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昆山那个医院可以医好尖锐湿疣昆山治子宫肌瘤多少钱昆山治疗宫颈炎好的医院 Named and shamed! Chinato create ranking of badly behaved tourists for travel companies after string of embarrassing incidents abroad.在一系列发生在国外的尴尬事件后,中国将为旅行社制定不良行为游客排名。China will monitor and rank incidents of misbehaviour by their tourists abroad sothat they can be passed on to tour operators and travel agents, for them to decide whether to do business with them again, state media says.中国将对游客在国外的不良行为事件进行监控和排名,通过将这些数据交给旅行社或者旅游机构,从而让他们决定要不要再为这些旅客提供务,国家媒体报道。The program, put forward by Chinas National Tourism Administration (NTA), is designed to curb incidents of violent or disruptive behaviour by mainland tourists while travelling or on holiday.国家旅游局设立的这个项目的目的是为了抑制大陆游客在旅游或者度假时发生的暴力或者破坏行为。NTA chairman Li Jinzao said that the information would be given to travel companiesto allow them to decide whether to sell the person that ticket, or whether tolet them take my flight, according to South China Morning Post.国家旅游局局长说这些信息将交给旅游机构,好让他们决定是否给某人提供务或者说是否让某人乘坐航班,《南华早报》报道说。The new classification system will be launched in the second quarter and will also include information on the number of complaints received by attractions and hotels, how many had been dealt with and of those that had been handled –how many customers had been satisfied with the outcome.这个新的分级系统将在第二季度发起,将包括旅游景点和饭店所收到的投诉数量的信息,有多少投诉得到处理的信息,以及在受到处理的投诉中有多少客人对处理结果表示满意的信息。The last few years have seen a string of embarrassing and high-profile incidents ofbad behaviour by Chinese tourists, denting their reputation worldwide.最近几年,中国游客引发了一系列令人尴尬和高调的不良行为事件,使得中国游客在世界范围内的名声受到了损害。来 /201501/354916昆山精囊炎医院

周市镇陆杨医院治疗尿道炎多少钱Ukraine and Russia have agreed a tentative deal to restore the supply of natural gas at talks in Berlin today.乌克兰和俄罗斯昨日在柏林举行会谈,就恢复天然气供应达成了初步协议。Ukraine has agreed to pay a total of .1bn to Russias Gazprom for outstanding invoices by the end of this year.乌克兰同意向俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)付总计31亿美元,用于偿还到今年年底之前的未偿还债务。In return, Gazprom will supply five billion cubic metres of natural gas. reports the FTs Jeevan Vasagar.同时,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司将向乌克兰供应50亿立方米的天然气。The first tranche of bn will be paid by the end of October, EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger announced in Berlin on Friday.欧盟(EU)能源专员冈瑟#8226;厄廷Günther Oettinger)周五在柏林宣布,乌克兰首0亿美元款项将0月底之前付。Ukraines energy minister Yury Prodan held talks in Berlin today with Russian energy minister Alexander Novak and the European energy commissioner. The chief executives of Gazprom and Ukrainian utility Naftogaz were also present.乌克兰能源部长尤#8226;普罗Yury Prodan)昨日与俄罗斯能源部长亚历山大#8226;诺瓦Alexander Novak)以及欧洲能源专员厄廷格在柏林举行会谈。俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司和乌克兰国家石油天然气公司(Naftogaz)的首席执行官也参加了会谈。Russia halted natural gas flows to Ukraine, a major transit route for EU gas, in June because of a dispute over price and payment arrears. The dispute is going before a court in Stockholm, which is due to rule next summer.今年6月,由于在价格和尾款付方面产生争议,俄罗斯停止向乌克兰供应天然气。乌克兰是欧盟天然气的重要中转站。这一争议已交由斯德哥尔一法庭审理,将于明年夏季做出裁决。Mr Oettinger said at a press conference in Berlin that if Ukraines legal position prevails in court, the payment of .1bn would settle the case. He said: ;We believe this is a tangible interim solution to secure gas supplies this winter into next spring.;厄廷格在柏林的一个新闻发布会上表示,如果乌克兰的立场得到法庭持,那么该国付的31亿美元将了结此案。他表示:“我们认为,这暂时切实解决了今年冬季至明年春季的天然气供应问题。”Mr Oettinger said that negotiators would return to national capitals to seek approval of the potential deal.厄廷格表示,谈判代表将回国获得政府对这一潜在协议的批准。Russian gas exporter Gazprom has requested that Ukraine repay its debt for past deliveries, and introduced a pre-payment system. Gazprom estimates Ukraines debt at over bn.俄罗斯天然气出口商——俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司要求,乌克兰应偿还之前俄罗斯交付的天然气的货款,该公司还提出了一个预付款制度。俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司估计,乌克兰的债务超过50亿美元。Russian energy minister Mr Novak told reporters in Berlin that the details of the agreement are ;to our satisfaction.;俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克在柏林告诉记者,协议的具体内容“让我们感到满意”。He said: ;[The details] are in line with the Russian position. Part of the debt is repaid and deliveries are paid in advance. There are some minor details that need clarification. Once this is achieved, we shall recommend to the Russian government to pass the whole package.;他表示:“(协议具体内容)符合俄罗斯的立场。部分债务得到偿还,同时预先付货款。还有一些小的细节需要澄清。一旦最终敲定,我们将建议俄罗斯政府批准整个协议。”Mr Novak said that, under the deal, Ukraine would pay bn to Gazprom before any new supplies are made. The remaining .1bn will be paid in instalments by the end of the year, the Russian minister said.诺瓦克表示,根据该协议,在俄罗斯供应新的天然气之前,乌克兰将向俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司0亿美元。剩下的11亿美元将在今年年底之前分期偿还。Under the deal, Russia and Ukraine have agreed a gas price of 5 per 1000 cubic metres for new gas supplies over the winter.根据该协议,俄罗斯同意以每一千立方米385美元的价格在今年冬季向乌克兰供应新的天然气。来 /201409/332509昆山经济技术开发区妇科检查多少钱 The European Union says its asylum processing is so clogged with foreign migrants seeking refuge that it would take a year to process all pending applications if the migrant influx stopped immediately.欧盟说,外国移民寻求避难的申请过程极为缓慢,如果现在移民马上停止涌入,仍需要一年时间处理所有申请。That analysis from the Malta-based European Asylum Support Office came Tuesday, as thousands of migrants - many of them from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan - continued arriving daily on Greek islands before pushing westward through the Balkans to western Europe. Italy has also been inundated in the past year with migrants, mostly from Africa and Asia.总部设在马耳他的欧洲庇护务办事处星期二公布这一分析报告的同时,数千名大部分来自战火纷飞的叙利亚和阿富汗的移民每天继续抵达希腊岛屿,之后他们向西穿过巴尔干国家前往西欧。意大利过去一年也有大批移民涌入,其中大多数来自非洲和亚洲。The EASO released data showing a backlog of 800,000 applications for international protection through September.欧洲庇护务办事处的数据显示,到9月份为止0万份要求避难的申请。It also said almost one in three migrants has been waiting at least three months for applications to be processed, and said 200,000 applicants have been waiting six months or longer.办事处说,几乎每三名移民中就有一人等候申请处理至少三个月,有20万申请者等候了六个月或更长。Ahead of a two-day EU summit in Malta with African heads of state, the EASO also said it had received fewer than half the workers requested from EU countries to process asylum applications.欧盟将与非洲首脑们在马耳他举行两天的峰会。在这之前,欧洲庇护务办事表示只从欧盟国家得到了处理庇护申请的工作人员人数的一半。It said it had asked for more than 370 workers, but that only 177 asylum experts had so far been provided, slowing the process so much that only 147 migrants have been officially relocated in Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, France and Spain since a EU relocation plan was approved last month.办事处表示曾提出需70多名工作人员,但是目前为止只得到177名庇护专家。这大大放慢了处理的速度,以致自上个月欧盟批准移民搬迁计划以来,只有147名移民正式迁移到瑞典、芬兰、卢森堡、法国和西班牙。来 /201511/409101昆山宗仁卿医院治疗痔疮多少钱

