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重庆法令纹去除九龙坡区妇幼保健医院是公立医院吗Republican presidential front-runner DonaldTrump has accused China of ;raping; the US, in renewed criticism ofChinas trade policy.共和党总统竞选领先者特朗普重申对中国贸易政策的批评,指责中国“强暴”美囀?He told a rally in Indiana that China wasresponsible for ;the greatest theft in the history of the world;.他在印第安纳向集会人群表示,中国应该对“世界史上最大盗窃案”负责。Mr Trump, a billionaire businessman, haslong accused China of manipulating its currency to make its exports morecompetitive globally. This, he says, has badly damaged US businesses andworkers.这位身家数十亿的巨商,长期以来一直指控中国操纵汇率使其出口在全球更具竞争力。他说,这严重损害美国的产业和工人。We cant continue to allow China to rapeour country…he told the campaign rally on Sunday. ;Were going to turn itaround, and we have the cards, dont forget it,; he added. ;We have alot of power with China.;“我们不能继续让中国强暴我国……”他周日在竞选集会上说。“我们要扭转这个局面,我们手中有牌,别忘了。”他还说。“我们有很多能力对付中国。”Mr Trump, in his campaign manifesto,pledges to ;cut a better deal with China that helps American businessesand workers compete;.特朗普在竞选宣言中誓言“与中国达成有助于美国产业和工人竞争的更好协议”。He sets out four goals that includeimmediately declaring China ;a currency manipulator; and putting;an end to Chinas illegal export subsidies and lax labour andenvironmental standards;.他提出了四个目标,包括立即宣布中国为“货币操纵国”,“终止中国的非法贸易补贴和宽松的劳工和环境标准。”There was no immediate response fromBeijing to Mr Trumps comments, but he is seen by many in China as aninspiration rather than an antagonist.北京对特朗普的没有立刻予以回应,但他在中国被很多人视为灵感而不是敌手。Latest figures from Washington for US-Chinagoods trade in January and February show the relationship does appear to beskewed. In those months the US exported .3bn in goods to China, but imported.3bn, leaving a massive goods trade imbalance of bn.华盛顿公布的美中货物贸易一月和二月的最新数据显示,贸易关系确实看来是失衡的。在这两个月,美国向中国出口货物163亿美元,但进33亿美元,留下570亿美元的巨额贸易逆差。Last week, the US Treasury placed China(and others) on a currency watchlist, after pressure on the US government to bemore robust in combating any currency manipulation by trading partners.上周,美国财政部把中国和其他一些国家列入货币观察名单,因为外界施压美国政府,要求采取更强健措施,对付贸易伙伴的任何汇率操纵。来 /201605/440817重庆妇幼保健联系电话 Developing countries will be invited by the Group of 20 industrialised nations to join talks aimed at stopping multinationals dodge taxes, in a bid to defuse tensions over their limited role in global tax reform.由工业化国家组成0国集G20)将邀请一些发展中国家参与旨在阻止跨国公司避税的谈判,以化解围绕这些国家在全球税制改革中参与有限的紧张。Finance ministers meeting in Shanghai later this week are expected to endorse proposals to open up talks on stopping “base erosion and profit shifting(BEPSeps) to all countries willing to implement them.本周晚些时候将在上海举行的G20财长会议预计将持相关提议,欢迎所有愿意阻止“税基侵蚀和利润转移BEPS)的国家参与谈判。Pascal Saint-Amans, the top tax official at the OECD, the Paris-based club of mostly rich nations which has been drawing up the Beps reforms, said the development was likely to be “a turning point in international taxation总部设在巴黎、基本由富裕国家组成的经合组OECD)的最高税务官员帕斯卡#8226;圣阿Pascal Saint-Amans)表示,这一发展可能成为“国际税务的一个转折点”。The move follows criticism from some governments and campaign groups that plans drawn up over the past three years to tackle tax avoidance did not go far enough to help poorer countries collect corporate tax.在此之前,一些国家和活动团体批评过去3年制定的避税问题解决计划不够深入,无法帮助较贫穷国家征收企业税收。