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Lavender language functions as a kind of homosexual code, characterised by acronyms, plays on words and double meanings only intended to be understood by the gay community.  Lavender language相当于一种同性恋密码,以使用缩略字、文字游戏以及双关语为特点,主要务于同性恋人群内的沟通交流,所以称为“同性恋语言”。  The colour lavender is often used to identify 'gay-friendly' environments, hence its use in terminology surrounding gay issues.  淡紫色(lavender)通常都被认作“同性恋友好”类环境的标志,因此,与lavender相关的专用术语多与同性恋有关。   This alternative sense of the adjective lavender is, in fact, used productively in a variety of issues surrounding the gay community, and in the linguistic context occurs in descriptions such as lavender texts, lavender phonology/terminology and the lavender lexicon.  Lavender的这种用法出现在各种与同性恋有关的主题中,比如lavender texts(同性恋文本)、lavender phonology(同性恋语音体系),以及lavender lexicon(同性恋词汇表)等。 /201108/150919

1. Soap is Bad for Your Skin. 误区一:香皂对皮肤有害。Traditionally, soap was a mix of animal fats and fruit or vegetable oils. This combination has a higb PH and is drying to skin, particularly to aging skin. These days, however, soaps are formulated with synthetic elements that are milder than traditional soap, and therefore suitable to cleanse skin. Most soaps have emollients(moisturisers) added, so they are beneficial for the skin. If you prefer the feeling cleansing with soap provides, don't let those purveyors of fine skincare bully you--there's nothing wrong with using soap.传统上,香皂是动物脂肪和水果油或植物油的混合体。这种化合物的PH值很大,会令皮肤,尤其是老化皮肤,变得干燥。如今,香皂的配方中加入了较传统香皂更为温和的人工合成成分,因而适合清洁皮肤。大多数香皂都添加了润肤剂(润肤霜),所以对肌肤有益。如果你更喜欢用香皂洁肤的那种感觉,就不要让那些高档护肤品经销商们把你给喊住了——使用香皂一点儿问题都没有。 /201001/95584


  Try asking yourself some or all of these questions at the end of every day. Doing so should help you to become a more successful and a better person:每天临睡前试着问问自己一些问题。这样能使你成为一个更成功更好的人:1.What was the best thing that happened to me today?1.今天发生的最好的事情是什么?What was it that made you particularly proud, happy or grateful? Was there a moment of joy or accomplishment?什么使你今天特别的骄傲,开心或者感激?今天有你感到开心或者满足的时刻吗?Relive the feeling for an instant. We want more of those moments in our lives so let#39;s just think about something really positive and build on that. Too often we take good things for granted. We should enjoy them and be grateful. This question helps us to be positive, happy and appreciative.再一次体会回味下这种感觉。我们的人生需要更多这样的时刻。所以就让我们多去想想那些真正积极的事情。太多时候我们都把好事当做理所当然,而不是享受它们并心存感激。这个问题会让我们更积极,开心和充满感激。2.What could I have done better today?2.今天有什么我还能做得更好?What lessons can you learn from the day#39;s experiences? What mistake did you make that you will avoid in the future? How could you have handled a situation or conversation better? Think about ways to improve in this area in the future.今天的经历能让你学习些什么?你在将来想要避免什么样的错误?你如何能把某个情况或对话处理的更好?想想未来可以改进的方法吧。3.What is the most important thing I must accomplish tomorrow?3.明天我需要完成的最重要的事情是什么?What is the single task which will make the biggest difference? If you have a to-do list then this item will be on there - probably at the top. Think about how you are going to get this done early in the day. This question will help you focus on what is essential.哪个单个的任务会产生最大的不同效果?如果你有个清单,这件事应该是在第一位的。想想你应该如何在清早开始完成这件事。这个问题能帮你关注最重要的事情。4.What new thing can I try tomorrow?4.明天我能尝试什么新事物呢?Life is a journey of discovery. We need to keep trying new things every day, no matter our age. What new approach or experience can you try?生命是一个发现的旅程。我们需要每天都不断的尝试新鲜的事物。你明天能尝试什么新的方法或经历呢?5.Who is the most important person (or most important people) in my life and what am I doing for them?5.你人生中最重要的人(人们)是谁?你能为他们做些什么?Focus on someone you love - your partner, child, parent or other loved one. Have you told them and shown them how much you care? What can you do for them tomorrow to help, delight, and surprise them? We can be so busy that we neglect the most important people in our lives. This question can get you back on track.关注那些你爱的人——你的爱人、孩子、父母或其他的人。你告诉他们你对他们的关心了吗?你明天能做什么来帮助他们使他们开心带给他们惊喜?我们时常因为太过繁忙而忽视了自己最重要的人。这个问题能帮助你回到正常轨道上。That#39;s it. Five simple but powerful questions that can help you to improve your life. Try asking them before you go to bed tonight!就是这些了。这五个简单有力的问题能帮你改进自己的生活,今晚睡觉前就问问自己吧! /201208/194728。

