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忠县自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好乐山大腿抽脂减肥费用The King of Prediction欧洲杯预测帝–“巫师猪”Remember Paul, the legendary octopus who correctly predicted the outcome of the 2010 World Cup? Two years later in Kiev, a psychic pig takes over where Paul the Octopus has left off. Khryak is the latest addition to the Ukrainian squad to tip the winners of the Euro 2012 matches. Although not the most photogenic among the psychic, organizers say his telepathic abilities are real. Kiev Euro 2012 PR Director, Official Kiev Euro 2012 Fan Zone Pr Director Svitlana Bovkun, saying (Russian) “We checked over two weeks his ability to predict outcomes of local and international matches and well… he has a psychic ability, we would not have taken him otherwise. We’ll see how accurate he is in just a few days.” Khryak’s powers will be officially tested on June 8th when the European soccer championships kick off in Poland and Ukraine. And even if Khryak miss-sniffs the winner of a match, organizers promise that he’ll be safe from the butcher’s knife. Elly Park, Reuters.你还记得传奇章鱼保罗正确预测2010年世界杯结果吗?两年后,在Kiev,一只神算猪接管了保罗的任务。神算猪Khryak(赫里亚克)是乌克兰队最近引进来预测欧洲杯赛果的。尽管它不是最上镜的,但组织者说他感应能力是真实的。2012年欧洲杯Kiev球迷区公关总监Bovkun Svitlana说:“我们对它预测当地及国际比赛的能力进行了两个礼拜的核查,他有通灵的能力,否则我们也不会选它,再过几天我们将看看它预测的准确性。Khryak的能力将在欧洲足球锦标赛波兰与乌克的开场赛中进行官方测试。组织者承诺,即使Khryak未能准确预测比赛结果,它也不会成为我们的盘中餐。在前六场比赛中,乌克兰预言猪曾准确命中了4场,但在随后的小组赛中神奇不再,逐渐跌下神坛;不过进入淘汰赛阶段,预言猪虽然受到了骚扰,但是神奇再现。The curse of the European champions预测之路–欧洲杯冠军的魔咒Spain will begin UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying in high spirits as both reigning champions and FIFA World Cup holders, but if they are to triumph in Poland and Ukraine, they must perform an unprecedented feat.作为欧洲杯和世界杯的双料冠军,西班牙队将充满斗志地投入到欧洲杯赛事中。若是他们想在本届杯赛上夺冠,他们必将完成一项前无古人的壮举。While there has been a successful title defence in every other existing UEFA national-team championship – three for men, three for women plus one for futsal – no country has triumphed in the flagship tournament twice in succession. In fact, by the time the final is played in Kyiv on 1 July it will be 36 years since the previous occasion the holders even made it that far.在欧足联的各种级别的国家队赛事(包括三项男足赛事,三项女足赛事和一项五人制足球比赛)中,有些球队能实现卫冕。但是没有一个国家能连续两届在欧洲杯这项最顶级的赛事上夺得冠军。事实上,在今年7月1日在基辅进行的决赛前,整整36年不曾有卫冕球队能在下一届杯赛中打进决赛。The first attempt to retain the European title was nearly a success. Having won the inaugural 1960 edition, the Soviet Union travelled to Spain four years later and reached the final, only to lose 2-1 to the hosts with a goal six minutes from time. As holders, Spain themselves and then Italy, the 1968 champions, missed out on the following four-team final tournament after suffering two-legged quarter-final defeats.欧洲杯首届冠军尝试卫冕的努力几近成功。前苏联赢得了1960年的杯赛冠军,四年后他们在西班牙打入了决赛,他们在开场6分钟打入一个进球,最后仅仅以1-2负于东道主。而夺冠的西班牙队和1968年的冠军意大利队在之后一届杯赛中,在两回合的1/4比赛中都失利,错失进入四强的机会。This is a uniquely European phenomenon with other senior continental competitions featuring at least one successful defence at some point – in fact the same team triumphed at the first two editions of the CONMEBOL Copa América (Uruguay), CAF Africa Cup of Nations (Egypt) and AFC Asia Cup (Korea Republic).这是一个和奇特的欧洲杯现象。