On Monday, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said that despite a significant effort to include developing countries in the BEPSeps talks, the measures did not “fully addresssome of their specific specific requirements. She said that the BEPSeps project was an important step in the right direction, but added that “much more work needs to be done both in terms of substance and scope周一,国际货币基金组IMF)总裁克里斯蒂#8226;拉加Christine Lagarde)表示,尽管各方已付出很大努力将发展中国家纳入BEPS谈判,但相关举措并未“完全解决”它们的一些具体要求。她表示,BEPS项目是朝着正确方向迈出的重要一步,但她补充道,“在内容和范围方面还有很多工作需要完成”。The G20 move is likely to increase the number of countries deciding on the remaining aspects of the BEPSeps project and monitoring its implementation from 44 to more than 100.G20的举措可能增加参与决定BEPS项目剩余方面事务并监督其执行的国家数量——从44个增至00个。Although most of the BEPS eps reforms were announced last October, some contentious issues remain to be decided on, including how to allocate taxable profits between countries.尽管大多数BEPS改革是在去年10月宣布的,但一些有争议的问题还有待决定,包括如何在国家之间分配应税利润。The decision to open up negotiations only applies only to the BEPSeps project. But it sets a precedent that, if extended to future negotiations over tax rules, could end up shifting the balance in taxing rights between industrialised and developing countries.开放谈判的决定仅适用于BEPS项目。但此举设立了一个先例,如果能够延伸至未来有关税收规则的谈判,或许可以转变工业化国家和发展中国家征税权的平衡。Campaign groups partially welcomed the change but said it came too late. Oxfam said poor countries were being required to “accept a tax reform package they had no say in designing, which doesn’t meet many of their needs and that fails to address critical issues such as the use of tax havens活动团体在一定程度上欢迎这一改变,但表示此举来得太晚了。慈善组织乐施会(Oxfam)表示,穷国被要求“接受它们在设计上未曾有过发言权的税改方案,该方案既不满足它们的许多需求,也未能解决避税天堂等关键问题。”It called for more fundamental reforms to be agreed in a truly international forum such as the UN.该机构呼吁在联合UN)等真正国际化的论坛上达成更为根本的改革。来 /201603/428696璧山区哪家绣眉好

资阳背部脱毛大渡口区去除疤痕多少钱 The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to more than 800 immigrants that it was supposed to have deported.美国政府错误地批准了八百多名本该被驱逐出境的移民的公民申请。An internal Homeland Security Department audit released Monday found the 858 immigrants came from countries that pose a national security risk to the ed States or countries with high rates of immigration fraud. The report did not identify the countries.星期一公布的对美国国土安全局进行的一个内部审计发现,58名移民是来自那些对美国国家安全构成威胁,或是移民造假比率很高的国家。报告没有列出这些国家的名字。The Homeland Security Departments Inspector General John Roth said the immigrants used different names or birth dates to apply for citizenship. He said the mistakes happened because the applicantsfingerprints were missing from government databases.美国国土安全局检察长约翰·罗斯说,这些移民使用不同的名字或出生日期申请公民身份。他说,这些错误的发生,是因为政府数据库里没有找到申请人的指纹;This situation created opportunities for individuals to gain the rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship through fraud,; Roth said.罗斯说,“这个情况给那些指望通过作假手段获得公民权利和优待的人创造了机会。”At least three of those who were mistakenly granted citizenship were able to use their citizenship to get jobs in security-sensitive fields, including work at commercial airports and maritime facilities. The Department of Homeland Security say all three have had their security credentials revoked. A fourth person has become a law enforcement officer. Investigators last year identified another 953 cases that also appear suspicious.这次误得公民身份的人当中,至少有三个人利用公民身份在安全敏感度较高的行业找到了工作,比如商业机场和海事机构。国土安全局表示,这三个人的身份明已被吊销。还有一人成为了执法官员。调查人员去年确认还53个案子也令人怀疑。The Department of Homeland Security says the report highlights what has long been a challenge for immigration officials -- the fact that old paper-based records containing fingerprints cannot be searched electronically.