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A former gravedigger has built a 100mph single-seater car using a 7ft-long steel coffin for the body. Phil Bissett, 62, bought the unusual handmade coffin for pound;98 on internet auction site eBay and has dubbed his new creation 'Holy Smoke'. The tattoo artist from Harold Hill, near Romford in Essex, normally customises hearses in his spare time。  "It was padded inside and I've left the handles on it so people can see it's a coffin." Bissett transformed the 75kg steel coffin into a car by using the engine of his daughter's 1972 VW and parts from a dumper truck, a beach buggy and an old Ford car and even wheel spinners made out of grave vases。  The number-plate of the bone shaker is DIGG in honour of Mr Bissett's former occupation. The casket has been spray painted with the words Holy Smoke drifting across a graveyard scene and the words Rust in Peace across the lid. Along the sides Mr Bissett had painted 'I put the fun in funerals' and 'I see dead people' and on the petrol tank it says 'Embalming fluid only'。  Mr Bissett said: "It's got a 1300cc engine so it can go up to 100mph. It's fully road legal. It's got an MOT, it's tax exempt because the engine is from 1972 and for fully comp insurance it was only pound;86. I love it. I wouldn't mind being taken to the church in it when my time comes."  "The first time I took it out one bloke nearly fell off the kerb and into the gutter when he saw it," he said. "Another was madly trying to take pictures from his Hummer and almost crashed into the back another car. People react funnily to this, my wife won't go near it." /201005/103464

This list explores a variety of fascinating scientific facts that you probably are unaware of. Science is still a very mysterious subject so there are millions of trivial facts about it – this will be the first of many scientific fact lists in the future. 这里罗列了一些非常有趣的科学事实,不过你可能还真不知道。科学仍旧是一个很神秘的课题,因此可以罗列的琐碎事实也是数以百万计——那么这一份清单就算是先行一步,抛砖引玉吧!1. There are 62,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body – laid end to end they would circle the earth 2.5 times. 人体里的血管总长度大约有62,000英里,拉直放到地上可以绕地球2.5圈。2. At over 2000 kilometers long, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. 大堡礁延绵2000公里以上,是地球上最大的生命结构体。 /201109/152181

Top 10 Lost Rules Of Etiquette文明礼仪曾经是社会的粘合剂Etiquette used to be the glue that held society together. It enabled people to get on with friends and neighbors without causing offense or harm. Sadly, these days it has mostly gone by the wayside. This list is of 10 of the best rules of etiquette that have now vanished. Perhaps it will inspire some to revive them!文明礼仪曾经是社会的粘合剂,它使朋友或邻里之间能够和睦相处,避免产生擦或伤害。可惜,随着时间的流逝大部分的文明礼仪都淡出了人们的视线。以下十条便是那些已彻底退出历史舞台的礼仪中佼佼者。或许通过本文可以让一些人有所意识,让这些文明礼仪重获生机。Men#39;s Wedding Clothing男士结婚礼I have made this item 10 because it is more a case of correct dress rather than manners. First off, if your wedding is before 6 in the evening, you should not wear a tuxedo (black tie) or tails (white tie). You should either wear a formal suit or - if you want to be very proper - a morning suit. There is an excellent article here that will explain the rules of wedding dress for men. It is customary for the groom to give a tie to each of the men in the wedding party. If you are wearing a morning suit or a formal suit, give your wedding party ties that are similar but do not match. You want the party to look similar - but not like members of a choir. The photograph above shows you how this can be done to very good effect. It is, of course, Prince Henry and Prince William at their father#39;s wedding. If you are getting married after 6pm, you can wear a tuxedo or tails as these are evening clothes. Here is a guide for wearing tails.在婚礼上,新郎有正确的着装要远比有得体的行为举止重要得多,故此条位列第十。首先,如果你的婚礼是在傍晚六点前举行,那么你就不应该选择穿无尾礼配黑色或白色领带。最正确的着装应该是选择正式的西或英式长尾礼。在这里向大家推荐一篇佳作,它介绍了男士在选择婚礼饰上应遵循的原则。婚礼上新郎要送给在场的每位男士领带是个惯例。如果你在婚礼上穿的是英式长尾礼或正式的西,那么就该选择和衣风格相似而不相配的领带当做礼物。千万不要弄巧成拙,为了婚礼有统一的格调,最终却使现场变成个合唱团。之所以选用Henry和Willam王子参加该父亲婚礼的照片,是为了说明人们可以将这条礼节表现得多淋漓尽致。如果你的婚礼是在傍晚六点之后举行,那么你可以选择无尾或燕尾这类的晚礼。此处向大家介绍穿燕尾的诀窍。Opening The Door开门In days gone by, a gentleman would always open doors for ladies. Whether it be the lady they were driving, or a stranger entering a building, it was always the done thing. This has now almost entirely vanished - and it is not entirely the fault of the men. I have seen women sneer at men for opening a door for them. They seem to be confusing manners with chauvinism. My advice in this case is to smile at the sneering lady and open the door anyway.在过去,绅士总是要为女士开门。无论这位女士是自己的女伴,还是一个要进楼的陌生人,为女士务都是男士的分内之事。而如今这个礼节已几近消亡,可是这并非全然是男人们的过错。我曾目睹一些女人嘲笑要为他们开门的男人。这些人似乎混淆了礼貌和沙文主义的内涵。我的看法是,建议男士以微笑对嘲笑,并坚持替女士开门。Writing Thank-you Notes写感谢函In days gone by, whenever a person received a gift, they would write a thank-you as soon as possible. This rule was true even if the giver was a relative. Parents would sit children down after a birthday or Christmas and coach them in their first thank-you notes. It is a shame that gift giving has now become a virtual obligation and the idea of a thank-you note would be scoffed at. If you ignore every other item on this list, at least try to teach your children to write thank you notes - they will have a greater appreciation of gifts they receive.在过去人们无论何时收到礼物都会尽快回寄一封感谢函。即使双方是亲戚,也不能免节。父母会在某个生日派对或圣诞派对之后,教孩子们写人生中第一封感谢函。遗憾的是,赠送礼物在现代已非常少见,而回寄感谢函的想法更是为人所不耻。你可以忽略其他九条礼节,但请至少教会孩子写感谢函-这会让他们对收到的礼物怀有更大的感激之情。 /201207/190597

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