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Today in History: Tuesday, January 01, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月1日,星期二On Jan. 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that slaves in rebel states were free.1863年1月1日,亚伯拉罕·林肯总统签署《奴隶解放宣言》,宣布反叛州奴隶自由。1808 A law prohibiting the importation of slaves into the ed States went into effect.1808年,一项禁止向美国运输奴隶的法律开始生效。1892 The Ellis Island Immigrant Station in New York opened.1892年,利斯岛移民站在纽约开办。1898 New York City was consolidated into five buroughs.1898年,纽约市合并成五个行政区。1901 The Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed.1901年,澳大利亚联邦成立。1919 J.D. Salinger, author of ;The Catcher in the Rye,; was born in New York City.1919年,《麦田里的守望者》的作者塞林格在纽约出生。1953 Country singer Hank Williams Sr., 29, died of a drug and alcohol overdose.1953年,29岁的乡村女歌手汉克·威廉姆斯死于毒品和酒精过量。1958 Treaties establishing the European Economic Community went into effect.1958年,建立欧洲经济共同体的条约生效。1959 Fidel Castro led Cuban revolutionaries to victory over Fulgencio Batista.1959年,菲德尔·卡斯特罗领导的古巴革命战胜富尔亨西奥·巴蒂斯塔。1979 The ed States and China established diplomatic relations.1979年,中美建立外交关系。1984 ATamp;T was divested of its 22 Bell System companies under terms of an antitrust agreement.1984年,根据反垄断协议,美国电话电报公司被剥夺了其旗下的22 Bell System公司。1990David Dinkins was sworn in as New York Citys first African-American mayor.1990年,戴维·丁金斯宣誓就任纽约市的第一位黑人市长。1993 Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two new countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.1993年,捷克斯洛伐克和平分裂成两个新国家,捷克共和国和斯洛伐克。1994 The North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect.1994年,北美自由贸易协定生效。1999 The euro became the official currency of 11 European countries.1999年,欧元成为了11个欧洲国家的官方货币。2013 Oprah Winfrey launched the OWN cable TV network.2013年,奥普拉·温弗瑞推出了自己的有线电视网络。 /201301/218076Its now thought that the ice caves fringing this crater现在人们觉得 火山口边缘的冰洞may even be a home for hitherto-unknown life forms.可能是一些未知生命的家园From this oasis of warmth at the edge of the continent,从这片位于大陆边缘的温暖绿洲开始our journey continues inland towards the South Pole.我们继续朝向内陆的旅程 直到南极点The first great hurdle而第一个巨大的障碍is the formidable Transantarctic Mountain range.就是难以逾越的南极横贯山脉We are following the route taken by Scott and Amundsen当年 斯科特和阿蒙森试图成为as they struggled to become the first humans征南极点的第一人to reach the South Pole.我们将追随他们的脚步They were travelling on foot他们当年只能步行and their first sight of these mountains当他们第一眼见到这些山脉时must have been daunting indeed.一定让他们十分畏惧In front of them stretched one of the worlds longest ranges,出现在他们面前的是世界最长山脉spanning 2,000 miles from one side of the continent to the other.横跨南极大陆 绵延近3200公里The winds up here are the fastest on Earth.这里还刮着地球上速度最快的风They reach speeds of 200 miles an hour.风速可达每小时320多公里An ice-capped mountain bears the scars of the gales,这座山脉上遗留有狂风肆虐的痕迹bizarre sculptures carved from solid ice.坚实的冰层被刻蚀出古怪的雕塑 /201210/206127Today in History:Friday, June7, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月7日,星期五June 7th, 1998In Jasper, Texas, three white men chain a black man James Byrd, Junior to a pickup truck, then drag him to his death. Two of the men who dragged Byrd are later sentenced to death for the crime. The third receives life in prison.1948,The Communists complete their takeover of Czechoslovakia, as the countrys president Edvard Benes resigns. Communist rule lasts until the collapse of the Iron Curtain across Eastern Europe more than four decades later.1981,Israeli military planes destroy a nuclear power plant in Iraq, then under Saddam Husseins rule. Israel charges the facility could have been used to make nuclear weapons.1972,In New York, the musical “Grease”, a teenage love story during high school in 1950s America, opens on Broadway.And 1958,Prince, the rock singer, songwriter and musician whose hits include Purple Rain, Kiss, and 1999, is born in Minneapolis.Today in History, June 7th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press. /201306/243354

