainstream.在最近几年,名人的持推动“卒婚”现象更加深入地进入了主流社会Most famously, in , Japanese comedian Akira Shimizu and his wife announced they would graduate from marriage, and published a book "Sotsukon -- A New m of Love."最著名的例子是年,日本喜剧演员清水明和妻子宣布将从婚姻中“毕业”,并出版了《卒婚:爱的新方式一书While there are no official figures on how many couples in Japan have followed this path, a survey commissioned by Interstation architecture agency in Tokyo found a widesp desire to do so.尽管没有具体的官方数字,但年由Interstation建筑事务所委托在东京进行的一项调查显示,人们有广泛的“卒婚”意愿Of the 0 married women polled, aged between 30 and 65 years old, 56.8% said they eventually wanted to graduate from marriage.在接受调查的0位年龄在30至65岁的已婚妇女中,有56.8%的人表示,她们最终希望从婚姻中“毕业”Retirement was the period of life most women identified as the ideal point to undertake sotsukon.退休被大多数妇女当作是开始“卒婚”的理想时间点Be nice to your wife日本女性地位提高More recently, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made women entering -- and remaining in -- the workce a pillar of his economic policy. "Abenomics is womeneconmics," he declared at the World Assembly Women in Tokyo last August.最近,日本首相安倍晋三已经把女性进入——并且持续留在——劳动力队伍中作为自己经济政策的一个柱去年8月他在东京的世界妇女会议上宣称:“安倍经济学就是妇女经济学”In , 6% of women aged to 6 in Japan were working, compared to 6% in 1969. "More Japanese women are now at work and theree receiving pensions," says Ishii-Kuntz. "The wife knows she can make her own living."年,日本年龄在岁至6岁的女性中,有6%的人是职业女性,而这一比例在1969年时为6%石井真子说:“现在有更多的日本妇女进入了职场,将会有退休金妻子们知道她们可以自食其力”To Ito, this is important. "I don't know if we can really call it sotsukon if the wife's lifestyle is being paid by the husband," he says. "Wives need to be financially independent to truly graduate from marriage."对伊藤来说,这一点十分重要他说:“如果妻子的生活方式是由丈夫出钱维持的话,我不知道那是否真的可以称之为‘卒婚’做妻子的需要在财务上独立,才能名副其实地从婚姻中毕业”Individualization of the family家庭成员日趋独立The Japanese family as a whole is changing, says Ishii-Kuntz石井真子说,作为一个整体,日本家庭正在发生变化"Family members have become more individualized. Each family member is allowed to seek whatever he or she wants, rather than spending all their lives taking care of family members," she says.她说:“家庭成员变得个性化每一个家庭成员都可以寻求他或她想要的东西,而不是把一辈子都用于照顾家人”Multiple generations of adults living in one household is becoming increasingly rare in Japan, she adds. Furthermore, it is not unusual husband and wife to sleep in separate beds in the same room.她补充说,几代同堂的家庭在日本正在变得日益罕见此外,夫妻在同一个房间里分床而睡的情况也并不少见Perhaps sotsukon is the ultimate climax of that individualization.也许“卒婚”是这种个性化的终极表现Graduating from the traditional strictures of marriage, however, does not have to translate into an end of intimacy or loss of love.不过,从婚姻的传统束缚中“毕业”,未必需要解释为亲密关系的终结或爱情的消失Nishi smiles: "After having lived apart, I cherish him more. If I marry again, I want to marry him."大西百合子微笑着说:“在分开居住后,我更加珍惜他了如果我再结一次婚,我希望还能嫁给他”(来源:CNN #38; 参考消息 编辑:杜娟)。

  • 玉林“肉节”日杀万:商贩纷纷遮“”字 --1 :51: 来源: 在中国南部省份广西壮族自治区的玉林市,餐馆纷纷遮住招牌上的 “”字,为的是在周二肉节开始之前“避免麻烦” Restaurants in Yulin, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, covered the Chinese character "dog" on their signboards in order to "avoid trouble" ahead of the start of a controversial dog meat festival on Tuesday.在中国南部省份广西壮族自治区的玉林市,餐馆纷纷遮住招牌上的 “”字,为的是在周二肉节开始之前“避免麻烦”Fearful of the protests from animal rights activists that have inundated past festivals, many restaurants and vendors in the city covered the Chinese character "dog" on their signboards. Some restaurants even changed their names entirely. A dog meat seller surnamed Zhou who works at the city’s Dongkou market told the Global Times on Sunday that she just wanted to "avoid trouble."