在其他的洲际大赛中,至少有一个冠军能成功实现卫冕 —— 事实上,乌拉圭就在成功地连拿两届美洲杯(最早的两届),埃及卫冕过非洲杯,而韩国卫冕过亚洲杯。 /201207/189028重庆新桥医院预约 Bridal bootcamps are big business for women desperate to drop pounds before their wedding. But according to new research, the more pressure a bride-to-be is under to lose weight, the more she will gain after her big day. 对结婚前急于减肥的新娘来说,新娘训练绝对是很重要的事情。但一项新研究发现,新娘减肥时面对的压力越大,婚礼后增重将会越多。 A study from Flinders University in South Australia, published in the journal Body Image, found that 85 per cent of women wanted to lose weight before their weddings, with an average goal of 9kg (20lb). 弗林德斯大学发表在Body Image期刊上的一项研究发现,80%的女人想在婚礼前减肥,一般来说,平均目标是剪掉9公斤(20磅)。 Researchers monitored the weight of nearly 350 brides from one month before their weddings and six months after. They found that almost half of the participants actually lost weight, with most losing between one and two kilos. But those under most pressure to drop pounds gained the most in the months after their marriage, with an average weight gain of 2.14kg. 研究人员对近350名新娘的体重进行监控,整个监控从她们婚礼的前一个月到婚礼后的六个月。他们发现,几乎半数以上的新娘真的减掉一些体重,大多减去1到2公斤。但那些减肥压力最大的新娘在婚礼后的几个月内增重最快,平均增重2.14公斤。 Dr Ivanka Prichard, who lead the study, told the Sydney Morning Herald: 'My understanding of the situation is that they are restricting their eating and also exercising before the wedding, then afterwards it was as though it didn't matter any more. 领导这项研究的伊万卡·普里查德士对《悉尼先驱晨报》说:“我对此的理解是,这些新娘在婚礼之前限制饮食并且坚持锻炼,然而婚礼后她们就不在认为这很重要了。”   She added that the impetus to lose weight before one's wedding comes not from the bride, but from the media and those around them. She said: 'If you go to a bridal store it is common for them to ask brides if they want to order a dress in a size smaller than they currently are. There is huge pressure to lose weight from family members, wedding magazines and even dressmakers and a third of participants in her study had actually been told to lose weight before their weddings.   她补充说:“婚礼前减肥的动力并不是新娘自己,而是媒体以及她们周围的人物或事物。当你去新娘商店时,店员会问新娘是否想要一条比她们现在的身材尺寸小一点的礼,这是很普遍的现象。”家庭成员,婚礼杂志甚至裁缝都给了新娘们巨大压力。实际上,研究中三分之一的新娘在婚礼前都被告知说要减肥。   'You have to remember your partner is marrying you because he loves you, not how you fit into the dress.'   “你要记住,你的伴侣想要娶你是因为他很爱你,而不是你的裙子多么合体。” /201110/156941重庆第一人民医院价位表

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南川区人民医院附近公交车金牛座—The Education of Love/Heart《爱的教育》这本书是以一个小学生的日记形式呈现在各位读者面前的,安利柯,这部书的“书写者”是一个非常热爱生活、热爱生命、热爱祖国的好孩子,他用他自己的方式,说出了他的心声。想想,这种乖宝宝只可能是金牛座了吧。相同关键词:听话、但很有主见Heart/The Education of Love is a children#39;s novel by the Italian author Edmondo De Amicis who was a novelist, journalist, short story writer, and poet. The novel is known to be his best known work to this day, having been inspired by his own children Furio and Ugo who had been schoolboys at the time. It is set during the Italian unification, and includes several patriotic themes. It was issued by Treves on October 18, 1886, the first day of school in Italy, and rose to immediate success.《爱的教育》(意大利语:Cuore)是意大利的儿童文学作品之一,由爱德蒙多·德·亚米契斯编写,其时代设在意大利统一,并包括不少爱国情景。该书于1886年10月18日首次出版,共100篇文章,主要由三部分构成:意大利四年级小学生安利柯的十个月日记;他的父母在他日记本上写的劝诫启发性的文章;以及十则老师在课堂上宣读的小故事,其中《少年笔耕》、《寻母三千里》等段落尤为知名。 /201208/197002 涪陵区额头除皱多少钱南川区妇幼保健院专业的医生



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