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襄阳精液稀,和水一样襄阳市中医院看男科怎么样襄阳前列腺炎多少钱 襄樊市军工医院割包皮多少钱

襄阳四院男科地址Privacy and security隐私与安全Code to ruin?解密手机?The rights and wrongs of Apples fight with the FBI苹果对抗FBI的对与错CITIZENS have a right to both security and privacy. The difficulties arise when these two rights are in conflict, as they now are in the battle between the worlds most valuable company and its most famous law-enforcement agency. Apple has refused to comply with a court order to help the FBI unlock an iPhone used by Syed Farook, one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shootings in December. The company says the governments request fundamentally compromises the privacy of its users; the feds say that Apples defiance jeopardises the safety of Americans (see article).公民应该享有安全和隐私的权利。然而当两者冲突的时候,问题就来了:这就是目前的情形——世界上市值最高的公司站在了赫赫有名的执法机构的对立面。苹果拒绝执行一项帮助FBI解锁iPhone的法院判决,该手机是使用者名叫Syed Farook,是参与12月份圣贝纳迪诺击案的恐怖分子之一。公司表示政府命令从根本上违背了消费者隐私权,而联邦政府则声称,如果苹果对该项判决拒不执行会危害美国人民的安全,Some frame the stand-off in terms of the rule of law: Apple cannot pick and choose which rules it will obey, they say. That is both true and beside the point. The firm has the right to appeal against a court order; if it eventually loses the legal battle, it will have to comply. The real question is whether Apples substantive arguments are right. That hinges on two issues.一些人把这个僵局归因为法制:苹果不能选择性地遵守法律。这个观点没错但是并不切题。公司有权对于法院判决进行上诉,如果它在终审判决中败诉,就不得不遵守。真正的问题是,苹果这种实质性的争论是否正确。这取决于两点。The first is whether the FBIs request sets a precedent. The law-enforcers say not. This is not an attempt to build a generic flaw in Apples encryption, through which government can walk as needed. It is a request to unlock a specific device, akin to wiretapping a single phone line. The phone belonged to a government department, not Farook. Apple and other tech firms regularly co-operate with the authorities on criminal cases; this is no different. Yet Apple is being asked to do something new: to write a piece of software that does not currently exist in order to sidestep an iPhone feature that erases data after ten unsuccessful password attempts. Later models of the iPhone than the one Farook used are harder to compromise in this way. But if the courts ruling is upheld, it signals that companies can be compelled by the state to write new operating instructions for their devices. That breaks new ground.第一要看FBI的要求是否会开先例。执法机构认为不会,这并不会在苹果的加密系统中制造一个政府可以随意进出的普遍漏洞,他们只是要求解锁一个特定装置,这就相当于搭线窃听一个特定的电话一样。这部手机属于政府部门,而不再是Farook。苹果和其他科技公司经常会配合当局解决犯罪案件,这次也并无不同。然而这次执法机构要求苹果做的是一件前所未有的事情:写一个全新的程序去阻拦iPhone中“输错10次密码就会清除所有数据”的程序设定。在Farook手机之后生产的新型号iPhone较难用这种方法破解。但是,一旦此判决被执行,就表示政府可以强令公司改写其产品的运行指令。这会为后人打破先例。The second issue is whether that precedent is justified. And that entails a judgment on whether security would be enhanced or weakened by Apples compliance. In the short term, the answer is that security will be enhanced. Farook was a terrorist; his phone is the only one being unlocked; and the device might give up the identity of other malefactors. But in the longer term, things are much fuzzier.第二要看先例是否公正。问题来了:苹果执行这一判决之后,安全性是增强还是减弱呢?短期而言,是安全性会被加强。Farook曾是个恐怖分子,他的手机是现在唯一正被解锁的,而且可能从这台设备中发现其他罪犯的身份。但长期而言,事态越来越扑朔迷离。