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Hi, Im Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Now consider this. On the first Senate bill debated in 2015 under a new Republican majority, the Senate considered more amendments, from both sides of the aisle, than the entire previous year under the leadership of Harry Reid. That is the dramatic change in the way business is done for you. And its working. As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I work to make sure that the committee works for all Americans. So, I adopted an approach to get things done for you – straight from the common sense nature of Iowans. I decided early on that the Judiciary Committee would spend your taxpayer dollars and our time focusing on areas where we can reach an agreement, rather than on political fights destined for failure. Its the right thing to do. And it works. Every one of the 27 bills passed out of the committee under my leadership has had bipartisan support. The President has signed 12 of those bills into law. Our committees approach expanded access to justice, prioritized public safety, and demanded accountability from the bureaucracy. Republicans and Democrats collaborated to enact legislation and to help communities heal the wounds of addiction. We worked to reduce the illicit market for sex trafficking and modern slavery and expanded support for its victims. We empowered first responders to more safely and effectively answer the call to protect communities. We protected inventors and entrepreneurs who fuel innovation and job growth that drive the economy of Iowa, and the rest of the nation. And we expanded government transparency to make the federal government more accountable to the American people. These are just a few of the bipartisan bills I have led through the committee that have become law. They are helping Americans from diverse walks of life. With four months left in this Congress, the Judiciary Committee has aly outpaced the previous Congress in bills processed in committee, passed in the Senate and signed into law. And were not done yet. Were pushing ahead on legislation for all ages. Were making significant progress on a bill to prevent troubled youth from entering a life of crime and steer them towards a path of opportunity and productivity. And, were moving a bill to reduce crimes against seniors by expanding education, prevention and prosecution. Ive worked with colleagues to keep better tabs on convicted sex offenders and ensure evidence is properly preserved to improve justice for victims. Im working with a diverse group of senators to recalibrate sentences for low-level drug offenders while keeping violent criminals off our streets. Weve empowered government whistleblowers in their efforts to tackle fraud, waste and abuse in government. Whistleblowers know whats wrong and we ought to listen to them in order to get things fixed. So, Republicans and Democrats can work together. Bipartisanship has allowed us to make meaningful progress on good ideas from senators on both sides of the aisle. This principle has ensured the Republican-led Senate hasnt wasted time or resources. Now, its a formula for representative government that puts us to work for you.201608/462156。

Last year in the US, they helped Amazon prepare and ship all the products required for Cyber Monday,去年在美国,机器人帮助亚马逊发货,以应对网络星期一带来的the annual peak of online retail.年度线上零售消费高峰。Last year in the US, it was the biggest online shopping day of the year and of history.那是去年在美国的,有史以来最大的线上购物日。Consumers spent 3 billion dollars on electronics that day.消费者那天在网络上共出30亿美元。Thats real economic growth.那是实实在在的经济增长。Then theres additive manufacturing, 3D printing.此外,还有积层制造,即3D打印技术。3D printing has aly improved plastic manufacturing and its now making its way through metal.3D打印已经提升了塑料制造行业。目前它正向钢铁行业进发。Those are not small industries.它们可不是小型行业。Plastic and metals represent 25 percent of global manufacturing production.塑料和钢铁占全球制造业生产的25%Lets take a real example.让我们看一个具体例子。In the aerospace industry, fuel nozzles are some of the most complex parts to manufacture, for one reason:在航空航天产业,燃油喷嘴是最难生产的部件之一,就因为一个原因:they are made up of 20 different parts that need to be separately produced and then painstakingly assembled.它由20种不同部件组成,并且它们需要独立生产,组装过程也极其复杂。Aerospace companies are now using 3D printing,航空公司现在正在采用3D打印技术,which allows them to turn those 20 different parts into just one. The results?这类技术可以让它们从需要生产20种不同部件,变为只生产一种。结果呢?40 percent more productivity, 40 percent more output produced, 40 percent more growth for this specific industry.生产力提高了百分之四十,产量提高了百分之四十,经济增长加快了百分之四十,仅仅就在这一特定的领域。But actually, the most exciting part of this new manufacturing revolution goes much beyond productivity.但事实上,这次新工业革命最激动人心的地方远不止生产率的提高。Its about producing better, smarter products. Its about scale customization.还有生产质量更优、更为精细的产品,还有批量定制。201703/499090。

3_10 Check, please We’re y. 我们准备要结帐了. We’re done. 我们吃完了. Check, please. 请给我们帐单. We’re finished. 我们要走了. We’re set to go. 请拿我们的帐单来. Please bring our bill. 我们一起结帐. We’re all together. 你们接不接受这张信用. Do you take this card? 我付给你,还是付给柜台. Do I pay you or the cashier? /200706/14143。

