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周庄镇肛肠医院哪家好周市镇人民医院割包皮昆山综合保税区治疗附件炎多少钱 A study found pedal power could cut the risk of dying prematurely by 41%.一项研究发现,骑自行车可以将早亡的风险降低41%。Those who walk to work experience major health benefits too, but not to the same degree as people using their bike, experts found.专家发现,那些步行上班的人在健康上也受益匪浅,只是受益程度与骑自行车的人相比不同罢了。Dr Carlos Celis-Morales, from the University of Glasgow which carried out the research, said: “This may be because walkers commuted shorter distances than cyclists, typically six miles per week, compared with 30 miles per week and walking is generally a lower intensity of exercise than cycling.”格拉斯哥大学的卡洛斯·赛里斯·莫拉莱斯士进行了这项研究,他表示:“这可能是因为步行者比骑行者往返的距离要短,一般步行者每周走6英里,而骑行者每周会骑行30英里,并且步行通常比骑行的运动强度要低。”The study found that compared with driving or taking public transport, cycling to work is linked to a 45% lower risk of developing cancer. It was 46% for cardiovascular disease.研究发现,与驾车或乘坐公共交通相比,骑自行车去上班与降低罹患癌症的风险有关,而且可将风险降低45%。骑自行车还可以将患心血管疾病的风险降低46%。Researchers found that walking to work was associated with a 27% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. But it did not significantly reduce the likelihood of getting cancer.研究人员发现,步行上班与降低患心血管疾病的风险有关,并且可将风险降低27%。但步行上班无法显著地降低罹患癌症的可能性。There were also some health advantages to cycling part of a journey. Dr Jason Gill, from the university, urged the government to make it easier for people to commute by bike, including creating more cycle lanes and bike hire schemes.在旅行中骑行一段距离也是有着若干健康益处的。来自大学的詹森·吉尔士强烈要求政府为人们骑自行车上下班提供更多便利,例如修更多的自行车道以及推出自行车租赁方案。He said it would generate “major opportunities for public health improvement”.他说这会“为改善公众健康创造更多机会”。 /201704/506726昆山高新技术产业开发区宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的

昆山市玉山医院人流手术多少钱昆山经济技术开发区人民医院不孕不育科 Buy a new toothbrush. Right now. Your current one probably contains faeces, herpes or even the virus responsible for hepatitis.买一把新牙刷,现在就去。因为你现在正在用的牙刷很可能已经沾上了粪便、疱疹因子甚至会引发肝炎的病毒。Within just two days, toothbrushes can become heavily infected with disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi. And it doesn#39;t matter whether you keep it in your bathroom or under 24-hour surveillance - it#39;s contaminated, a leading expert has warned.一位顶尖专家警告称,不管牙刷有没有放在厕所或者被24小时监控,干净的牙刷在两天内就会沾染上许多致病细菌、病毒和真菌。Dr Rhona Eskander, a dentist based in Kensington and Chelsea, says there are numerous dangers to your health by not keeping it clean. And sharing brushes or letting them touch other ones is just as bad for you罗娜·伊斯康德医生是肯辛顿-切尔西区的一名牙医,她表示,牙刷不干净会对健康造成极大的伤害。与别人共用牙刷或者自己的牙刷与别人的牙刷有过接触都会有害健康。She told MailOnline: #39;The mouth harbours literally hundreds of different types of microorganisms, some of which can be transferred to a toothbrush during use #39;Microorganisms in the bathroom or household environment may also collect on a stored toothbrush – especially after the toilet has been flushed.#39;她在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“口腔内寄生着许多微生物,刷牙的同时这些微生物细菌会沾到牙刷上。卫生间或者家里的微生物也会寄存到牙刷上--特别是用完卫生间以后冲水沾染的细菌更多。”#39;When toothbrushes are stored in close together and touching in a tooth mug, the germs can pass from one to another, leading to the risk of cross contamination. Rinsing a toothbrush under running water from the tap does not remove all these germs.