在之前的肉节上,动物权益积极分子对此表示强烈的抗议为了防止抗议的发起,玉林的很多餐馆和商贩将招牌上的“”字遮住,还有的甚至直接将招牌上的名字全部换掉上周日,在玉林洞口市场卖肉的张女士告诉《环球时报记者,这样做只是为了“避免麻烦”Another dog meat seller surnamed Li who works near Jiangbin Road told the Global Times that the government has required vendors to cover their signboards. "Recently, authorities have frequently asked to check the licenses of these restaurants and vendors, including their food sanitation permits and business licenses," Li said.另外一位在江滨路附近卖肉李姓商贩告诉《环球时报,政府已经要求商贩遮住他们的招牌“最近,有关部门频繁检查这些餐馆和商贩的食品卫生许可和营业执照等件,”他说"They know it is something disgraceful, so they try to cover the name," Wang Xiaojun, senior communications manager at international animal rights group World Animal Protection, told the Global Times on Sunday.“他们知道卖肉并不光,所以才遮住招牌,”世界动物保护协会高级公关经理王晓军上周日告诉《环球时报On Jiangbin Road, dubbed "dog street" the cluster of dog meat restaurants there, a line has med as people wait these restaurants to start hanging their dog meat and prepare dinner at 6 pm.玉林江滨路,因为有很多肉馆聚集在这里,被称为“肉一条街”下午六点,很多店铺已经开始准备食材,把挂着肉的摊位推到街面上,有不少食客在那里排起长队Bee mass media coverage of the festival - which has been held on the summer solstice since the 1990s - began in recent years, only local people bought dog meat around the solstice, whereas now many people from Northeast China or neighboring Guangdong Province also come here to taste the meat, a local citizen surnamed Zhang told the Global Times on Sunday.当地市民张先生告诉环球时报记者, 世纪90年代以来,肉节一直在夏至前后举行以前只是当地人在夏至前后买些肉吃,这几年媒体对肉节的大肆报道使一些食客从东北或者邻省广东来到这里品尝肉Zhou, the dog meat seller, said that eating dog meat is a long-standing tradition that people from outside the area may not understand.肉商贩周先生表示,吃肉在当地是一个悠久的传统,外地人也许很难理解Past festivals have witnessed confrontations on the street between restaurant owners, vendors and animal welfare protesters, who claim the festival is barbaric and who have called upon the city to stop the "cruel celebration" of dog meat, lychees.前几年的肉节,餐馆老板、商贩与动物福利倡导人士之间争执不断动物福利倡导人士认为肉节残忍野蛮,呼吁玉林停止庆祝荔枝肉节这种“残酷的庆祝活动”"The government is capable of telling the public that this kind of tradition is improper and should be banned," Jiang Hong, head of a Xi’an-based animal protection group, told the Global Times on Sunday.“政府要告诉公众,这种传统活动是错误的,应该取缔,”西安动物保护协会主席姜红上周日告诉《环球时报"The market stimulated the production chain. In order to get dogs, many people resorted to stealing and poisoning them, which may be dangerous, since some people were likely to have been poisoned by eating poisoned dogs," Jiang added.“市场需求刺激生产链为了得到,很多人会偷或对下毒这种做法很危险,因为有些人会因为食用有毒的肉而中毒,”姜红补充道A supervisor of the Dongkou market surnamed Pang told the Global Times that all the dog meat sold in the market had been approved by the local food safety watchdog, adding that no law or regulation prohibits residents from buying or selling dog meat.洞口市场的庞家督元告诉《环球时报;市场上所有售卖的肉都经过了当地食品安全监督部门的审查,而且没有法律或规定禁止人们买卖肉According to a report by West China Metropolis Daily, some ,000 dogs are consumed during every dog meat festival.据《华西都市报报道,肉节期间,每天会有上万条被杀。
  • 安徽省中学教室学生群殴老师,警方介入调查 -- :5:5 来源: 尊师敬长本是每个人不约而同应该遵守的道德准则,有的学生天生叛逆对老师表现出不敬,老师也应该以身作则,首先保自己是一名合格的老师,同时对学生给出正确的引导Chinese authorities are investigating a classroom brawl between high school students and their teacher in Anhui province, local media report.当地媒体报道,警方正在介入调查安徽省高中生在教室围殴老师的事件A purportedly showing the fight sp online on Wednesday, shocking netizens who condemned the incident.据称,周三这段斗殴的视频在网上广泛流传,震惊了网友,大家都强烈谴责这个事件The clip shows a teacher grabbing a studentrsquo;s neck, and a group of students beating and kicking the teacher.