昆山市花桥人民医院治疗便血多少钱Hungary is set to deploy the army at the EU’s frontiers as part of a military response to Europe’s largest migration crisis since the second world war.匈牙利将在欧盟前沿部署军队,这是对二战以来欧洲最大规模难民危机做出的军事回应的一部分。Janos Lazar, a Hungarian minister, said the government had discussed a possible military build-up after police reports that 2,500 migrants penetrated the border with Serbia on Tuesday. One official said the numbers were the highest in Hungary’s history.匈牙利部长级官员亚诺什拉扎Janos Lazar)表示,政府已就可能的军事部署展开讨论,此前警方报告称,周二有2500名移民穿越匈牙利与塞尔维亚边界。一名官员表示,这个数字是匈牙利史上最高的。Mr Lazar’s statement came days after Bulgaria dispatched troops to its border with Turkey, prompting criticism from human rights groups that warned against a militarised response by European countries.在拉扎尔发表上述言论几天前,保加利亚在该国与土耳其边境部署军队,这引发了人权组织的批评,他们警告欧洲国家不要采取军事回应。Evidence of a build-up of migrants on Europe’s south-east border comes as Angela Merkel, German chancellor, prepares to attend a summit with Balkan leaders in Vienna today to discuss a fresh response to the refugees crossing the former Yugoslavia.有据显示,欧洲东南部边境移民增多,德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)正准备今日与巴尔干国家领导人在维也纳举行峰会,讨论对穿越前南斯拉夫的难民的最新应对举措。The summit comes days after Macedonia’s army fired tear gas and stun grenades at 2,000 migrants massed on its border with Greece before falling back as they broke through border defences.在此次峰会召开几天前,马其顿军队向聚集在该国与希腊边界000名难民发射催泪弹和眩晕弹,但在难民人潮突破边境防御设施后撤退。“Plans to use the army to stop asylum-seekers in Bulgaria and Hungary are ill-advised. Militarisation of borders is the wrong answer to migration,said Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner.欧洲理事Council of Europe)的人权专员尼尔斯穆伊兹涅克斯(Nils Muiznieks)表示:“动用军队阻止保加利亚和匈牙利境内难民的计划并不明智。边境军事化是解决移民问题的错误做法。”More than 140,000 refugees have arrived in Hungary so far this year, mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. While much attention has focused on migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Italy by sea from northern Africa, governments have struggled to co-ordinate a response to tens of thousands travelling through the western Balkans and entering the EU via Hungary.今年迄今,已有4万难民抵达匈牙利,主要来自叙利亚、阿富汗和伊拉克。在人们注意力主要集中于从北非横渡地中海抵达意大利的移民之际,各国政府也在艰难地协同回应数以万计穿过西巴尔干地区、借道匈牙利进入欧盟的难民。The Hungarian government said military deployment would be subject to parliamentary approval but confirmed six police “border hunterunits were preparing for deployment.匈牙利政府表示,军事部署将需要获得议会批准,但实,警方个“边境猎人”小分队正准备投入部署。来 /201508/395834 昆山妇保医院治疗腹胀多少钱张浦周庄锦溪淀山湖镇治疗妇科炎症哪家医院最好的



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