“如果大家的牙刷都放到一个漱口杯里并且有所接触的话,细菌就会在牙刷之间相互传播,导致交叉感染。用清水冲洗牙刷也不能把所有细菌都解决掉。”#39;If you borrow a toothbrush which has been used by someone else the viruses which cause conditions such as herpes and hepatitis A, B and C can be transferred to you, as studies have shown that they can survive for months on a toothbrush.#39;“如果你用了别人的牙刷,就有可能沾染上引起疱疹和甲型、乙型和丙型肝炎等的病毒,有研究表明,如果不清理,这些细菌能在牙刷上存活数月。”The dentist Dr Mervyn Druian - recommends the following:以下是梅尔文·杜兰医生的几条建议:1.Don#39;t flush where you brush1.不要在刷牙的地方冲马桶If you must store your toothbrush near your toilet make sure you close the lid when you flush to minimise the dispersal of contaminated water droplets, and encourage your family to do the same.如果你的牙刷放得离厕所比较近,就要最大限度确保冲马桶时有细菌的水花不会溅出来,同时也要提醒自己的家人注意。2.Store it upright and alone2.牙刷要朝上并且单独放Store your toothbrush in an upright position – never in a bathroom cabinet where air cannot circulate as this could promote bacterial growth. Try and avoid putting more than one brush in a tooth mug to avoid cross contamination.牙刷要朝上直立放置,千万不要放在浴室用品箱那种空气不流通的地方,容易滋生细菌。尽量避免和其他牙刷放在一起,防止交叉感染3.Replace your toothbrush regularly3.定期更换牙刷Make sure you replace your toothbrush and Steripod every 3 months – buy them at the same time. And if you#39;ve been suffering with a cold or flu it#39;s a good idea to replace your toothbrush.一次买几牙刷,确保每三个月换一次。如果遇上感冒或者流感,换牙刷也是有必要的。4.Don#39;t share it4.不要共用牙刷This should go without saying, but never be tempted to share a toothbrush, even with your loved ones.这个不用说也知道,但千万不要尝试,即使是爱人也不行。 /201702/490909昆山仁济医院宫腔取胚术

昆山尿道炎能治好吗Tacky is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. What#39;s distasteful to some may be perfectly normal to others, and vice versa, but there are some things we can all agree on. 在旁观者眼里,婚礼都是俗套的。令某些人反感的事情或许对其他人便显得很正常,反之亦然,但是在一些事情上我们却可以达成共识。From cringe-worthy dance routines, cheesy tunes and being stuck at the singles table, chances are you#39;ve experienced at least one of these at a wedding. 从尴尬的例行舞蹈、烂俗的曲调到被困在全是单身男女的桌上,你在婚礼上八成经历了不止一种类似的情况。The general consensus is that these acts are unquestionably tacky and definitely not the way to go on your big day. But, what else should you avoid? 大家普遍明白,这些活动绝不是度过重大日子的正确方式。但是除了这些,你还需要避免什么?Taking to Reddit in their masses, a horde of disgruntled guests shared the most tasteless moments they experienced at weddings. 在Reddit的新闻网站上,一群不悦的宾客分享了他们在婚礼上经历过的无聊时刻。Have you seen that doing the rounds on Facebook where a guy proposes to a bridesmaid at her best friends wedding? Adorable, right? 你看过一个在Facebook上流传很广的视频吗?一位男子在伴娘闺蜜的婚礼上向伴娘求婚。很可爱,对吧?Wrong. A huge number of users declared marriage proposals one of the tackiest things you can do at someone else#39;s wedding. 错了。大量显示,在他人婚礼上求婚是最俗不可耐的求婚方式。;I would be livid. Like no. This is my day. Get your own,; one person stressed. ;如果是我,我将非常生气。这是属于我的日子。;有人说。Others agreed adding, ;DON#39;T PROPOSE WHEN IT#39;S SOMEONE ELSE#39;S DAY. So selfish and inconsiderate,; and quite simply, ;F*** those people.; 其他人也十分同意,;不要在对于其他人很重要的日子里求婚,这样十分自私且轻率;。而且很容易得罪这些人。Another pet peeve guests have at weddings are vulgar gags about marriage. 另一类让人无法忍受的宾客是总在婚礼过程中讲粗俗的笑话。