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Growing up to 12 metres long, the whale shark is a gentle giant. And these days, a rare sighting.长达12米的鲸鲨却是个温和的大块头,这些日子已难得一见。As sharks, small and large, are plundered to supply the East Asian shark meat trade, the fate of these fabulous creatures hangs in the balance.无论大小鲨鱼皆被捕杀掉,以供给东亚鲨鱼肉食贸易。这一惊人生物命悬一线。While healthy coral reefs still survive in the remote islands, the situation close to the Chinese coast is quite different.虽然偏远岛屿依旧存留有健康的珊瑚礁,然而近海的中国海岸情况却截然不同。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201410/336329An Orlando police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty early Monday morning.周一早上,一名奥兰多警察在值勤中被杀。Police say they believe Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was shot multiple times near a Walmart. She was a 17-year veteran of the force and one of the first officers to respond to the Pulse nightclub shooting last summer.警方表示,他们相信军士长黛拉·克莱顿在一沃尔玛附近身中数。她加入警队17年,是去年脉冲夜总会杀案第一批进入现场的警官。Authorities believe this man Markeith Loyd pulled the trigger and offering a 60,000 dollars reward for information. 当局认为劳埃德是罪魁祸首,并对提供信息者60,000美元的奖励。A manhunt for the suspect was launched immediately. And, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, a deputy from the Orange County Sheriff#39;s Department helping in that search was killed in a car accident. 对犯罪嫌疑人的追捕立即启动。而且,根据佛罗里达州公路巡逻队,一名参与搜查的奥兰治县副警撞车身亡。Soon after the shooting, officials locked down more than a dozen schools in the area, and Orlando#39;s mayor declared a day of mourning in the city.击事件后不久,警方锁定了该地区的十几所学校,奥兰多市市长宣布哀悼一天。译文属。 Article/201701/487835This pepper pot would clearly have been owned by very wealthy people and it#39;s obviously designed to amuse. Although the face is of silver, the eyes and the lips are picked out in gold, so that as the candles flickered the eyes and the lips would have appeared to move. She would have been quite a talking point at Suffolk banquets - on a table laden with nosh for the posh she is, without question, a bit of kitsch for the rich.胡椒罐显然是富人所有,设计目的是为了增加生活乐趣。夫人的脸部由白银制成,眼睛和嘴唇却使用了黄金,如遇烛光闪烁,它们就如同会动一般。在萨福克的宴会上,它一定曾是话题焦点。Britain had become part of the Roman Empire in the year 43, so by the time of our pepper pot it had been a Roman province for over three hundred years. Native Britons and Romans had intermingled and inter-married and in England everyone did as the Romans did. Here#39;s Roman trade expert, Roberta Tomber:公元43年,英格兰成为罗马帝国的一部分。因此到制作这个胡椒瓶的时期为止,英国已由罗马统治了三百余年。本地的不列颠人与罗马人混居、通婚,所有人都釆用了罗马的风俗习惯。罗马贸易专家罗伯 塔?汤伯描述道:;When the Romans came to Britain they brought a lot of material culture, and a lot of habits, with them that made the people of Britain feel Roman, that they identified with the Roman culture. Wine was one of these, olive oil was another, and pepper would have been a more valuable one in this same sort of set of Romanitas.;罗马人来到不列颠时,带来了大量罗马的物品、文化以及社会习俗,让不列颠人感受并逐渐认同了罗马文化。葡萄酒和橄榄油都来自罗马,而胡椒是这个系列中更为珍贵的物品。The Romans were seriously interested in food and slave chefs would man the kitchens to create great delicacies. A high-end Roman could include dormice sprinkled with honey and poppy seeds, followed by a whole wild boar being suckled by piglets made of cake, inside which were placed live thrushes. To finish, quince apples and pork, disguised as fowls and fish.罗马人十分重视饮食。掌管厨房的奴隶厨师长每天都要为他们准备大量佳肴。一份高级菜单应该包括:洒有蜂蜜与罂粟籽的睡鼠,身下围着用蛋糕做的吸奶小猪、腹内填满活鸫鸟的整头野猪,以及作为结束的榅桲、苹果和伪装成鱼类或禽类的猪肉。 Article/201502/360181

