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Five people, including two staff members of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry died instantly, and five more died in hospitals, a source from local law encement agency was ed as saying.Authorities have stopped several ricinlaced letters in recent weeks. A Tupelo, Mississippi, man was charged last month with sending poisonlaced letters to Obama and two other public officials. Everett Dutschke was being held on charges of developing and possessing ricin and attempting to use it as a weapon, according to the Justice Department.

Many said there was an explosion as it hit the line and the balloon then separated from the basket carrying the passengers. People on the ground could hear screams from those in the balloon, witnesses said.

But no matter what governmental officials are involved, we will strike at collusion headon and leave no stone unturned in our investigations, he said.

  The fire broke out at the Magnablend Inc. plant at about am and sp quickly. Waxahachie Fire Chief David Hudgins told reporters the fire was about 80 percent contained by around pm.

  年月大学英语四级考试翻译及(四套) :7:5 年月大学英语四级考试翻译及(四套)试卷一:中餐  许多人喜欢中餐,在中国,烹饪不仅被视为一种技能,而且也被视为一种艺术精心准备的中餐既可口又好看,烹饪技艺和配料在中国各地差别很大但好的烹饪都有一个共同点,总是要考虑到颜色、味道、口感和营养(nutrition)由于食物对健康至关重要,好的厨师总是努力在谷物、肉类和蔬菜之间取得平衡,所以中餐既味美又健康  【文都教育翻译】Most people like Chinese food. In China, cooking is considered as not only a skill but also an art. The wellprepared Chinese food is both delicious and goodlooking. Although cooking methods and food ingredient vary wildly in different places of China, it is common good cuisine to take color, flavor, taste and nutrition into . Since food is crucial to health, a good chef is insistently trying to seek balance between cereal, meat and vegetable, and accordingly Chinese food is delicious as well as healthy.  试卷二:信息技术  信息技术(Inmation Technology),正在飞速发展,中国公民也越来越重视信息技术,有些学校甚至将信息技术作为必修课程,对这一现象大家持不同观点一部分人认为这是没有必要的,学生就应该学习传统的课程另一部分人认为这是应该的,中国就应该与时俱进不管怎样,信息技术引起广大人民的重视是一件好事  【文都教育翻译】As China citizens attaching great importance to the rapidly development of Inmation Technology, some college even set it as a compulsory course. Regarding to this phenomenon, people holding different views. Some people think it is not necessary, students should learn the traditional curriculum. Another part of people think it is a need, because China should keep pace with the times. Anyway, it is a good thing that Inmation Technology aroused public concern.  试卷三:茶文化  "你要茶还是咖啡?"是用餐人常被问到的问题,许多西方人会选咖啡,而中国人则会选茶,相传,中国的一位帝王于五千年前发现了茶,并用来治病,在明清(the qing dynasties)期间,茶馆遍布全国,饮茶在六世纪传到日本,但直到18世纪才传到欧美,如今,茶是世界上最流行的饮料(beverage)之一,茶是中国的瑰宝也是中国传统和文化的重要组成部分  【文都教育翻译】"Would you like tea or coffee?" That’s a question people often asked when having meal. Most westerners will choose coffee, while the Chinese would like to choose tea. According to legend, tea was discovered by a Chinese emperor five thousand years ago, and then was used to cure disease. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, tea houses were all over the country. Tea drinking sp to Japan in the 6th century, but it was not until the 18th century does it sp to Europe and America. Nowadays, tea is one of the most popular beverage in the world, and it is not only the treasure of China but also an important part of Chinese tradition and culture.  试卷四:中国结  中国结最初是由手工艺人发明的,经过数百年不断的改进,已经成为一种优雅多的艺术和工艺在古代,人们用它来记录事件,但现在主要是用于装饰的目的“结”在中文里意味着爱情,婚姻和团聚,中国结常常作为礼物交换或作为饰品祈求好运和辟邪这种形式的手工艺代代相传,现在已经在中国和世界各地越来越受欢迎【文都教育翻译】The Chinese knot was originally invented by the craftsmen. After hundreds of years of continuous improvement,it has become a kind of elegant and colorful arts and crafts. In the ancient times,people used it to record the events,but now it was used mainly decorative purposes. In Chinese, the knot means love, marriage and reunion , and is often a jewelry used gift exchange or praying good luck and warding off evil spirits. This m of handicrafts pass down from generation to generation, and then it has become increasingly popular in China and around the world.。


    The Saudi prince is thought to have piloted one of four attack aircraft from the Kingdom in a third night of missions against Isis, also known as Islamic State, according to The Times.  Sheikha Mayassa, then head of the Qatar Museums Authority, previously bought "The CardPlayers" by Paul Cezanne last year a reported million in a private sale the highestpricepaid a painting at the time. Her family has also spent heavily on works by Mark Rothko, RichardSerra, Roy Lichtenstein, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons.gave the development her royal seal of approval during an anniversary

  A Secret Service official said the White House letter was similar but did not elaborate.So the question is: Does this statement today represent a new direction North Korea?

  The Brazilian eign Ministry, however, denied receiving his request asylum.

  We will engrave in our hearts the past, when Japan ended up becoming a challenger to the international order. Upon this reflection, Japan will firmly uphold basic values such as freedom, democracy, and human rights as unyielding values and, by working hand in hand with countries that share such values, hoist the flag of “Proactive Contribution to Peace,” and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world more than ever bee.。

  学校主管Sittisak Sumonta 表示,;这些异装癖的孩子使用男厕所时会被人嘲笑,所以他们不愿意使用男卫生间他们有点恐惧,所以去女厕所时通常要女性朋友陪伴;

  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will visit China's Liaoning aircraft carrier on Monday afternoon, according to a press release from the Ministry of National Defense.

  使用网络现场直播妇分娩虽较为少见但并非没有先例年,歌手Erykah Badu在推特上直播了自己分娩的过程;同年一位来自明尼苏达州网名为Lynsee的母亲在MomsLikeMe网站上进行了相同的直播

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