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南充国内最好的纹绣学校彭州市纹绣公司1. He messages you cute little inside jokes throughout the day. First off, having couple-y inside jokes? Pretty adorable. Maybe he sees something that reminds him of his pet name for you. He#39;s just always trying to make you smile. To be fair, though, inside jokes for couples are only cute for the couple that has them. From the outside looking in, they#39;re lame as hell. It#39;s sort of like riding a hoverboard. Everyone else thinks you#39;re an idiot, but you#39;re like, ;Whatever. I#39;m having a great time on this hoverboard.;1. 他整天都会给你发一些可爱的内涵段子。首先,情侣间的内涵段子?真是可爱。也许他看到了某个东西,让他想起了他给你起的小名。他只是总想着逗你开心。但说句实话,只有懂得内涵段子意义的情侣才会觉得这个段子很有趣。对局外人来说,这个段子简直糟透了。就像是站在悬浮滑板上一样。其他人都觉得你是个白痴,但你却很喜欢这个段子,“管他呢,我在这个悬浮滑板上玩的可开心了。”2. He#39;s always surprising you with something on his way home. Whether he stopped off at a gas station to buy you the Twix you mentioned you were craving or brings you flowers ;just because,; it means he saw something that made him think of you. It doesn#39;t mean a big financial gesture, it just means remembering things that matter to you.2. 回家的路上他总是想法子给你惊喜。他可能会在加油站停下来,给你买你一直都想要的Twix巧克力;也有可能会给你买了束花“只是因为”他看到的东西让他想到了你。这并不是意味着要花很多的钱,这只意味着他总会想起与你有关的事物。3. He follows up on conversations you#39;ve had. He texts you to find out what happened with your meeting at work. Either the guy is secretly obsessed with gossip, or he really cares so much he needs to know what#39;s going on in your life.3. 他会询问别人与你的对话。他会给你发短信,询问你工作会开的如何。要么他十分喜欢八卦,那么就是他真的很在乎你,想要知道你生活中发生的一切。4. Everything reminds him of you. Maybe sometimes you#39;ll get a picture of some napkins with the caption, ;lol remember?; And when you reply with ;?; he#39;s got some distant memory he can#39;t believe you didn#39;t immediately recall. ;Don#39;t you remember on our first date when you needed a napkin?; And then he gets hurt that you don#39;t. It would be sad if it weren#39;t sort of cute to you.4. 任何事情都会让他想到你。有时候也许你会收到一张写有“哈哈哈,还记得吗”的餐巾纸的图片。而当你回复“???”,他会回想起很久以前的事情,不敢相信你居然不能立马反应过来。“你不记得了吗?我们第一次约会的时候你就需要一张餐巾纸啊。”你没想起来让他很是受伤。如果你不觉得这样有点可爱的话,他会很难过的。5. He messages you first thing in the morning and right before he goes to bed. You#39;re always the first and last person he wants to talk to. You can tell he#39;s always excited to tell you about his day.5. 早晨起来第一件事和晚上睡觉前最后一件事就是给你发短信。你永远是他第一个和最后一个想要说话的人。你能感受到:他在告诉你他一天过得怎么样时,总是很激动。6. He always messages you when he#39;s out. Just little things like, ;Missing you.; But even when he#39;s out with friends or on a business trip, he#39;s still thinking of you. And you love knowing that you#39;re always on his mind.6. 出去的时候总是发短信告知你。就是一些小事情,比如“想你哦”。但即使他和朋友出去了或者出差了,他也还是想着你。而你也很享受他总是想着你。译文属 /201608/462884成都古积纹绣学校韩式雾状眉纹美瞳线培训 1. To quickly assess an item#39;s quality, hold the fabric up to a bright light.要快速判断一件衣的质量,就拿起布料对着亮光Here#39;s an example of two different silk blouses held up against a strong light. ;The thicker the material, the higher the quality,; Debbie Roes — creator of the Recovering Shopaholic blog — told BuzzFeed.比如就像这样把两件不同的真丝衬衫拿起来对着强光。