;Miserable marriage jokes are never really funny, but especially so at a wedding,; said one person.;悲惨的婚姻里从没有真正有趣的笑话,尤其是在婚礼上。;有人说。Think cake toppers that show the bride dragging the groom and ring-bearer signs that ;too late now; or ;help me;. 想想那些暗示新娘应该拖着新郎的蛋糕装饰,花童将要读出;太迟了;或者;帮帮我;。;Really anything that implies that one party isn#39;t there under their own free will. S***#39;s not funny,; another added. ;每件事都表明整个活动没有按照他们的意愿进行,这一点都不好笑。;另一个人说。Perhaps the most common gripe among guests though was being asked for money. And, while the majority agreed that a donation instead of gifts to couples that aly had homes was fine, there were some circumstances that really had them vexed. 可能在客人中最普遍的抱怨便是被收钱。虽然大多数人已同意主动捐赠以代替送给已经有房子的夫妻们礼品,但有些情况还是让他们很烦恼。Meet the man who organises the highest wedding proposals in Britain Other agreed sharing their own awkward experiences, ;My cousin and her husband did a thing where they had her husband#39;s two kids go around with baskets and see which kid could get the most money.; 一位组织了最高级求婚仪式的男子同意分享他令人尴尬的经历:;我的表和她的丈夫让两个孩子在他们那里拿了篮子到处转,然后看他们哪个能拿到更多的钱。;;At one wedding I attended, there was a cash box by the door that said ;please contribute to help cover the cost of the wedding,; someone else added. ;我参加过一场婚礼,当时门口摆放了一个投币箱,上面写着#39;请帮忙付婚礼的费用#39;;。有人补充道。;What made the cash box even worse was the sister standing by it screeching ;you forgot to put money in the box!; if someone dared to walk by without dropping in cash.;;更加尴尬的是,如果有人勇敢地不投钱就走过箱子,一位站在箱子旁边的就会大喊#39;你忘记把钱放进箱子里了!#39;;译文属 /201702/492542 The number one tip for getting y on the red carpet?” asks Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, founder of LA beauty boutique Violet Grey: “Give yourself extra time to get comfortable in your look. You’re thrown into this high-pressure environment and if you don’t feel comfortable it will show in your body language and all over your face.”“走红毯的首要美妆诀窍是什么?”洛杉矶Violet Grey美容院创始人卡桑德拉?胡森特鲁特?格雷(Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey)说:“自己得多花点时间打造赏心悦目形象。突然身处红地毯时,你会顿感压力山大;自己感觉不爽,肢体语言与脸上表情就会显露无遗。”There’s something inordinately stressful about preparing for formal occasions, even if it’s just the annual office shindig. So imagine the extra pressure stars face at the Golden Globes, next week’s Baftas, and the Oscars, when the imaginative detail that looked so good when rehearsed with the hairdresser has the potential to morph into a “red carpet fail”?即便只是一场办公室寻常年度盛会,为正式场合打理形象也是压力巨大。所以明星大腕参加金球奖(Golden Globes)、英国电影和电视艺术学院奖(Baftas)以及奥斯卡(Oscars)等重量级颁奖典礼时遭受的压力有多大也就不难理解了:当初与专用发型师对每个富含想象力的细节排练得无可挑剔,很可能最后演变成“红地毯上的大出丑”。“Beauty on the red carpet is unique,” adds Grey, who has an insight into its challenges. Married to Paramount Pictures chairman and chief executive, Brad Grey, she has sat through countless speeches and walked innumerable red carpets. “The lighting is pretty bad,” she says, “and even the most confident woman suddenly finds herself in the uncomfortable position of being in what is essentially a petting zoo. Beauty — whether it’s lips or hair — can be an aide to get in character.”“为走红毯美容化妆是很独特的。”格雷补充道,她对参加各种典礼面临的挑战有着深刻理解。作为派拉蒙影业公司(Paramount Pictures)董事长兼CEO布莱德?格雷(Brad Grey)的妻子,她聆听过无数的演讲、走过数不清的红毯。“舞台灯光特别强烈刺目。”她说,“置身在宠物动物园似的环境中,即便平时最为自信的女人也会突然之间变得不知所措。