视频中一位老师抓住一个学生的脖子,之后一群学生围住这位老师对其拳打脚踢Classroom violence is rare in China, which has traditionally emphasised respect teachers.The incident was first reported by local newspaper Shichang Xingbao on Thursday and quickly picked up by national news outlets and state media.在中国,课堂暴力是很罕见的,因为尊敬师长是中华民族的传统美德周四当地媒体《市场星报首先报道了这一事件,之后被国内各大媒体及官方媒体报道The paper and online portal Anhui News ed Mengcheng education officials as saying they were investigating the incident.据新闻报纸和门户网站《安徽新闻援引蒙城教育部门的说法,他们正在调查这一事件Anhui News said the principal of the school had been suspended, while the students and teacher are being questioned.《安徽新闻称涉事学校校长已经被停职,涉事学生和老师正在接受询问The fight is said to have taken place in a high school in Mengcheng county last Friday during an English night class.据称这场斗殴发生在蒙城县一所高中上周五的一节英语晚自习课上The teacher was reportedly collecting test scripts from students, but one student refused to hand in his paper.报道称当时该教师正在收同学们的试卷,而其中一名同学拒绝交卷The shows the two of them arguing while tugging at a bunch of papers, bee the teacher reaches his hand out to the studentrsquo;s chest to push him away, then grabs his neck.视频一开始两人拽着一叠试卷发生激烈的争吵,随后这位老师用手将学生推开,然后抓住他的脖子The student appears to retaliate by hitting the teacher, and is quickly joined by a group of other students who beat and kick the man in a corner of the classroom. One is seen throwing a large object at the teacher.这名学生开始展开报复,殴打这位老师,很快一群学生加入进来将老师逼到教室角落拳打脚踢其中一个拿凳子向老师砸去The teacher is also seen fighting back and slapping the students several times.这位老师也有过几次反击并掌掴了那位学生几次Reports ed school authorities as saying he did not sustain any injuries.报道援引学校官方说法称该教师无明显伤情Respect the teacherrsquo;;尊敬师长;The clip has since been shared widely online, with many on microblogging network Sina Weibo expressing shock and disgust at the incident.这段视频在网上被广泛分享,很多人在新浪微上表达了对该事件的震惊和憎恶之情Most appeared to side with the teacher and condemned the students their behaviour which they viewed as disrespectful.大部分人站在老师这边,谴责这几名学生这种在他们看来非常无礼的行为The clip shows nobody trying to break up the fight, all you hear are shouts and even laughter. I donrsquo;t know if times have changed, but when I was in high school students were very orderly and obedient, said one user, who also likened a teacher to ;a father the rest of your life;.Respecting the teacher is the most basic starting point, if you canrsquo;t even respect your teacher then you canrsquo;t respect anything, said another.其中一名用户将老师比作;人生的父亲;,他说:;视频中没有一个人去劝架,你听见的只有喝声甚至笑声我不知道是不是时代变了,但我上高中的时候同学们是非常遵守纪律和从安排的;另一名用户表示:;尊重老师是最基本的起点,如果你连老师都不尊重,你不会尊重任何东西;Some even argued that the teacher should have used more ce in disciplining the students.一些人甚至称老师应该尝试用更严厉的手段来管教学生With this sort of class, once you start you should use violence to make the students scared, let the students know that if they rebel against the teacher the consequences would be even more severe. If the teacher cannot do it then maybe the security department can, said a Weibo commenter.其中一个微道:;对于这种课堂,一开始你就要用暴力手段来警告学生,让学生们知道如果他们敢反抗,那么结果将更严重如果老师做不到,那学校保卫处也许可以做到;But a few also found fault with the teacher, saying it was not right him to have grabbed the studentrsquo;s neck.但也有一些人指责这名老师不应该掐着学生的脖子The students are really not obedient, and the teacher is not acting like a teacher, one commentator said.一名用户道:;学生们真的很叛逆,但这位老师也没有表现的像一名老师;。
