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Years ago, when I started looking my first job, wise advisers urged,“Barbara, be enthusiastic! Enthusiasm will take you further than any amount of experience.”How right they were! Enthusiastic people can turn a boring drive into an adventure,extra work into opporty and strangers into friends.“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.An enthusiastic attitude enables us to hang in there when the going gets tough.It's the inner drive that whispers, “I can do it!” when others believe it can't be done.We are all born with wide-eyed, enthusiastic wonder—as anyone knows who has ever seen an infant’s delight at the jingle of keysor the scurrying of a beetle.It is this childlike wonder that gives enthusiastic people such a youthful air, whatever their age.As poet and author Samuel Ullman once wrote,“Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”We need to live each moment wholeheartedly, with all our senses—finding pleasure in the fragrance of a back-yard garden,the crayoned picture of a six-year-old, the enchanting beauty of a rainbow.It is such an enthusiastic love of life that puts a sparkle in our eyes. 6660口语小词误用大总结:Impre (7) -- :5:30 来源: 形容词形式是Impressive绝对好词这个词翻译起来难,字典上的意思是“给留下深刻印象”,但是总觉得不是很帖所以这个词比较棘手正因如此我们要学习老外好多时候张口就是impressive这个词例句1、Coolmax,你这个帖子不怎么样Chinglish: Coolmax, your this post is just so so.Revision: Coolmax, I'm not at all impressed by this th of yours.、在我记忆中,中国给我的感觉太棒了!Chinglish: In my memory, China gave me a very wonderful feeling.Revision: China was really impressive in my memory.3、成功的推销员知道如何打动他的客户Chinglish: A successful salesman knows how to move his customers.Revision: A successful salesman knows how to impress his customers.So, if you want to impress your boss, you have to work very hard, never be late your work and always try to be creative, and use the word "impressive" to commend your boss each day:))))hahah.总评:使用频率:造句功能:西方思维: 总结 口语 your 这个英语词汇:盘点Bingo在口语中的五大用法 -- 1:9:5 来源: Bingo!相信大家经常听到有人说出这个单词Bingo原本是指宾果游戏,但实际中它的用法还真是不少Bingo是外国人常用的口语单词之一,学会了它的用法能够让你口语更地道哦!   Bingo原意是指“宾果游戏”,在日常口语中,bingo经常会用到,但通常指的并不是宾果游戏掌握了下面将要介绍的bingo的5种用法,你的口语会变得更加地道   1. Bingo! Not quite what you were expecting, right?   猜对了!和你想象中的不太一样,是吧?   Bingo这个词可以用来表示“猜中了,答对了”在口语中,bingo表示“猜中了”的情形最为常见,甚至在中文电视节目中也有用到   . I finally worked it out, Bingo!   Bingo在口语中的五大用法   我终于解出来了,太棒了!   如果终于做成了某事,也可以说bingo,用来表达内心的喜悦   3. Bingo! We'll climb through the back window.   有了!我们可以从后窗爬过去   当你突然想到某个点子或者解决问题的方法,你也可以说bingo   . Bingo! I found what you were looking .   啊,我找到你在找的东西了   当你发现或者找到了什么的时候,也可以说bingo   5. He waved his hand, and, bingo, the card reappeared.   他挥了一下手,转眼之间,牌又出现了   Bingo还可以表示动作的迅速,突然,通常可以用来描述变魔术的动作 口语 词汇