美容化妆(不管是嘴唇还是头发)可以为适应角色助上一臂之力。”Luckily, there are plenty of aides — from the eyebrow specialist, to the body-polish expert to the eyelash person to the plastic surgeon. It does, as the saying goes, take a village. Naturopath and facialist Dr Nigma Talib, who looks after Sienna Miller and Penélope Cruz and who has clinics in London and at the Four Seasons Doheny in Los Angeles, starts getting calls from the agents several weeks before. If the “Talent” is still eating sugar (imagine!), Talib gets them off it, and cuts out gluten, dairy and alcohol to reduce any signs of facial “bloating”. “You don’t have time to get blood tests back,” she explains, “but everything starts in the gut, so I prescribe good probiotics and sleep support.” (Usually a herbal supplement called Ashwagandha, which Talib says is great for fatigue and lack of concentration — maybe it helps you to sit through all the speeches). On the actual day she’ll give her clients a facial that includes a chemical peel, LED light therapy, and applications of hyaluronic acid and jellyfish collagen. (Not one of her vegan clients has complained about the jellyfish, but then this is Hollywood).幸运的是,增色添的帮手比比皆是——从美眉与身体磨砂专家、睫毛师再到整容医师,应有尽有。俗话说得好:众心成城。专为大明星西耶娜?米勒(Sienna Miller)以及佩内洛普?克鲁兹(Penélope Cruz)务的理疗师及面部美容师塔利布医生(Dr Nigma Talib)在伦敦及洛杉矶多希尼四季酒店(Four Seasons Doheny in Los Angeles)都开有美容诊所,一般都是好几周前就接到客户的预约电话。如果该明星客户仍在吃糖(假想而已!),塔利布就不让他们再吃它,而是让他们停吃麸质与奶制品以及戒酒以便使脸部“消肿”。“诸位不可能在短时间内把血液等各项指数降至正常。”她解释道,“但所有毛病都始于内脏,所以我给对方开了益生素以及让其保持充足睡眠。”(她通常给客户开印度人参,这种草药补剂对缓解疲劳与治愈注意力不集中疗效显著——可让对方精神抖擞听完整个演讲)。客户来就诊时,她会给对方做包括医学换肤、LED光疗以及施用玻尿酸(Hyaluronic Acid)与水母胶原蛋白(jellyfish collagen)在内的脸部美容。(对于使用水母胶原蛋白,她的素食客户中没有人抱怨,但这是在巨星云集的好莱坞)。Yes, yes, yes, but what about the hard stuff? I hear you ask. Where do they all go for their Botox and facelifts? In LA, ever since the Kardashians made him famous, Dr Simon Ourian is the go-to in Beverly Hills for that model-perfect look, and has 1.4m Instagram followers to show for it. Santa Monica’s Dr Karyn Grossman is a little more discreet and popular with middle-aged male celebrities. In London, the name that all the top facialists refer their clients to for injectables is Dr Tapan Patel.对!这些难伺候的巨星大腕怎么办?你们会这么提问。他们去哪儿注射肉毒杆菌与做面部拉皮术呢?在洛杉矶,卡戴珊(the Kardashians)让西蒙?奥里安医生(Dr Simon Ourian)声名远扬后,其美容诊所就成了比弗利山庄(Beverly Hills)那些意欲打造完美模特形象的好莱坞明星的“圣地”,奥里安医生拥有的Instagram粉丝高达140万人。洛杉矶圣莫尼卡(Santa Monica)的卡里恩?格罗斯曼(Dr Karyn Grossman)医生则行事低调,在中年男星中有超高人气。伦敦的明星若是注射美容的话,面部顶级美容师无一例外都会向其推荐塔潘?帕特尔医生(Dr Tapan Patel)。Perhaps surprisingly, according to Huysentruyt Grey, it’s the younger women who are tweaking and fixing. “They’re altering their looks seemingly because it makes them feel more comfortable in their skin, but it also makes them more bankable.”胡森特鲁特?格雷说,年轻女性青睐整形美容(tweaking and fixing),这一点有些出乎意料。“她们整容的原因似乎是增添自信心,而且还让自己更具吸金力。”When it comes to make-up, however, there has been a movement towards stealthy understatement: as anyone who’s ever had to attend a black-tie event understands, one spritz of hairspray too many, one overdone smoky eye, and you’ve instantly added 10 years to your natural age.但说起施用粉黛,如今的发展趋势则是悄无声息地化淡妆:任何着正式晚礼参加社交活动的人都清楚,喷过多发胶或是熏眼过度,立马会显得比实际年龄老上十岁。