  • 邓布利多当选最佳模范教师 -- ::7 来源: 邓布利多当选最佳模范教师From Dumbledore to Yoda, what makes a good teacherThis academic year students will be motivated by inspirational teachers. But which teacher characters from fiction and popular culture inspire real life teachers?新学年开始了,循循善诱的老师将给学生带来鼓舞那么,小说和流行文化塑造的哪些教师角色能给现实中的老师带来启发呢?According to a Times Education Supplement survey of 1,0 educators, two characters from the Harry Potter series grabbed prominent places in education's 50 favourite fictional teachers.《泰晤士报教育增刊调查了00名教育工作者后发现,50个最受教育界欢迎的虚构教师角色中,哈利波特(Harry Potter)系列中的两个人物名列前茅Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, topped the poll. "Albus Dumbledore was never proud or vain; he could find something to value in anyone, however apparently insignificant or wretched. That he was the most inspiring and the best loved of all Hogwarts headmasters cannot be in question," Elphias Doge said of Dumbledore in his obituary.霍格沃茨魔法学校的校长阿不思·邓布利多在投票中名列榜首埃菲亚斯·多吉在邓布利多的讣告中写道:“阿不思·邓布利多从不骄傲自负,他可以从任何一个人那里获益,但是那都是卑劣和毫无意义的他是霍格沃茨有史以来最鼓舞人心和受人爱戴的校长,这一点毋庸质疑”In second place was beloved Miss Jennifer Honey from the Roald Dahl classic Matilda. "She was a mild and quiet person who never raised her voice and was seldom seen to smile, but there is no doubt she possessed that rare gift being adored by every small child under her care," wrote Dahl.位列第二的是罗尔德·达尔的经典之作《玛蒂尔达中深受人们喜爱的詹妮弗·亨尼达尔写道:“她性情温和,平时不大讲话,即使说话也从不提高声音,也不常笑,但毫无疑问的是,任何一个在她的爱护下成长起来的小孩都会非常喜欢她,她就是拥有这样罕见的天赋”And the students" adoration of her transms them into willing learners. On the first day of school, only a few of students could spell "cat". With Miss Honey's exceptional teaching prowess, by Thursday of the first week, even one of the classes' weaker students, Prudence, could spell "difficulty" without any difficulty.孩子们都很喜欢她,自然也有了学习的动力开学第一天,只有几个学生能拼出“猫”这个单词,但亨尼教学水平高超,到了第四天,连普鲁登斯这个班里学得较慢的学生也能毫不费力地拼出“困难”这个单词And in complete contrast, tough-but-fair Professor Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House and deputy headmistress also at Hogwarts, placed third on the list.与上述两位截然相反的是严厉却不偏心的米勒娃·麦格教授,她是格兰芬多学院的院长和霍格沃茨代理校长,在票选中位列第三Fourth was John Keating, played by the late Robin Williams in the film Dead Poets Society, who inspired students through poetry. In direct contrast to the school goal of preparing students college, Keating taught his students that occupations were noble pursuits to sustain life, but passion is the reason to live. He encouraged his students to look at things differently when they thought they knew something. "Even though it may seem silly, or wrong, you must try," he advised.排名第四的是在电影《死亡诗社中的约翰·基廷,由已故罗宾·威廉姆斯扮演,他以诗歌鼓舞学生与校方让学生们备战考试、进入大学的目标截然相反,基廷教育学生们,工作固然是维持生活的崇高追求,但才是生而为人的根本原因他鼓励学生们以另一种眼光看待熟悉的事物他建议道:“尽管这样可能让你看起来很蠢,或者根本就是错的,但你必须得尝试”In the book Keeping Good Teachers, Mark Goldberg offers observations about the key characteristics of great teachers. These fictional teachers who have endeared all exemplified the qualities of "willingness to put in the necessary time", a "love the age group they teach" and an "in-depth content knowledge".马克·高柏格在他的《留住好老师一书中提出了优秀教师的几个重要特质这些深受欢迎的教师角色都展示出了几个特质:“愿意投入必要的时间”、“喜爱自己的学生”,以及“学科知识渊”Now, whom do I consider the most inspirational of all fictional teachers? Without a doubt, Yoda, the Jedi master from Star Wars. Great teachers are unique. They transcend race, nationality and species.那么,在我看来,在所有虚构的教师角色中,哪一个才是最循循善诱的呢?当然非尤达莫属了,他是《星球大战中的绝地大师优秀的教师是独一无二的,他们早就超越了种族、国籍和物种的局限Yoda"s key teachings are lessons a lifetime: "A Jedi uses the ce knowledge and defence, never attack"; "Adventure, excitement - a Jedi craves not these things"; and "Unlearn what you have learned", because old habits preclude new learning.尤达最重要的教义让人终生受益“一个绝地武士要利用原力获取知识、自我防卫,而不是主动进攻”、“冒险、刺激——这些都不是绝地武士所渴望的”、“忘掉以前所学的吧,”因为老习惯总会妨碍你学习新知识However, Yoda's most memorable e is one of the last he gives to the young Luke Skywalker. It is especially invaluable to students as they begin this academic year. If they want to succeed, they need to give their best. "Do. Or do not. There is no try."而尤达流传最广的名言是他留给年轻的卢克·天行者(Luke Skywalker)的最后几句话这对开启新学年的学生们来说尤为珍贵要想成功,就要拼尽全力“要么做,要么不做没有尝试这一说Vocabularyobituary: 讣告prowess: 杰出才能endear: 使……受欢迎英文来源:南华早报译者:Estelle89。