A Christmas Gift 圣诞礼物 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Shop-assistant : May I help you, sir? Mr. Yung : Er …I wart to buy my wife a gift Christmas, but I don't know what she would like. Shop- assistant : How about an evening gown? These are all from Paris. Mr. Yung : No. She has very good taste in clothes. I don't want to take the risk. Shop- assistant : What do you have in mind then? Mr. Yung : I'm thinking about jewelry or something valuable and won't be out of fashion. Shop- assistant : We've got beautiful jewelry here. Not much, but each one is unique. If you're interested, I can show you. Mr. Yung : Do you give guarantees of their genuineness? Shop- assistant : Yes, we do. (He leads Mr. Yung to another counter.) Here we are. Well, what do you think? Mr. Yung : They are lovely, I must say....Can I take a look at that necklace? Shop- assistant : Which one? This one? Mr. Yung : No, no....The third one from the left....Yeah, that's the one. (Shop assistant gives him the necklace.) Is this ruby genuine? Shop- assistant : We don't sell fakes here, sir. This one is a masterpiece, and I'm sure your wife will love it. You can't find a second one in New York, and it only costs you three thousand six hundred dollars. You can pay by cheque if you like. Mr. Yung : Three thousand six hundred? .... OK, I'll take it....Here is the cheque. Oh, please gift-wrap it. Vocabulary 注释 1.Unique adi.独一无二的 .Genuineness n.真品 3.Fake n.膺品、伪造品 礼物 圣诞 Yung Shop-

On Sitting down to Read King Lear Once Again golden-tongued Romance with serene lute! Fair plumed Syren! Queen of far away! Leave melodizing on this wintry day, Shut up thine olden pages, and be mute Adieu! once again the fierce dispute, Betwixt damnation and impassion'd clay Must I burn through; once more humbly assay The bitter-sweet of this Shakespearian fruit. Chief Poet! and ye clouds of Albion, Begetters of our deep eternal theme, When through the old oak est I am gone, Let me not wander in a barren dream, But when I am consumed in the fire, Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my desire. 866

想得到的多就永远不要奢望太多智者不会在意他们得不到的东西On Achieving SuccessWe cannot travel every path. Success must be won along one line. We must make our business the one life purpose to which every other must be subordinate.I hate a thing done by halves. If it be right, do it boldly. If it be wrong, leave it undone.The men of history were not perpetually looking into the mirror to make sure of their own size. Absorbed in their work they did it. They did it so well that the wondering world sees them to be great, and labeled them accordingly.To live with a high ideal is a successful life. It is not what one does, but what one tries to do, that makes a man strong.“Eternal vigilance,” it has been said,“is the price of liberty.” With equal truth it may be said,“Unceasing eft is the price of success.” If we do not work with our might, others will; and they will outstrip us in the race, and pluck the prize from our grasp. Success grows less and less dependent on luck and chance. Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures. The great and indispensable help to success is character. Character is a crystallized habit, the result of training and conviction. Every character is influenced by heredity, environment and education. But these apart, if every man were not to be a great extent the architect of his own character, he would be a fatalist, and irresponsible creature of circumstances. Instead of saying that man is a creature of circumstance, it would be nearer the mark to say that man is the architect of circumstance. From the same materials one man builds palaces, another hovel. Bricks and mortar are mortar and bricks, until the architect can make them something else. The true way to gain much is never to desire to gain too much. Wise men don’t care what they can’t have. 5958

A Haunting Music, Sole Perhaps and Lone A haunting music, sole perhaps and lone Supportress of the faery-roof, made moan Throughout, as fearful the whole charm might fade. Fresh carved cedar, mimicking a glade Of palm and plantain, met from either side, High in the midst, in honour of the bride Two palms and then two plantains, and so on, From either side their stems branch’d one to one All down the aisled place; and beneath all There ran a stream of lamps straight on from wall to wall. So canopied, lay an untasted feast Teeming with odours. Lamia, regal drest, Silently paced about, and as she went, In pale contented sort of discontent, Mission’d her viewless servants to enrich The fretted splendour of each nook and niche. Between the tree-stems, marbled plain at first, Came jasper pannels; then, anon, there burst th creeping imagery of slighter trees, And with the larger wove in small intricacies. Approving all, she faded at self-will, And shut the chamber up, close, hush’d and still, Complete and y the revels rude, When dful guests would come to spoil her solitude. The day appear’d, and all the gossip rout. O senseless Lycius! Madman! wheree flout The silent-blessing fate, warm cloister’d hours, And show to common eyes these secret bowers?

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