国土安全局表示,这个审计报告提出了移民官员长期面临的一个困难,那就是,旧的纸质档案里面的指纹无法通过电子搜寻找到。The audit recommends that paper fingerprints be digitized and added to the governments database. It also recommends that officials create a system to evaluate the hundreds of people who were mistakenly approved for citizenship.审计报告建议,对纸质指纹进行数码化处理,然后添加到政府的数据库里。报告还建议政府设立一个系统,对数百名错误获得公民身份的人进行评估。Charges have been brought in just two of the cases.目前被有关方面提出起诉的只有两起案子。Immigrants are required to disclose any previous aliases they have used with immigration officials as well as their immigration history, but they sometimes omit that information.按规定,移民必须提供他们在过去与移民局打交道时使用过的别名,以及他们的移民历史。但是移民有时会略去这些信息。Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made the vetting of immigrants a central part of his platform. He has called for a temporary ban on immigration from countries ;compromised by terrorism; until a stronger vetting process can be put in place.共和党总统候选人川普一直把移民审批工作列为他竞选中的核心问题。他提议在审批程序得到加强以前,对来自“深受恐怖主义影响”的国家的移民申请实行临时冻结。来 /201609/467281重庆附一院在哪里

重庆妇幼保健医院整形价钱表Russia hopes to strengthen agricultural cooperation with China, Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev said in a recent interview with Xinhua.在最近的一次新华社采访中,俄罗斯农业部长亚历山大·特卡乔夫表示,俄罗斯希望能够加强和中国在农业方面的合作;The trade volume in the agricultural sphere between Russia and China has been increasing during the past years, and in 2015 the figure hit 3 billion U.S. dollars,; Tkachev told Xinhua on last Monday.特卡乔夫在上周一的时候对新华社说:“在过去的几年里,中国和俄罗斯之间的农业贸易额一直在增加015年中俄农产品贸易额达到了30亿美元。”The agricultural development in Russia has demonstrated a strong dynamic with the firm state support and various development projects. And Russias export of corn, soybean, sunflower oil and flour to China has all increased in recent years, according to the official.在政府的强力持和各种发展项目的扶持下,俄罗斯的农业发展势头十分强劲。特卡乔夫表示,近几年,俄罗斯出口到中国的玉米、大豆、葵花籽油和面粉等都有所增长;Our main priority in the Far East is to provide the conditions for investment in agricultural and infrastructure spheres,; Tkachev said, naming several regions such as Primorsky, Khabarovsk, Amur and Sakhalin, which border with or are in the vicinity of Chinas northeast.特卡乔夫说:“俄罗斯政府在远东优先考虑的是,为农业和基础设施建设等领域的投资提供条件。”他还特意指出了几处位于中俄边境和中国东北的地点,例如滨海、哈巴罗夫斯克、阿穆尔河、库页岛等。Those regions have the potential to increase agricultural production, if the government funds the restoration and modernization of agricultural infrastructure in the Far Eastern regions to stimulate investment and to support farmers, Tkachev said.特卡乔夫表示,这些地方是有增加农产品产出的能力的,只要政府能够提供资金来恢复,并升级远东地区的农业基础设施,那么就能够起到刺激投资和扶持农民的作用。Russia would like to boost mutual agricultural trade with China, as well as agricultural products accessibility to each others markets, he said. Meanwhile, Tkachev said he will discuss the safety of agricultural products during his meetings with Chinese officials.他说,俄罗斯想加强和中国双方之间的农业贸易,同时让中俄两国更多的农产品出现在对方的市场上。与此同时,特卡乔夫表示,他还将和与会的中国官员讨论农产品的安全问题。来 /201605/443387 Snap out of it. Donald Trump is just the jolt Europe needed. 振作起来;唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)正是欧洲所需的一针提神剂;Too long coddled by the US, Europeans should welcome the president-elect’s admonition to stand on their own feet. 太长时间享受美国庇护的欧洲人,应该对这位当选总统敦促欧洲人自力更生表示欢迎。Stunned by the outcome of the US election, European policymakers have gone in desperate search of silver linings.