  If you're trying to lose weight at the moment, then you're probably wondering how many calories you should be eating every day in order to be losing the weight that you aim to. This article will help for you to work out just how many calories that should be, and how to work out how much you should be eating each and every day. The most important thing to remember is that not the same amount of calories works the same for everybody. Some people can eat thousands of calories more than others and still not put any weight on. You need to firstly work out your BMR. This is basically the amount of calories that you would use on a daily basis if you were in a coma and you didn't have to do any exercise of movement at all every day. If you work out what yours is, then you should remember that this is the minimum amount of food each day that you need in order to survive. Any other exercise that you do during the day, if you take this number of calories, then you will be burning fat each and every day by doing all of the other exercise that you do during the course of an average day. You should be aware that you should never go below 1,200 calories per day, as this means that your body may go into starvation mode because the amount of calories that you're putting into your body is nowhere near the amount that you need in order to complete your daily business. This could be incredibly counter productive, as your body might go into starvation mode and therefore try to hold on to any of the fat that you aly have instead of burning it like you should be doing. Ironically, eating just a little extra food might just work a lot better for you then eat no food at all while you're trying to lose weight. You should keep close track of your weight with regards to the amount of calories that you’re eating. You don't want to gain weight, but at the same time you don't want to lose too much either as you probably won't be able to keep it up once you reach your goal weight. If you take all of these tips into account then you should find that you are able to lose a fair amount of weight and then keep it up at the end of the journey. 如果你正在减肥,你可能太了解为了减肥你每天要摄取多少卡路里才能让你达到预期目标。本文将帮助你了解这点,并告诉你每天应该怎么摄取。 最重要的是要记住的是,等量的热量不是对谁都一样。这是因人而异的,有些人摄取成千上万的热量但却不增重。你需要首先完成你的BMR,这是如果你昏迷一天不进行任何锻炼你消耗的热量。如果你计算出你的数值,那么你应该记住这是你每天为了生存需要摄取的最低食物量。 你在那一天的其他运动如果使你消耗掉这个量,你就会通过每天做其他运动时燃烧脂肪。 你应该清楚不应该每天低于1200卡路里,如果低于这个标准,你的身体会进入饥饿模式,因为进入你身体的热量无法完成你的身体所需。这可能会适得其反,饥饿模式下任何脂肪会保留住而不是燃烧。最具讽刺意味的是,对于减肥中的你而言吃一点点额外的食物可能会比你不进食效果要好。 你应该密切按照摄取食物的卡路里量留意你的体重。当你达到目标体重时,你不想体重反弹,但同时你又不想失去太多或不能把持住。如果你掌握所有这些技巧,那么你就会发现,你已经能有效减肥并保持体型了。 /201111/159804

