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Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka took to the stage in Bethpage, New York on Wednesday, detailing how her father would make “an excellent president”, negotiate “tough new trade deals” and “bring jobs back to America”. 唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)的女儿伊万卡(Ivanka)周三登上纽约贝斯佩奇的讲台,详细描述了她的父亲将如何成为“一名优秀的总统”、就“艰难的新贸易协议”进行谈判以及“让就业岗位回到美国”。 Yet hours earlier Ms Trump was under pressure for the same thing her father has spoken out against in his speeches: manufacturing many of her products overseas, and producing items of questionable quality. 然而,几个小时之前,伊万卡因她父亲在演讲中公开反对的事情面临压力:她的很多产品系海外制造,产品质量存在问题。 On Wednesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced it was recalling 20,000 scarves made by Ms Trump’s fashion line, Ivanka Trump, because they did not meet the federal flammability standards for clothing in the US and posed “a burn risk” for the people wearing them. 周三,美国消费产品安全委员会(Consumer Product Safety Commission)宣布,将召回伊万卡个人品牌Ivanka Trump生产的2万条围巾,因为它们没有达到美国联邦纺织品阻燃标准,对佩戴这些围巾的人构成了“烧伤风险”。 While the scarves were being sold at US retailers including Century 21, Lord amp; Taylor, Marshalls and TJ Maxx, as well as online at Amazon, all of the scarves were produced in China, the commission said. 该委员会表示,这些围巾在包括21世纪(Century 21)、Lord amp; Taylor、Marshalls和TJ Maxx在内的美国零售商销售,也在亚马逊(Amazon)在线销售,但所有围巾都是在中国生产。 “Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled scarves and return them to the place where purchased for a full refund,” it said. 该委员会称:“消费者应立即停止佩戴这些被召回的围巾,并到购买商家退货和全额退款。” Throughout the campaign, Mr Trump has used many of his speeches to lambast US groups such as Ford, Apple and Nabisco who have moved some or most of their manufacturing overseas. 在整个总统竞选期间,特朗普曾利用多次演讲抨击福特(Ford)、苹果(Apple)和纳贝斯克(Nabisco)等美国企业将一些或多数制造业务迁往海外。 “We have to bring jobs back to this country,” he told an audience of more than 10,000 people in Bethpage on Wednesday night. “We have to stop making terrible trade deals.” “我们必须让就业岗位回到这个国家,”周三晚,他在贝斯佩奇对1万多名观众说,“我们必须停止达成糟糕的贸易协议。” However, critics of Mr Trump have noted that both he and his daughter have been guilty of the same practice. 然而,批评特朗普的人士指出,他和他的女儿都这样做过。 In an interview with CNN last year, Mr Trump admitted that most of his ties are produced in China. Donald Trump dress shirts, sold on Amazon, are manufactured in countries including China and Bangladesh, the website shows. 在去年接受美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)采访时,特朗普承认,他的个人品牌的多数领带都是在中国生产的。亚马逊网站显示,在亚马逊销售的Donald Trump品牌正装衬衫是在中国和孟加拉国等国生产的。 Robert Lawrence, a Harvard professor who has analysed which of Mr Trump’s products are made overseas, found that Donald J Trump eyeglass frames, cufflinks and sports jackets were all made in China. 哈佛大学(Harvard)教授罗伯特#8226;劳伦斯(Robert Lawrence)在分析特朗普的哪些产品是在海外生产之后,发现Donald J Trump品牌的镜框、袖扣以及运动夹克都是在中国生产的。 In an analysis of 832 clothing items and accessories sold by Ivanka Trump, Mr Lawrence found that at least 628 items were imported, 354 of which were made in China. 在分析Ivanka Trump的832款装和配饰时,劳伦斯发现,至少有628款是进口的,其中有354款在中国生产。 /201604/436329

Mongolians tea with milk蒙古奶茶Mongolians never have meals without tea with milk. In fact, they have “three teas and one meal” every day,rather than three meals.奶茶是蒙古人每餐必不可少的食物。实际上,他们“一日三餐茶,一顿饭”,而不是一日三餐。They have tea in the morning,at noon and in the evening,and have supper after work with their families. If they have beef and mutton for super, they will have an extra tea before they retire for the evening.他们早上、中午和晚上喝奶茶,晚上劳作结束后和家人一起吃一次晚餐。如果晚餐吃牛肉和羊肉,那么他们会在晚上休息之前加一次茶。Their tea,of course,is not pure tea,but fragrant tea with milk, and is usually accompanied by such snacks as fried rice, milk cakes, deep fried milk products and boiled mutton.当然了,他们的茶,不是单纯的茶,而是香郁的奶茶,并且搭配一些小吃例如炒米,奶皮子,油炸奶制品和煮熟的羊肉。 /201605/445298

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