当去巴西旅游的时候,许多人选择阳光明媚的海滩,雨林或伊瓜苏瀑布。但游客就了解如何经营一座发电站却是一个独特的机会。When touring Brazil, many people choose sunny beaches, rain forests or the Iguazu Falls. But a unique opportunity for visitors is to learn how a power station is operated. Lets find out more about Itaipu Dam, which has recently become a hot place of interest.With all the green, you might think it is a natural reserve at first sight.Located on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, the water power station was co-constructed by the two countries and its total generating power reaches 14 million kilowatts.But what the visitors really want to see is the inside water power station where they can learn how the control room is operated by technicians from Brazil and Paraguay.An American visitor said, ;This is my first time to come here , and its amazing. Excellent idea for generating energy for both the countries.;Brazils water power station also left a strong impression on its visitors for its combination of greenery and high-technology.The ecological environment was also a great focus in the area. In fact, over 1 million trees have been planted here. 6 animal shelters have provided a habitat for over 4,500 animals.201205/184479

166471Today in History: Tuesday, January 22, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月22日,星期二On Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court handed down its Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion.1973年1月22日,最高法院下达了其Roe vs. Wade堕胎合法化决议。1901 Queen Victoria died at age 81 after 63 years on the British throne.1901年,担任63年英国王位后,81岁的维多利亚女王去世。1905 Russian troops opened fired on marching workers in St. Petersburg, killing more than 100 in what became known as ;Bloody Sunday.;1905年,俄罗斯军队向在圣彼得堡游行的工人开火,造成100多人死亡,这一天被称为“血腥星期天”。1922 Pope Benedict XV died.1922年,教皇本笃十五世去世。1938 Thornton Wilders play ;Our Town; premiered in Princeton, N.J.1938年,桑德·怀尔德的戏剧《Our Town》在美国新泽西州普林斯顿公演。1944 Allied forces began landing at Anzio, Italy, during World War II.1944年,二战期间,盟军开始登陆意大利安齐奥。1953 The Arthur Miller drama ;The Crucible; opened on Broadway.1953年,阿瑟·米勒的戏剧《The Crucible》在百老汇公开上映。1968 ;Rowan amp; Martins Laugh-In; premiered on N.1968年,《Rowan amp; Martins Laugh-In》在美国全国广播公司首映。1970The Boeing 747 went on its first regularly scheduled commercial flight, from New York to London.1970年,波音747从纽约到伦敦进行定期首次商业飞行。1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th president of the ed States, died at his ranch in Johnson City, Texas, at age 64.1973年,美国第36届美国林登·贝恩斯·约翰逊死在德克萨斯州约翰逊市自家的农场里,享年64岁。1995 Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the mother of President John F. Kennedy, died in Hyannis Port, Mass., at age 104.1995年,约翰·肯尼迪总统的母亲Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy在马萨诸塞州海恩尼斯港去世,享年104岁。1997 The Senate confirmed Madeleine Albright as the nations first female secretary of state.1997年,参议院确认马德莱娜·奥尔布赖特担任美国首位女国务卿。2008 Jose Padilla, once accused of plotting with al-Qaida to blow up a radioactive ;dirty bomb,; was sentenced by a U.S. federal judge in Miami to more than 17 years in prison on terrorism conspiracy charges.2008年,曾被指控与基地组织阴谋引爆一放射性“脏弹”的何塞·帕迪拉在迈哈密被美国联邦法官因恐怖主义阴谋罪判处17年监禁。 President Barack Obama ordered the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay closed within a year and banned harsh interrogation of terror suspects. (The prison remains open.)年,美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马下令一年内关闭关塔那湾恐怖分子拘留中心并禁止对恐怖主义嫌疑犯实行严酷的审讯。(监狱仍然开放。) /201301/221989