  Waking up refreshed is a great way to start out the day on the right foot. However, there may be times when you wake up tired and unable to immediately get the day going, even though you#39;ve had a full night#39;s rest. Here are a couple reasons that may be causing you to wake up groggy:早晨精神饱满地起床是开始新的一天的好方法。不过,有时候你会发现即使睡了一整晚,早上起来还是感到疲惫不堪,不能立刻开始新的生活。以下就是可能导致你起床后还昏昏沉沉的五大;罪魁祸首;:1.Poor quality of sleep1.睡眠质量差It doesn#39;t matter how long you sleep for if it#39;s low-quality rest,you#39;ll just wake up tired. Poor-quality sleep can be caused by factors such as sleeping with a pet, drinking caffeinated beverages late in the day, or having too much noise in the background.无论你睡了多长时间,如果睡眠的质量很差的话,那么你起来后还是会觉得疲累的。造成睡眠质量差的原因有很多,比如抱着宠物一起睡,在临睡前喝了太多含咖啡因的饮料,睡眠时有太多杂音等。2.Waking up in the wrong phase2.起床的时间不对Your sleep is split into cycles, and you might#39;ve woken up during the non-REM stage, which is a state of very deep sleep. Try to shoot for waking up during a REM phase, because then your body will be better prepared to wake up.睡眠也是有不同周期的。如果你在非快速眼动阶段(non-REM stage),即深睡眠时期醒过来,那么就会觉得好像没睡醒一样。所以,要尽量在快速眼动睡眠(REM)阶段醒过来,这样你就能为起床做好更充分的准备。3.Medication hangover3.药物副作用The effects of certain medications that cause drowsiness can linger until the next morning. Check with your doctor to see if you can adjust the dosage or change medications.有些药物的副作用会使你在第二天早上仍然感到昏昏沉沉想睡觉。这时,你应该和医生商量一下,看看能不能调整一下药物的剂量或者换一种药。4.Medical condition4.身体状况Certain medical conditions like sleep apnea can disrupt your night#39;s rest. Disorders like depression can also cause you feel drained of energy, a symptom that can contribute to your grogginess.有些身体状况也会让人睡不好,比如睡眠呼吸窒息。抑郁也会使人精神不济,表现出来的症状就是萎靡不振。5.Your body clock is not in sync5.生物钟不协调If you#39;ve been keeping an erratic sleep schedule, then your body will probably need time to adjust to waking up at a certain time during the morning. Try to make a more regular schedule, and you#39;ll probably see a difference in how you feel in the morning.如果你的作息时间紊乱,那么你的身体在早晨起床的时候就会需要时间来做出调整。试着保持一个规律的作息时间,你会发现早上起床将会有大大的不同。 /201206/187405世界各国都有“三大姓”的说法,中国有张王李;英国是Smith, Jones, Williams; 美国是Smith, Johnson, Carson; 法国是Martin, Bernard, Dupont; 德国是Schultz, Mueller, Shmidt; 苏联是Ivanov, Vasiliev, Deternov。一些古怪搞笑的姓氏逐渐会被淘汰,请看下面有关英国姓氏变迁的有趣新闻:The number of people in Britain with surnames like Cockshott, Balls, Death and Shufflebottom--likely the source of schoolroom laughter--has declined by up to 75 percent in the last century。一些容易成为校园笑柄的英国怪姓在过去一个世纪里下降了75%,这些姓氏包括考克夏特、鲍尔、戴斯和苏佛尔鲍特姆。A study found the number of people with the name Cock shrank to 785 last year from 3,211 in 1881, those called Balls fell to 1,299 from 2,904 and the number of Deaths were reduced to 605 from 1,133.一项研究表明,1881年有3211人以Cock为姓,去年这个数字下降至785人;姓Balls(意思同Cock)的从2904人下降到了1299人,姓Deaths(死亡)的人由1133人降为605人。People named Smellie decreased by 70 percent, Dafts by 51 percent, Gotobeds by 42 percent, Shufflebottoms by 40 percent, and Cockshotts by 34 percent, said Richard Webber, visiting professor of geography at King's College, London。伦敦国王学院地理系客座教授理查德韦伯表示,姓Smellie(臭)的人口减少了70%,姓Dafts(愚蠢)的减少了51%,其它减少的姓氏有:Gotobeds(上床)42%,Shufflebottom(苏佛尔的屁股)40%,Cockshotts(一种游戏)34%。"If you find the (absolute) number goes down, it's either because they changed their names or they emigrated," Webber, author of the study, told Reuters on Wednesday。负责此项研究的韦伯周三对路透社表示,如果你发现姓氏的数量减少了,那可能是人们改姓或者移民了。He said that in many cases, people probably changed their surnames as they came to be regarded as in bad taste. "It's because the meaning of words can change. Take the name Daft --that as a term for a stupid is a relatively recent innovation."多数情况下,一旦人们觉得自己的姓氏没品味,他们就可能改姓。“词汇的含义会不断改变。比如随着词义的变化,Daft这个词就新增了‘愚蠢’的含义。”According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Daft meant "mild" or "meek" in Old English, whereas it means "foolish" today. "That's why there are names which people think aren't really very pleasant names and you wonder why they persisted as long as they did."《牛津英语字典》显示,Daft在古英语中是“温和”与“温顺”的含义,而如今它却是“愚蠢”的意思。“这就是为什么在人们眼中不讨喜的名字却在过去存在了许久的原因。”Webber, whose work can be seen on the website mapyourname.com, got his data for 2008 from credit card firm Experian and mapping service Geowise. He then compared it with the census of 1881.mapyouname.com网站显示了韦伯的研究成果。韦伯2008年的统计数据来自于信用机构Experian和地理分析软件供应商Geowise。他将这些数据同1881年人口普查的数据进行了对比。Webber also discovered that the most popular names in Britain have not changed over the past 127 years. Last year, Smith, Jones, Williams, Brown and Taylor held the top five spots, in exactly the same order as they did a century ago。韦伯也发现,英国127年以来排名靠前的姓氏始终未变。去年的统计显示,史密斯、琼斯、威廉姆斯、布朗和泰勒占据了姓氏排名的前五位,而这个排名一个世纪以来未有变动。Webber also found that between 1996 and 2008, the names Zhang, Wang, and Yang experienced the fastest growth. Zhang rose by 4719 percent, while Wang grew by 2225 percent。韦伯同时发现,在1996至2008年期间,张姓、王姓和杨姓成为增幅最大的几个姓氏。其中姓张的人口飙升了4719%,而姓王的人口增加了2225%。 /201001/95193

  Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons.在美国,感恩节是一个感谢恩赐,家庭团聚,合家欢宴的日子;是一个家家餐桌上都有火鸡、填料、南瓜馅饼的日子;是一个充满了印第安玉米、假日游行和巨型气球的日子。 The Pilgrims who sailed to this country aboard the Mayflower were originally members of the English Separatist Church (a Puritan sect). They had earlier fled their home in England and sailed to Holland (The Netherlands) to escape religious persecution. There, they enjoyed more religious tolerance, but they eventually became disenchanted with the Dutch way of life, thinking it ungodly. Seeking a better life, the Separatists negotiated with a London stock company to finance a pilgrimage to America. Most of those making the trip aboard the Mayflower were non-Separatists, but were hired to protect the company's interests. Only about one-third of the original colonists were Separatists. 乘"五月花"来到这个国度的旅行者(朝圣者)原本是英国分离者地下教会清教徒,他们的家在英国,因不堪忍受国内的宗教迫害,他们逃亡到荷兰。在荷兰,他们享受了更多的宗教信仰自由,但最终却意识到在荷兰的这种生活方式是对他们的主的亵渎。为了寻求更好的生活,他们与伦敦贸易公司协商,由该公司资助他们到美国。在这趟旅途中,船上只有大约1/3的乘客是清教徒,其他大多数人并非分离派清教徒,而是公司雇佣来保护其利益的人员(契约奴)。 The Pilgrims set ground at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. Their first winter was devastating. At the beginning of the following fall, they had lost 46 of the original 102 who sailed on the Mayflower. But the harvest of 1621 was a bountiful one. And the remaining colonists decided to celebrate with a feast -- including 91 Indians who had helped the Pilgrims survive their first year. It is believed that the Pilgrims would not have made it through the year without the help of the natives. The feast was more of a traditional English harvest festival than a true "thanksgiving" observance. It lasted three days. 1620年12月11日,旅行者们在"普利茅斯石"登陆。他们的第一个冬季是灾难性的,第二年秋天来临时,原来的102名乘客只剩下56人。但1621年他们获得了大丰收,这些幸存的殖民者们决定和帮助他们度过困难的91名印第安人一起飨宴庆祝。他们相信,若没有当地居民的帮助,他们是不可能度过这一年的。这次节日的盛宴不仅仅是一个"感恩"仪式,它更像英国传统的丰收庆典。庆典持续了三天。 Governor William Bradford sent "four men fowling" after wild ducks and geese. It is not certain that wild turkey was part of their feast. However, it is certain that they had venison. The term "turkey" was used by the Pilgrims to mean any sort of wild fowl. 总督布雷德福派了“四人捕鸟队”去捕捉野鸭和野鹅。我们现在并不能确定是否有野生火鸡在当时的筵席上,但筵席上肯定有鹿肉。当时,朝圣者用 "火鸡"一词来代表各种野禽。 Another modern staple at almost every Thanksgiving table is pumpkin pie. But it is unlikely that the first feast included that treat. The supply of flour had been long diminished, so there was no b or pastries of any kind. However, they did eat boiled pumpkin, and they produced a type of fried b from their corn crop. There was also no milk, cider, potatoes, or butter. There was no domestic cattle for dairy products, and the newly-discovered potato was still considered by many Europeans to be poisonous. But the feast did include fish, berries, watercress, lobster, dried fruit, clams, venison, and plums. 现在,几乎每家感恩节餐桌上都有南瓜馅饼――感恩节的另一种主食。但在当年的第一次庆典上却不可能有这种食品。因为面粉奇缺,所以面包、馅饼、糕点等食物都没有。但他们却吃了煮南瓜,并用收获的玉米制成了一种油炸面包。也没有牛奶、苹果酒、土豆和黄油。没有驯养的奶牛,自然没有牛奶;而新发现的土豆被很多欧洲人认为是有毒的。第一次庆典上有鱼、草莓、豆瓣菜、龙虾、干果、蛤、鹿肉、李子等。 /200904/673251. Blueberries 蓝莓Blueberries are touted as one of the best sources of antioxidants out there. And they have a huge side benefit: They are indescribably delicious when they are in season, from July through September.蓝莓被誉为最好的抗氧化剂食物来源之一。而且,七月份到九月份上市的时令蓝莓实在是美味至极! /201112/165846

