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我已然四分五裂,我几乎不能呼吸,我的心灵已经破碎,尽管他还未停止跳动,在无尽痛苦中,我会被你所拯救,那就是你的名字,那是我存在的所有意义点击此处收看MVThe Broken clock is a comt It helps me sleep tonight Maybe it can stop tomorrow From stealing all my timeAnd I am here still waiting Though I still have my doubts I am damaged at best Like you've aly figured out I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing With a broken heart That's still beating In the pain There is healing In your name I find meaning So I'm holding on (I'm holdin on)(I'm holdin on)I'm barely holding on to you The broken locks were a warning You got inside my head I tried my best to be guarded I'm an open book instead And I still see your reflection Inside of my eyes That are looking purpose They're still looking life I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing With a broken heart That's still beating In the painIs there healing In your name I find meaning So I'm holding on (I'm still holdin on)(I'm holdin on) I'm barely holding on to you I'm hanging on another day Just to see what, you will throw my way And I'm hanging on, to the words you say You said that I will, will be okay The broken light on the freewayLeft me here alone I may have lost my way now But I haven't gotten my way home 87。

洛杉矶时报:在9天里发生了三次航空公司改变航线的事故,而其背后的原因就是越来越窄的座位.Los Angeles Times says in 9 days there were three diversion of air flight caused by passenger fights over shrinking legroom.The latest one occurred when Amy Fine wanted to nap on Delta flight 370, from New York to Palm Beach, Fla., so she laid her head on the tray table.The passenger in front of her wanted to relax with some knitting. She reclined her seat — smacking Fine head and sparking an emotional explosion.The resulting screaming match caused an unscheduled landing in Jacksonville.The space squeeze — as airlines pack more people and profit into planes — is only the latest frustration travelers, aly weary of security hassles and charges checked baggage, food, in-flight entertainment and other once-free services. 376。

英语学习笔记:log [l#596;#7;ɡ] n. 原木doze [do#650;z] v. 打瞌睡prandial [praelig;nd#618;#601;l] adj. 膳食的,正餐的post-prandial 餐后hit the sack[saelig;k] 就寝hit the hay 就寝doze off 打瞌睡Some students often doze off in class.有些学生常在课堂上打瞌睡 I often doze off in class我经常在课上睡觉 After working a whole day, I slept like a log.干了一整天活,我睡得很沉 A post-prandial snooze sets the brain up learning and working. 午餐之后打个小盹会让头脑更清醒,学习工作更有效率 Let hit the sackhay. We have to get up in the morning.我们睡吧,早上得早起呢!更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 38。

英国女王伊丽莎白二世登基60周年钻石禧庆典5日在高潮迭起的各项活动后落幕,数十万来自全英乃至世界各地的民众涌上伦敦街头,一睹女王乘坐金敞篷马车巡游的风采琼.里弗斯是出生于1933年的著名喜剧女演员她再次受访大卫莱特曼秀,称自己观看了英女王的钻石庆,颇具幽默感的她将与大家谈谈她心中的英女王?I know that you have affinity to the royal family.我知道你对于皇室成员很有亲和力So did you watch the diamond jubilee?所以你肯定是看了钻石庆典?I was in tears, you know, cause I was very close to the queen.我泪流满面,你知道,因为我非常接近女王It was my first time to meet her.这是我第一次见到她Youve met her, you havent?但你曾经见过她,不是这样吗?You know. I only saw her around the stamp.你懂的我只是在邮票上见过她老人家而已And the first time I met her, I was so nervous.而在我第一次见到她的时候,我非常紧张I just went over and licked the back of her head.我只是想去舔她的脑后You were so nervous. Just a lick of that.你确实很紧张只是想那样而已Well, I can understand. Sure.嗯,我能理解当然I love them and they look happy and Kate, it working out.我爱他们,他们看起来很快乐而凯特也是如此Thank God. Bcause marriage is always worries. She so beautiful.感谢上帝因为婚姻总是让人担忧但她那天确实非常漂亮She looks like a lovely woman.她看起来像一位楚楚动人的贵妇人She is lovely and he is lovely and they started out long.她非常可爱,他也很可爱的,他们开始And I told them, he gave her Princess Diana ring.我告诉他们,他给她戴安娜王妃的戒指You dont give…oh, poor, Dave, please.不是你给…噢,太可怜了,戴夫,请继续Here is a girl he is in love with.这是一个他爱上的女孩“Sweetheart, I want you to have my mother ring.“亲爱的,我希望你戴上我妈妈的这枚戒指My mother and father hated each other, they think my brother was somebody else.我的母亲和父亲互相讨厌对方,他们认为我的哥哥是别人的My mother was crazy, on drugs, tried to kill herself, then she screwed in Europe and guess what, they had her killed and good luck”. Ive got…我的母亲对于毒品非常疯狂,试图自杀,然后她在欧洲有次酩酊大醉,你猜随后情况如何,他们杀了她而且祝她好运”我对此非常…Well, I see, I never seen as a jew, I wouldnt take that ring.嗯,我明白了,我从来没有看到过,即使作为一名犹太人,我也不会要那枚戒指Even as a jew, wouldnt take it.即使作为一名犹太人,我也不能接受 1875。

