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Rejoice at low gas prices consumers are happy as gas prices continue to fall So are you feeling some relief that the prices come down a little bit? Umm, yes, I am. Hmm coz it was really hard like going to work. I work out here and I live in Baldwin, so the commute was killing me like gas rise, so I’m glad it’s going down.Literally the pump, but it’s sort of latent to affect because I think you know, the price per barrel has been coming down, so finally it’s refluxing to the consumer. That’s a good thing. And the market is still unsteady, so I’ll factor that this whether anything else is going on. I certainly think it’s better. Do I think it gonna to last? I don’t think so. I think this is all due to the stock market. It’s a relief, but it not a relief the Average Joe , you know what I mean, relief everybody else, so you can, you know, drive around and add some money in the bin and they can fill up .But you know (an) average guy with a company vehicle, it’s still a lot.That’s a low I’ve seen in a long time to be honest with you. I know it was up a half around and now it’s come to this low. It’s a good thing.And people were happy when the price’s going down. So bee they are angry and they come to the cage shield of the year. You raise the prices and these things. But now and slowly, slowly the() price went down. So everybody’s happy. You know what I mean?And have you been cutting anything else, so you can now pay your gas?Yes, I bring my own lunch now. I don’t buy lunch out any more, cause’ I can't afd it, cause’ you know…Ok, let me see your nails if there is any manicure, yes or no?No, nothing. Yeah, you and me both.So we are not gonna Starbucks after this, right?Definitely not. I’m going home and I’m gonna make a pot of coffee.Did you just fill your whole tank? No.How much did you put in?$.And what did that get you?Half a tank.That’s edgy. You have a nes Chevy there? That’s not too bad, right?No,it’s pretty good on gas.How much does it take to fill a limo?Er, it’s gotta be around .Yeah.Yeah, that’s a lot of money.Even at the .9?Well now, it’s now line I haven’t filled wouldn’t be this low yet. So I don’t know just yet. Right now, I am doing half a tank. I usually go to BJ’s, and I fill my tanker up there because it is cheaper. But I’m running low and I have somewhere to go. So I’m trying to fill it up. Well, these prices, I will properly fill.It look like tomorrow will go more down. You know what I mean, tomorrow, today we are $.19, hopefully it’s come back, you know by $.50 a gallon, and now economy got better, everybody, you know what I mean, they have it, they can spend some more money on… 133