震惊于此次美国大选结果的欧洲政策制定者为了寻找乌云的金边可谓不遗余力。There are none. 这金边是找不到的。Whatever Europe’s shortcomings as a partner to the US and there have been plenty Mr Trump promises to make the world, including Europe, a more unstable and dangerous place. 无论作为美国合作伙伴的欧洲有什么缺点(肯定不少),特朗普一定会让包括欧洲在内的整个世界变得更不稳定、更危险。That this approach may encourage Europeans to assume greater responsibility for their own security is all to the good but it does not alter the essential prognosis.他或许会激励欧洲人为自身安全担负起更大的责任,因而不失为一件好事,但这一点不改变上述基本论断。Mr Trump’s foreign policy is a work in progress. 特朗普的外交政策还在酝酿当中。Measured by the public statements of the president-elect and his closest advisers, it is shot through with contradictions. 观察这位当选总统及其最亲密顾问的公开声明,可以看出其中充满了矛盾。America-first isolationism jostles with pledges to increase military spending. 一边宣扬美国为先的孤立主义,一边承诺增加军费开。The recurring themes, though, are economic nationalism and withdrawal from the global responsibilities the US has assumed since 1945. 然而,反复出现的主题是经济民族主义以及不再承担美国945年以来一直承担的全球责任。Mr Trump, whose criticisms of Nato are longstanding, seems clear that allies whether Japan, the Republic of Korea or Nato members such as Germany, Poland, France or Britain should look after themselves.长期对北Nato)持批评态度的特朗普似乎已经清楚地表明,美国的盟友——无论是日本、韩国,还是德国、波兰、法囀?英国等北约成员国——都应自食其力。The disdain for globalism catches the public mood in the US. 特朗普对全球主义的蔑视契合了美国的公众情绪。After costly wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq there is not much of a market in the midwest for overseas adventurism. 经过了阿富汗、伊拉克这两场不是非打不可且代价高昂的战争,海外冒险主义在美国中西部地区已没有多大市场。The Iraq war was intended as a demonstration of American might. As things turned out, it illuminated national weakness. 发动伊拉克战争本是为了显示美国的实力,结果却暴露了美国的弱点。Superior military hardware takes you only so far unless you have political consent.优势武器装备的作用是有限的,除非能获得政治上的同意。The charge that Europe has been a free-rider on the US defence budget broadly speaking is a fair one. 广义来说,指责欧洲一直搭乘美国国防预算的便车也不为过。It has been acknowledged, if then ignored, by many European politicians. 许多欧洲政治家都承认了这一点——如果不是后来又忽视了这一点的话。I never understood why newly democratic governments in eastern Europe with most to fear from Russian revanchism cut so deeply into defence budgets.我一直不明白东欧新成立的民主政府为何如此大规模地削减国防预算,它们最有理由忧惧俄罗斯复仇主义。Some Europeans presented a philosophical justification for the unequal contribution to Nato. 一些欧洲人为北约内部这种不平均的费用分摊提出了哲学上的理由。Europe’s role after the collapse of communism was that of a normative power, sping liberal internationalism by example. 共产主义垮台后,欧洲扮演的角色是一个标杆大国,通过树立榜样传播自由国际主义。As the sole superpower, the US could keep the peace. 作为全球唯一的超级大国,美国可以维持这种和平。Seen from Washington this was never a good bargain. 从华盛顿的角度来看,这从来都不是一笔合算的买卖。And, anyway, things have moved on from that glorious moment of innocence when it was possible, just, to imagine a world order recast in Europe’s postmodern image.此外,无论如何,形势已经发生变化,不再是那个刚刚可以想象一种按照后现代欧洲形象塑造的世界秩序的光荣时刻。All this said, American altruism has always been a myth. 话虽如此,美国的利他主义从始至终根本就不存在。From the outset the US commitment to the alliance was rooted in self-interest. 美国对北约的承诺从一开始就根植于自身利益。Roosevelt, Truman and the rest had weighed the cost of isolationism during the 1920s and 1930s. 罗斯Roosevelt)、杜鲁门(Truman)等领导人权衡了上世纪二、三十年代实行孤立主义的代价。Nato was the first line of defence against the global, and anti-American, ambitions of Soviet communism.北约是抵御苏联共产主义全球(反美)野心的第一道防线。Likewise, the postwar international economic architecture was drawn to American specifications. 