Security does not just mean protecting people from terrorism, but also warding off the threat of rogue espionage agencies, cybercriminals and enemy governments. If Apple writes a new piece of software that could circumvent its password systems on one phone, that software could fall into the hands of hackers and be modified to unlock other devices. If the capability to unlock iPhones exists, so will the temptation for the authorities to use it repeatedly. And if tech firms are forced to comply with this sort of request in America, it is harder for anyone to argue against similar demands from more repressive governments, such as Chinas. This newspaper has long argued against cryptographic backdoors and skeleton keys on these grounds. It is possible to imagine a scenario that might override such concerns: if information is needed to avert a specific and imminent threat to many lives, for example. But in this instance, Apples case is the stronger.安全性不仅意味着保护人们免受恐怖主义危害,还能规避流氓间谍机构、网络罪犯与敌军政府的威胁。如果苹果写了一个新的软件,能够规避一部手机的口令系统,那么软件就能落入黑客手中,被他修改并解锁其他设备。如果有能力解锁iPhones,那么当局也同样会反复使用此项技能。如果技术公司被迫同意美国这种请求的话,那么换作其他更具压迫性的政府,例如中国,他们若提出这般相似请求,会更难对抗。本报长期反对解密后门与基于此方面的万能钥匙。可以去想象一个这样的场景,或许能扫除这些担忧:需要获取数据信息来避免对许多人构成的一次特殊紧急威胁。但在这种情形下,苹果案例比较有说力。Core arguments核心论This battle presages others. If the courts rule against Apple, it will work to make its devices so secure that they cannot be overridden by any updates. In that event (or, indeed, if the tech firm wins the Farook case), legislators will be tempted to mandate backdoor access via the statute book. If Tim Cook, Apples boss, is not to hasten the outcome he wishes to avoid, he must lay out the safeguards that would have persuaded the firm to accede to the FBIs request. Tech firms are at the centre of a vital policy debate (see article). Apple has rejected the authorities solution. Now it must propose its own.这场对战还预示了其他方面。如果法庭判苹果败诉,它将会使它的设备安全到不会被任何更新软件推翻。倘或确实科技公司在Farook案例上获胜,执法人员将会选择通过成文法强制指令解密后门。如果苹果老板Tim Cook不打算加速实现他想规避的结果,那他必须安排好本可以说公司同意FBI要求的安全措施。科技公司处于重要政策争论的中心。苹果已经拒绝官方的解决方式。现如今它必须提出自己的解决方式。 翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:王丹培译文属译生译世 /201603/429434襄阳人民医院可以治疗男科吗 The National Weather Service said a major storm system is expected to start impacting the western, central and southern ed States late Friday and continue through next week. 国家气象局称,强大风暴系统预计周五晚开始影响美国西部、中部和南部地区,并继续影响至下周。Heavy rainfall, mountain snow, and strong winds will impact the West Coast and Intermountain West this weekend and early next week. 暴雨、山间飘雪和大风在本周末及下周初会影响西海岸和西部山区。starting on Monday, heavy rainfall and severe weather will be possible in the central and southern U.S. 从周一开始,中部和南部地区可能会有强降雨和恶劣天气。That weather is expected to continue through the rest of the week. Residual river flooding is also possible.预计那样的天气将持续本周的其它几天。河流洪水泛滥也是可能的。译文属。201603/429568襄阳淋病专科医院

