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First Successful Uterus Transplant Recipient Now PregnantDerya Sert was born without womb, but doctors say she is almost two weeks pregnant.Medical milestone tonight making world headlines, the first woman ever to have a successful uterus transplant is now pregnant, doctors are being cautious but they are encouraged tonight, and here is As Lama H.22 year old Derya Sert is something of medical miracle, born without womb, a rare condition, she is the first woman ever to undergo a successful uterus transplant which she received from a deceased donor in August 2011, in the stunning announcement doctors now revealing she is almost 2 weeks pregnant, she says she is looking forward to having the baby, remarkably her ovaries were healthy and she produced eggs which doctors harvested before the uterus transplant, they then put the fertilized embryo into her new womb.While this is nothing short of a miracle, her doctor says she still faces a high risk of miscarriage and other complications in the early stages of pregnancy, but the experiment is giving thousands of childless women hope of conceiving. /201312/269357Yet, when they came here, they would have found beautifully constructed ancient stone pathways on which the forest could be explored.然而 当他们来到这里 却发现了构造美丽的古石道拜此所赐森林探索得以进行。Winding westwards into the hills, these were once some of the most important highways in Asia, the southwestern tea and silk road.蜿蜒向西深入山地,曾一度是亚洲地区的要道,西南部的茶马古道(即为西南丝绸之路)。Built thousands of years ago, the southwestern tea and silk road gave access to the world beyond Chinas borders, carrying tradesmen and travellers from as far away as Rome.茶马古道源于古代西南边疆的茶马互市 兴于唐宋盛于明清,西南茶马古道越过中国的边境迎来了远自罗马的商人与旅者,将这片古老土地与世界相连。Wars were fought over access to this tiny path, the only sure route in or out of China, that was guaranteed to be clear of snow all year round.这条路上曾燃烧过连绵的战火,也是出入当时中国的唯一咽喉要道,必须要保全年畅通无阻。So, what causes Gaoligongshans strange and remarkable climate?那么 是什么造就了高黎贡山独特的气候?In late May, gusts of wind arrive, bringing with them the key to Gaoligongshans mystery. The winds are hot and saturated with water.五月后旬阵风来临,带来了解开高黎贡山气候之谜的钥匙。热风富含水分。They come all the way from the Indian Ocean. Channelled by Yunnans unique geography, they bring with them the moisture of the tropical monsoon.它们完全来自于印度洋。受云南独特地形的影响,热带季风带来了充沛的雨量。 /201404/289311绝佳的访谈!囧司徒决不仅仅是个相声演员,更是一个充满智慧很有思想的人!当被问到在周围都是是爆炸动乱的实事下重开政治讽刺类喜剧节目是否合适时候,他回答我们应该问发生爆炸动乱合适吗?简直太发人深省了!201403/281565

If you take an organ like the heart,如果观察心脏你就会发现which is pumping away to pump the blood around the body,它是通过跳动来向全身输送血液it needs a lot of energy, a lot of oxygen delivered to it.这就需要很多能量和氧气来辅助If it doesnt get it,要是不够充足if it gets starved of oxygen, that can produce a heart attack.处于缺氧状态 这时就会突发心脏病We werent just suffering我们新形成的饮食结构the effects of our new diet in our hearts.岂止会损害到心脏It was hitting us in the guts, too.更会损伤内脏Our bowels were exploding.我们的肠子越胀越大It seemed that again the reason was man-made.看来又是人为造成Modern flour milling techniques现代面粉制造技术removed the fibre from our staple foods.将主食中的纤维质剔除Horizon was on hand to explain地平线栏目已精确剖析过precisely what this was doing to our digestive systems.此举对消化系统的影响The colon isnt just a static tube.结肠并非只是个静压管It contracts like an earthworm它像蚯蚓一样to force the food residue along.通过收缩来传输食物残渣Painter believes that on a low-fibre diet,佩恩特认为低纤维的饮食this residue may be stiff like tar会使食物残渣如沥青般僵硬so that the very high pressures are built up in the colon.然后施压于结肠This can cause a blow-out in于是肠壁会受到严重挤压变形the wall of the colon, called a diverticulum.我们称之为憩室201306/244082

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