同样,战后的国际经济体系也是根据美国的意愿打造的。A secure and prosperous Europe provided a rich market for US multinationals. 安全、繁荣的欧洲为美国跨国公司提供了广阔的市场。American business was the big winner from an open international order.美国企业是开放的国际秩序的。The assumption was modified only slightly once the Berlin Wall came down. 柏林墙倒塌后,这种设定仅稍有调整。The Atlantic alliance would at once entrench democracy in the former communist states and sp the liberal Washington consensus to rising states in the south and east.这个跨大西洋联盟立刻在前共产主义国家巩固民主,并向南方和东方崛起的国家传播信奉自由主义的华盛顿共识。The economic calculus has changed during the past decade mainly because China has been the biggest winner from the open trading system but it is hard to find a significant US business that thinks America would benefit from a retreat into protectionism.虽然过去十年全球经济格局已经改变——主要因为中国已成为开放贸易体系的最——但很难找到一家认为美国将从回归贸易保护主义中受益的重要美国企业。It would not take much to upend the alliance. 拆散北约也不是很难。Now, as during the cold war, Nato stands or falls on the credibility of the US commitment to defend its allies. 像冷战期间那样,如今北约的成败依然系于美国保卫盟友承诺的可信度上。If Mr Trump shares the view of his friend Newt Gingrich that Estonia is little more than a suburb of St Petersburg the game is lost. 如果特朗普赞同友人纽金里Newt Gingrich)的观点——爱沙尼亚不过是圣彼得堡的郊区——那这场弈就输了。No manner of increase in European defence budgets will sustain Nato deterrence if Russia sees the US dumping the alliance’s Article 5 mutual defence arrangements.如果俄罗斯看到美国放弃北大西洋公约第五条关于共同防御的安排,无论欧洲国家如何增加国防预算都无法维持北约的威慑作用。A part of Mr Trump may say: who cares? He can certainly find realists in the US and European foreign policy establishments who would turn over parts of the former Soviet space to a Russian sphere of influence. 特朗普内心有一个声音或许会说:管他呢?他一定可以在美欧外交政策建制派中,找到会听任俄罗斯把部分前苏联地区收入自己势力范围之内的现实主义者。But the true realist question is what does the US get from Moscow in return? Not much beyond a damaging reputation as an unreliable ally.但真正现实的问题是,美国能从莫斯科得到什么回报?除了留下不可靠的盟友的坏名声外,美国不会得到什么。Beyond its economic interest in European stability the EU may have its troubles but it is America’s richest overseas market the US has much to lose from a break-up of the alliance. 不仅是欧洲的稳定关系到美国的经济利益(欧盟或许遭遇了麻烦,但仍是美国最富裕的海外市场),北约解体还将让美国损失更多。You do not restore American power and prestige by ditching old friends.抛弃了老朋友的美国是不会恢复实力和威望的。Europe’s role during these past several decades has been to offer the US a stamp of international legitimacy in the pursuit of its national interests. 欧洲过去几十年一直扮演为美国追求国家利益提供国际合法性明的角色。Some would say it has sold itself too cheaply. 有人会说,欧洲要价太低了。As Wolfgang Ischinger, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference, wrote recently in The New York Times: Wherever Mr Trump looks, he will not find better partners to work with to secure America’s strategic interests.慕尼黑安全会Munich Security Conference)主席沃尔夫冈.伊申格尔(Wolfgang Ischinger)最近在《纽约时报The New York Times)上撰文称:无论在哪儿,特朗普都找不到(比欧洲)更好的、保护美国战略利益的合作伙伴了。So yes, Europeans should spend more on defence. 没错,欧洲应当在国防上投入更多。As importantly, they need a strategy to confront the threat from Moscow and the chaos on its southern borders. 同样重要的是,他们需要一项应对莫斯科的威胁以及南部边境外混乱局面的战略。But no one should pretend that the US would be a winner were Mr Trump to rupture permanently one of the most successful alliances in history.但如果特朗普永久瓦解这个历史上最成功的联盟之一的话,谁都不应假装美国会成为赢家。来 /201611/480269重庆医科大学附属儿童医院整形科九龙坡区中医医院治疗痘坑多少钱



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