襄阳哪里治早泄Europe Russia’s president欧洲 俄罗斯总统Alone at the top高处不胜寒All this feeds a sense of uncertainty, with the Moscow political elite “disoriented,” according to Mr Petrov. Investigative files on the two defence cases have existed for years, only to resurface now. Are the rules changing? What could be unearthed tomorrow, and against whom? At the same time, the mood of rudderless leadership has been worsened by questions over Mr Putin’s health.据彼得罗夫所言,莫斯科的政治精英们“迷失了方向”,所有这一切增加了迷茫的感觉。国防部的两个腐败案例的调查卷宗已然存在好多年了,只不过现在是重新露面而已。是规则在发生变化吗?明天会揭露出什么?会针对谁呢?与此同时,对于普京总统健康问题的疑问使人们“领导缺乏领头人”的情绪更加恶化。For much of October and November, Mr Putin worked at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, rarely going to the Kremlin and cancelling foreign trips to Bulgaria, India and Turkey (though he is now going to Turkey next week). News reports discussed a possible back problem caused by flying an ultralight plane beside some wild cranes in September. The Kremlin dismissed this, saying only that Mr Putin had pulled a muscle while exercising. In another political system, the story might have stopped there, but in Russia the mystery took on symbolic resonance.在十月到十一月的大部分时间里,普京都在莫斯科外的Novo-Ogaryovo的住所办公,很少去克林姆宫,并且取消了去保加利亚,印度和土耳其(虽然下星期他就将出访土耳其)的访问行程。新闻报道讨论总统可能是因为9月乘坐的轻型飞机在一些野生鹤旁边飞行而使背部出了毛病。克里姆林宫拒绝这种说法,说普京总统只不过是在锻炼的时候拉伤了肌肉。在另外一种政治制度下,故事可能就到此为止了。但是在俄罗斯这个神秘事件却有了象征意义。Over the years, Mr Putin has played on traditional Russian deference to the leader while relying on manipulation of the media. The “charismatic aura” for Mr Putin, says Lev Gudkov of the Levada Centre polling group, has produced a system like “Byzantium, only on television.” The real point of the story about Mr Putin’s back was not the supposed ailment but the breaking of a taboo over discussing his health—and his future.在这几年里,普金一直依赖操控媒体来引导俄罗斯大众臣于他的领导。拉维达中心民意调查集团的勒夫古德科威说,普京头上的“魅力光环”催生出一种类似于“电视里的拜占庭”的系统。其实普京事件真正的重点不是他到底得的什么病,而是打破了不能谈论他身体状况和未来的禁忌。The biggest concern is Mr Putin’s isolation. His claim to Germany’s Angela Merkel that Pussy Riot members had hanged the effigy of a Jew in 2008 was bizarre and inaccurate (in fact, the band was protesting against anti-Semitism); either he was misleading her or he had himself been misled. Mr Putin has spent over a decade in power and Yevgenia Albats, editor of the liberal New Times, talks of the “typical syndrome of an ageing general secretary”.最令人担忧的是普京现在的孤立状况。他曾经向德国的安吉拉默克尔宣称,Pussy Riot乐队的成员曾于2008年绞杀一个犹太人的雕像,这个宣称既古怪又不准确(实际上这个乐队抗议的正是反犹太主义);要么就是普京在误导默克尔,要么就是他自己也被误导了。普京执政已经超过十年,对此,新时代杂志的编辑同时也是无党派人士耶维格尼亚阿尔巴特表示,这是“年老的总统的典型症状”。Compared with his early years in charge when he relied on economic aides like German Gref and Alexei Kudrin, Mr Putin has less faith in the counsel of those around him and more certainty in his own judgment. After a difficult year, he believes that he “owes his position to a hard-fought electoral victory, unlike his colleagues who have no mandate from the voters”, says Sergei Guriev of the New Economic School. On many issues, says one former adviser, Mr Putin “thinks he understands the situation, but in fact it can be quite incomprehensible for him”.普京总统当权的早些年依赖其经济助手比如格尔曼.格列夫和阿列克谢.库德林,与那时相比,他现在对他周围的忠告更加不信任而对自己的判断更加确信。在经历了艰难的一年之后,他相信他“把自己的地位归功于通过艰苦奋战取得的选举胜利,不像他那些选民没有授权的同事们”,新经济学院的谢尔盖·瓦西里连科说。一个前顾问说,普京总统在很多事情上“认为他了解情况,但是实际上情况对他来说可能很难以理解”。Decision-making in the Kremlin appears to be on hold. Mr Putin has slowed down progress on the budget, on pensions and on privatisation. This may partly be a prudent move to sit out recent turmoil in global markets. But the danger of what Chris Weafer of Troika Dialog calls a “deliberate policy of inactivity” is that Mr Putin waits too long, acting only when the next political or financial crisis hits him.