  10. Wearing his cologne when I invariably forgot to pack my perfume on trips.当你忘记带自己的香水时,你会不自觉地用他(她)以前的。 /201002/95910

  Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg capped off a busy week by getting married to longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan.脸谱创始人兼CEO马克扎克伯格通过与自己相恋9年的女友正式完婚结束了自己忙碌的一周(此前脸书成功在纳斯达克IPO,市值千亿)。The couple, who met at Harvard and have been together for nine years, tied the knot in a small ceremony at Zuckerberg#39;s house in Palo Alto, Calif.这一对情侣在哈佛上学期间相遇,随后相恋9年,于5月20日在扎克伯格位于帕雷奥拓的家中结为夫妇。Chan, 27, has been busy this week too — she graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Francisco on Monday.女主人公普莉希拉-陈本周也非常忙碌,她刚刚从加州大学旧金山分校的医学院毕业。Speach of Mark Zuckerberg: No shortcut to successFacebook CEO马克.扎克伯格演讲:成功没有捷径There are no shortcuts to success– ;A lot of building a company or a product like Facebook is just about determination and believing that you can. Everything that#39;s worth doing is actually pretty hard.;成功没有捷径——“成立一家公司、开发出像Facebook这样的产品,最重要的是有决心并相信你能做到。值得你去做的事情,往往都不容易。”Great relationships are the most important thing — ;No one ever does anything alone. Great friendships make life fun and meaningful.;良好的人际关系很重要——“没有人是孤身一人打天下的,坚固的友谊让生活充满乐趣和意义。”Do what you love – ;It#39;s a lot easier to focus on challenges that you actually really enjoy doing.;做你喜欢做的事——“人们更加容易专注于自己感兴趣的领域和挑战。”;It#39;s not about a single moment of inspiration or brilliance, it#39;s years and years of practice and hard work … Anything that#39;s really awesome takes a lot of work.;“一时的灵感和才智起不了大作用,我们需要的是年复一年的实践和工作。任何伟大的事业都需要不断的努力。” /201205/183304。

  Feeling regret about having bought something is a very unpleasant sort of unhappiness. Even with my under-buying ways, I sometimes come home with something I didn't really need to buy. Stores use extremely clever strategies to winkle customers into making purchases. Here are some strategies to make sure you don't make purchases you regret: 买了东西又后悔是种非常不愉快的感受。即便像我这种“少买”的人,有时还是会买回一些不需要的。商店采用极其聪明的手段引诱顾客消费。下面这些方法能让你买了东西不至于后悔:1. Be wary of the check-out areas. 留心收银台区。There are lots of enticing little items here; ask yourself if you really need something before you add it to your pile. How many times have I picked up a jar of Balmex?那里有许多诱人的小商品。在把它扔进购物车之前,问一问自己是不是确实需要这件东西。有多少次我拿起了一罐Balmex尿片? /201002/97041

  A law banning women from wearing trousers in Paris may finally be lifted more than two centuries after first being enforced。  The curious rule was first introduced in late 1799 by Paris' police chief, and stipulated than any Parisienne wishing to "dress like a man" must seek special permission from the city's main police station。  But a group of ten French MPs has now submitted a draft bill to parliament to remove the law, which has survived repeated attempts to repeal it。  The latest attempt to remove the outmoded rule was in 2003, when a Right-wing MP from President Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party wrote to the minister in charge of gender equality. The minister's response was: "Disuse is sometimes more efficient than (state) intervention in adapting the law to changing morays." /201005/103239


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