The Story of a Fire烈火雄心Thirteen years have passed since, but it is all to me as if it had happened yesterday, the clanging of the fire-bells, the hoarse shouts of the firemen, the wild rush and terror of the streets; then the great hush that fell upon the crowd; the sea of upturned faces with the fire glow upon it; and there, against the background of black smoke that poured from roof and attic, the boy clinging to the narrow ledge so far up that it seemed humanly impossible that help could ever come.事情已经过去十三年了,然而对我来说,它仿佛是昨天才发生似的--报火警钟的当当声,消防队员声嘶力竭的喊叫声,大街上人们狂奔乱跑,惊恐万分突然,人群寂静无声熊熊的火光照着那无数张向上仰望着的脸那边,小男孩紧紧地拽住墙壁上狭窄的突出部分,后面是屋顶和顶楼里喷涌而出的黑烟,他离地面是那么高,看来人力是无法搭救他的了But even then it was coming. Up from the street, while the crew of the truck-company were labouring with the heavy extension ladder that at its longest stretch was many feet too short, crept four men upon long slender poles with crossbars, iron-hooked at the end. Standing in one window, they reached up and thrust the hook through the next one above, then mounted a storey higher. Again the crash of glass, and again the dizzy ascent. Straight up the wall they crept, looking like human flies on the ceiling, and clinging as close, never resting, reaching one recess only to set out the next; nearer and nearer in the race life, until but a single span separated the emost from the boy.但是,尽管这样,还是有人来搭救了消防梯车上的救火队员正在费劲地架起笨重的伸缩梯,但是那梯子伸足后还是太短,差了一大截这时候,四名消防队员缘着细长的杆子从街面往楼上爬,杆子上装有横档,顶端用铁钩钩住他们站上一扇窗口,把杆子伸上去,用钩子钩住上面的窗子,随后又爬上一层楼接着,又一阵砸碎玻璃的砰砰声,又一次令人头晕目眩的攀登他们沿着墙壁笔直地往上爬,看上去小得好似天花板上的苍蝇四名消防队员紧贴着墙,不歇气地一个窗台接着一个窗台向上爬在这场争夺生命的竞赛中,他们愈爬愈近了,爬在最前面的消防队员离小孩只剩下一柞的距离了 3958。

地点:莫妮卡公寓人物:莫妮卡,瑞秋,钱德勒,乔伊,罗斯事件:“谁更了解谁”比赛打成平手,罗斯早就准备好加时闪电赛,而这次两队的赌注是:女生赢,男生便处理掉公鸡;男生赢,双方便交换公寓Ross: All right, we have a tie. Luckily, I have prepared such an event. The Lightning Round! Thirty seconds, all the questions you can answer.Monica: You guys are dead. I am so good at lighting rounds.Chandler: I majored in lightning rounds. All right, were gonna destroy you.Monica: Huh, wanna bet?Chandler: Well, Im so confused as to what weve been doing so far…Monica: How about we play more money, say 0?Rachel: Monica?Monica: Im just trying to spice it up!Rachel: Okay, so let play some pepper! Stop spending my money!Monica: I got it! How about, if we win, they have to get rid of the rooster?Rachel: Oh, that interesting.Joey: Hey, no way, that rooster family!.Chandler: All right, hold on! If you win, we give up the birds. But if we win, we get your apartment.Monica: Deal! 190。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻.Good GirlA minister asked a little one this question. ;What does your mother do you when youve been a good girl?;She replied, ;She lets me stay home from church.;Notes:1. A minister asked a little one this question.有一个牧师问一个小朋友这样一个问題;little;除了可以表示“小的形状也可以表示;小的年龄”;;one;在这里当代名同,它与修饰语连用,表示特定的人或物,如:any one(任何人)所以little one(年龄小的人),也就是指小孩子minister [#7;m#618;n#618;st#601;(r)] n.牧师.;What does your mother do you when youve been a good girl?;“当你是一个乖女孩时,你妈妈会为你做什么?”3. She replied, ;She lets me stay home from church.;她回答:“她会让我留在家,不用去教堂”上教堂做礼拜对孩子来说是个折磨(torture).必须坐在椅子上,听老牧师讲一些他们听不懂的话,而旦不能说话或乱动,持续一至三个小时,分秒都是煎熬所以可以不去教 堂对小孩子来说就是最好的奖赏了!torture [#7;t#596;:t#63;#601;(r)] n.折磨本节目可可原创节目, 3368。