Im Senator Rob Portman. Im here in Ohio today to talk to you about an epidemic in my state: the growing problem of addiction to heroin and prescription drugs. But its not just in Ohio. Sadly, its everywhere. With an average of more than 120 Americans dying every single day from overdoses, its now the number one cause of accidental death in the country, surpassing car accidents. And its getting worse. Its only July, and aly, in some Ohio cities, weve had more people die from overdoses than in all of 2015. And as tragic as that is, its only part of the problem. In addition to those weve lost to overdoses, there are millions more across the country who are suffering – who have lost a job, broken relationships with their family and friends, or turned to crime to pay for their drugs. In Ohio alone, some 200,000 people are struggling with addiction. The numbers are overwhelming. And behind the numbers are shattered dreams. Holly DeRae from Carrollton, Ohio was a talented singer and a good student; she was elected to her high school Homecoming Court and Prom Court. But at 19 years old, on a whim, she tried heroin with her boyfriend. She became addicted. Her mom got her into treatment, but after a year of sobriety, the grip of addiction took over. She relapsed, and died of a heroin overdose. She was just 21 years old, and left behind an infant son. Robby Brandt was a sophomore in high school in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, when he had his wisdom teeth removed. He was given prescription painkillers, and became addicted. Robby fought the addiction bravely for years. He used to tell his Dad, ;I didnt ask for this. I dont want this.; At age 20, when the pills were too expensive and too hard to get, he tried heroin. Within seven months, he was dead of an overdose. I have heard too many of these heartbreaking stories from grieving moms and dads all across Ohio. This epidemic is at crisis levels and it knows no ZIP code or walk of life. Its everywhere. Fighting it is going to require all of us to work together. Heres the good news: earlier this month, Congress passed a law that will actually make a difference. It is not a Republican or Democratic approach: we wrote it over three years based on real-world evidence of what works and what doesnt work. We took ideas from people in recovery from addiction, from treatment counselors, prevention experts, law enforcement, doctors and nurses, and – yes – from family members like Hollys mom and Robbys dad, both of whom testified before Congress about our bill. Its called CARA, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, and it makes the federal government a better partner with states, local communities and non-profits in the fight against this epidemic. It starts by recognizing that addiction is a disease – and must be treated that way. By helping end the stigma that has surrounded addiction for too long, we can encourage more people to come forward and get the treatment they need. CARA will increase our investment in federal opioid programs by 1 million a year. In total, were on track to more than double what we invested just a couple of years ago. Just as important, CARA will make those investments more effective by targeting them toward the programs that work. CARA improves prevention by expanding educational efforts, including a new national awareness campaign about this link between prescription painkillers and heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs. It expands treatment, including giving prescribing authority to nurse practitioners and physician assistants for medication-assisted treatment. It expands drug courts. It increases the availability and training for a miracle drug called naloxone, or Narcan, that can actually reverse a drug overdose instantly. And CARA is the first federal law to support long-term recovery. More than 250 groups from around the country in the public health, law enforcement, criminal justice, and drug policy fields have endorsed CARA, and it passed both Houses of Congress with strong bipartisan votes. Its an example of how, by working together to find common ground, we can address the big issues that face our country. But our work here is not over. Through CARA, Congress has decided to spend significantly more taxpayer dollars to address this epidemic and changed how the money is spent so its more effective. Now we need to fight for this every year in the annual spending bills. I welcome the White Houses engagement and support in that effort. Ultimately, the addiction epidemic will be solved by our families and in our communities. But CARA makes the federal government a far better partner in that effort. With CARA now law, I believe that we can begin to turn the tide on this epidemic, save lives, and help restore hope for millions of our fellow citizens. Thanks for the part youll play in that and thank you for listening today.201608/460165。

点击此处下载音频大家好!欢迎与Andy准时相约广播学口语.学习这么多句子,今天要给大家放个假.因为I rsquo;m the one giving off the shirt of my back.所以Letrsquo;s hit the hay。什么意思呢? 音乐之后马上回来。(音乐)先来看Andy给出的原因:Irsquo;m the one giving off the shirt of my back。这句话字面 意思为我是个脱自己衣衫的人.这大冷天,Andy不是发烧了吧?Andy可是健康的很!这句话的真实意思是我是个连衬衫都肯脱给别人的人,即我很慷慨喽!Andy还真的是这样一个人.朋友们都说:He is a man giving off the shirt of his back。You can borrow everything from him while in difficulty except money。(他可是个十分大方之人.在困难中你可以和他借任何东西,除了钱)因为Andy太穷了! 其实不轻易向外借钱也是有原因的.曾经Andy借朋友钱而朋友没还,自己的生活突然变得很拮据,女友知道了,愤愤的说:;Thatlsquo;s more like you。You are the one giving off the shirt of your back。You are so warm-hearted that you have forgotten all about yourself。;(这才象你。你这个慷慨成性的家伙。你热心的连自己都忘了。)所以要吃一堑长一智。(音乐)连衬衫都脱给别人了,那么接下来呢?Letrsquo;s hit the hay。hay干草,hit击打。没事拍什么干草玩呢?这句话可能来自遥远的古代。那时候人们以草为榻。所以当你击打草的时候,就是要开睡了! I like to work in the night。I usually hit the hay at 1:00 early in the morning。SO Irsquo;m always short of sleep。(我喜欢在晚上工作。通常在凌晨1:00睡 觉。所以一直以来严重睡眠不足。)正因为如此,Andy要抓紧一切时间补习。有时候,听女友说话说累了,就开始睡觉了。但 每次都被她推醒了,;Hey,what are you doing?Irsquo;m talking to you,why are you hitting the hay?;(喂,你在干什么?我在和你说话,你怎么睡着了?)(音乐)好了,Andy要接着睡了,再见吧! /200605/7233。