All religions have to confront the key question-how can the infinite, the boundless, be apprehended? How can we, humans, draw near to the other, God? Some aim to achieve it through chanting, some through words alone, but most faiths have found images useful to focus human attention on the divine. In this week#39;s programmes, I#39;ll be looking at how, a little under two thousand years ago, great religions used the visual as a route to prayer. Is it more than an extraordinary coincidence that at about the same moment Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism all start showing Christ, Hindu gods and the Buddha in human form? Coincidence or not, all three religions established then artistic conventions which are still very much alive today.所有宗教都需要面对一个关键问题,即如何理解永恒与无限,人类又如何亲近神?有的宗教采用了吟诵的方式,有的则完全依赖文字,大部分宗教都认识到,神像能让凡人感受神的力量。本期节目当中,我会带领大家了解了解2000多年前伟大宗教对朝圣者的意义所在。在大约两千年前,几大宗教都开始用神像来传道。基督教、佛教和印度教几乎在同一时期采用人类的形象来表现本教神灵。这难道仅仅是巧合?不管真相如何,三大宗教都在这一时期创造出了流传至今神的形象。Around 1,800 years ago, Buddhism had aly been in existence for centuries. The historical Buddha was a prince of the Ganges region in North India in the fifth century , who abandoned his royal life to become a wandering ascetic, wanting to comprehend and therefore to overcome the roots of human suffering. After many experiences he finally sat under a pipal tree and meditated without moving for 49 days until, at last, he achieved enlightenment-freedom from greed, hate, and delusion. At this moment, he became the Buddha-the ;Enlightened; or the ;Awakened One;. He passed on his dharma (his way, his teaching) to monks and to missionaries who eventually travelled across the vast expanses of Asia. As the Buddhist message sp north, it passed into the region known as Gandhara, the area in what is now north-eastern Pakistan, around Peshawar, in the foothills of the Himalayas.188年前,彼时佛教已经存在了数百年。据佛教文献记载,佛陀曾是公元前15世纪北印度迦毗罗卫国的一位王子,他放弃了王族生活,成为一名苦行僧,想参透人生的苦痛与无常,助人脱离苦海。在漫长的苦行生活之后,他在一棵菩提树下打坐,悟道49天后终于开悟,脱离了人生的贪、嗔、痴。从那一刻起,他便成了佛陀,意为“觉者”或“悟者”。 他向僧侣传授自己的佛法,僧侣们再将其传向亚洲各地。佛法在向北传播的途中来到了今巴基斯坦东北部的犍陀罗,即喜马拉雅山山脚的白沙瓦附近。 Article/201503/363318Poor old Laud.Is there anything good to be said for Laud and the principles he stood for?可怜的罗德 人们对于罗德和他所代表的原则 会有任何溢美之词吗He#39;s gone down as one of the most arrogant and destructive men in our history.他是英国历史上最为 傲慢且毫无建树的人之一But put yourself in his vestments and it looks different.但设身处地地想想 结论也许会不同 Far from being an elitist,Laud thought it was the Puritans who were the authoritarians.罗德认为清教徒 远非精英 而是真正的专断者Thou shalt smite them and utterly destroy them,尔等应将其赶尽杀绝 不留余地Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them,尔等不得与其立誓 亦不能手下留情It was the Puritans,with their obsession with ing and preaching,正是这些清教徒们 怀着他们对阅读和传教的痴迷their gloomy fatalism,their endless battle cries,怀着他们悲切的宿命论 他们永不熄灭的战争之火who deprived the ordinary people of what they needed from the Church,colour, spectacle,剥夺了普罗大众 对教会的所有需求 色 憧憬a sight of the Saviour in the form of his cross upon the altar,圣坛上救世主的十字架the comforts of ritual, sacrament and ceremony,仪式 圣礼和典礼带来的宁静安详a fence to keep dogs off the communion tray, and most of all,防止接近圣餐盘的篱笆 还有最重要的the consoling possibility that sinful souls might at the end be received into Christ.那些罪孽深重的灵魂 最终得到圣主基督宽恕的可能性What was so very wrong with that?这一切为何就大错特错了呢Well, what was wrong was that Laud was not presenting his programme as an option这错就在于 罗德并没有给予众人选择的权利He was presenting it as an order.他把这一切作为命令 强制执行Believe this, worship like this, pray like this,or take the consequences.如此信仰 如此崇拜 如此祈祷 或者就承担一切严苛的后果Anyone who defied him found himself before a special tribunal.任何违抗他命令的人将接受特别法庭的审判Dissidents like Prynne,Burton and Bastwick became Laud#39;s highest-profile victims.和他持不同政见的人 就像普林 伯顿和柏斯维克 最终都成为了罗德用来杀一儆百的受害者They had their ears cut off.Laud#39;s iron fist went unopposed for the time being.他们的耳朵被割掉 罗德的铁腕政策一时大行其道 /201703/496146