  • 母狮咀嚼相机镜头 画面超有爱~ -- :18: 来源:chinadaily Curious lions chew up a pound;1,300 camera 肯尼亚母狮突发好奇心 咀嚼万元相机镜头 近日,肯尼亚马赛马拉国家公园发生了有趣的一幕一头母狮在看到一架相机时突发好奇心,便将镜头咬入嘴中开始咀嚼 相机本来是摄影师设立在公园里用来拍摄狮子们日常生活景象的,没想到被这头充满好奇心的母狮一嘴击灭起先,这头母狮领着自己的宝宝在公园散步,在摄影师想要遥控相机近距离拍摄狮子和其身后的风景时,母狮发现了这架相机它走上前去,好奇的用鼻子闻了闻,接着又用舌头舔了舔镜头突然,它张开嘴巴将镜头整个含进了嘴里,并开始咀嚼 摄影师称,虽然自己很倒霉,损失了价值00英镑(约合人民币1.万元)的相机,但这一幕实在难得又十分好笑整个场面至少持续了一个多小时,直到母狮觉得无聊才结束 Leaving his camera just 0m away from an inquisitive(好奇的) pride of lions may not have been this photo-tourist's smartest move. But fellow photographer Thomas Selig certainly enjoyed getting some amazing shots of the curious cats, after they began chewing up the pound;1,300 camera. At the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya? the unlucky tourist had set up his Canon DSLR on a tripod(三脚架) to take pictures using a remote control. With the tripod just 0m away the cluster of female lions and cubs(幼崽) came over to investigate(探究). At first it looked as though the mothers wanted to take some shots of their cute cubs walking in front of the lens. But unsure how to work the EOS 0D camera, worth about pound;1,300 including the lens, they resorted to trying to eat it instead. tunately the photographer got his possession back after the female lion had strutted(大摇大摆地) around with her spoils.。
  • 拿钱洗地?美国国会又公布页文件显示沙特和9事件无关 -- 19:9:7 来源: 之前,美国FBI曾公布一批文件显示沙特和9袭击事件没有关联而近日美国国会又公布了一份报告,显示沙特和9恐怖袭击没有直接联系,但是沙特皇室内部人员或给恐怖分子提供过经济持 Congress has released previously classified documents about whether the Saudi government had a role in the 9 attacks.美国国会公布了之前经过分类的文件,对于沙特是否参与9袭击事件做出了说明The pages show no officials links between the Saudi government and the hijackers who killed nearly 3,000 people in New York.这些文件显示,沙特政府和在纽约杀死近3000人的劫机者之间没有正式的联系However, the report found it was likely that the attackers had financial help from people inside the kingdom.但是,这份报告发现,袭击者们很有可能从沙特王室内部人员那里得到了经济持An independent panel completed the 9 Commission Report in .一个独立小组在年完成了这份《9委员会报告But several pages - inmally known as "the Pages" - were withheld from the public years, fuelling speculation about their contents.但是这份报告中的几十页--非正式地称为“页报告”--被隐瞒了长达年的时间,从而助长了人们对于这份报告内容的猜测 years, lawmakers and family members of the 9 victims lobbied their release, arguing the US government was shielding an important ally.多年来,律师和9受害者的家人们游说公布这份报告,指责美国政府拒而不报是在包庇其重要盟友沙特Fifteen of the 19 hijackers who flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were Saudi nationals.在驾驶飞机撞向世贸中心和五角大楼的19名劫机者中,有人是沙特公民The released pages were still lightly redacted by the CIA. The report’s original authors cautioned that some of the inmation contained in "the pages" was unvetted material complied by the FBI.这次公布的文件还是经过了CIA的编译这份报告的原作者们警告说,“页报告”中的部分内容没有经过FBI的审查The Saudi government said it welcomed the release of the documents on Friday.沙特政府表示说他们欢迎在周五公布的这些文件The release confirms "neither the Saudi government, nor senior Saudi officials, nor any person acting on behalf of the Saudi government provided any support or encouragement these attacks,’’ Abdullah Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the ed States, said in a statement on Friday.沙特驻美国大使阿卜杜拉亲王在周五的一份声明中说道,这些被公布的文件确认了“沙特政府、沙特高级官员、或者任何代表沙特政府行动的人都没有给这些袭击事件提供任何的持或鼓励”。
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