“布料越密,质量越好”,《发现购物狂》客的创建者戴比#8226;罗埃斯对BuzzFeed网站说。2. Do the ;scrunch test; to see if clothes stay wrinkly.看衣是否容易褶皱,做“揉捏测试”Ball part of the garment up in your fist, hold it for a few seconds, and then let it go. Does the fabric stay wrinkled or do the wrinkles come out quickly? If it can#39;t stand being wrinkled for a few seconds in your hand, it#39;s probably not going to withstand the test of time.把衣的一部分团起来捏在拳头里,坚持几秒钟再放开。布料皱了还是褶皱很快就抚平了?如果捏在手里几秒钟就皱了,那么它也不太可能经受得住时间的检验。3. And for a quick quality check, do the ;pull test.;迅速检查质量,做“拉力测试”Gently tug on the fabric (this work especially well with a skirt or the bottom part of a dress) and then release it. Does the fabric retain its shape? Or does the material look altered?轻轻地拉下布料(这尤其对裙子或衣下摆特别有效),然后松开。布料还能恢复原来的形状吗?或者,布料看上去变形了吗?4. When in doubt, shop in the men#39;s department.拿不准主意的时候,去男装部逛逛;Super thin, gauzy tops are currently a trend in women#39;s clothing,; Roes said. ;This trend also allows designers to spend less money on materials for their garments.; If you#39;re looking for a shirt that#39;s NOT see-through, check out the men#39;s sections for tees and oversized button-ups with higher quality. Also, since menswear offers fewer clothing patterns, their items tend to be less expensive than the women#39;s equivalent.“超薄、轻透的上衣目前是女装的流行趋势,”罗埃斯说。“借助这一趋势,设计师们在装衣料上花的钱更少了。”如果你想找件看着不透的衬衫,去男装区看看有没有高质量的T恤或大码系扣衬衫吧。而且,因为男装供应的款式较少,他们的衣比同等质量的女装便宜一点。5. Avoid exposed zippers since they can be a sign of low quality.不要买露出拉链的衣,它们也许是质量低的标志;Unless an exposed zipper is a design element, zippers should lie flat and be covered with a placket,; said Roes. ;And unless it#39;s part of the design, the stitching holding the zipper in place should match the fabric.;“拉链应该平直帖,被门襟遮住,除非暴露出来的拉链是一个设计元素,”罗埃斯说。“而且拉链的缝线应与布料相配,除非缝线是设计的一部分。”6. Check to see if skirts and pants have decent hem allowances — especially if you#39;re tall.检查一下看看裙子和裤子是否留出足够的底摆边高——尤其是高个子The hem allowance is the width between the hemline and the hem edge. If you#39;re tall, you aly know that this extra bit of fabric can be a life-saver when it comes to tailoring items to be a little longer. ;Generally speaking, straight or pencil skirts made in a medium- to heavy-weight fabric can have 1-1/2-inch to 2-inch hem allowances,; Roes said. ;A-line skirts should have 1-#189; inch hem allowance to reduce bulk.;底摆边高就是底边到折边的宽度。如果你是高个子,那么你已经知道这点多余的布料在送去给裁缝加长的时候简直是根救命稻草。“一般说来,由中厚布料制成的直筒裙或铅笔裙,底摆边高在1.5到2英寸,”罗埃斯说。“为了让下摆不显得臃肿,直筒裙底摆边高应该留1.5英寸。”7. And keep in mind that well-made pants have French seams.牢记,制作考究的裤子都有法式接缝French seams are a favored seam-finishing technique for designers, Roes explained, since the raw edges of the fabric are hidden in a neat finished seam.罗埃斯解释说,法式接缝是设计师们喜欢的一种缝制技术,因为布料的毛边可以隐藏在整齐的包边里。8. Always check the care instructions label for natural fibers.总是检查天然纤维装的保养说明标签;Natural fibers like silk, cotton, and wool stand up to wear and tear better than synthetic materials,; Roes said.“丝、棉、羊毛等天然纤维比人造纤维更耐穿耐磨,”罗埃斯说。9. Make sure your pattern matches at the seams.