Haze shrouds large swaths of China雾霾再度笼罩我国大部分地区A heavy round of smog that has been sweeping central and northern China is expected to become worse next week after briefly clearing on Friday night.周五晚上的洁净空气过后,新一轮雾霾已经再次笼罩我国中北部,预计下周将会更加严重。According to the National meteorological center, the pollution has brought visibility down to less than 500 meters in the worst affected areas.国家气象中心发布的数据称影响最严重的地区污染能见度将达到不足500米。Northeast China#39;s Liaoning province issued 10 fog alerts over 12 hours by Friday morning.周五上午我国东北的辽宁省发布超过12小时的10级大雾警报。Over twenty highways have been forced to close or partially close, and hundreds of short-distance bus routes have been suspended.20多条高速公路被迫关闭或部分关闭,数以百计的短途公交线路被迫停运。In the provincial capital Shenyang, more than a dozen flights have been delayed.沈阳的十几架航班因雾霾天气而延误。Visibility in the city was lower than 30 meters, forcing many to take public transportation instead of driving their cars.城市中的能见度低于30米,因此许多人放弃驾车改乘公共交通工具。Numerous traffic accidents have been reported, causing further traffic delays.据报道已经有多起因雾霾引起的交通事故,并造成进一步的交通拥堵。 Article/201411/344159Amur is imdi#39;s son.阿穆尔是益姆迪的儿子A partner in his father#39;s business.也是他父亲的工作伙伴On a trade mission that widens the horizons of mankind.在一次拓宽人类视野的贸易活动中Hundreds of miles from home, he#39;s carrying a cargo of tin他带着一批锡 来到离家数百英里远之地 Mined in the mountains of Iran and Afghanistan.这些锡是在伊朗和阿富汗开采出来的Here you start to see the rise从中你可以看到of literally international trade.国际贸易的雏形Almost 4,000 years ago,在约四千年之前Traders like Imdi turn writing into something new.像益姆迪这样的贸易商给文字赋予了新的功能They literally make history.他们因此也书写了历史Hundreds of imdi#39;s letters on clay tablets survive.益姆迪的上百封信以泥板文书保存下来In one letter, to a business partner,在一封给商业伙伴的信中He writes about his son:他这样描述他的儿子:;Amur is only interested in food and beer.;阿穆尔只对吃喝感兴趣;He needs to learn to do what he#39;s told.;他得学着干点正事;He needs to become a man.;;他得长大成人;The great value of the invention of the act of writing,文字这种发明的伟大价值was leaving all of us在于帮助后人a track record, a trail,追溯前人的成果与点滴what we now know as our history as human beings.这也正是我们所知的属于人类的历史But Amur#39;s manhood is about to be tested.但阿穆尔要成为男子汉还有待考验 Article/201508/396083The early Earth is much more volcanic than it is today 早期地球的火山活动远远多于如今because its core were so much hotter.这是因为当时地核热得多This provided enough carbon dioxide to compensate the weak sun.这提供了足够的二氧化碳来补偿虚弱的太阳Volcanoes prevented the young Earth from freezing over,防止了地球被冻僵And so early life was able to survive.因此早期生命才得以幸存but even this was not the end of what volcanoes have done for life on Earth.但火山为地球生命做的贡献还不止这些。about 600 million years ago, they also helped trigger the greatest evolutionary leap in Earth#39;s history.大约6亿年前,火山还触发了地球历史上最伟大的进化飞跃。Shark bay in west Australia西澳大利亚鲨鱼湾is home to some of the oldest life forms on Earth.是地球上某种最古老生命的家园These strange domes are made of from layer upon layer of bacteria。这些怪模怪样的圆石是由一层又一层的细菌构成的they are called stromatolite.被称为“叠层石”。For most of Earth#39;s long history,在地球漫长历史的大部分时间里,this was the most advanced life on the planet.这就是地球上最高级的生命形式For around 2 billion years, stromatolite ruled our world, unchallenged.叠层石统治世界 时间长达大约20亿年 没有受到任何挑战。and there was nothing to suggest that this was ever going to change.而且没有任何迹象表明 这种状况会发生些微改变but Earth and the stromatolites was to face a catastrophe,但是地球和叠层石将要面临一场大难perhaps the most serious crisis life has ever faced.或许一场前所未有的最深重危机 Article/201508/395077