9SwzSusZ8v.+XG;pi3t%1~GzZb|0Oy@MJohIhar0j#)mCould it be possible that playing games might be good for your health? VideoJug are here to point you in the right direction to shed some pounds while fighting aliens and shooting people. The very best games to keep fit are explained in this .yvdyRird|-~+玩电视游戏也许会对你的健康有益?VideoJug在这里就传授给你玩游戏减肥的秘籍!1jDu+#CDc。这个视频会告诉你有助于减肥视频游戏F3jRQEKV*miZr。mjN3NLxXQ.kd]hBiPJ+gL1|l,do0P;HGV~2TIuw7w;n]*_201203/176328One possibility is that earthquakes are different.有一种可能是不同次地震是不一样的In 66 there was quite a large foreshock66年那次的前震很剧烈and in 34 there was quite a large foreshock而34年地震也有大规模前震and in both of those cases而且在这两次地震中the quake started up here and went that way.震动从这里开始向那边移动And in 2004 there was no foreshock可是2004年地震没有前震and it started in the South and went the other way.它是从南边开始朝对向移动So earthquakes are complicated.所以地震是复杂的Many people thought that Parkfield might solve许多人以为通过帕克菲尔德地震预测the mystery of earthquake prediction for good.能从此永远解开地震预测之谜But instead但事实是it was back to the drawing board for science.科学界的地震预测 又得重头开始Holy shit!真该死Holy shit.真该死Oh, my God.我的老天Holy cow.活见鬼And as every year goes past,一年又一年more earthquakes continue to plague our planet.更多的地震接踵而至折磨我们的星球Out here, out here!离开这 离开这What happened to the telescope? Destroyed.电子显微镜怎么了 摔烂了Go, go, go, come on!快跑 跟上It may fall.会倒塌的I got it on tape!我录下来了201305/237574

See, if you can I.D. me.看你能能否鉴别出我。Im an American organization that was founded in 1910. 我是在1910年建立的美国组织。Since then, Ive had more than 100 million members. 至今,我已有一亿成员。My highest rank is Eagle, and my motto is ;Be Prepared.“我最高的级别是“雄鹰”,我的座右铭是:时刻准备着。Im the Boy Scouts of America. And Im aimed to build the character, values and fitness of young people.我是美国童子军。我致力于为年轻人磨砺品格、建立价值和强身健体。Next year, there is going to be a change to a boy scouts membership policy. 明年,童子军的成员资格政策将有所改变。Starting on January 1st , the organization will allow young people who are openly gay to join.从一月一日开始,该组织将允许公开其同性恋身份的年轻人加入。Last week, the groups national council voted for the change. 上周,该组织的国民议会为此改变投票。They also decided to maintain the current policy of not allowing gay adult leaders. 同时,他们决定保持当前不让同性恋者担任领导的政策。The reaction openly gay youth joining the scouts has been mixed. 对这一允许公开其同性恋身份的年轻人入伍的决议的回应有好有坏。Here is what a former scout leader and a former Eagle scout had to say about it.来看看前童子军领导者和前“雄鹰”童子军是怎么说的。 /201305/242065Protest is deep in the American character.;反抗;是美国民族性格上深深的烙印The pilgrims against the old world and religious persecution.清教徒对旧世界及宗教迫害的反抗The colonies against the British and their taxes.殖民地对宗主国及其苛捐杂税的反抗Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman against slavery..弗雷德里克·道格拉斯和哈莉特·塔布曼对奴隶制的反抗1970s.There have been thousands of anti-Vietnam war protests.20世纪70年代 数以千计的反越战抗议游行相继爆发Kent State University, Ohio.俄亥俄州 肯特州立大学The National Guard are ordered in to control 500 protesting students.国民警卫队被调往镇压游行的500名学生Television is here watching.电视转播着这一切Four students are shot dead.4名学生中弹身亡I think that that drove it home for a lot of Americans,to see on their television,正是电视转播将画面传入千家万户 观众得以直击现场and to have this mass of people who felt so passionately about it.这使得大众群情激昂 义愤填膺The images. You know, America is a very visual country.美国人相信 眼见为实And because Vietnam is the first televised war,越战期间首次实现了战事的电视转播battles and casualty lists are daily news events.每一场战役 伤亡情况都有新闻报道Television brings the reality of the war into the nations living rooms.电视 将血淋淋的战争展现在每个人眼前Just as hundred years ago Civil War photographer revealed the true horror of war,就如同百年前 内战战地摄影师揭露了战争的恐怖一般now TV news images begin to turn the nation.如今 电视新闻节目开始颠覆整个国家We had aly lost over 50,000 soldiers,many more wounded than that.我们已经损失了5万余士兵 伤员更是不计其数I think most Americans realized Vietnam was a hopeless cause.我想多数美国人已经意识到越战的无望More bombs than were droped in the whole World War II.在越战中的投弹数量超过了整个二战Hundreds of billions of dollars.数千亿美元白白消耗But what the most Americans remember are the pictures they see on their TV sets.但保留在大多数美国人记忆中的是他们在电视中看到的画面Watching people in Sigon clinging to helicopters as we left in disgrace.目睹着西贡[今胡志明市]的残兵爬上直升机落荒而逃This is a profoundly unAmerican notion.这是一幅极不符合美国信念的画面 /201304/234447

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