确保衣图案在缝合处相匹配Check the side seams of a shirt and around any pockets to instantly tell if quality is high or not. ;Matching a plaid or horizontal stripe may mean using more fabric to cut out the individual pieces of the garment, which can drive up the cost,; Roes said.检查一下衬衫的侧缝线或任何口袋的周围,就能立即判断质量好不好。“如果格子或水平条纹能够匹配,说明剪裁单块衣料用了更多的布,这会让成本上升。”罗埃斯说。10. You should also check the seams to make sure all of the th matches.你还应该检查接缝确保所有的走线都相匹配;Quality top-stitching should be straight, in matching th (unless the top-stitching is designed for contrast) and have a high number of stitches per inch,; Rose said.“高质量的间面线应该是笔直的,走线应该互相匹配(除非设计初衷是利用间面线来产生对比效果),且每英寸的针脚密度高,”罗埃思说。 /201606/447997Chinese TV series are gaining popularity in Russia, as viewers become more and more interested in the culture of China and Asia in general.随着俄罗斯观众对中国文化和整个亚洲文化越来越感兴趣,中国电视剧在俄罗斯日渐受到欢迎。Without extra promotion, Asian series are attracting a rising number of ordinary Russian viewers who are not studying the oriental languages, said amateur subtitle translators in Russia, who have made a great contribution to the sp of Chinese TV series in Russia.对中国电视剧在俄罗斯传播做出了巨大贡献的一家业余字幕翻译网站表示,无需额外的推广,亚洲系列电视剧正吸引着越来越多的没有学习东方语言的普通俄罗斯观众。The Bears, one of the translating groups at Russia#39;s most popular social network platform VKontakte, said the audience of Chinese TV series has grown noticeably in the last 12 months.;小熊字幕组;是俄罗斯最受欢迎的社交网络平台VKontakte上的一个翻译小组,据其介绍,在过去的12个月,中国电视剧的观众数量有着显著的增长。;A couple of years ago, one (Chinese) TV drama would attract between 100 to 300 viewers, and now the number is in thousands and tens of thousands,; said Diana, who declined to give her full name, administrator of the Bears.拒绝透露全名的;小熊字幕组;的管理者戴安娜表示:;几年前,一部中国电视剧能吸引100-300名观众,现在观众数量可达数千、数万。;According to Diana, in 2015 alone, the Bears has subtitled various Chinese series like The Empress of China, Wu Xin: the Monster Killer, Love Me If You Dare, The Journey of Flower and so on.戴安娜还表示,仅2015年,该字幕组就为《武媚娘传奇》、《无心法师》、《他来了,请闭眼》和《花千骨》等多部中国电视剧做了字幕。However, Chinese translators are facing the difficulty of finding new peers. ;It#39;s more difficult to find a Chinese translator than Japanese or Korean ones;, said a member of the Magic Owls group, which focuses on translating Chinese TV series. ;This is partly due to the fact that Chinese series are rather long, often consisting of 60 to 100 episodes, and the translation is time-consuming.;不过,中文翻译者在寻找新伙伴上遇到了很大的苦难。专注于翻译中国电视剧的魔鹰团队的其中一名成员表示:;相比起日语或韩语译者,汉语译者更难找。一部分原因是由于中国的电视剧是相当长的,往往有60到100集,而翻译是非常耗时的。;;To make subtitles, one needs to have perseverance and knowledge of the language at least at the intermediate level, as well as the ability to use dictionaries and search engines, like the Chinese search engine Baidu,; said Alexandra, coordinator of the Bears group.;小熊字幕组;的负责人亚历山德拉表示:;要制作字幕,译者必须能持之以恒,并且至少要有中级的语言水平,同时具备查字典和使用相关工具的能力,比如中国的搜索引擎百度。;Many Chinese TV series have been translated into English, so a good knowledge of English can also greatly help the translators, Alexandra added.亚历山德拉补充说道,中国的很多电视剧都已经有了英文版本,因此,英语水平良好也对译者有极大的帮助。 /201604/436017成都迷你美容纹绣培训韩式定妆眉毛切眉术培训

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