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美容保健Get a facial-01 :5: A:I'd like a facial.我想要做脸部B:Which kind would you like? We have five different varities of facials.你想做哪种?我们有5种不同的脸部A:Which would you recommend?你推荐那种?B:Well, since it's summer, and I had looked that you had quite a bit sun, I'll recommend our summer special, it's specially suited individuals with sensitive skin.好吧,既然是夏天,并且我看你晒过,我推荐你做假日特荐,尤其适合个体敏感的肌肤A:What does it inclued?都包括什么?B:The facial will start with thorough cleansing.开始是净透清洁A:Does it include facial mask and massage?包括敷脸和吗?B:Yes, the reviving mask will promote blood circulation and tighten your skin. You can also choose to get hand or back massage as well.是的,修护面膜能促进血液循环、紧致肌肤你也可以选择手部或者背部A:Will it exfoliate the skin as well?也包括去角质吗?B:Yes, we also apply a special day cream that protect the skin from the sun and the night cream that moisturize to the skin.是的,我们添加了一款特别的护肤霜,白天可以抵御日晒,夜间可以滋养保湿A:That sounds great.听起来棒极了。

  • 各位亲爱的可友们,欢迎做客本期的话说地道美语早间课堂,我是Juliet新的一天,新的生活,把握好今天就会拥有美好的明天把握好今天就从一天的晨晓时分开始,拥有一份美好的晨晓生活,这份美好将会引您度过愉快而又充实的一天那么,抓紧时间,赶快走进今天的晨间课堂吧【课堂复习】 首先,let have a review. 现在我们进入今天的复习环节在第课中的第一讲中我们学到了用地道的美国街头语来表示当我们情绪处于烦恼,压抑,郁闷,气愤等等不好的情绪之时,我们要振作起来,抖擞精神,控制自己的情绪,可以用;Get a grip!;这个地道美国街头语来勉励自己和劝慰自己,忘掉过去,重新开始就如我们课后习题中的一句话:强者控制自己的情绪,弱者让情绪控制自己Let be a strong man!【今日课堂详说】 那么还有不少的美国街头语可以表示;get a grip;的意思,今天Juliet就和大家一起来分享第一、我们可以说get a hold of oneself我们来看个典型例句: 1. I have been caught short and can hardly live from hand to mouth, so I am on thorns. However, I know I should get a grip and get on with it. 我一直以来生活都拮据,几乎不能糊口,我一直焦虑不安但是我知道自己得振作精神,继续撑下去. A good holiday should make him get a hold of himself and be out of this feeling of sadness. 好好地度一个假,会使他振作精神,走出悲伤的情绪注解:1. Be caught short意思是生活拮据. From hand to mouth意思是仅仅能糊口地例如:During the famine people just lived from hand to mouth. 在饥荒时期,人们过得勉强维持生计的生活They never saved any money, but lived from hand to mouth. 他们从来没有节余下钱,而挣了钱仅够买吃的3. On thorns意思是焦虑不安例如:I was sitting on thorns. 我如坐针毡While the teacher was questioning the pupils about the broken window, the boy who did the mischief sat on thorns. 当老师盘问学生们有关打破窗子的事情时,那闯了祸的男孩如坐针毡. Get on with是继续干的意思例如:Be positive about your future and get on with living a normal life.对你的未来的采取积极的态度,继续过着正常的生活When you feel the need to feel frustration, go ahead and be fully frustrated. Then, be done with it and get on with making positive progress. 当你觉得有必要去感受一下受挫的感觉,那就彻彻底底去感受吧体验完后,然后重振精神,继续向前迈进第二、我们可以说pull oneself together我们来看两个典型例句:1. I have to pull myself together to face the whole board of directors. 我得打起精神来面对整个董事会. They should be aware of their own weaknesses, pull himself together and know how to bring out the best in themselves. 他们要意识到自己的弱点,控制自己的情绪和知道如何展示自我最好的一面注解:1. Bring out是展示,使......显示的意思如果说要显示或展示出某人的某些方面的事情,就要和介词in连用,即为这个短语结构:bring out something in somebody例如:Now, I concede I bring out the worst in you. 我承认我确实让你把最坏的一面展示出来了My best friend is the one who bring out the best in me. 我最好的朋友就是让我展示最好的自我的那个人. 董事会的表达是 board of directors3. Be aware of是;意识到;;觉察到;的意思例如:I was aware of a certain constraint on their part when they were in my presence. 我觉察到我在时他们有些拘束Their sudden attack made us more aware of the danger around us. 他们突然的攻击使我们更加注意我们周围的危险We are fully aware of the gravity of the situation. 我们十分清楚形势的严峻性第三、我们可以说pull oneself up by one own bootstraps这是一个非常非常经典的美国街头语它的意思是(受到挫败后)通过自己的努力重新振作起来(出人头地或获得成功)我们呢来看一个例句:You have just released from jail, some of them are sure to look down upon you, but you should pull yourself up by your own bootstraps to improve that you have turned over a new leaf. 你刚刚从监狱释放出来,很多人看不起你,但是你要自己振作起来,实自己已经改过自新了注解:1. Look down upon是看不起的意思例如:I cant stand been look down upon!我不能忍受被别人看扁!We shall never look down upon manual labor. 我们永远都不应该轻视体力劳动The book is useful. Dont look down upon it.别瞧不起这本书,它有它的用途. Turn over a new leaf 意思是改过自新,翻开了(生活)新的一页Now John has decided to turn over a new leaf and go to school on time every day.现在约翰决定改过自新,每天准时上学He has been very lazy but he is going to turn over a new leaf and work hard. 他以前一直很懒,但他将改过自新,努力工作第四、我们可以说take a grip on oneself我们来看个例句:1. I told him to take a grip on himself and to remember that he was sent to university to work, not to play. 我告诉他要控制住自己,记住他是来大学读书,而不是来玩的. Take a firm grip on yourself! Do you remember the last time you has used keys? Surely they must be here somewhere ? you cant really have lost them! 冷静一点!你还记得最后一次什么时候用过钥匙的?它们肯定在附近某个地方,不会找不到的【课堂总结】 今天我们学到了四个地道的与get a grip同意的地道美国街头语;;get a hold of oneself,pull oneself together,pull oneself up by one own bootstraps,take a grip on oneself同时,我们在例句中可以积累一下非常有用的短语:look down on(upon) sbsth(轻视,小看,轻蔑,瞧不起某物或某人),turn over a now leaf(改过自新),be caught short(经济拮据),from hand to mouth(仅仅能糊口地),on thorns(焦虑不安的),sit on thorns (坐如针毡), bring out sth in sb(展示出某人的某方面的事情),be aware of (意识到;觉察到) So much today. I am hoping that all what I talked about are of help to you. I am Juliet. Thank you your listening this time and see you next time. 若您对本堂课有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为3896 ,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com 5561。
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