Of course, natural doesn’t really mean barefaced. Huysentruyt Grey. cites “the quintessential natural style of European women who seem to have made that confident, effortless polish their signature,” as an example. Isabelle Huppert at the Golden Globes exemplified the look — a flawless complexion, dark red lip, and classic side-parted natural hair. Michelle Williams (pictured below), Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett equally, never seem to make a bad move.当然,天然模样并不真正意味着素颜。胡森特鲁特?格雷列举了“典型天然风格的欧洲女性(她们似乎崇尚那种增添自信心、不费力妆扮)”的例子。参加金球奖颁奖典礼的伊萨贝尔?于佩尔(Isabelle Huppert)就是展现上述形象的活生生例子——完美的肤色、殷红色的嘴唇以及传统的自然偏分发型。米歇尔?威廉姆斯、朱丽安?尔以及凯特?布兰切特似乎也从不越雷池半步。“There’s a temptation to try and match the gravitas of the event with hair and make-up,” says Alex Babsky, Lanc?me’s UK make-up ambassador (Lanc?me has been the beauty partner of Bafta for 17 years, which easily end up looking overly regal.”“我们参加庄重活动时,似乎总想收拾发型与浓妆重。”兰蔻(Lanc?me)英国妆大使阿列克斯?巴布斯基(Alex Babsky)说。(兰蔻已连续17年担任英国电影与电视艺术学院奖颁奖典礼官方化妆品合作伙伴,所以最终的颁奖典礼很容易尽显奢侈豪华。)Babsky has made up everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Lupita Nyong’o and Thandie Newton and prefers a matt finish foundation generally (he loves Lanc?me’s Teint Idole Ultra, £30). “When you can’t be sure of the lighting it’s always a safer bet: an all over glowy finish can look sweaty in the wrong conditions.”巴布斯基为从莎拉?杰西卡?帕克(Sarah Jessica Parker)到露皮塔?尼永奥(Lupita Nyong#39;o)及桑迪?牛顿 (Thandie Newton)在内的众多明星美妆,他通常爱用亚光粉底(matt finish foundation,他酷爱售价30英镑的兰蔻超轻透持久粉底液 (Teint Idole Ultra))。“当你不清楚舞台灯光实际效果时,这样做始终较为保险:美妆得太过红光满面在糟糕的典礼场合会给人大汗淋漓的感觉。”Equally, hair needs to be kept simple. “If the dresses are couture and very formal, it’s less ageing to play down the hair,” says Nicola Clarke, who has looked after Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Daisy Ridley for Bafta, and is rarely seen without a can of R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray () and Color Wow’s Root Cover Up (£28.50) for stray greys.发型同样得尽可能简约。“穿高档正装的话,简单发型就显得比实际年龄年轻。”尼古拉?克拉克(Nicola Clarke)说,他负责为参加英国电影与电视艺术学院奖颁奖典礼的凯特?温丝莱特(Kate Winslet)、凯特?布兰切特以及黛茜?雷德利(Daisy Ridley)美妆,对于间或稀疏灰白头发的明星,他总是使用R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray强力柔性发胶与Color Wow可掩盖发根再生的Root Cover Up。But is it worth the effort? “Recently there’s been a subtle shift in LA with a lot of women feeling they’re somehow diminishing their position as a feminist by putting effort into their look,” says Grey. “I guess their point is, is it politically correct to wear millions of dollars of jewellery or to be spending so much time choosing a dress? But it’s a very serious part of the industry — you’re representing a multibillion-dollar movie franchise, or a designer brand, and the images that result will affect your career. Plus, it’s Hollywood, and you’re in the entertainment business! Let’s bring some joy and fun.”但是,如此大动干戈是否值得?“最近,洛杉矶时尚界悄然发生了变化:很多女性觉得对自我形象如此兴师动众,从某种程度上会降低自己女权主义者的地位。”格雷说,“我觉得实质问题是:佩戴价值几百万美元的首饰或是在穿着上大把烧钱是否在政治立场上正确?而这又是时尚界的重头戏——这些女明星是票房几十亿美元电影产业与知名品牌的形象代言人,其市场效应反过来也会影响自己的职业生涯。除此之外,这儿是巨星云集的好莱坞,这些女明星身处业中心!还是让我们给世界带些开心快乐吧。” /201703/497245江苏省花桥经济开发区宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的昆山仁济医院挂号预约平台



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