5_02 How do you do? My name is Pat. 我的名字是派特. It’s nice to meet you. 我高兴认识你. How do you do? 你好. I’m from Taiwan. 我是台湾人. I’m a student. 我是个学生. How about you? 你呢? Where are you from? 你是哪里人? What do you do? 你从事什么行业? How long have you been here?你来这里多久了? /200706/14160。

World AIDS Day is a chance to reflect on how far weve come, but also how far were still to go when it comes to our response to HIV in this country. There are over 100,000 people living with HIV in Britain. The National Health Service provides what is amongst the best treatment and care in the world. Our health services perform extremely well against ed Nations targets in making sure that people diagnosed with HIV in Britain benefit from treatment available. Yet while medical advances continue, social attitudes remain stuck in the past. HIV stigma is a daily reality and is experienced in situations where people should feel supported and valued: at work, in education and when accessing services. Stigma also threatens the success of our response to HIV in Britain by creating a barrier to access for prevention, testing and of course treatment services. Last year, around 6,000 people, when newly diagnosed with HIV, 2 in 5 received their diagnosis at the point afterwards they should aly started treatment. Until we rid our society of HIV stigma, we will not succeed in our efforts to support people living with HIV to live well and prevent new HIV cases. Were committed to showing leadership against the HIV stigma, but we also need to take responsibility for our attitudes and make sure we understand the facts about HIV in our country. Lets stamp out HIV stigma once and for all. We can all show our solidarity with people living with and affected by HIV this World AIDS Day. One way Im doing this is by wearing the red ribbon and encourage you all to do the same. Thank you.201612/484014。

即学即用英语会话词典D部分:否定进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15580。

SCENE① E 钢琴学校里 赫伯特与柔丝见面之后隔天 【他说不定就是你的真命天子】 Sue: Buying a lady a drink is romantic. Maybe he's your Don Juan?苏: 请喝酒很浪漫啊。说不定他就是你的唐璜? Rose: No. He's not my type.柔丝: 才不是。他不是我喜欢的那一型。 Sue: How do you know?苏: 你怎么知道? Rose: A guy that listens to heavy metal could never be a Don Juan.柔丝: 听重金属的男生绝对不是唐璜。 Sue: We'll see. Remember, 1) Prince Charming comes 2) disguised as a frog for some girls.苏: 我们等着瞧吧。别忘了,某些女人的真命天子,是以青蛙王子的装扮出现的。 Rose: What are you saying?柔丝: 你在说什么啊? Sue: I mean, he might be your Prince Charming... disguised as a computer geek!苏: 我是说,他说不定就是你的真命天子……只是假装成电脑怪人! 语言详解 A: Your boyfriend is not bad looking. 你男朋友长得不赖喔。 B: And, he is so charming. Ahhh... 而且,他好迷人。啊…… 【We'll see. 到时候就知道(我是对的)】 当你不同意别人的看法时,就可以说这句话,表示“现在跟你吵也没有用,我们到时候就知道了” 。We'll see.是比较客气地说法,其实你也可以说You'll see.(到时候你就知道。) A: He'll fall in love with me again! I誱 sure of it! 他会再爱上我的!我非常确定!B: Well, we'll see. 好啦,大时候就知道了。 We'll see.也可以拿来敷衍别人,假如你对一项提议兴趣缺缺,又不想当面拒绝对方,就可以说We'll see.表示“再看看吧” 、“再讨论吧” 。 A: Can we go camping this summer? 我们今年夏天可以去露营吗?B: We'll see. 再看看吧。 1) Prince Charming理想的女婿,这个词来自于《仙履奇缘》,里面的王子就是Prince Charming。charming (a.)迷人的。2) disguise as……假装成……,打扮成…… /200708/16662。

49. I'm concerned about... 我很担心······ 用法透视 这个句型用来表示关切之意,"对......担心"。 持范例 1. I'm really concerned about my parents' health. 我真的很担心父母的健康。 2. I'm really concerned about her job. 我真的很担心她的工作。 3. I'm concerned about your final exam. 我很担心你的期终考试。 会话记忆 A: I'm concerned about your car. 我很担心你的汽车。 B: It will be fine. 它会没事的。 A: But I think I can help to fix it. 但我想我能帮忙修好它。 B: No, don't give it another thought. 不用,不要再想它了 /200705/13328。