克林姆宫的决策似乎要推迟了。普京总统放缓了预算、养老金和私有化的进展。部分原因是出于普京对近期全球市场混乱无序的谨慎考虑,不愿去淌这个浑水。但是克丽丝韦弗和特罗伊卡戴尔罗格称此举十分危险,是一种“故意不作为的政策”,也就是说普京一直按兵不动,直到下一次政治或金融危机出现时再采取对策。As for the campaign against corruption, it will go only so far. Corruption is a pillar of Putin-era stability as much as a threat to it. Much of what could be called corruption has become formalised, if not legalised, through official tenders, court rulings and bank-approved loans. That makes it both more prevalent and amorphous—and harder to eliminate.至于反腐斗争,也只能到此为止了。腐败既是普京政局稳定的一大柱,也是一大威胁。被称为腐败的很多东西即使没有合法化,也通过正式投标、法院裁决和许可的贷款变得正常化了。这就导致贪污问题更加普遍,形式更加复杂,更难消除。Alexei Venediktov of the Ekho Moskvy radio station likens the situation to “turbulence” in an aeroplane. The ruling class may know “in which direction and with which pilot” they are flying, he says; but the plane is shaking disconcertingly.回声电台的阿列克谢·维涅季克托夫将此比作飞机遇到的“不稳定气流”。在飞行时统治阶层也许清楚“朝何处前进,和哪位飞行员一同协作”, 但是飞机正在令人不安地摇晃。翻译:孙齐圣译文属译生译世201609/463740 How do you improve at any sport? You train, train, train.你怎样才能在体育运动方面有所提高呢?你不停地锻炼。But how you train is just as important as how much.但是你怎样锻炼与锻炼量的多少同样重要。Armed withthe science of exercise physiology, todays olympic-classcoaches design sophisticated programs for their athletes.以运动生理学为指导,今天奥林匹克级别的教练为他们的运动员设计了一系列复杂的程序。A muscle is like an engine, and the fuel it runs on is the chemicalATP.肌肉就像一个引擎,它的;燃油;是化学物质三磷酸腺苷,Our bodies have three separate systems for creating thisfuel however.我们身体有3个制造这种“燃油”的独立系统。Exercise physiologists pay close attention to howan athletes ATP is produced.运动生理学家门密切关注了一个运动员三磷酸腺苷是怎样形成的。The phosphocreatine system gives an athlete lots of ATP very fast, but its only good for aboutten seconds before it needs to recharge.磷酸肌酸系统能够非常快的为运动员提供许多三磷酸腺苷,但是在再次补给之前,这中物质只能持续大约十秒钟。The second system, called glycolysis, provides a moresteady supply, but too much glycolysis can make the muscles inefficient.第二系统,称为醣酵解,能够提供更稳定的供应。但是过多的醣酵解会让肌肉效率低下。The third system, calledaerobic metabolism, burns fats and sugars to make ATP.第三系统,叫做有氧代谢,燃烧脂肪和糖分来制造三磷酸腺苷。Aerobic metabolism is best for long termendurance, but its slow to get going, and, like the other systems, it also runs out of steam.有氧代谢有利于长期的耐力训练,但是它的反应比较慢,而且就像其他的系统样,它同样会很快的筋疲力尽。Olympic trainers take these systems into account.奥林匹克教练考虑了所有的这些系统。A long- distance runner should use aerobicmetabolism for as much of her ATP as possible.长跑运动员应该尽可能的像运用三磷酸腺苷那样来运用有氧代谢。To ensure this, shell be tested on a tmill tomeasure her threshold of aerobic metabolism.为了确保这样,她将会在跑步机上来测量她的有氧运动的极限。The trainer then develops a training program whichwill increase it.然后教练研发了可以增加有氧代谢的运动程序。On the other hand, a weight lifter should use his phosphocreatine system, whichprovides maximum ATP in short bursts of time.另一方面,举重运动员可以运用磷酸肌酸系统,它能够在较短的爆发时间内提供最大值的三磷酸腺苷。His work- outs will build up the enzymes of thissystem, as well as build up his muscles.由此将会增加这个系统的酶,也能够重塑他的肌肉。Thats just one way athletes can get a boost from the science of exercise physiology.这就是一个运动员从运动生理学上获得提高的路径之一。 201409/332538襄阳尿道炎哪家好襄阳保康县治疗早泄哪家医院最好



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