凭借美剧《老友记走红,柯特妮bull;考克斯在拍摄电影《惊声尖叫(Scream)时与大卫bull;阿奎特相识,两人于1999年6月日结成连理,而去年两人长达的婚姻触礁,分居后离婚那么,之前两人在迪士尼偶遇发生了什么呢?-Now, let talk about your husband. You are still married to David Arquette?-现在,让我们谈谈你的丈夫你还是坚持要嫁给大卫bull;阿奎特?-Uh, I am.-嗯,是的-Well, how was David Arquette? Because he been on the show many times, he an unusual fellow.-嗯,大卫bull;阿奎特怎么样?因为他一直在节目中出现很多次,他肯定是一个不寻常的人-Yeah.-是的-And, and I thought, I thought, uh, well, this marriage must be fun, must be fun, because he brings an odd energy that likes which she dont see routinely.-我认为,我认为,嗯,嗯,这场婚姻肯定会非常有趣,一定会很有趣,因为他身上好像有一种奇怪的能量并且总是不走寻常路-No.-没有-Yeah.-是的-He is, he is something else.-是的,他身上有种别的东西-Yeah, but, but now you are taking some time apart. Is that what it is? Yeah?-是的,但是,但现在你们要分开一阵子它是什么?-Yeah, we are separated and David is some sober now. He over 0 days sober. He doing great.-是的,我们分开而大卫bull;阿奎特现在有些清醒了他已经保持清醒0天他做的很好-Great.-非常伟大-He been on Howard Stern a lot.-他与霍华德有很多过节-Well, isnt that, where, uh, a lot of this trouble began? The Howard Stern Show?-嗯,不在那里,嗯,很多麻烦的开始?霍华德?-Well, I think, I think, hum, it was first, you know, we got separated and David wanted to kind-of just go out and tell the truth. But he was doing a lot of drinking and stuff, so, sometime he might be drinking and.-嗯,我想,我想,嗯,这是第一次,你知道,我们分开了,大卫想出去揭发真相但他喝了很多东西,,他有时会喝酒-I dont mean to laugh, but I mean, isnt, isnt that always a way, I mean, when youre drunk, cause that really when you wanna share the truth.-我不想笑,但我的意思是,不,不,总会有办法的,我的意思,当你喝醉了,才是你真的想分享真相的时刻-It, yeah.-是的-With the world, yeah?-与世界一起,是吗?-And he did, indeed, shared a lot. But now, hum, you know, he is, I was seeing him yesterday. And I love Howard and I, and, David is just himself, he told everybody ;Oh, yeah, I tried to hit on Courteney in Disney World.; Then like, dude, thatrsquo;s not really everyone to know, but.-而他事实上分享了很多但现在,嗯,你知道,他是,我昨天看到他我爱霍华德而大卫只有他自己他告诉大家,;哦,是的,我试着在迪士尼世界打柯特妮;伙计,那真的不是每个人都想知道的事情-It interesting though. Did that happened actually?-非常有趣的这件事实际发生了吗?-He did try to hit me. Yeah, he hit pretty hard and I said ;You know, you dont have the Fast Pass right now. Not to that ride!;-他试着打我是的,他非常努力,我说,;你知道,你现在没有这个权利,把你的脏手拿回去!;-But, hum, and does Disney World have a policy or something?-但是,嗯,迪士尼世界有相关政策吗?-Hum, yes, they put us in separate rooms.-嗯,是的,他们把我们放在分开的房间-Yeah?-是吗?词语解释:1. sober v. 酒醒. interesting a. 有趣的3. policy n. 政策 50

It worked有效Tom had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late work. His boss was mad at him and threatened to fire him if he didn't do something about it. So Tom went to his doctor, the doctor gave him a pill and told him to take it bee he went to bed. Tom slept well, and in fact, beat the alarm in the morning. He had a leisurely breakfast and drove cheerfully to work. "Boss", he said, "The pill actually worked!" "That's all fine" said the boss, "But where were you yesterday?" Tom早上老起不来,所以上班总是迟到 他的老板非常生气,警告他如果他不能有所改善的话就炒他的鱿鱼于是,Tom去看医生,医生给了他一颗药丸并告诉他要在睡觉前下这颗药Tom照医生的话做了,睡得非常之好,事实上,他在早上闹钟响之前就起来了Tom从容不迫地吃完早餐,然后兴高采烈地开车上班去了“老板”,Tom说,“那药真管用,我的睡眠好极了!”“是够管用的,”老板说,“问题是,昨天你人哪去了”? 97

Part . Language Study and Language Appreciation.Listen to the following statements you have learned in the previous and present s.Pay special attention to the parts in the bold type, learn to appreciate and use the language.1. to result in clinically meaningful outcomes ...This is the first study to show that writing can result in clinically meaningful outcomes chronically-ill patients.. to cut back on medication.One of the key benefits of acupuncture is that it has few, if any, side effects.And that when used with standard drug treatment, in anesthesia, example, it allows physicians to cut back on medication, delivering the same level of benefit with fewer negative effects.3. to be packed with.Super foods are packed with powerful chemicals that may offer your body great protection against chronic disease.. to put... at risk.Salt is crucial to our health, but too much of it can put human at risk from high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes.5. to be summoned immediately to provide...Pre-hospital staff---paramedics, emergency medical technicians, through a sophisticated communication system know where and when the accident happened, and they are summoned immediately to provide the initial, quick life-saving care. 06

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