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18 To the Unknown Teacher第十八颗 致无名之师I sing the praise of the Unknown Teacher.我要歌颂无名之师Great Generals win campaigns,but it is the Unknown Soldier who wins the war.伟大的将军赢得战役,但打赢战争的却是无名战士Famous educators plan new systems of pedagogy,but it is the Unknown Teacher who delivers and guides the young.知名的教育家计划新的教学系统,但拯救并引导年轻人的却是无名之师He lives in obscurity and contends with hardship.他默默无闻、含辛茹苦 him no trumpets blare,no chariots wait, no golden decorations are decreed.没有号角吹奏来迎接他,也没有马车等候他,更没有金质勋章颁赠给他He knows the watch along the borders of darkness, and makes the attack on the trenches of ignorance and folly.他随时警戒防范学生无知,并随时排除造成这些无知愚昧的障碍Patient in his duty, he strives to conquer the evil powers which are the enemies of youth.他负责而又有耐心,并努力征那些与年轻人为敌的恶势力He awakens sleeping spirits.他唤醒学生们沉睡的心灵He quickens the indolent, encourages the eager, and steadies the unstable.他使怠惰的学生变得勤快,鼓励那些有心向学的人,以及安定那些心性不定的学生He communicates his own joy of learning,and shares with boys and girls the best treasures of the mind.他向学子们传达自己学习的乐趣并与他们分享最珍贵的知识宝藏He lights many candles, which,in later years, will shine back and cheer him.他启发了许多的学生,而这些学生日后将会令他引以为荣,也令他欣慰This is his reward.这便是回馈No one is more worthy to be enrolled in the democratic aristocracy,;King of himself and servant of mankind.;没有人比他更适合当民主的贵族,也就是“一己之君,大众之仆” 8Insects Will Be Part of UK Diet年昆虫将成为主食Western diners should get used to the idea of eating insects because by it is ;inevitable;they will m an important part of our diet,according to the entomologist who heads up the world first university centre focusing on insects as a food source.一位昆虫学家指出,西方人应当适应吃昆虫的想法,因为到年昆虫将不可避免地成为我们日常饮食的重要部分该昆虫学家是全球首个关注昆虫作为一种食物资源的大学研究中心的负责人He argues that consumers who have traditionally turned their noses up at six-legged food may have to change their minds as conventional meat becomes more expensive and scarce.他指出,随着传统肉类食物变得越来越昂贵和稀有,那些一向对六条腿食物嗤之以鼻的人可能不得不转变自己的观念Prof Marcel Dicke of Wageningen University said;The most important thing is getting people prepared,getting used to the idea.瓦格宁根大学的马塞尔?迪克教授说现在最为重要的事是让人们做好准备,习惯这一想法Because from onwards,there wont be much of a choice us.;因为从年以后,我们就没有太多的选择余地He wants to persuade people to ditch prejudices about insects,and to persuade manufacturers and suppliers to come up with products that can be sold in ;a reassuring and attractive manner;.他想说人民抛弃对昆虫的偏见,并想说生产商和供应商将昆虫食品以令人放心和吸引人的方式出售 centuries insects have been part of the daily diet of humans throughout the world,from the ants and larvae eaten as part of their subsistence diet by the tribes of Africa and Australia to the popular crispy-fried locusts and beetles enjoyed in Thailand.很多世纪以来,在世界范围内昆虫已经成为人类日常饮食的一部分,其中包括被非洲和澳洲的原始部落示威生存必需品的蚂蚁和蛹,以及在泰国大受欢迎的酥炸蝗虫和甲虫Insects as food are increasingly being promoted as an alternative which are more healthy,nutritious and sustainable than mainstream staples such as chicken, beef and fish.昆虫正越来越多地被推崇为一种比鸡肉,牛肉和鱼肉等主流食物更健康,更有营养和更具可持续性的新选择As well as being low in cholesterol and high in protein,insects produce less waste, Dicke points out,as we typically throw away three-quarters of a chicken,but can eat the same percentage of a locust.迪克指出,昆虫属于低胆固醇和高蛋白的食物,且造成的浪费更少我们在吃鸡的时候,通常要扔掉其中的四分之三,而一只蝗虫,我们则能吃掉它的四分之三Insects also win on the ;conversion factor; or ration of feed ingested by the animal to the meat produced by it-known as ECI.昆虫同样在转换系数上领先Beef cattle has an ECI rate of while the cockroach triumphs with .牛肉的ECI比率为,远远高于此数,为The carbon emissions associated with growing insects is also far lower than those linked to conventional livestock.昆虫生长过程中的碳排放量也比传统的牲畜要低得多

669I'm a news junkie. I like to two newspapers everyday. I don't just look at the headlines. I most of the stories. I like the political news, the business news, the editorials, and the entertainment news. The only things I don't usually are the sports pages and the classifieds. I also try to catch the local TV news each day. I like to watch Channel the news reporting, but I like the weather report on Channel 9 mainly because the reporter is not only good, she's beautiful! the national news, I like all three of the network anchors, so it doesn't matter which one I catch.On top of that, I like to a newsmagazine each week. I like the longer feature stories that give more in-depth coverage of that week's top stories. So, when I said I was a news junkie, I wasn't joking. When I travel to other countries, the first thing I do is look an English-language newspaper. Then, I can relax! Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 57

Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away.And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and fall there with a sign.O Troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my words.The world puts off its make of vastness to its lover.It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.It is the tears of the earth that keep her smiles in bloom.The mighty desert is burning the love of a blade of grass who shakes her head and laughs and flies away.If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.The sands in your way beg your song and your movement, dancing water. Will you carry the burden of their lameness?Her wishful face haunts my dreams like the rain at night.Once we dreamt that we were strangers.We wake up to find that we were dear to each other. 3688Jerry: Who going to break the news to Tech Experts?杰瑞:谁去向技术专家们透漏这个坏消息?Camila: You mean about pulling the plug on using their services?卡米拉:你是指我们不再使用他们提供的务?Jerry: Yeah, the contract we signed with them last year is almost up, and as we decided last month, well be going with another company.杰瑞:是的,去年我们同他们签订的合同快到期了,而且上个月我们决定跟另一家公司合作Camila: I think we should hold off on telling them until after all of our current projects are done. We still have two more in the hopper.卡米拉:我觉得应该等目前的项目完成后再告诉他们实情而且即将会有两个或者更多的项目进来Jerry: Okay, but I dont want to drag our feet in telling them, even if were not happy with their service. As a professional courtesy, we should let them know soon.杰瑞:好吧,就算我们不满意他们提供的务,但我还是不想拖太久出于职业礼节,我们应该尽快告知他们Camila: That may be true with other companies, but Tech Experts has really let us down this past year. If we didnt have an airtight contract with them, we would have switched companies long ago.卡米拉:对其它公司的确该如此,但在过去的一年里,技术专家真的太令人失望了如果不是有合同约束,可能很早以前就换公司了Jerry: Well, maybe theyll learn from their mistakes. After all, theyve been in business a long time.杰瑞:不过,他们也许会从失败中吸取教训毕竟,他们已经经营很久了Camila: Yeah, but old habits die hard. And if you ask me, the company is on its last legs. It only a matter of time bee they lose most of their customers, at the rate theyre going.卡米拉:是的,但旧习难改要我说,这家公司在做最后的垂死挣扎他们很快就会失去大多数客户,这只是时间问题Jerry: I dont know about that, but I do know one thing. It a good thing youre not their PR rep!杰瑞:我不太清楚那些情况,但我只知道一件事情:幸好你不是他们的公关代表!原文译文属! 1337

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