在这个令人高涨的表演中,聋人打击乐演奏艺术家Evelyn Glennie 展示了,听音乐不仅仅是简单的声波振动耳膜的过程。 Article/201503/362128One of the more popular cargo items is with artists.艺术家也常托我们运东西This is from a gentleman in Minnesota who has an art gallery.这是一位明尼苏达艺廊老板托我们运的This is Alchemist and this is Intelligence of Beauty.这张叫“炼金术士”,这张叫 “美丽的知性”These are original artworks.这两张都是原创作品We also have several customers who have asked us也有好几位客户要我们to carry representative samples of cremated remains把他们所爱之人的部分骨灰from loved ones to the lunar surface.送到月球表面去The going rate for cargo is 00 a gram including handling我们的运费是每公克一千美金and packaging and delivery to the lunar surface.包括处理、包装和运到月球表面的费用It#39;s not immediately clear what the point is of delivering lipstick运口红到月球表面的动机to the surface of the moon.让人纳闷But if someone#39;s willing to pay, the technology is there to do it.不过只要出得起钱,他们就保送到目的地This is the penetrator that will carry commercial cargo这是把商业货物to the surface of the moon.送到月球表面的穿透器Down the middle of the penetrator is a 1 inch,穿透器的中央,有一个一吋…2 and a half centimetre open cargo space into即2.5公分的储物空间which we can load various objects to be carried to我们可以把要送到月球的东西the surface of the moon.塞进去It#39;s carried internally inside the spacecraft穿透器装在太空载具里and when the spacecraft impacts at the end of the mission任务终了载具撞击月球表面时this will punch through the front穿透器会从前端射出and come to rest about 10 metres into the lunar soil.钻入十公尺深的地底This is very much a commercial proposition.这完全是个在商言商的企划They#39;re even offering to deliver business cards他们甚至提供了to the surface of the moon.把名片送到月球表面的务Or rather ten metres under the surface.严格说来,应该是表面以下十公尺处We have a standard rate for regular sized business cards我们有一般名片的标准收费one business card just happens to weigh about one gram.因为一张名片大概有一克重We expect these items to be there practically forever除非有人去把这些东西移走unless somebody goes up and removes them.否则它们会在月球上待到海枯石烂But the big prize is still to get a person back to the moon.但最引人注目的,仍是把人类送回月球上的计划And there is one private sector challenge向来垄断月球的航太总署to NASA#39;s moon monopoly that mightjust succeed.如今面对了一个赢面很大的竞争对手Government always plays a big role in getting things started,政府在草创初期扮演了重要角色but after a while you know the citizenry has to take over.但迟早会由人民接手I mean after all you know the world宇宙and the universe belongs to all of us,毕竟是属于我们大家的it#39;s notjust individual governments.而不是个别政府的禁脔So I think you#39;re starting to see that now.这样的改变已经开始出现了Greg Olsen has aly been to space,葛瑞格欧森已经去过太空but he#39;s not an astronaut and he#39;s never worked for NASA.但他并不是太空人,也从未在航太总署任职过He#39;s a businessman.他是个生意人Last year, he paid 20 million dollars for a week去年他花了两千万元long trip to the International Space Station.在国际太空站住了一个星期I know with my spaceflight the money I thought去太空的费用about for 5 minutes and it was a simple yes我只考虑了五分钟,这是个很简单的是非题or no decision and once I made the decision我一旦下定决心I never thought about the money.就没有再想过钱的问题Olsen is one of the new breed of explorers欧森是新一代的探险家the space tourists who are prepared to是为了实现毕生梦想spend millions of dollars to fulfil a lifelong dream.不惜一掷千金的太空观光客And now there#39;s a company who aim to make their dreams come true.现在出现了一家专门让他们美梦成真的公司They#39;ve aly sent three people into space他们已经送了三个人上太空and now they#39;re adding a new destination to their brochure.如今还规划了崭新的行程It gives me great pleasure to be here today我很荣幸今天能到这里跟各位谈to talk to you because today is an historic day.因为今天是个很有历史性的日子Space Adventures is going to the moon.太空冒险公司要去月球了 Article/201505/374870栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/374492

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